Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain

Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain Chapter 148


The two laser beams just gave the pirates a great shock, and they didn’t dare to be as rampant as their previous actions. Instead, they changed the battle method and used their own artillery advantage to steadily fight and firing the cannons while drawing closer to Marine.


[TL note: Tempest Kick. The Rankyaku is a powerful projectile technique, in which the users start by kicking at very high speeds and strength, sending out a sharp compressed air blade or “Sickle Wind” that can slice objects and greatly damage a human body.]

Vice Admiral Dalmatian made a light leap, and several powerful Tempest Kicks carried the air-breaking sound into the air. The flying shells above were split into two in an instant, causing a strong explosion.

As the Marine Vice Admiral who paid attention to physical skills, he used that height of physical skills to cut the shells. —One can imagine how helpless and aggrieved Vice Admiral Dalmatian was at this time.

Fortunately, it’s a head-on confrontation. The only guns that can fire are the bow cannon or the cannon on the deck. As a result, the number of shells has been reduced by 2/3. With the addition of most pirates’ artillery techniques, the hit rate can be imagined.

Yellow rays of light flashed by again, and another Pirate Ship exploded under the laser light. The speed of the light can be imagined. These pirates saw a yellow light flashed, and then the nothingness. Only the corpse floating on the sea was left.

Only in a short period of ten minutes, and no fewer than fifteen Pirate Ships were destroyed by laser beams.

Unfortunately, after firing so many times, this laser cannon has reached its limit. As a result, many cracks have appeared on the cannon platform, and even the barrel has a few small cracks.

The laser gun almost exploded just now, but fortunately, the operator shut it down fast enough, and Kuzan promptly sealed the entire turret in thick ice.

Although this laser turret was abolished, it has done a huge feat. It fired fifteen times and destroyed a total of 18 Pirate Ships. In addition, three laser beams directly penetrated two Pirate Ships.

At this time, the powerful pirates behind also rushed up with extreme speed. The laser beam took tens of seconds to fire a shot.


After the second shot, these pirates understood that it wasn’t Admiral Kizaru.

A style similar to Admiral Kizaru is used by Marine by some means. Although they don’t know for sure if there’s no Admiral Kizaru, they are sure that there is a Marine with an Admiral battle strength.

These powerful pirates, regardless of the weak pirates, rushed forward directly from behind.

Most pirates who watched this scene yelled in their hearts.

‘You’ve been watching from behind while we have scrapped so much and injured a lot of Marines. Who knows how many people died? The Marine was forced to defend themselves, but you just came directly to pick the peaches.’

But this is the era where the weak are prey to the strong. Fairness is only for those on the same level, that’s all. If you are not strong enough, you can only endure it.

Because they refused to give up, they were directly destroyed by the pirates behind them without holding back. They are very different from these measly pirates. They are powerful pirates in the first half of the Grand Line, and they stood no chance.

Therefore, many pirates directly stopped the shelling and let these powerful Great Pirates pass. Everyone is holding on to you anyway, we will watch from the side just like you, and then we will come to fish in troubled waters.

So, a strange scene formed on the entire battlefield. Those pirates cannon fodder who attacked fiercely in the front stopped the attack and made way for the powerful pirates to advance and then follow behind these powerful pirates.

For this kind of scene, the pirate captains, whose bounty gold is almost over 100 million yuan, just showed disdain. They didn’t want these pirates’ cannon fodder to be of any use in a real decisive battle but hoped that they could consume the Marines as much as possible.

The cannon fodders’ mission has been completed, and now is the real battle. This kind of battle cannot be dealt with with cannon fodder alone.

It didn’t take long for these powerful pirates to finally reach the forefront of pirates. Sixteen Pirate Ships lined up in a battle line, looking at each other across a sea of one kilometer wide.

Seeing that these real opponents finally appeared on the field, the Marines couldn’t help but show the look of caution. These are the pirates that Marine is worried about in this heavenly gold incident.

On the bow of the ship, the Marines and the pirates were all looking at each other from a distance. Everyone’s eyes burst out with extremely strong battle strength. This is not only a grabbing of wealth but also a confrontation of positions.

The Evil Vs. The Justice.

The sound of cannons resounding through the battlefield was also forbidden at this time. A tense and serious atmosphere quickly filled the entire sea, and the air seemed to freeze.

Just when the pirates were ready to concentrate all the battle strengths and break through the Marine defense at one point…. with a cry, one silhouette jumped from the bow of the Marine Battleship. That cloak of justice flew in the air.

Everyone on the battlefield was attracted by this silhouette and followed the figure, wondering what this Marine wanted to do.

With everyone’s puzzled eyes, Kuzan slowly fell to the surface of the sea, just like this, standing steadily… No! It should not be said that it is not on the sea but on the ice.

Looking at the Pirate Ships in front, Kuzan’s silhouette is so small compared to it. If one isn’t looking carefully, you might ignore this silhouette.

He took a breath of cold air, his eyes shrank, and a light flashed from his eyes, and the lazy breath disappeared completely.


When the voice fell, the area of ice under Kuzan’s feet suddenly increased, and the moving waves were instantly sealed by ice and kept the same as the whole sea.

Frozen with the momentum of covering the thunder and not as fast as the ears, the blue sea turned into a white icefield. The sixteen Pirate Ships that were tightly in front were also instantly sealed by ice, and countless ice climbed onto the ship’s wall at a very fast speed and fastened to the ship’s wall.

All this happened in an instant. Only a piece of white ice was left in everyone’s eyes. The temperature of the entire sea dropped by tens of degrees in an instant. Many people only wore thin clothes and had chicken skin. The goosebumps rose up in the cold, and their bodies were shaking involuntarily.

But at this time, no one cares about this, their eyes are all staring at the figure on the ice, and the whole sea is frozen with one move. How powerful this Marine must be?

Looking at this scene, those captains couldn’t help but look. They thought the Marine didn’t send Admiral, but it turns out they still sent such a powerful battle strength. It might not be so easy to snatch the Heavenly Gold after all.

The pirates behind, watching this scene, were shocked and couldn’t help but rejoice in their hearts. Fortunately, they didn’t rush to the front. Otherwise, it was them who would be frozen.

But this is not over yet. Since he has taken the shot, Kuzan is not just to freeze these pirate ships.

On his right arm, a stream of cold air surrounded him, and Kuzan’s right arm was slowly wrapped in ice, and he stretched forward quickly.

“Although I pursue leisure justice, as a Marine, it is my task to deal with pirates.”


[TL note: Ice Block: Pheasant Beak (Aisu Burokku: Fezanto Bekku, literally meaning “Ice Mass: Raving Pheasant Beak”): Connecting to, possibly being the source of, Kuzan’s epithet, Kuzan releases a massive wave of ice in the shape of a pheasant in a single blast. The VIZ Manga translates the attack’s name as Ice Block: Pheasant Peck, while in the FUNimation dub it keeps its original name.]

A block of ice shot out of Kuzan’s hand and quickly evolved into an ice bird, flapping the pair of ice wings and flying towards a Pirate Ship, and it slammed into the ship.

The entire Pirate Ship froze quickly at speed visible to the naked eye. The entire Pirate Ship completely turned into a huge block of ice. Those pirates on the deck were all frozen in ice, and they still kept the expression of fear at the moment they were frozen.

Seeing this scene, the pirates couldn’t help but suck in a cold breath, with a look of shock and fear. This kind of powerful battle strength has never been seen before for the pirates at the lowest level of the Grand Line.

With one move, a group of pirates with a small reputation in the Grand Line were instantly wiped out without the slightest resistance. How could the Marine have such battle strength?

No matter what pirates think, the Marines were cheering.

For confidentiality reasons, most Marine soldiers do not know that Kuzan is so powerful because the last time Admiral Kuzan was promoted to Admiral, he failed. The headquarters did not explain the matter, so most Marines thought that Kuzan was not strong enough to be promoted to Admiral. They just thought that Vice Admiral Kuzan is stronger than most Marine Vice Admirals, but they didn’t expect Vice Admiral Kuzan to be able to seal the entire sea with ice. 

With such a high battle strength, ordinary Marine soldiers felt much more at ease.

Although there were four Marine Vice Admirals and ten Rear Admirals, this was already a very strong battle strength. Now such a high combat force will freeze all the pirate ships as soon as they appear. As a result, the Marines’ morale increased a lot.

With one move, he killed all the pirates, immediately stunned all pirates. Now, the pirates are neither retreating nor advancing. So these full of confidence pirates is once again in a dilemma.

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