Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain

Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain Chapter 151


On the other side, in the Southwest direction of Korod Island, a huge ship was moving on a calm, empty sea.

Everyone on the ship watched the amazing scene, and they were all amazed. This method is shocking. Even Dragon only appears calm on the surface while being surprised in his heart. This ability can be called the strongest in certain situations and aspects.

To everyone’s surprise and shock, Lin Tian didn’t even explain that this method can only have this effect in such darkness. If it was in broad daylight, ordinary people would be able to find something wrong by watching carefully. —Where the ship travels, the continuous waves on the sea will disappear, just like there is a circle on the sea surface with a radius of hundreds of meters. The sea surface does not fluctuate at all. There are continuous waves of tens of centimeters outside the circle.

Dragon said: “Didn’t expect that besides fighting, your ability actually has this kind of use.”

Smiling slightly, Lin Tian proudly said: “Without this ability, how can I dare to find someone to cooperate with to steal the heavenly gold in front of Tsuru… the Marine.”

Hearing Lin Tian say this, the question that has always existed in Dragon’s heart could not help, but he asked: “In fact, there is one thing that I have always been very puzzled about. I can’t figure it out. So I hope you can explain….”

“Presumably, you should be thinking, as one of the Marines, why do I take such a big risk to snatch the heavenly gold that is of little use to myself.”

Dragon nodded and directly admitted it honestly. “Although you said that there are some things you need on the heavenly gold, I still don’t think it’s worth the risk. By virtue of your status and background in the Marine, you should be able to get those things. And from your previous distribution plan, I can feel that your heart is not for the wealth. But rather, it seems that you are just deliberately helping our Revolutionary Army.”

Lin Tian gently nodded while smiling. Lin Tian snatching the heavenly gold is indeed not for wealth, nor is there anything he needs on it. In the beginning, Lin Tian’s goal was to prevent the Heavenly Gold from falling into the hands of World Nobles.

It was the first time I saw World Nobles in the Marine headquarters. I was very upset. I swear I will try my best to take it away, and I would sink the rest into the sea.’

After meeting Dragon later, Lin Tian had the idea of cooperating with the Revolutionary Army. Instead of letting these wealth sink into the sea, it is better to use them to do something useful.

“Then I can ask, why is this?”

“Of course,” Lin Tian thought for a while, replied: “The longer you stay in Marine, the higher you stand and the more you can see how much darkness is hidden in this seemingly peaceful world. It’s just those authorities suppressing the darkness just to create a mask where they reflect the beautiful, the peaceful, and the freedom.” Turning around, Lin Tian attached to the railing of the ship and said in a low voice: “And this beauty and freedom is only reflected in the nobles who think they are noble, but these illusions are built upon the pain of countless people at the bottom. The justice I pursue is not the absolute justice of the Marine. In my opinion, righteousness and evil have no position, only what they’ve done. Therefore, even though many pirates were caught in my hands, I still let them go. This is also the reason why I help you, Revolutionary Army. What your Revolutionary Army does is justice, and Marine’s justice is just rhetoric from those in power. To be honest, I wanted to sink all this wealth into the sea, and just to see the World Nobles become very, very upset. Basically, I am very interested in anything that makes them upset.”

After listening to Lin Tian’s reasons, Dragon’s face was immediately wonderful and helpless. ‘You plan to grab the Heavenly Gold and make this major event that shocked the world, just for this reason.’

“Seriously, your reason really makes me… I… very… in short, it is a world away from my guess.” Dragon shook his head.

There is another reason that Lin Tian did not say that is yesterday he was severely injured. Lin Tian was very vengeful. No matter what Doflamingo’s purpose is, as long as he robs the Heavenly Gold, Doflamingo will broke down again.

Lin Tian continued: “If I just use my own identity, the smelly old man will definitely beat me to death. You must know this better than me.”

When he heard Lin Tian’s words, Dragon’s eyes shrank. A look of shock flashed in his eyes, not because of the content of Lin Tian’s words, but the unspoken implication revealed in that words. —For so many years, Dragon has never told anyone about his family. Apart from himself and a few people, nobody knows who his family is.

‘Could it be that my father had already believed so much about the disciple he had received and told him this kind of thing? Otherwise, how would he know?’

Dragon took a few steps forward, stood in the same row with Lin Tian, and said in a low voice: “It seems that you know a lot of things, even this kind of thing.”

Looking at Dragon, Lin Tian recalled: “To be honest, when I heard Sensei had a son named Dragon, I was really shocked, and even more shocked after the investigation. I didn’t ‘t expect that Sensei, as the Hero of the Marines, his son would be a revolutionary leader with the goal of overthrowing the World Government.”

Dragon did not speak but laughed, “So, as the only student of my father, is it not just right to be here with me, the Revolutionary Army, plotting against the Marine and the World Government?”

Hearing Dragon’s words, Lin Tian’s whole body shook, and then he couldn’t help laughing, “Hahahaha… that’s right! If he ever sees this kind of scene, I think the smelly old man will beat both of us up.”

During this conversation, the distance between Lin Tian and Dragon has narrowed a lot. Although both of them are laughing, in fact, both of them feel guilt and grief in their hearts, and they were just covering it up with laughter.

The laughter stopped, and there was a silence between the two. In the end, Dragon said: “It’s been so long; is father okay?”

Raising his head, Lin Tian smiled and said to Dragon: “He’s okay. Every day I go out to eat doughnuts and cook senbei; the rest of the time, he’s just sleeping and sitting bored. His body is better than anyone else.”

“I remember when I was at your age.” Dragon looked up at the moon in the sky and recalled: “Father said the most to me, that I should be the strongest Marine soldier. But ever since I walked out to the world, what I’ve seen and heard has changed me and put me on the road of the Revolutionary Army. Although father doesn’t care about me, I still know that he always cares about my news.”

When he said this, Dragon stopped suddenly and looked at Lin Tian and said: “However, now it seems that his dream for many years is about to come true.”

Regarding this topic, Lin Tian usually avoids it. He touched his head and smiled embarrassedly. Then, he just looked into the distance. Knowing that Lin Tian didn’t want to talk about this topic, Dragon stopped asking.

Ivankov looked at the two people talking before and asked in a low voice: “Koala baby, do you know what they’re talking about?”

‘I have known Dragon for a long time, and I know that Dragon is a man with strong control. He has always been calm and steady. For so many years, I have never seen him smile. But I didn’t expect that Dragon; while talking to Lin Tian baby, not only smiled but also laughed.’

So, Ivankov was very curious about what the two of them were talking about.

Klarbai glanced at Ivankov, “I’m with you, you don’t know, how do I know what they are talking about?”

After speaking, regardless of Ivankov’s face, his eyes continued to look to the side, watching Sabo being knocked into the air by Kuma.

Ivankov looked at Sabo, who was beaten and exclaimed: “It seems that Sabo baby was beaten by Lin Tian baby in front of Dragon. So he wants to improve his strength and catch up with Lin Tian baby.”

Before encountering Lin Tian, Sabo trained very hard. Otherwise, how could he have such strength? But after being beaten by Lin Tian, Sabo found out that he was still too weak, and he stood no chance with someone of his age. So, Sabo was so eager to find Kuma as his opponent, hoping to improve his strength as soon as possible and make himself stronger.

“Boss, up ahead! The Marine fleet is coming!” a Revolutionary Army soldier stretched out his head and shouted from the lookout platform.

Hearing the Marines are coming, everyone stopped their hands and looked in the darkness where there was nothing in front of them.

Not long after, a Marine Battleship appeared in front of everyone, followed by two. Then, finally, a Marine fleet consisting of four Battleships and four transport ships appeared in front of everyone.

Looking at this fleet, a smile appeared on the faces of all the revolutionary army soldiers. It seemed that they hadn’t waited for so long here.

At first, most of the Revolutionary Army did not agree with the cooperation with the Marine before. But now that the Marine really was here, everyone realized that they had misunderstood Lin Tian. There was some embarrassment in the eyes while looking at Lin Tian.

Looking at the four huge transport ships behind, a glimmer of excitement flashed in Dragon’s eyes. If all the transport ships are really all Heavenly Gold from the participating countries tribute to the World Nobles’ wealth, then the revolutionary army would have an opportunity to take off. The plan in mind can also be carried out in advance.

Turning around, Dragon walked towards the prepared Revolutionary Army behind him. Compared with the excitement on the faces of the rest of the Revolutionary Army, Dragon’s expression was calm, making Lin Tian admire him from the heart. —The leader indeed needs to have a calm mentality in the face of everything.

He glanced at everyone, said solemnly: “When the heavenly gold rumor spread to the world, we’ve been preparing. Finally, after so long of preparation, today is our harvest time. If this time we succeed, we have taken a big step towards our dream. Therefore, today’s plan is very important. And now, our partner, Marine Commodore Lin Tian, will explain to you about this plan within the body content and matters needing attention.”

Hearing this, Lin Tian opened his mouth slightly and looked surprised. Why didn’t Dragon tell him anything that he had to face the Revolutionary Army to talk about the plan by himself as a Marine? Isn’t this a joke?

But looking at everyone turning their eyes to themselves, Lin Tian showed a wry smile. He had to bite the bullet and walked forward, drove the ducks to the shelves, and chanted.

“This is my first time… I didn’t expect that I would be destroyed by your Leader Dragon for the first time.”

Lin Tian said something like this at the beginning, and the Revolutionary Army was immediately overwhelmed. But then, there was a burst of laughter. The female Revolutionary Army’s cheeks flushed red and gave a light spit, but there was still a hint of a smile on their faces.

“Therefore, it may not be a good idea. Please bear with me. This time our plan…”

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