Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain

Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain Chapter 152


On the sea, the Marine fleet of eight ships was driving extremely fast.

On the observation deck, several Marines were constantly observing the movements of the sea in different directions. According to the execution plan, the Marines with a fake Heavenly Gold have to face all pirates first. Therefore, they have to bear huge pressure on their side, and the success point of the plan is on their side, so more than 90% of the Marine power is all on their side.

The true heavenly gold escort team led by Tsuru only has eight ships, half of which are transport ships carrying heavenly gold and almost zero battle strength, and only four are Marine Battleships.

Moreover, of the four Marine Battleships, only one is the Marine Headquarters reinforcements which is the ship that Tsuru is riding on. The only Marine battleship in all of Marine that is all-female soldiers.

The other three ships are just Marine soldiers from the original Korod Marine base. Their battle strength is incomparable with the headquarter elite. The plan was originally for the headquarter elite soldiers to solve the pirates, left some to deal with the latter things, and the rest of the Marine came to support.

Therefore, in this entire escort fleet, except for Vice Admiral Tsuru, Commodore has the highest Marine battle strength. Fortunately, those pirates outside of Korod were all attracted by the rest of the Marine. This is why the Marine dares to escort the heavenly gold with such a weak force.

If they really run into a group of powerful pirates, with the strength of these escorting Marines, the heavenly gold will undoubtedly be taken.

Once coming out of the Marine base, the entire fleet traveled at an extremely fast speed, and it was relatively safer as long as it is the Korod Sea.

Of course, in the middle of the night on the sea, plus with all pirates are attracted to the other side, the probability of encountering a strong Great Pirate is almost zero, which is similar to buying a lottery ticket, but it is another matter if there is an insider.

Although the probability is small, for Tsuru of Marine’s general staff, any small probability may occur, so the necessary preparations are still there. For this reason, Tsuru not only ordered all the lights on the ship to be turned off, except for the necessary lights, but she also increased to four people watching to four directions together. Anything wrong must be reported.

At the same time, each transport ship has a correspondent who reports every ten minutes. Once a transport ship fails to report on time, all Marines will immediately surround it and launch an attack when appropriate.

Even so, the bad premonition in Tsuru’s heart has not disappeared, but it has become stronger. But now that there is nothing in this sea of calm and tranquil, how can there be such a premonition?

Tsuru opened her mouth and asked Ain at the back: “Ain, is there anything wrong with those transport ships?”

Standing at the back, Ain quickly replied: “Grandma Tsuru, nothing is wrong, and the communication was sent out on time.”

She nodded. Tsuru didn’t say much but looked forward quietly. While Ain suddenly sighed with relief, her face lightened a lot. However, since knowing that Ain was grandson’s little girlfriend, she transferred Ain to her side and asked Ain to call her Grandma, so Ain was still feeling a little uncomfortable with this situation.


“So, after we sneak into the transport ship, and when entering the transport ship, we must pay attention to the speed. We must be fast, subdue those who have communication, and find the Den Den Mushi in time. Otherwise, there will be no active communication amongst them, and they’ll start to get suspicious.”

Everyone knows the importance of the Heavenly Gold to the Revolutionary Army this time. Everyone listened very carefully. It is precisely this way, the more they listen, the more frightened, and the more grateful they listen.

Fortunately, Lin Tian is here explaining everything clearly. Otherwise, even if they lurked up, they would be discovered immediately.

Finally, Lin Tian, who was worried, reiterated again: “Remember, we only have ten minutes to find all Den Den Mushi. Once ten minutes have passed, and we haven’t found it, then that means failure. We will also be exposed to Marine’s eyes. Moreover, only two of the four transport ships have treasures on them. The rest are empty. I don’t know which one is there, so we have to control all four ships. If everything goes to hell, we can only take action against the Marines. Although we can snatch it with our strength, we will also be exposed to the eyes of the World Government.”

When he said this, Lin Tian’s tone also increased a lot, and everyone nodded in agreement.

After a few seconds of silence, Lin Tian said in a low voice: “If, if, you have reached that point, I hope you can stop killing those Marines.”

Lin Tian didn’t want the Marine soldiers to sacrifice their lives for no reason. Many Marine soldiers still had their families waiting for them. They only hoped to finish their mission alive and went home.

“Don’t worry, if the Marines find out, I will take action by then. I won’t let the Marines fight us, and I won’t hurt them by then.” Dragon’s plain tone exuded the domineering that a powerhouse is worthy of.

The highest battle strength to escort Marine is only Vice Admiral. Therefore, there is no Admiral battle strength. 

Even if thousands of Marine soldiers are added, for Dragon, it’s just a piece of cake.

In this case, Lin Tian wouldn’t worry anymore. As the leader of the Revolutionary Army, the strength of Dragon was beyond doubt. Although Grandma Tsuru’s strength was also good, there was a big difference in encountering Dragon.

At this time, a Revolutionary Army soldier trotted over and said, “Leader, we have just received information about the latest battle between Marine and pirates.”


Time passes slowly. Looking on the platform, four Marine soldiers were looking at their surroundings with their eyes wide open, holding binoculars for fear of missing something wrong.

Hey, did you feel a sudden gust of wind on your head?” A Marine said to another Marine at the right.

The Marine stretched out his hand and felt it: “It’s windy. I didn’t feel anything. And on the sea, the wind is a common thing, okay? Is it worth making a fuss about nothing? “

The Marine who asked waved his hand quickly and said with a hint of tension in his tone: “No, no, not in that kind. This kind of wind is like the wind brought up by sweeping objects.”

Another Marine took down the binoculars and said with a strange look: “You brat, what did you do today? Why are you so suspicious, and what’s with the sweeping object? Is there something in the sky?”

The soldier looked up; the bright moon was in the sky, the stars in the sky, and some dark clouds. There was indeed nothing.

He touched his head. The soldier embarrassedly said:” Maybe I haven’t had a good rest recently, plus I was too nervous today. I must be wrong.”



On the main mast, Sabo, and Koala, hearing the Marines’ conversation immediately relaxed, and slowly re-tied the canvases. Among the two outer naval ships, the Revolutionary Army ship was sneaking cautiously. The canvas almost fell off just now, scaring everyone to death. Fortunately, Sabo and Koala, who were looking at the tower, moved quickly and caught them in time.

There was no accident on the next trip. This huge giant ship, just like this, quietly approached the transport ship under the eyes of thousands of Marine soldiers.


On the bow of the ship, Lin Tian stared at his watch closely, with tension on his face. A bunch of Revolutionary Army at the back were ready, standing behind Lin Tian, waiting for Lin Tian’s order.

Tsuru looked at the four Den Den Mushi in front, quietly waiting for the communication on the transport ship. Ten minutes was about to arrive….. when the time came, the four Den Den Mushi sounded bru bru bru bru at the same time.

The female Marine soldier on the side hurriedly dialed Den Den Mushi, and four answers came from Den Den Mushi, “Report Vice-Admiral Tsuru, everything is in order. Nothing is wrong. The entire transport ship is absolutely safe.”

“Well, continue to observe. Remember to get through once every ten minutes.” She said solemnly.

After answering “Yes.” the four Den Den Mushi were closed at the same time.

Lin Tian waved his hand: “The action begins.”

Without hesitation, these Revolutionary Army fighters hurriedly started their operations. Everyone knows that ten minutes is very small. Therefore, every second is extremely important, and there is no time to waste.

“Since this is the case, let’s go too.” Lin Tian turned his head and said to Dragon and the others.

Although the Marines are very weak this time, there are also two Marine Commodores on it, as well as some school-level Marine soldiers. With the strength of Revolutionary Army soldiers, if you want to solve these Marines silently, that would be impossible. They are the ones that have to knock the Marines unconscious.


Ten minutes passed quietly. Lin Tian held Den Den Mushi in his hand and looked at the unconscious Marine soldier and the staff of the transport ship on the deck with a smile on his face.

Relying on his invisibility ability, Lin Tian stealth quietly to those powerful Marines and solve them in an instant. Therefore, Lin Tian is the fastest to complete it, only about seven minutes.

Just now, news came from the other three places at the same time, and they successfully completed it. Now that the plan has reached this point, it should be said that the plan has almost succeeded. As long as there are no major accidents, the Heavenly Gold can be regarded as their own income now.

He checked the time and found that ten minutes was still a few seconds away. So he quickly picked up Den Den Mushi and dialed it. With a click, Den Den Mushi was connected.

According to the negotiated report method, he said smoothly: “Report Vice-Admiral Tsuru, everything is in order. Nothing is wrong. The entire transport ship is absolutely safe.”

Okay, I will inform Vice-Admiral Tsuru, you continue to observe.”

Lin Tian was stunned. There was a familiar voice from Den Den Mushi, Ain.

‘How come Ain is here?’

Everything was thought of, but Lin Tian didn’t expect that the person who picked it up would actually be Ain. —But from the other party’s tone, he shouldn’t be discovered, which made Lin Tian breathe a sigh of relief. Fortunately, when he was talking, just in case, he changed his voice a little.


Over there, Ain hung up Den Den Mushi with a trace of puzzlement and doubt on her face. Even if Lin Tian changed his voice, Ain still instantly recognized that the person on the other side was Lin Tian.

‘Although I don’t know how, Lin Tian, who should have left. So, how come he is still here? Why is Den Den Mushi in his hands?’

But Ain was still hiding it for Lin Tian; presumably, Lin Tian did this kind of thing because he has his own ideas, and all she could do was help him.


“Now the transportation begins, send a few people wearing Marine costumes to be the lookout on the platform. Don’t show their feet. Remember that our transportation capacity is limited. We only need items and don’t need any packaging.”


After saying that, Lin Tian moved towards the Heavenly Gold behind!

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