Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain

Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain Chapter 147


Seeing that all the pirates have joined in, some ace cards don’t need to be hidden anymore, now is the time to play their role.

“Take that thing out. It’s time to use it.” Kuzan waved.

More than a dozen Marine soldiers moved out of the cabin a two-meter-high, weighing several tons of behemoth. Just letting it go made a bang. You can imagine how heavy it is.

Walking to the huge monster covered by black cloth, Jonathan took a look. Then, he turned his head to Kuzan and asked: “Vice Admiral Kuzan, this thing is really as powerful as Vice Admiral Tsuru said?

Kuzan shook his head said: “I don’t know. This thing was given by Fleet Admiral Sengoku at the time. As for how strong its formidable power is, I haven’t had a chance to try it.”

Grasping the black cloth covering it, Kuzan pulled it hard. The whole piece of black cloth slowly fell off, and the look of a huge monster appeared in front of everyone.

—A two-meter-high cuboid, plus a six-meter-long cylinder with a diameter of more than ten centimeters outside and a middle diameter of only two centimeters in diameter. This is what a huge monster looks like, which is too different from what everyone expects.

And such a thin muzzle, no! Perhaps a muzzle should be used to describe it more accurately. What kind of bullets can be fired from this muzzle?

For the changes in the faces of everyone, Kuzan was not at all surprised. Because he was also the same when he saw this thing. At that time, Kuzan thought Sengoku was teasing him. But, if it wasn’t for Fleet Admiral Sengoku and Court Academician, Vegapunk, who promised it to be useful, Kuzan really wouldn’t bring it.

This behemoth is a laser cannon. The laser cannon developed by Court Academician Vegapunk borrowed from Admiral Kizaru’s Pika Pika no Mi ability. The laser cannon was no less powerful than the yellow ape’s laser beam and was enough to destroy a pirate ship in one blow.

[TL note: Borsalino, more commonly known by his alias Kizaru, is an admiral in the Marines. After Aokiji resigned from the Marines and Akainu was promoted to fleet admiral, Kizaru is now the only remaining admiral from the previous trio.

 The Pika Pika no Mi is a Logia-type Devil Fruit that allows the user to create, control, and transform into light at will, turning the user into a Light Human.]

Of course, this is just an experimental product developed by Vegapunk for more than a year. It has just been roughly assembled in the laboratory just to test whether the theory is successful, so other issues such as appearance and reduction are not considered. However, the formidable power is still beyond doubt.

It was demonstrated once on the shooting range. At that time, the formidable power was comparable to the Admiral Kizaru attack, which shocked the Marine headquarters personnel who came to watch. Then, Kuzan was directly pulled here by Sengoku to increase this reinforcement’s battle strength.

Originally, Vegapunk disagrees because this is only a roughly assembled test machine, which is prone to accidents if it launches too many times. Furthermore, if this huge monster explodes, the battleship as its stool would have been destroyed instantly.

But when Sengoku said the word, Vegapunk didn’t know how to stop it. “The best test place for weapons is the battlefield. So when this weapon is used on the next battlefield, it can save the lives of countless Marine soldiers.”

So, Sengoku pulled the giant laser cannon over as one of Marine’s cards.

‘Vega was just overthinking. It is better to experiment with it immediately. And now is an excellent opportunity.’ Jonathan looked at the approaching pirates and thought to himself.

Jonathan’s patted muzzle, “Come on, aim this laser gun muzzle at the Pirate Ship in front. Let us look at the formidable power of this huge monster.”

Under the control of several Marine soldiers, the entire huge turret slowly turned and the muzzle gradually aimed at the front ship, the Pirate Ship of Donquixote Pirates.

A group of golden-yellow rays of light is emitted from the muzzle, making a zhi zhi sound. The rays of light become brighter and brighter. After some energy was gathered, there was a boom sound. A tiny yellow ray of light shoots from the muzzle.

Everyone’s eyes quickly moved toward the Pirate Ship, and there was a curious look in their eyes.

‘Does this thing really have such a large formidable power?’


A loud bang rang into the air, and then a huge explosion accompanied by orange-red flames and thick smoke before the pirate fleet, the pirate ship disappeared from the world in an instant.

The pirate ships suddenly slowed down. Everyone was stunned by this scene, especially the three cadres of Diamante from Donquixote Pirates. They became scared and sweating all over. —Those who roamed the Grand Line immediately recognized that this was Admiral Kizaru’s laser beam, and only Admiral Kizaru did this.

Donquixote Pirates would not take part in this battle. They were just here to lead the cannon fodder, so the three of them were not on the front ship. If they are hit, they will probably die.

No matter what, this laser beam made everyone, whether the pirates who were about to enter the battlefield or the Donquixote Pirates who were the secret mastermind, dared not move forward. Everyone thinks that Marine Headquarter Kizaru was here and hiding in the Marine fleet. Even the Marine thought so.

What’s strange is that there was no Admiral Kizaru in the Marine reinforcements.


“What to do, captain? An Admiral is here. We still can’t enter the battlefield.”

Seeing this scene, the Great Pirate Shi Zhihao, who was full of confidence in the front, his face became heavy, and he quietly looked at the front ship in the Marine formation.

“How is it possible that the Marine Headquarter, who’s still involved in New World, be here? Why is Admiral Kizaru here? Is the Marine Headquarters ignoring the New World riots?”

Although Shi Zhihao is very confident in his strength, he still doesn’t think he could win against the Marine Headquarter. But if pirates are all gathered here, even the Marine Headquarter will not be unable to win.

This is the Marine Headquarter, the highest battle strength of the World Government. Just a similar attack had deterred countless Marines before he even appeared. Especially those pirates at the back. He thought that this time the heavenly gold had been secured. But before they entered the battlefield, they encountered an Admiral.

“No, if the current Marine Headquarter battle strength is really good, they would have shot long ago. How come they didn’t do that? …..But the laser beam just now is unmistakenly..”

Seeing the Marine without any action, many pirates immediately found something wrong. But no one wanted to use their lives to experiment. So this inference might not be accurate.


Just when the two sides are in a stalemate.

“Captain, Brother Hao Pirates Captain Shi Zhihao sent a message of cooperation,” a Pirate reported.

“Cooperation Information.”

The pirate captains later received this news at the same time. They just thought that probably the content is that the Marine Admiral may not be here. But they’re not sure. Everyone can’t help but still read it out.

Even if there is an Admiral, it is not impossible for everyone to cooperate to defeat a Marine Admiral. At that time, it depends on the situation and then decides not to refund.

The big man held a blank sheet of paper in his hand. He asked the next military division: “Military division, how about it?! You say it! Are we cooperating or retreating?




“It seems that this laser cannon works well, not only formidable power Stronger but also the shocking power.” Jonathan looked at the pirates in front, who paused and exclaimed.

On the side, Kuzan said solemnly: “However, the laser cannons have not been used again. Those pirates should have found something wrong after such a long time. They just didn’t move because they were not sure. These pirates will rush up again.”

“That’s right!” Jonathan nodded in agreement and then asked, “How is it? How much time will the charge be completed?”

“The report has been completed and can be launched at any time.”

“Okay, shot it again in the place where the most ships are moving.”

With a scream, golden-yellow rays of light flashed by, and another Pirate Ship was exploded into an oblivion, leaving only the wreckage flying all over the sky.


“Is the captain alright?!” A pirate asked, turning around.

Just for a while, Shi Zhihao said two words in a deep voice: “Continue!”


Looking at the Pirate Ships moving forward, Jonathan said: “It seems that it is not enough to deter the powerful pirates behind them with this shock.”

Kuzan moved his head and put on the blindfold, and said: “Of course, if it is so easy to solve, the Marine headquarters will pull out the elite of the headquarters and come to help at this critical juncture.”

It seems that a big battle is inevitable. Now is the time to play his role as a combat staff officer.

“Order all Marine Battleship muzzles aimed at the opposite pirates! Marine generals try their best to intercept the enemies’ shells and reduce the Marine soldiers’ losses! At the beginning of close combat, all Marine Battleships must not act alone and must be gathered together. Convenient to support at any time!…”

After a pause, he continued to say: “Finally, let the generals keep in mind the content of the plan. We are not here to fight with these pirates and try our best to reduce the soldier’s loss. Okay, that’s it, go on and convey it.”

With a single breath, this series of combat orders were uttered methodically from Jonathan’s mouth, and Kuzan’s worries disappeared.

—It seems that Rear Admiral Jonathan is even more powerful than the rumors.

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