Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain

Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain Chapter 145


The scene moved to the battlefield, and countless explosions reverberated in the air. The orange-red fire light illuminated the entire battlefield brightly.

In this case, if turning off the light has no effect, then it is better to turn it on.

As time goes by, the pirates’ encirclement gradually shrinks. Many fast Pirate Ships were only several hundred meters away from Marine. The muzzles were still blasting, but most pirates are already standing on the bow.

They are holding weapons in their hands; their faces are full of madness and the infinite greed in their eyes. The fear of death in their hearts has long been suppressed by that greed. They only think of breaking through the defense of the Battleship in front of them. They climbed onto those transport ships.

Hmph, trifling pirates dared to rush to the forefront, attack the Marine, and snatch the heavenly gold…” Vice Admiral Bastille carried the long-handled saw blade on his hand and randomly smashed several shells while looking at the pirates and angrily roared not far away.

Holding the long-handled saw blade with both hands, he smashed towards the pirates. The sharp blade brought the air to shake violently. A powerful slash struck the pirate ship wherever it passed. A huge gap was cut out in the sea.

The sea water stirred up by the slash was slapped on the face of the pirates.

Seeing this powerful slash, the pirates woke up and quickly ran to the side. Although the helmsman tried his best to adjust the direction of the ship, the ship still moved slowly. How can the slow-moving ship be comparable to that slash that is faster than the wind?

The blade glow flashed, without any sound, turned to Pirate Ship, and stopped. The waves slapped, creaking sounds around the entire Pirate Ship, followed by the cracking of wooden boards. The entire Pirate Ship was suddenly split into two ends.

Some bad luck pirates were directly cut by the blade glow and instantly died without any reaction at all.



 There was another loud noise. It turned out that the slash split another pirate ship.

“VICE ADMIRAL BASTILLE SPLIT TWO PIRATE SHIPS WITH ONE MOVE!” A Marine soldier on the Battleship exclaimed.

“That is, the Vice Admiral Bastille’s shark-cutting knife can even split the Sea King, let alone Pirate Ship.”

Just as the Marine soldier sighed, a peng sound explosion sounded from the Battleship nearby. This was the first Battleship to be hit by pirates. Bastille hurriedly said: “Contact the Battleship above and ask what happened to the Vice-Admiral Momonga.”

Vice-Admiral Momonga is not weak in strength. He is also among the best in Marine Vice Admiral. But, his ship was actually hit.

‘Could it be that those strong Great Pirates helped secretly?’ Bastille couldn’t help think in secret.

The fire from the explosion set the wooden Battleship on fire. The fire was extinguished in a few seconds.

A Marine Captain ran over quickly to Vice Admiral Bastille, regardless of the heavy breath in his mouth, he reported. “The situation has become clear. As the distance between the two parties is getting closer, the main mast on the Vice Admiral Momonga’s Battleship was accidentally hit by a cannonball. The explosion light ignited the canvas. Now the fire has been extinguished, except for a few Marine soldiers seriously injured, there is no casualty.”


On the other side, Vice-Admiral Momonga, who watched the fire on the ship extinguished, immediately relaxed. It was an accidental hit. The pirates on the side all pointed their muzzles at this side and blocked the shells. Next, it also abolished a lot of Vice-Admiral Momonga’s strength.

Looking at the Pirate Ships that were already very close, the Vice-Admiral Momonga flashed a hint of caution. The closer the distance between the two parties, the greater the disadvantage for the small number of Marines…

 In this case, you must Solve these Pirate Ships.


Vice-Admiral Momonga gave a light jump, and when he fell, he kicked his right foot into the air, and his body was raised again. Relying on Marine Rokushiki’s Moonwalk, the Vice-Admiral Momonga seemed to be flying in the air, moving towards a Pirate Ship.


[TL note: Geppo is one of the six techniques of “Rokushiki” that allows midair flight. Official English Name: Moonwalk; Geppou (Unlimited Adventure); Getsupou.]


“Captain, someone is flying…” A crew member stammered and pointed in the sky with a shocked expression on his face.

The captain slapped it directly and cursed: “Flying???!! there are people flying…”

While talking and looking at the sky, he found the Vice-Admiral Momonga in midair. “Really… really… someone is flying.”

Vice-Admiral Momonga glanced at the Pirate Ship underneath. His body straight down; put his right hand on the sword hilt around his waist, quickly pulled it out, and slashed twice. A huge cross appeared on the Pirate Ship. —The Pirate Ship, which was divided into four sections, slowly sank into the water. The pirates, who had not been killed with luck, were also involved in the vortex and died.


“Headquarter Vice Admiral! That is actually a headquarter Vice Admiral. Doesn’t this mean that the Marine battle strength is being held back by the New World? The only Marine reinforcements coming this time were Marine Rear Admirals, so how could there be a Marine Vice-Admiral???!! Joker… Joker is deceiving us.”

While watching this scene, pirates, who were a little smarter, immediately reacted. The clown was deceiving them. This time the reinforcements were not only Marine Rear Admiral but also Marine Headquarters Vice Admiral. They are used as cannon fodder.

Unfortunately, it’s too late for them to react. Momonga wouldn’t give them time to sigh with emotion. With one foot volleyed in the air, it stopped his descending figure. The silhouette flashed and appeared beside pirates. Above the ship, several powerful slashes were sent out, and this huge Pirate Ship instantly sank.

As for the weak pirates with a bounty of tens of millions, how could it be the opponent of the Headquarter Vice-Admiral Momonga?

Momonga completely crushed them.

Momonga used Moonwalk at extremely fast speed and then use powerful slash to continuously sank several Pirate Ships into the sea.


When the Vice-Admiral Momonga returned to the ship, the Sea Territory in front of the Battleship had been cleared. Only the wreckage of the Pirate Ships remained on the sea. Everything else had sunk into the seabed long ago.

As the distance gets closer, the accuracy of the pirates’ shelling has also improved rapidly. Ever since the Vice-Admiral Momonga ship was hit, most other Marine battleships also have been hit.

With fire and thick smoke, many Marine soldiers are trying their best to put out the fire.

The Battleship under his feet was also hit by several artillery shells in the short time he left just now. More than a dozen naval soldiers were killed in the explosion, and there were many serious injured soldiers. There was a pool of bright red blood everywhere on the deck. Every step you take will leave a bright red footprint.

But these were not at all shocking to the Marine soldiers present. They were all headquarter elites. This situation had happened a lot. They had already prepared this kind of preparation for the sacrifice of justice.


In the shelling just now, the pirates did not even hit a Marine warship, but on their side, they were at a big loss. More than 20 ships were destroyed by artillery shells. In some cases, because the sky was too dark and the vision was too dark, they didn’t see what was happening at all. The pirate ship that had fired a good shot suddenly sank.

The scenes of this scene caused the rest of the confident pirates to gradually become worried and afraid. If they continue to fight in this situation, they are afraid that all the pirates will be solved before getting close to the Marine fleet.

But as soon as the first Marine Battleship was hit and more and more Marine Battleships were hit, everyone’s confidence was back again.

‘Although our side has suffered heavy losses, we still have an absolute advantage in number. Still six or seven times that of Marine. As long as this advantage is used, all these Marines will be killed.’

“Captain, there is news from Joker. He wants us to take this opportunity to speed up the offensive and kill all these Marines. Joker will also send his cadres to play forwards to make way for us.”

On all Pirate Ships, every captain received this news. Everyone looked at the front of the team. Three ships with the Donquixote Pirates logo appeared in front of the team. They moved towards Marine very quickly.

“With the powerful Donquixote Pirates, what else do you need to be afraid of? Rush and kill those Marines and grab the heavenly gold. As long as we grab the heavenly gold first, the Great Pirates behind won’t dare to do anything. Brothers, charge!”

Such words sounded on every Pirate Ships.

The Pirate Ships began to increase their speed, following Donquixote Pirates moved towards Marine.

The Pirate Ships that were originally scattered were gradually moving towards the center, like a tip cone, using the powerful Donquixote Pirate as the cone to gouge towards the Marine in front.

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