Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain

Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain Chapter 144


Among the Marine fleet, twelve Marine battleships were arranged in an oval formation, and in the middle were four huge cargo ships, which were not heavenly gold, but four formidable powerbombs.

All the lights on the entire fleet were on, like a luminous ribbon, so dazzling on a dark sea. This huge fleet can be seen from miles away.

Outside the fleet, hundreds of light spots appeared, enclosing the fleet, and looking down from a high altitude, there was an oval aperture surrounded by a little light.


On the Battleships, all Marine soldiers were tightly guarding their posts, clenching their weapons, and staring at the pirate ships, which were not far away; their palms were already sweating a little. Although everyone knew that there were many pirates before they went out, they didn’t expect that the number of pirates who came was roughly one hundred, ten times as many as their Marine warships.

Faced with such a large number of people, the Marines were not nervous because seeing the Marine Vice Admirals standing on the ship’s bow, everyone calmed down.

Even if there are many pirates, but with the combat power of these lieutenants, it is useless to rely on the strength of these pirates.

As time went by, the pirate ships’ distance and the battleships were getting closer and closer. The long-prepared cannons, as soon as it enters the range, emits a huge roar. That huge muzzles emitted one after another orange-yellow wave of fire.


A deafening noise echoed over the entire battlefield. The calm sea instantly became noisy, and a huge naval battle began.

Countless black shells disappeared into the black night sky under the huge impetus of the explosive explosion. Only the violent friction of the shells and the air made a harsh sound from high above.

In the dark night, not only the accuracy of shelling was much worse, but the black shells fuse together with the night. It was difficult to avoid, so both the Marine and the pirates were trying their best to hit all shells at the fastest speed.

In this environment, shelling was very unfavorable for Marine, the one with extremely inferior in number. Although the Marine is well-trained, it is useless with a ten-fold difference number of ships.




Some superb gunners in the Marine, hearing these extremely close sky-splitting sounds, instantly distinguished the location of these shells. They rushed to the side and shouted loudly, “THE CANNONBALL IS COMING. AVOID IT!!!”

Without waiting for the Marine soldiers to evade, one silhouette appeared on the deck. The sword flashed, several booms, several explosions sounded on both sides of the ship. The orange, red flame illuminated the entire deck.

In order to reduce the probability of being hit by artillery shells, all warships, including those transport ships, turned off all the lights that can be extinguished; since the purpose of attracting the pirates had been achieved.


seeing the silhouette of the shredded shell, the Marines couldn’t help but cry out in surprise.

With a scream, another cold glow flashed by, and the flying shells were shredded again. There were several deafening explosions. The powerful airwaves directly blew several unprepared Marine soldiers to the ground.

“KEEP FIRING! I WILL BLOCK THESE SHELLS!” Vice-Admiral Momonga shouted.


Master Vice Admiral had already taken action. So what do we need to worry about?

With the concerted efforts of all the navies, the guns that stopped were running again. They fired much faster than before.

This scene takes place in all of the Marine battleships. Although the number of Marines was at a disadvantage this time, Fleet Admiral Sengoku had already anticipated this scene. Therefore, all Marine Headquarters elite generals were dispatched for this, hoping to offset the number with their elites.

For these Marine Headquarters generals, they have already mastered Haki. So for them, blocking these shells in the dark can be done easily.

But, there were too many pirates… As soon as the naval battle started, hundreds of pirate ships fired together, and the number of shells was too much.

The pirates’ shelling accuracy is poor, but with so many shells, they eventually hit the hull. Marine General had to take action to protect the battleships. Otherwise, they would be destroyed by the shells before pirates arrived.

The rest of the missed shells all fell into the sea and made a dull sound. The orange, red fire flashed under the sea surface, and the whole sea surface brightened under the orange, red firelight.

The shockwaves generated by countless explosions raged under the sea. The calm and tranquil sea surface immediately boiled. The waves of several meters high continuously shot on the ship wall. Even the huge Marine Battleship shook under this wave.

Many Marine soldiers with weaker strength can only hold on to objects on the side to stabilize their bodies. Yet, faced with this situation, everyone still tries their best to stay in their posts.


In the first wave of Marine shelling, several pirates ships were hit. Marine’s shelling accuracy was not comparable to these weak pirates, after all. Yes, these pirates seemed to be in large numbers, but most of them were the bottom pirates in the Grand Line. The highest bounty in most of these pirates was only 20 to 30 million.

This kind of pirates was originally incapable of participating in the battle for Heavenly Gold. This is because they also knew what level they are. However, under the instigation of Doflamingo, these pirates thought that they would become a very powerful force together and definitely be able to beat these Marines and finally snatch the Heavenly Gold.

But among the navy and powerful pirates, they are just cannon fodder. The role of cannon fodder is to consume the opponent’s strength and push the entire battlefield to a climax.


“Little ones, give me a faster speed. Now we are at the forefront. The Marine’s battle strength has been involved in the New World. The Marines above are very weak, so rush up. Kill those Marines. That great wealth is ours.”

On a Pirate Ship, the captain held the golden hook on the right hand and said with a crazy face. The pirate faces below were also filled with crazy colors.




Several explosions sounded, the smoke dissipated, and the pirate had become pieces of wreckage of various sizes floating on the sea. The pirates that survived the explosion could only float on the sea.

The pirate ships which came from behind were not so kind either. Whether there is anyone in front of them, they just directly hit the pirates in the water. This scene happened in the corner of the entire battlefield.

Looking at the four huge transport ships protected by Marine, all pirates went crazy. Who knows how much wealth there is to need such large transport ships. Even if getting just a little bit, you will no longer need to worry about life anymore.


Outside the encirclement, the sixteen Pirate Ships fell to the rear without shelling. They were just quietly watching the spectacular sight of hundreds of cannons blasting all over. Most of these were the first half of the Grand Line. These truly powerful pirates, each bounty has reached hundreds of millions of dollars, but somehow still stayed in the first half and did not enter the New World. But, their strengths were beyond doubt.

“This time, Joker did well. Although these rubbishes are not very powerful, they gathered together as cannon fodder, and it really caused a lot of trouble for the Marine.” A big man crudely after taking a bite of the roasted leg in his hand. Then turned around, glanced at a man next to him, and asked loudly: “Military Officer, do you see anything now?”

The man nodded, retracted his eyes, and meditated: “Joker’s intelligence is not wrong. The accuracy of these Marine shells is much better than those we usually encounter. With so many shells, they couldn’t even hit a Marine Battleship. They must have very powerful Marine generals. It seems that the Marine reinforcements really came last night. It was the elite Marine Headquarters who came here. This time, we have to be careful.”

Hmph!” The big man heavily and coldly snorted, “Of course. I spent 10 million Belly. If Joker dares to trick me, the hammer in my hand will not spare him. Others are afraid of him, but I’m not afraid.”

After that, the big man glanced at the Marine Battleship in the pirates’ encirclement. Then, he said solemnly: “What about the headquarter elite?”

He scanned these pirates on the same side and continued: “The first half of the Great Pirates is almost here. As long as there is no Marine Headquarters battle strength, those Marine Vice-Admiral can’t stop us at all.”

There was a scream, a cold white glow flashed by, and then two explosions in the sky. The man expressionlessly put away the long sword in his hand and said: “No matter what, we should be more careful.”

“Okay, this kind of wasteful thing is up to the military division. Anyway, I will just fight when the time comes.” The man touched his head and said with a smile.

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