Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain

Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain Chapter 141


Under the moonlight, the handshake between Lin Tian and Dragon not only represents the beginning of cooperation but also the beginning of Lin Tian’s identity.

Dragon said: “Since we have decided to cooperate, then we will put the two sides’ chips on the table. This is the prerequisite for continuing the talk.”

“Just as I said before, you have the battle strength, and I have intelligence. So this is the bargaining chip for both of us.” Lin Tian said with a smile.

Ivankov interrupted and said: “If this is the case, then what is the use of this cooperation for us? We all knew the general information.”

Revolutionary Army’s companion position in the Marine was not low, and their rank was similar to Lin Tian. In Ivankov’s view, Lin Tian knows no more information than they know. This kind of cooperation is not good.

“Really? Presumably, your intelligence personnel should know that the Marine all had a meeting last night, right?” Lin Tian asked rhetorically.

Lin Tian would not be surprised that there were Revolutionary Army spies in the Marine, but the confidentiality of this plan was extremely high. Because this time, the transport is ‘Heavenly Gold’, Marine can’t afford to make mistakes. Plus, the purpose of trying to eliminate pirates. —When the Marine is not strong enough, a perfect plan is an important part.

For the sake of confidentiality and the smooth implementation of the plan, Sengoku sent the Chief of Staff Tsuru out. Therefore, the people who knew the plan were not the ones who were in the Conference Hall last time. Besides, Lin Tian didn’t think their spies are one of those people in the Conference Hall. Otherwise, they would have waited there a long time ago instead of planning to rob Marine with those pirates.

“Yes!” Ivankov nodded in response: “Could it be that this time Marine has a tight plan, and yesterday’s meeting was to discuss this plan?” Ivankov asked suspiciously. In fact, his non-suspecting tone had revealed his belief in this inference.

“This time, those pirates snatched from Marine’s fake ships to attract attention. The ships that really transported the gold will actually come out of the port secretly after the war…”

Next, Lin Tian explained all of Marine’s approximate plans in detail, especially those important points, the more he listened, the heavier it was for Dragon and the others.

Dragon said solemnly: “I didn’t expect the Marine to carry out this kind of plan this time. But worthy of Fleet Admiral Sengoku, he’s called The Resourceful General, after all.”

“Fortunately, we did not act according to the plan. Otherwise, we wouldn’t have spent a long time thinking and use only four bombs. If this explodes, everyone on our ship will be finished except for a few people.”

After finished speaking, Ivankov glanced at Lin Tian, “It seems that the Marine Headquarters is also very cruel this time. They actually have the purpose of destroying these pirates and have no idea of taking prisoners. Four formidable power five-kilometer bombs… How many pirates can survive this explosion?”

He didn’t care about Ivankov’s look. Lin Tian took a few steps and leaned on the railing, facing the oncoming sea breeze. “To be honest, this time, the Marine Headquarters’ approach is considered the only few times I agree with. How much of those pirates are actually good? In my native dialect, pirates are the kind of robbery and murder for pleasure pirates. Living is more than just living. Those scumbags also waste air, and when they die, they only waste the earth. So burying them in this sea is actually a good choice for them.”

Hearing Lin Tian’s words, the trio’s eyes changed. Such murderous words came out of Lin Tian’s mouth so plainly, as if the deaths of countless pirates were just a random trifle. Although in the eyes of the Dragon trio, the death of pirates was indeed a good thing for the world. But this kind of indifference from the heart was also difficult for them to achieve.

At this time, they remembered that this teenage boy was known as the Killing God among the pirates.

There was a saying in pirates, “When you encounter Lin Tian, the god of death if you want to survive, you have to show how red your hands are.”

Lin Tian has a prominent name in pirates. In addition to pirates, who rarely died happily under Lin Tian, there was another incident that shocked pirates of the entire world. Once, Lin Tian was on a small island and met a group of pirates who were slaughtering the town. At that time, Lin Tian was already late. There were no surviving residents in the whole town. The furious Lin Tian gathered all the surviving residents and the captured pirates. In front of those people, Lin Tian took the captain, who gave the order, to the town alive and used Dark Blade Storm. He scraped him into a skeleton. The screams during that period finally alarmed Garp, which stopped Lin Tian and leaving alive the rest of the pirates.

At that time, somehow, this scene was recorded. The whole world saw this scene. The pirates were shocked. Only then did Lin Tian slowly spread the name of Killing God. At the same time, Lin Tian is also on the ‘must kill list’ for all pirates.

After saying this, Lin Tian turned his head, looked at the three with a smile, and said: “This bargaining chip should be enough.”

Dragon slightly nodded: “Well, this chip is enough.” Dragon continued: “…You actually came to us for cooperation. I think you already have a general plan in your mind. Just say it directly.”

“I just heard that you said that participating in this heavenly gold incident will bring the Revolutionary Army to life in front of everyone, right?” Lin Tian asked.

“Yes, and what does it matter?”

Lin Tian glanced at the three of them, pursed his lips, and said: “It matters, and it’s a big deal. I have a way to hide this ship and let you disappear into the sea.”

Ivankov was the first one to disbelieve. Their ship was bigger than the Marine’s battleships. So how could it be hidden?

“How is it possible? Our ship is… Ah…! He really disappeared!” Before Ivankov could finish speaking, Lin Tian proved his words with his actions.

Lin Tian, who slowly appeared out of thin air, looked at the amazed Ivankov and said: “Well, I think this should be enough.”

The silent Dragon said: “It seems that your plan is to make the whole ship invisible, then move the ship close to the ship that transports the gold, stun them, and take away all the treasures. And the reason you are seeking a partner should be that you can make the ship invisible, but you alone can’t instantly subdue the people on the ship carrying the gold from the sky. Once the people on the ship discover something is wrong, your plan will fail. At the same time, the ‘Heavenly Gold’, with that many wealth, how can you move it alone? So your invisibility ability should also have many restrictions.”

After listening to Dragon’s inference, Lin Tian couldn’t help clapping his hands and applauding. Dragon’s inference was not at all wrong. It was exactly the same as Lin Tian thought.

It is really difficult for Lin Tian to hide such a large ship. Although such a large shield is only used for invisibility, there are still many flaws, especially in the sea full of high waves. Therefore, an expert is needed to be on the side, and Dragon is very suitable for both strength and related abilities.

“Then, for the last point, how do we distribute it?”

This issue is an issue that both parties are concerned about, and it is also a place where both parties will have differences. But, unfortunately, many cooperations are broken in this part.

Lin Tian held his chin and thought for a while, “I don’t care about the treasures. You only need to give me 500 million Belly. I have the priority to choose the rest as long as I need it. As for any Devil Fruit, if you’re okay with it, I will choose first.”

Seeing that the three of them didn’t speak, Lin Tian looked puzzled. Is there a problem with his distribution plan? It’s not like Lin Tian wanted that many things. “What is it? Can’t my distribution work?”

Dragon said, “No… but we are curious about this distribution. This is completely beneficial to us, and you don’t seem to want anything.”

According to Lin Tian’s distribution plan, what Lin Tian would get is not worth mentioning for the entire “Heavenly Gold”. Lin Tian made the most effort in this plan, yet he only wanted these things, which made Dragon and the others very puzzled.

Lin Tian smiled because he thought they did not agree with this distribution plan.

In the three puzzled eyes, Lin Tian explained: “The reason why I robbed the heavenly gold was not for that wealth, but because I knew that there were a lot of things I needed on it (Lin Tian had seen the heavens Gold item list). So you can have the rest.”

In fact, there is another small reason Lin Tian did not say, that is, Lin Tian once promised Hancock to give her revenge. As a man, of course, he must fulfill his promise. Heavenly gold was robbed, and it must be uncomfortable for the World Nobles if that were to happen.

“To be honest, you are the strangest and a very interesting boy I have ever met.”

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