Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain

Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain Chapter 143



Lin Tian knocked Sabo back again. But no matter how many times Lin Tian knocked Sabo down, he would not admit defeat. At first, Lin Tian found that Sabo couldn’t even touch his clothes, but now he has almost touched his clothes several times.

Lin Tian was very surprised at his growth. This was the same as when he was training in the navy at the very beginning. In every battle and training, he could feel his combat power was slightly improved. It is precisely this spirit of reluctance to admit defeat and the improvement of strength in the battle that Lin Tian will keep repelling Sabo without hurting him and will serve as a training partner for him.

“After playing for so long, you should be aware of the strength gap between us. You still have a long way to go.” Lin Tian said with a smile. Suddenly, he winked and said, “Also, a sneak attack is of no use to me.”

Lin Tian’s figure disappeared in front of everyone. When everyone found Lin Tian, he was already hanging in midair. He raised his hand, and it appeared a little girl…

The girl was also floating in midair, but looking at the little girl’s constantly struggling limbs, it was obvious that the little girl was not willing to be floating in midair.

“Why is it a little girl?!” Lin Tian was secretly surprised.

 A beautiful girl wearing a short dress, high heels, and a little hat with goggles.

Before Lin Tian could speak, the girl caught by Lin Tian suddenly cried. When he heard the girl cry, Lin Tian had a headache. Rubbing his head, Lin Tian had to put the girl on the deck down, and as soon as she regained her freedom on the deck, the girl’s cries disappeared immediately.

Looking at this changing scene, Lin Tian couldn’t help but shook his head. Could it be that the girl in One Piece has been this way since she was a child?

Sabo hurried over and asked: “Koala, are you okay?”

[TL note: Koala is a former slave who was set free by Fisher Tiger‘s rampage on Mary Geoise. She sailed along with the Sun Pirates to reach her home town. Aladine described Koala as having the lifestyle of a slave ingrained in her blood. Even after being set free for three years, she was very apologetic and vowed to never cry or stop working. The pirate explained that if a slave ever cried or stopped cleaning, they would be killed. Koala seemed to consider the Sun Pirates her masters, as she asked them if she would be killed if she stopped cleaning. Aladine also said that slaves panicked constantly, even when alone, and that they couldn’t trust anyone. It is unknown if Koala also became paranoid in that regard.]

“Sabo, this Marine is as cruel as the legend; he bullied me. Hurry up, help me beat him.” Koala pointed to Lin Tian angrily.

Hearing Koala’s words, Lin Tian and Sabo looked at each other and then bitterly laughed helplessly.

‘Have you not seen me being beaten like this? If you want me to beat someone else, I would do it.’ Sabo thought secretly.

Lin Tian glanced at the place where he was standing just now. The small thing on the floor made his scalp numb. ‘I didn’t do anything, just grabbed you, which is brutal to her?’

Of course, these were just Lin Tian and Sabo thinking in their hearts. They dare not say it. If the girl gets angry, it will be very difficult.

“Okay, I’m going to sleep now. You guys should also go take a rest. I’m very tired tonight. I won’t talk more with you.” Lin Tian waved his hand, made a few jumps up to the observation deck on the main mast.

At this time, two other Revolutionary Army cadres, Sabo and Koala, who were fighting just fighting with Lin Tian, also walked over.

Ivankov smiled and asked: “Hip-hop-hip-hop! Sabo baby, how about it? Do you now know how strong this real genius is?”


Sabo didn’t answer but coldly snorted. He turned his gaze to Lin Tian above and made up his mind secretly that he must catch up with Lin Tian.

Next, Dragon told everyone about the content and plan that he had just discussed with Lin Tian and asked everyone to prepare separately.


Although it is already midnight in the Marine base, the entire Marine base was still brightly lit. All Marines have boarded the battleship, the first batch of Marines was ready to go.

By the shore, Tsuru was here in order to guard against the unexpected. Once again, she spoke to the headquarters Vice Admiral: “Remember, facing those pirates, we can’t do it hard. What we are transporting is just a fake ‘Heavenly Gold’. There is no need to cause soldier casualties. In this battle, we only have to fight and retreat. We have to create an illusion that the Marine can’t hold back and retreat. The timing of the final detonation depends on you. The Marine should not be involved in the explosion.”

Kuzan clicked the bomb detonator, which Tsuru had handed it over to Kuzan just now. This time, Kuzan has a heavy responsibility on his shoulders. This was not a test.

He once again added: “Kuzan, after you’ve solved the high-end pirates, you must come here quickly.”

Hearing the eagerness and worry in Tsuru’s words, Kuzan brows slightly wrinkled.

Vice-Admiral Tsuru, who found out what went wrong, asked: “Is there something wrong with the plan?”

“No.” He shook his head slightly and said, “It’s just that I had a bad feeling just now as if the plan will change a lot tonight.”

He has always had a very accurate hunch, and he has helped them out of danger several times. It is precisely because of this that he is worried. —But it was only a hunch, and when there were mistakes… he can only hope that he himself can solve it quickly. After all, this strategy should go according to plan. There’s no negotiating in it. 

Kuzan nodded. The other three Vice admirals led the first batch of Marines to board the battleships first, escorting the fake ships loaded with heavenly gold and sailing out of the Marine base first.


As soon as they left the Marine base and didn’t sail far, Kuzan could see that there were several ships in the darkness nearby, following them all the time. Needless to say, they must be the pirates’ exploration ships.

Rear Admiral Jonathan also sensed it and whispered: “It seems that these pirates are completely crazy. They actually send people to monitor the Marine base at all times and follow us so blatantly.”

Jonathan was supposed to lead a Marine battleship alone, but there must be at least one wise general in the army who can make the best choice in the event of a sudden situation. Among the Marine generals, only Jonathan is left (besides Tsuru). Tsuru wanted to protect the true heavenly gold. Of course, this burden can only be handed to Jonathan, so Jonathan will be on Kuzan’s ship.

“Isn’t this exactly what we need? All the pirates are on our tail. The plan is doing well.” Kuzan said calmly.

“In this case, let’s just make the noise a little bit louder so that it will be more beneficial to Vice Admiral Tsuru and others.” Jonathan mused.

Turning around and facing the messenger, he ordered: “Order! Turn on all the lights on the ship to the brightest, and send this command to the rest of Marines.”

Hearing this Order, the messenger was dumbfounded. In this situation, shouldn’t the lights be turned off? If the lights are turned on, such a large fleet will definitely attract pirates all around.

Seeing that the messenger did not move, Jonathan said in a puzzled way: “What’s the matter? Why didn’t you deliver the Order?”

The messenger saluted the military with a stomping sound and said: “Mr. Rear Admiral, this Order is wrong. Therefore, I will not pass this Order.”

After hearing the messenger’s words, Jonathan couldn’t help but smile. “Don’t worry. I know what this Order is. Just pass it.”

Kuzan also said: “Follow the Order of Rear Admiral Jonathan. Today, his Order is the highest in the entire Marine fleet. Everyone must unconditionally abide by it.”

“Yes! Mr. Vice Admiral.”

Looking at the silhouette of the messenger, Jonathan said thank you to Kuzan. This situation is impossible to explain to that many soldiers. However, Kuzan supported him, which is a great help to him.


“Leader Dragon, the Marine fleet has set off from the Marine base Northwest.” A Revolutionary Army trotted over to report.

Dragon ordered: “Everyone, start to move. Sail towards the Marine base south-east direction.”

“Yes! Leader.” The Revolutionary Army responded loudly and then ran to inform those who had been preparing.

After giving the Order, Dragon lowered his head and said to Sabo: “Sabo, you go up and notify Lin Tian. Tell him that the action has begun.”

“No need to notify. I already know.” A voice sounded from the sky. Lin Tian floated down directly from the sky. “The sleep is comfortable. I feel refreshed, my physical strength is restored, and I can act at any time.”


On the other side, the pirates who had been waiting for a long time also raised their sails, paddling their oars, and moved towards the huge Marine fleet on the sea.

Each pirate captain issued the same command, “Moved towards the Marine fleet.”


“Young Master, the Marine has started to act,” Baby5 whispered.

“Set off. I have been preparing for so long and paid such a huge price to wait for this moment.” Doflamingo stood up and moved towards outside the cabin.

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