Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain

Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain Chapter 150


In this case, the well-trained Marine still has the advantage, maintaining the basic formation and having a mutual sympathy with each other. Hence, the Marine loss rate is much lower than that of the pirates.

In the first wave of attacks before the collision, the Marine showed how talented they are to directly give these pirates a blow and then take advantage of these pirates’ panic, attack these pirates. The Marine made a beautiful attack in just over a minute.

In the large number of pirates, they pushed directly back under the onslaught of the Marine. After all, the real combat power of the pirates is stronger than the navy.

Those cannon fodder Pirate Ships are rubbish, but those captains are worth 20 to 30 million bounties, which are already regarded as powerhouses in the four oceans, as well as the cadres of those powerful pirate ships.

They reacted and immediately took the lead, leading a part of the pirates’ elite to attack the Marine point. How could the ordinary navy be their opponent?


From the back of the crowd, a silhouette came forward, followed by many elite pirates, and rushed directly towards the Marines.

—A silhouette body with a white cloak, a light blue short hair, more than a dozen steel rims on each arm, lifting a pair of Iron Fist, moved towards the Marine Major who was blocking the road ahead.

The Marine Major hurriedly lifted his sword to block it, but the speed was relatively slow. As a result, the silhouette punched directly on the major’s abdomen. The clothes on the major’s abdomen were instantly shattered. He was knocked out and hit by several Marines and pirates behind him.

The pirates in the back saw this silhouette clearly could not help crying out in surprise: “That is the strongest cadre of Brother Hao Pirates, Helix Fist Rand!”

Helix Fist Rand, as the strongest cadre of Brother Hao Pirates, is comparable to Vice Admiral. With two punches that can strike as powerful as a spiral fist.

Such a powerful master did not join the battlefield of the strong over there. This was done deliberately by Shi Zhihao, just for this moment. To take the lead and lead the pirates to disrupt the naval formation.

With this kind of combat power, there is no opponent on such a battlefield, leading a team of elite pirates. Every punch would mean that a Marine fell and directly pierced the Marines’ formation.

And this scene happened everywhere. Under the leadership of this battle-strength Pirate, Marine’s formation suddenly became chaotic and had to be caught in a big melee.

On the battlefield, there were blade light and sword shadows everywhere, and one after another, blood splashed blood, a stream of light flashes on the battlefield, and there were explosions.

The blood sprayed on the face of a Marine. Before Marine could draw out the sword, a Pirate came directly behind the Marine and raised his hand with a sword. Then, without looking, he turned to the other side. The Marine was cut off.

This scene is very common on the battlefield. The value of being killed, counter-killing, and sneak attacks is invincible. There is only one rule on this battlefield: to kill the enemy in front of you by any method, even with biting.

Human lives are worthless at this time, and dozens of lives disappear in this world every second. Therefore, if you want to survive, you can only be covered with the blood of the other party.


Shi Zhihao and Kuzan were fighting fiercely.

Seizing the opportunity, Shi Zhihao hit Kuzan with a punch, but it was still just a pile of ice. Without any hesitation, and immediately stepped back, avoiding the ice skates cut by Kuzan from behind.

This Pirate was extremely fast and reactive. Kuzan was having difficulty keeping up. Since he was almost caught in front of him, Shi Zhihao has learned to be cunning. Once he finds something is wrong, he immediately retreats extremely quickly. Kuzan couldn’t help but just retreat.

Moreover, his Devil Fruit is also very powerful. He can instantly increase his strength by geometric multiples. Unfortunately, Kuzan was unprepared for a while, and he ran away.

Seeing that the Marine’s several attacks were useless, Shi Zhihao stood beside him and said with a smile: “I am a person who ‘increases’. My strength and speed increase exponentially in an instant. One-fold burst can increase twice, two-fold burst is four times, three-fold burst is eight times, and four-fold burst is sixteen times.”

After listening to Shi Zhihao’s words, Kuzan’s face showed a cautious look.

‘It’s no wonder that he actually burst out several times more power than before. I still don’t know how many times he can burst out.’

‘If it can keep increasing, he will be too strong… A five-fold burst is thirty-two times, and a six-fold burst is sixty-four times….’

Shi Zhihao continued: “Although I can only explode five times now, it is enough to deal with you. So don’t think that just because you have a Logia, you’re invincible. Today, I’ll let you see that in absolute power, everything is floating clouds.”

[TL note: Logia is the rarest of the three Devil Fruit types. Those who have eaten a Logia fruit are granted the power to transform their body’s composition into a natural element at will, as well as create and control it.]


At this time, Shi Zhihao’s whole body was dark red, but the white air emitted from his whole body was disappeared. The green veins on his forehead were exposed, and his hair was like a single strand. It stood up like a long needle.

White light flashed, and then an explosion came out of nowhere, but there was no gunpowder. The big pit on the ice proved the existence of the explosion.

Kuzan didn’t realize what was happening yet. Then, a crisis came from behind. Shi Zhihao’s silhouette was already behind him. His dark fists were surrounded by one after another fist wind, hit Kuzan’s back.

But what was broken was still just a mass of ice.

Shi Zhihao couldn’t help but snorted, “You only know to hide? Don’t you even have the courage to fight again?”

After that, Shi Zhihao made a fist with his right hand, raised it high, and slammed down towards the ice below. There was a continuous sound of clicking, centering on it. Hundreds of meters of ice were covered with cracks.


With a loud bang, countless ice cubes on the ice surface, under the powerful force, soaring into the sky, the fighting pirates and Marine on the side could not help being affected, falling to the ground, shocked to see With this scene.

The ice cube rising into the sky did not fall. Instead, it was controlled by some force and quickly smashed towards Shi Zhihao on the ice. In an instant, Shi Zhihao’s silhouette had disappeared before everyone’s eyes, and it was replaced by a large ice pile. Kuzan also slowly emerged from the ice.

Looking at this scene, the Marines and pirates, who were fighting on the side, couldn’t help but stop their actions. These two are the strongest two on both sides. If either side wins, it will greatly change the situation.


A dull noise sounded from the pile of ice, and the ugly pirates gradually showed a smile.

With a loud bang, the huge ice pile shattered, and countless ice cubes flew in all directions. Many people were hit by these ice cubes and were seriously injured in an instant.

A white gas silhouette appeared in front of everyone, and a burst of loud laughter came from inside.

“Marine! You run out of moves. What other moves are there to use? If you don’t use it, there will be no chance.”

“Really?” Kuzan’s face was still extremely calm, “Do you think you can still move?”

Hearing Kuzan’s words, Shi Zhihao moved his body quickly, but his legs had been sealed by ice.

Humph,” he coldly snorted and said with disdain: “Do you think this kind of ice can deal with me? Watch me break free in an instant.”

Shi Zhihao tried several times. But no matter how hard he tried, his legs were still frozen in ice, and the area was getting bigger and bigger.

“If it allows you to break free so easily, then I wouldn’t have prepared for so long. It’s not without the price of your exploding strength. It’s a serious burden for your body, so you want to solve the battle so quickly.”

Kuzan didn’t waste time with Shi Zhihao here; holding both hands, looking at the struggling silhouette, he silently shouted: “ICE CAGE.”

When the voice fell, several icicles rose from the ground, tightly wrapping Shi Zhihao. Finally, more and more ice cubes were derived from these icicles until Shi Zhihao was completely wrapped in an ice block.

Seeing the victory of Vice-Admiral Kuzan, the Marines were extremely delighted. Their fighting intent suddenly increased, and the imposing manner from the pirates in front also slowly increased.


At this time, one silhouette sprang out from the darkness.

This person is Rand. He punched the ice that wrapped Shi Zhihao. Unfortunately, there was no movement at all. Although his fists did not freeze as well, he threw himself up.

After the battle was resolved by himself, Kuzan only had the energy to check the situation this time. Shi Zhihao was very strong, and Kuzan had to go all out without the slightest distraction.

Take a quick glance at the battle situation… In general, the Marines were in a very bad situation and now being crushed and beaten by these pirates.

The main reason is that the pirates’ mid-to-high-end battle strength was much stronger than Marines. Under the leadership of pirates with these good strengths, the Marines found it difficult to resist, and now they could barely resist the line of defense.

And those pirates, who were watching were also on the battlefield, were starting to join the battlefield behind.

Just when Kuzan was about to take action to solve the high-end combat power of the pirates, several retreat signals were ejected from the Marine battleships behind…

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