Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain

Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain Chapter 14


“What are you doing here? Get out!” repeated Carly, pointing angrily at the door.

Lin Tian, who was shocked by Carly’s anger, raised his hand and asked calmly, “Can I justify myself first, and then you can say whether I should leave or not.”

Lin Tian acted as if he was a rational-minded gentleman, and Carly couldn’t help but laugh.

It was only then that she realized that she had lost her temper too much just now. It’s not a good idea to lose your temper with him.

This smile of Carly’s was so charming that it shocked Lin Tian. The young Carly was very beautiful.

Her smile could make people bright, and she would be a beautiful woman when she grows up.

When she saw Lin Tian charmed at her, she blushed and said, “What are you looking at?”.

When Carly was intimidating, Lin Tian didn’t listen to her, instead of asked with a righteous face.

“Carly, why did you have such a bad reaction when you heard that I’m the marine Soldier? Did something bad happens between you and the Marine?”

Under Lin Tian’s questioning, Carly told Lin Tian the origin of the story.

Since half a year ago, pirates came to this island. They took away all the men over ten years old, leaving only some pirates crew to stay in the town.

The old and weak women and children in the town thought of a way to contact the Marine.

In the morning, three days later, a Marine ship arrived on the island. The residents saw the Marine ship coming and were extremely excited, thinking that the marine soldiers would capture the pirate group, and their loved ones would be saved.

But the pirates agreed with the arrival of the marine soldiers, and in the end, the marine soldiers helped the pirates hide the island and killed some of the people who had sent the distress signal.

At this point, Carly looked at Lin Tian and laughed scornfully. The first thing that he did was to say that he had no reason to say anything.

In the end, the Commodore of the pirate ship, Fandi, stood up and killed the husband and children of these families on the spot. He also threatened the islanders.

“If the marine soldiers find out the secrets of this place, I will kill all your relatives, and if you don’t want your relatives to die, you can hide our existence, they said.”

With the marine soldiers’ help and the residents being afraid that their loved ones would be killed, they had to help the pirates hide their tracks. So in the past six months, many Marine and merchant ships passed through the area, but none of them found the place.

After Carly explained everything thoroughly, Lin Tian finally connected all the events.

No wonder the pirates were so relieved to send a few people to guard the town. It turned out that the entire town, everyone’s lifeblood was in the hands of these pirates.

Even if the Marine found something unusual here and sent someone to investigate, the first people who came out to cover their tracks were the residents.

At the same time, Lin Tian also felt shame for having such scum in the Marine. If it weren’t for the Marine scum, the pirates would have been captured, and the island’s residents would have been rescued.

Lin Tian was puzzled and asked: “But that should not make you hate all the Marine.”

“My sick mother might be saved if these pirates did not blockade the island. They wouldn’t let her go to a better place for treatment, and she ended up getting sick and died”, said Carly sadly.

“I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to bring this up”, Lin Tian said apologetically.

At that moment, Lin Tian suddenly understood why the two were living alone in such a big house and why her mother was dead.

Lin Tian had long known that there was some scum in the Marine but didn’t expect it to be so serious. It was only uncivilized marine Soldier who dared to deceive and do such a fierce thing.

Lin Tian consoled, “It’s okay, Carly. We’re not the same as those Marine scum.”

Carly looked up and down at Lin Tian and said with a look of disbelief, “Are you the only one? Even though you’re a Captain in the Marine, can you handle that pirate group?”

Lin Tian was not happy when he heard that Carly doubted that he could not do it. How can a man say no?

“Don’t look down on people, although I’m not an adult, I have a devil fruit ability, and my strength is very powerful.”

“Ah, is that so?” Carly still didn’t believe it.

Lin Tian looked too young, but he was actually eleven years old. In other people’s eyes, Lin Tian was still quite young. If you say that Lin Tian could defeat a pirate captain, I’m afraid no one will believe it.

Seeing that Carly still didn’t believe him, Lin Tian knew it was time to use the last big move, and that was the reputation of that old man Garp.

“The marine soldiers that came this time are under The Marine Hero Garp’s command. I’m sure with him here, you will believe that we can capture all the pirates’ crew.”.

Carly covered her mouth and shouted, “You mean, there is a Vice Admiral among your group this time.”

Seeing Carly’s shocked expression, Lin Tian nodded his head in satisfaction, secretly saying: “It seems that stinky old man’s reputation is quite useful. I should also make some positive reputation so that people will believe what I say.”

But Carly seemed to think of some concern, the excitement that had just appeared on her face disappeared, and she bit her lip with resignation.

“The pirates will kill our relatives in the forest as soon as they find out, and then what’s the use of your marine soldiers killing all the pirates.”

“This… “Lin Tian was silent because Lin Tian didn’t know what to say or how to say it.

Even though the marine soldiers were attacking fast, those pirates still had enough time to kill everyone.

It was a dead-end, and everything was rooted in the fact that the pirates had taken so many hostages.

Now Lin Tian suddenly understood a little bit why terrorists were so scary in his previous life. Just like now, these pirates, in the eyes of Carly and other residents, the pirates could be eradicated with a flip of the hand by the Marine.

But the pirates were holding on to the residents’ lifeblood so that all your effort were useless.

Lin Tian reminded, “Carly, are you guys always like this? You know those pirates can’t be trusted. They are looking for something now, that’s why they are keeping you”.

“If you wait until they find something they want, I’m afraid they will reveal their real figure. But then, even those of you who are still in the town will be in danger”.

“Oooh…” Carly clasped her hands and cried helplessly, “I don’t know, but what can I do about it.”

Looking at the anxious Carly, Lin Tian suddenly thought of himself as a young child. When Lin Tian was bullied and encountered difficulties as an orphan, he was also like Carly, who cried in a corner alone.

“Carly, just leave this matter to me. I’ll bring your father and everyone back”.

I don’t know if he was moved by Carly’s emotions or thinking of himself back then. Lin Tian decided to help this helpless girl and tried his best.

“But, those ……”

Before Carly could finish her sentence, Lin Tian waved his hand and interrupted, “This is my promise, I will try my hardest to fulfill it, and I also have a good idea in my head.”

Seeing that Carly still looked worried, Lin Tian paused and said in a deep voice, “And besides that, do you have any other choice?”

Carly’s whole body was shaken, and now she had no choice but to do so unless she planned to live like this and then wait for the pirates to kill everyone after achieving their goal.

If you wanted to save your loved ones, you had to take this chance.

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