Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain

Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain Chapter 156


On the side, the Revolutionary Army and Lin Tian were hidden. They were secretly taking advantage of the confrontation between Doflamingo and the Marines, cautiously broke through the encirclement of the Marines.

Although the Revolutionary Army all want to see what kind of ending will come out, they all know that there is bound to be a battle between Marines and pirates. If they continue to stay here, there will be a risk of exposure.

So, the Revolutionary Army had to take the opportunity to take all the Heavenly Gold and leave. After all, the things are already in hand, so everyone must not make any mistakes at this point.

But in the end, Dragon, Kuma, Ivankov, plus Lin Tian stayed behind and watched the incident quietly in the distance. Dragon and the others stayed; in addition to wanting to see the final result of the development of things, Lin Tian knew that Grandma is not Doflamingo’s opponent.

Doflamingo, who is angry, will definitely vent his hatred to the Marines at that time, and Kuzan’s support might not have arrived in time.

Lin Tian doesn’t want to watch Grandma Tsuru get into danger like this, but he is not Doflamingo’s opponent either. Therefore, Lin Tian hopes that Dragon and the others will stay and help him at the critical moment.

At that time, Lin Tian thought that Dragon would consider it because it was very likely to expose the Revolutionary Army stealing the Heavenly Gold, but who knew that Dragon would agree immediately, which also meant that Lin Tian owed Revolutionary Army a big favor. —but if he can save Grandma Tsuru, Lin Tian will pay no matter how high the price is.

When Doflamingo saw Trebol set off, he turned around and stared at Tsuru below and said gloomily: “It seems that you Marine has not yet recognized the situation. So now you Marines are in my hands. I wanted to solve you later. But, since you fail to appreciate somebody’s kindness, I have to do something a little bit and give you some color.”

As he said, Doflamingo had a ferocious smile on his face, his figure flashed, and he instantly appeared over a warship. He raised his right hand in the form of beast claws, and without a word, he immediately grabbed it.


The Marines who reacted quickly lifted their hands to counterattack, but this kind of thing against ordinary pirates was no use to Doflamingo.

Five hands pointed out five transparent silk threads, such as piano threads, and cut them toward the Marine Battleship below with Doflamingo’s right hand.

Under these silk threads, the huge Battleship was instantly divided into several pieces, making a huge sound of wooden planks destroyed. Many Marine soldiers who did not avoid were directly cut in half by these sharp threads, and the blood flowed down the broken deck to the sea.

In an instant, another huge Marine Battleship disappeared into the sea, leaving only a lot of wreckage, as well as the blood dyed sea surface.

—Looking at this scene, the Marines who survived on the side were furious. Then, under the command of Vice-Admiral Tsuru, guns rang out, and several cannons slammed.

Doflamingo’s body flashed and avoided these attacks with extreme speed. The silhouette appeared above the Marine Battleship of Vice-Admiral Tsuru and looked at the female soldier full of ships with a trace of disdain on his face.

“Didn’t expect that Vice Admiral Tsuru’s men still are female soldiers. The battlefield is a man’s patent. The female soldiers should not come. In this case, I will send you on the road for free.”

The right hand behind Doflamingo stretched forward. A string of red rays of light glowing, carrying the sky-splitting sound moved towards the Marine Battleship below.


Seeing another move, the Marine female soldier on the Battleship showed a panic on the face. Everyone has seen the formidable power of this move. —One move could turn a huge Marine Battleship into two.

An old silhouette appeared in midair. It was Vice-Admiral Tsuru. Faced with a strong attack from Doflamingo, Tsuru rushed to extend and grabbed this thread column. —This line pillar divides a Marine Battleship into two. One can imagine how sharp it is, and Vice Admiral Tsuru actually wanted to use a pair of ordinary palms instead of Armament Haki.

At the moment when Tsuru’s palm touched the string, the extremely fast string instantly slowed down. It turned into an ordinary silk thread, which was held tightly by Tsuru. Doflamingo made a strong move and was easily solved by Tsuru, which shows that Vice Admiral Tsuru’s strength is extraordinary.

Lin Tian saw Grandma blocked Doflamingo’s move, and his hanging heart immediately lowered. Although he knew that Grandma was strong, he had never seen her make a move, so he was a little worried.

Doflamingo said calmly, surprised at how Tsuru can resist his move, “Vice Admiral Tsuru, I haven’t seen you in a year. Your strength is still the same as before.”

She threw away the silk thread in her hand and said sarcastically: “It seems that in New World these years, Doflamingo, you have become more and more arrogant. Back then, I wonder who was it that was chased around by us Marine female soldiers?”

Hearing the irony in Tsuru’s words, Doflamingo’s face couldn’t help but grow gloomy. This is something Doflamingo has always been reluctant to mention. After all, being chased by a group of female soldiers running around is really embarrassing.

In a blink of an eye, Doflamingo laughed, “However, after today, presumably you will have no chance. The only female combat in Marine; didn’t expect to be gone in my hands.”

“Really?” Tsuru asked back, replied without showing weakness: “Although I have been older in the past two years and my combat power has declined a bit, I can’t knead it at will, let alone you who were chased by me back then.”

“It’s not up to you to decide whether it works or not. Let me try it, Vice Admiral Tsuru’s battle strength.”

Doflamingo silhouette disappeared in place, Tsuru’s expression immediately became cautious. After all, they have not played against each other for more than a year, and she didn’t know the specific strength of Doflamingo.

Tsuru’s right hand turned into a palm, turned around, without much thought, gathering strength to a slap.

Doflamingo, who appeared behind her, hurriedly backed away. On his left hand, the beast claw, five thin lines like piano wire, glowed with cold glow moved towards the palm of Tsuru. Without evading, Tsuru patted it away. —The sharp thread, touching the palm of Tsuru as before, softened again and fell.

This is the ability to wash fruits. It can turn people and things into clothes and dry them after washing. It can wash any item. The washed item will lose its shape, and its lifeform will lose its strength. Wash away people’s “evil” a little bit, and weaken people’s “evil”.

This is also the reason why Doflamingo stepped back and didn’t want to be touched by Tsuru, but Tsuru’s palm approached extremely quickly.


Doflamingo raised his jet-black fist without showing any weakness to her palm, the two collided like a meteorite, and the peng sound was loud.

An invisible shock wave was produced under the strong power of the two and moved towards all directions, and the cloaks of both of them were blown loudly under the shock wave.

Tsuru, who was simply older than his strength, could be the opponent of Young Doflamingo. Nevertheless, he persisted for less than a few breaths.

As soon as Doflamingo used his force, Tsuru was immediately knocked away.

At the moment Tsuru flew out, Doflamingo stopped and almost fell from the sky. This was because of the Devil Fruit ability of Tsuru, which caused Doflamingo to temporarily lose his strength.

She took a few steps backward, and she took a deep breath. She continued to meet the attacking Doflamingo.


The two silhouettes are attacking each other with extreme speed. The abilities of Haki, Physique, and Devil Fruit are used smoothly in the hands of the two, without a trace. 

She is not weak in strength; coupled with her familiarity with Doflamingo’s battle method and abilities, she was evenly matched against Doflamingo, who is stronger than himself in a short time.


Doflamingo raised his index finger and created a thin line from his fingertip that fired like a gun at high speed, pushing Tsuru back. Bully the body to keep up, raise the arm downward, and swing downward.


[TL note: Fulbright (Furuburaito, literally meaning “Dropping Ruffian String “): Doflamingo creates five detached strings from his hand and throws them downwards to impale his target from above.]

Each of the five fingers creates a thin, almost transparent thread, forming five forked threads similar to the “leaf rake”. Tsuru quickly evaded, but at such a distance and attacking speed so fast, Tsuru’s arm was still rubbed by a silk thread, and a scar of more than ten centimeters appeared on the arm. Blood kept coming out.


[TL note: Goshikito (Goshikīto, literally meaning “Five Color Strings” ): Doflamingo swipes his hand to slash his target with five strings coming out from his fingers. In the anime, the strings initially appear to be of a mere spider web white color, although a shimmering of colors within each string can be seen; this is changed, later on, making each string one solid distinct color: red, yellow, green, blue and purple. Also, when Issho brought down a meteor, Doflamingo used a similar technique by crossing two Goshikito together to form a net-formation, though smaller in comparison and, unlike Kumo no Sugaki, able to slice through matter. The name of this attack comes from the color change strings display when reflecting light. In the Viz Manga, it is called Penta-Chromatic String. In the FUNimation adaptations, it is called Pentachromatic Strings.]

Without letting go of this opportunity, the beast claw in the left hand, five thin transparent threads sticking out from the fingers, slashed towards Tsuru. She hurriedly extended her hand, grabbing the five silk threads, and the fruit washing ability played a role. The silk thread of Doflamingo became soft and was caught in the palm of her hand.

At this time, Doflamingo had appeared on the side of Tsuru and kicked towards Tsuru. Tsuru couldn’t avoid it, so she had to use Armament Haki to cover her arm to block Doflamingo’s kick. Doflamingo lightly smiled. Eight transparent silk threads emerge from the toes, and a straight kick from the sharp threads directly kicks Vice-Admiral Tsuru into the air. Several blood marks appear on her arms.


[TL note: Athlete (Asurīto, literally meaning “Leg Shave String “): Doflamingo attaches several long strings to his foot and kicks his opponents, cutting them. This was first seen used against Luffy in their final fight, who, despite blocking the blow with his arms while also using Busoshoku Haki, still took damage and fell into Trebol’s trap.]

This move, created by Doflamingo, its formidable power is so huge that even Armament Haki cannot completely resist.

He stepped heavily on the void with his right foot. Then, with the help of the elasticity of the thin lines all over the air, Doflamingo suddenly shot out, more than twice as fast as before, and instantly caught up with the inverted Tsuru.

“Vice-Admiral Tsuru, it seems that I haven’t seen you in a year. Your battle strength has dropped a lot. Now even you’re not an opponent. Marine is no longer suitable for you. Let me relieve you.”

“Doflamingo, it seems that New World is a place for you pirates to increase your strength very quickly. Although I don’t know what you are doing for the heavenly gold, but after today, you will be chased by the whole world.

Doflamingo raised his right hand with the palm of his hand facing Tsuru and said nonchalantly, “This is no longer what you should be worried about. Even at that point, you can’t see it. Take it to death, Vice Admiral Tsuru.”

A thick line emerged from Doflamingo’s palm and moved towards Tsuru’s chest.

Looking at this scene, Lin Tian’s face was full of anxiety, and he quickly looked towards Dragon. There is no need for Lin Tian to say more. Dragon also knows that now is the last time to take action, and it will be too late if he doesn’t move now.

Just when Dragon was about to take a shot to rescue Tsuru, he suddenly regained the steps he had taken. “I don’t need to take a shot; someone is already here.”


On the calm sea, a white line suddenly appeared moved towards the front, and the speed was extremely fast, like the wind. —Where the white line passed, the temperature dropped linearly and instantly dropped below zero. As a result, the sea’s surface froze instantly, and a band of ice more than one meter wide straddled the sea.

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