Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain

Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain Chapter 146


Among the Marine fleet, there was a Battleship in the middle, surrounded by transport ships, without any movement, no cannon or counterattack, just moving with the fleet.

On the bow of the ship, Vice Admiral Kuzan and Rear Admiral Jonathan stood quietly, watching the fierce naval battle on the side. Without any expression on their faces, everything was like it was expected.

The rest of the Marine soldiers were not so calm. They gathered on both sides of the deck and watched the Battleships being hit by the pirates from time to time. But they didn’t do anything here, just quietly watching their companions there, fighting in blood. Everyone couldn’t help showing a heavy color on their faces. Their eyes also swept to the bow from time to time, but Vice Admiral Kuzan had not issued an order yet, and everyone could only wait for it anxiously.

As the staff and chief officer of this battle, this kind of scene was anticipated in the plan for a long time. Given the difference in numbers, the shelling would have been detrimental to the Marine. Now it is just the beginning of being hit sooner or later. When the two sides are close, it will be more tragic then.

Although the situation was moving towards the unfavorable development of Marine, there were no signs of panic formation from Marine, and even from the Pirate Ships, which was hit by shells from time to time.

It can be seen that with the Marine Headquarters generals, that the Marine side was still at ease and able to counterattack appropriately. Therefore, it was not yet time for Kuzan to take action. After all, these pirates are just cannon fodder, those truly powerful pirates have not yet appeared, and the opponent’s trump card has not yet been shown.

How could Vice Admiral Kuzan, as Marine’s ace card, be taken out so early?

Kuzan’s mission is to deal with those pirates. Those pirates hadn’t moved, so, Kuzan does not need to move.

Now, Jonathan waits for the opponent to lose his breath. As long as the opponent moves, it is the moment when the plan starts.


At this time, the pirates’ formation suddenly changed. Most of the branches began to gather towards Vice Admiral in pirates all around. Then, under the leadership of three Pirate Ships with Donquixote Pirates logos, they aggressively moved towards the Marine.

The Marine generals who were familiar with the plan, watching this scene, there was a smile on their suffocated faces. However, the artillery battle just now caused many Marine generals to be frustrated, all of which used up their battle strengths.

But after a while, the order was not issued yet, the generals couldn’t help but turn their eyes to the Battleship in the middle. According to the plan, shouldn’t they fight melee with these pirates now?

Only in this way can the advantages of Marine be brought into full play. Although the number is small, each is an elite Marine. In close combat, those pirates won’t stand a chance.


On the Battleship, Kuzan also looked puzzled at Jonathan with a face of doubt.

‘Isn’t the plan starting now? Why Jonathan hasn’t issued an order yet.’

Kuzan didn’t speak at all. Instead, he chose to believe in Jonathan. Jonathan, who is famous for his resourcefulness at Marine, suddenly changed his plan. There must be a purpose in doing so.

With a sound of footsteps coming out from a distance, a Marine correspondent ran over quickly, panting and saying: “Report to Rear Admiral Jonathan, Vice Admiral Tsuru sent a message, they have arrived at the place.”

Hearing this news, Jonathan’s calm face finally began to change. He immediately issued a command that he had thought about in his heart several times. “Order to all Marines act according to the original plan. Form a battle line, show me your strongest battle strength against those pirates, let them see the elite battle strength of the Marine Headquarters.”

“Yes!” The Marine responded loudly, with a hint of joy on his face. Everyone had been waiting for this order.

On the side, Kuzan realized that the reason why Jonathan never issued a counterattack order was to attract pirates’ attention and wait for Vice Admiral Tsuru to leave the Marine base safely. There was no concern. This is truly when the Marine should fight back.

At the same time, when all Marines received this order, the Marines, who had already been prepared in their respective positions, immediately acted. More than ten huge oars protruded from the Battleship. The wheels next to the Battleship also started to spin, driven by hundreds of Marines.

The Marine Battleships, which were originally traveling slowly, have increased extremely fast. The entire huge Battleships were also under the control of the highly skilled helmsman. It descends extremely fast on the sea surface and drifts at extremely high speed. With more than ten huge monsters of several hundred meters drifting on the surface of the sea, one can imagine how shocking the scene is.

In just a few minutes, all Marine battleships lined up to form one after another long formation. At the forefront of the formation, a Battleship was ahead, and a hull was parked at the forefront.

On the bows of all the Battleship ships, are Marine generals, who are wearing the cloak of justice, were standing. Everyone has no expressions on their faces. Their eyes were fixed on the pirates in front and the Marine soldiers fighting intent at the back.


On the opposite, the Pirate Ships’ cannons also stopped. All pirates gathered on the bow with crazy faces. As long as the Marines break through, the Heavenly Gold behind them will be theirs.

On the first three ships belonging to the Donquixote Pirates, Diamante, Gladius, and Lao G stood on the deck, watching the pirates who followed behind with disdainful smiles.

“Doffy is right. These people have been crazy by the heavenly gold. We are just taking the lead. They all followed, unafraid of death.” Diamante said with a smile.

Lao G frowned, reminded: “Diamante, don’t get too excited. After these pirates and Marines meet, we will act according to our plan, stay away from the center of the battlefield while in chaos, and rush there to support Young Master. Although we have suffered a lot of injuries, our battle strength is still stronger than Baby5. I can’t rest assured.”

“Don’t worry, I know,” Diamante replied.

Gladius coldly snorted, touching the painful wound in his lower abdomen, and resentfully said: “Don’t let me run into that kid. We wouldn’t be like this if it wasn’t for him. Next time, I will kill that kid by myself.

Speaking of Lin Tian, the faces of their three people showed resentment. If it weren’t for that little demon, they wouldn’t be sent here to do this kind of thing.


“Captain, the artillery battle between the cannon fodder and Marine has ended. The cannon fodder has gathered under the leadership of Donquixote Pirates to prepare for the breakthrough Marine defense line.” a pirate bent over and whispered.

The pirate facing forward was a sturdy man. He was different from the other pirates, was wearing a neat blue plaid suit and a pair of gold-framed eyes, at his hand was a book.

If it weren’t for Pirate Ship, it’s hard to imagine that this man is the captain of the famous “Brother Hao Pirates” in New World, with a bounty of 400 million yuan, which is higher than Doflamingo.

The Great Pirate-Shi Zhihao.

Originally, the Marine’s battle strength was poured out to suppress the New World turmoil. Therefore, it was difficult for the New World’s Great Pirates to break through the Marine and leave New World. Even if they came out, it would be difficult to catch up. But Brother Hao Pirates left New World just before the turmoil, just in time for the heavenly gold incident. Several groups of pirates who also came out of the New World also caught up with this heavenly gold incident. But they are not as strong as Brother Hao Pirates. Among all the pirates, Brother Hao Pirates is the strongest.

Brother Hao slowly closed the book in his hand, removed that pair of eyes, looked at the pirate in front of him, and said with a smile. “Joker is still the same. He knows that he can use crafty plots and intrigues of this kind to make others sell their own lives, but he hides behind and does nothing. But, unfortunately, it won’t be that easy this time.”

Brother Hao stood up and waved his hand suddenly: “Brothers, the wealth of the enemy is in sight. As long as these marines are solved, the four transport ships full of treasures will be ours. Now it depends on whether you want to get it. Tell me loudly if you want it!”

“Yes!” The pirates shouted in unison.

“Really? That’s good, then show me and kill all those pirates and Marine.”

The most powerful Brother Hao Pirates started without much consideration. Those pirates who had waited and watched for a long time were excited and couldn’t bear it. They also hurriedly moved towards the battlefield.


Rear Admiral Jonathan saw this scene with a smile on his face. Just as he expected, when the Marine moved, the pirates behind them couldn’t help but act. However, the pirates in front of him are not what Jonathan was worried about. In fact, Jonathan’s attention was on these pirates. —They were the strongest enemies of Marine in this battle.

It was only now that this battle has entered the most tragic stage, and it was also the climax.

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