Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain

Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain Chapter 157


Doflamingo palm, like a long sharp sword, with crimson rays of light, pierced the heart of Tsuru with crimson light. —Obviously, Doflamingo had a mentality to kill.

A hand stretched out from the side in an instant, grabbed the string column, and the string column stopped immediately. The crimson rays of light gradually disappeared.

With the hand as the center, a cloud of white cold air rises, and the cold air dissipates. The string is frozen into a section of icicles. The cold ice continues to move towards the above and go straight to Doflamingo’s hand.

When Doflamingo saw this, he didn’t hesitate. He immediately separated the string from his palm, and his figure exploded after stepping on the silk thread in the sky. He suspended in midair, looking at the silhouette that appeared. There was a trace of caution and anger on his face.

‘I thought I had gathered up the rubbish, and the pirates with good strength could stop the Marines and buy me a lot of time. But I didn’t expect that rubbish is so useless. They were solved by the Marines so quickly. It’s a waste of energy to gather them together and provide them with information if this was solved by the Marine so quickly. The garbage is garbage.’

But thinking of the chips in his hand, Doflamingo showed a confident smile on his face: “Hey, hey, hey… Didn’t expect the Marine to solve those pirates so quickly. It seems this time’s battle strength sent by Marine Headquarters is not ordinary. They sent you out, Vice Admiral Kuzan.”

Kuzan ignored him and took a deep breath of cold air. When he rushed over so quickly, Kuzan was also very exhausted. When he squeezed it lightly, the sound of Karakala sounded, and the icicles several meters long split into several pieces and fell to the ground.

Turning back and looking at Vice-Admiral Tsuru on the ground, he asked: “Vice Admiral Tsuru, are you okay?”

“It’s okay!” Tsuru slowly stood up and wiped his mouth. “It’s just a little bit hurt, but fortunately, you arrived in time. Otherwise, my life would have ended over here. Oh, by the way, how about your side? Di you solve them?” Tsuru asked.

She couldn’t help thinking suspiciously: ‘According to the time calculation, they should still be fighting over there. So why did Kuzan rush over so quickly? Did he give up the fight over there and rush over directly?’

Now is not the time to explain in detail. Kuzan just briefly told Tsuru what happened. After the explosion, Kuzan received Tsuru’s distress signal. So Kuzan quickly shot and sealed the sea again. —Those Great Pirates who survived the explosion also suffered minor injuries from such an explosion. Many pirates were directly sealed by the ice.

Even if some pirates broke free from the ice, they were instantly defeated by Kuzan’s full force. Solve these powerful pirates, and the remaining matters are enough for the rest of Marines to solve, and hurriedly came to support Vice-Admiral Tsuru to support.

In order to be able to drive over as quickly as possible, Kuzan directly uses Devil Fruit’s ability to drive the road, build an ice belt on the sea, and then turn into ice and drive in the ice belt. He came here so quickly.

Seeing the invisible ice zone on the sea, the clear comprehension flashed in Tsuru’s eyes. No wonder Kuzan was breathing heavily when he appeared.

In midair, Doflamingo looked angry. The two Marines in front of him thought he doesn’t exist, so they didn’t put him in their eyes.

After the explanation, Kuzan turned around, looked at the floating Doflamingo, and said, “Doflamingo, the leader of Donquixote Pirates, is extremely vicious, bounty gold 340 million shells, destroyed three towns with his own hands. However, today I have to add another one, an extremely smart pirate. A plan to let the entire Grand Line Heaven and Earth turning upside down, the entire Marines and pirates were deceived by your plan. Pirates like you are only worth 340 million. The Marine’s estimate is very low apparently.”

Doflamingo said with a smile: “Fuffuffuffuffu… As a pirate, I am so honored to be evaluated by a Marine Vice Admiral. It’s just that it’s not the amount of bounty I should have. How much will you put me?”

When asked by Doflamingo, Kuzan shook his head, “You don’t need the bounty anymore.”


“Because after today, you will not be a pirate but an ordinary prisoner. A prisoner who can only stay in Impel Down in his entire life.”

Doflamingo lightly smiled with a calm face and said: “Really? I don’t think that Impel Down can hold me. Besides, can you catch me?”

Although Doflamingo’s face hasn’t changed much, his hands are already ready to resist Kuzan’s attack. After just a short fight, Doflamingo has realized that he is not yet the opponent of the Marine in front of him.

Without much words, Kuzan didn’t want to say anything to the pirate. As long as he caught him, it would not be too late to ask. Kuzan leaped hard, and his hands turned into ice cubes. However, Kuzan did not attack Doflamingo. In the eyes of everyone, a large cloud of ice popped out from both hands and rushed into the sea.


When the two ice cubes hit the sea surface, the entire sea surface froze instantly, with that as the center.


“How could it be?” Doflamingo looked shocked and couldn’t believe it.

Marine and pirates were present couldn’t help but watch this scene

‘Is this still something humans can do? Even those with the Devil Fruit ability can’t be so powerful, right? This is completely against heaven.’

Relatively speaking, Doflamingo, who saw this scene for the first time, was shocked. But Doflamingo was so strong that his face immediately returned to calmness, but he looked more cautiously.

Looking around, there is a vast expanse of whiteness everywhere, and a lot of giant ocean beasts can be seen clearly on the ice. They remained frozen. Fortunately, all the Marines who fell into the water were rescued. Otherwise, the survival rate would be extremely low.

The temperature was also falling sharply under the ice. There was still a bit of sultry air. It was immediately cold. Many Marines and pirates shivered with the cold, but in this situation, who cares whether it is cold or not.


“How is this possible? Although a Marine Vice-Admiral can be one enemy a thousand, how can there be such a strong battle strength? Only an Admiral possesses this kind of power, right?” Ivankov covered his face with an unbelievable expression.

If the Marine Vice-Admiral battle strength is like this, then the Revolutionary Army is still a fart, not even the Marine, let alone the World Government, if you know that the Marine has more than ten Vice Admirals.

Even if Kuma whose face has not changed, his face slightly moved at this time. And there is a prudent look in Dragon’s eyes. 

Lin Tian said: “Don’t worry, Vice Admiral Kuzan is the only one in the Marine. His rank is just the Vice Admiral but at an Admiral battle strength. This Marine operation is directed by him, and it is also for him, a preparation for promotion to be Admiral. This is also a secret in the Marine.”


Kuzan glanced at the frozen Pirate Ship and the transport ship. The reason why this Sea Territory is frozen is to prevent these pirates from leaving and also to prevent these pirates from perishing together and sinking the gold in the sky.


The right arm that turned into a block of ice suddenly stretched out, releasing a huge ice bird, flapping the huge ice wings moved towards Doflamingo. Wherever it passed, the air was frozen by the polar temperature, and a pale blue track appears in the sky.


[TL note: Kumo no Sugaki (Kumo no Sugaki?, literally meaning “Spider’s Web “): A defensive technique. As the name implies, Doflamingo creates a huge web made of string that protects him from incoming projectiles.]

Doflamingo waved his left hand, and countless silk threads emerged, instantly forming a spider wall in the air.

The ice bird spread its wings and moved extremely fast towards this spider wall.

There was no loud noise, no heaven-shaking or earth-shattering movement. The ice bird hit the spider wall. The body made of ice was directly cut into countless pieces by the sharp spider thread. At the same time, those spider lines were frozen by the ice.


[TL note: Ice Block: Partisan (Aisu Burokku Paruchizan, literally meaning “Ice Mass: Two Thorn Pikes”): Kuzan creates several spears of ice by solidifying the cold air around him and then launches them at the enemy. A “partisan” is a type of polearm that was used in medieval Europe. This is called Ice Block Phalanx in the FUNimation dub of Unlimited Adventure.]

Kuzan’s figure flashed and appeared on top of Doflamingo’s head. A cold whirlwind emerged from his hands. The moisture in the air was immediately frozen and finally condensed into countless blue ice arrows.

Pushing with both hands, the countless ice arrows floating in the air, under the moonlight, shot out a light blue cold light, carrying an invincible potential and shooting down at Doflamingo.

Looking at the attack from above, Doflamingo took a deep breath, stretched out his hands, and a string of lines emerged from the palms of his hands and went to the sky.


—It’s not that Doflamingo doesn’t want to hide, but that the attack range of this move was too large, and the sky was filled with light blue ice arrows.

The two string pillars in Doflamingo’s hands, like two long whips, rushed straight to the sky. Those ice arrows were instantly cut into several segments wherever they passed, and a channel was directly punched out to Kuzan in the sky.


Without saying much, his right hand suddenly wanted to stretch forward. Suddenly, a thicker string of thread emerged from the palm of the hand, glowing with crimson light, instantly appeared in front of Kuzan and then passed directly through Kuzan’s abdomen.

The thread pillar did not stop but continued to fly into the air, and even the huge cloud broke apart under the blow.

Unfortunately, this kind of attack is of no use to Kuzan. All it pierces is an ice block. The broken ice fell from the sky and grew bigger and bigger, instantly turning into a small iceberg. Kuzan’s figure slowly appeared on the iceberg.


[TL note: Ice Block: Avalanche (Aisu Burokku: Abaranshu?, literally meaning “Ice Mass: Avalanche”): Kuzan freezes water moisture from above into a giant block of ice and then drops it down onto his target.]


The marines and the pirates watching were shocked, and the expressions on their faces were also different. The Marines were shocked and excited; the pirates were worried and fearful in addition to shock.


Doflamingo shouted in a low voice. His right hand turned into a beast claw, and he grabbed the iceberg above, cutting into the huge iceberg with five sharp and thin silk threads.

The tall iceberg, without the slightest obstruction, was cut out of five huge gaps. As the cut went deeper, these sharp threads were also frozen tightly. Under the control of Kuzan, these gaps healed again, and the iceberg returned. As it is, it’s even bigger.


Even if Doflamingo is attacking with all his strength, t these powerful moves had no effect in front of this huge iceberg. It was like a pebble falling into the sea, just raising a little wave.

—On the contrary, under the control of Kuzan, the iceberg kept growing. Now the iceberg has become a behemoth several hundred meters high, and the moonlight is blocked by this behemoth.

And this huge monster is smashing away with the momentum of destroying the Heavens and exterminating the Earth towards Doflamingo.

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