Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain

Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain Chapter 158


‘Devil Fruit Awakening!’ Doflamingo whispered in his heart.

Suddenly, with Doflamingo as the center, within a few hundred meters, there was a sharp change in this ice, and the pieces of hard ice became countless white lines under the ability of Doflamingo.

The entire ice sheet suddenly became an ocean of white lines. Under the control of Doflamingo, the waves of white lines rolled over, and Doflamingo was the master of this area.


[*TL note: Flap Thread ; Furappu Sureddo, literally meaning “Feather Attack String”): Doflamingo condenses the vast amount of string from Ever White into countless points infused with Busoshoku Haki, which he refers to as a “Thousand Arrow”, before sending them at his opponent in the formation of two wings. It is possibly a homage to his childhood while he was being tortured as someone wanted to fire a thousand arrows at Doflamingo and his family.]

Doflamingo shouted, thousands of white lines rose from the sea of white lines, with flamingo wings The shape surrounds the huge iceberg in midair and the Kuzan above. In order to strengthen the lethality, Doflamingo used Armament Haki to cover the sharp end of the wire.

The thin thread that was already sharp, covered with Armament Haki to increase the attack, and it was still in the number of thousands, even if it was Kuzan, his scalp would feel numb.


With arms stretched out, a huge ice wall derives from the iceberg, and the ice wall tens of meters later tightly wrapped Kuzan.

If it is an ordinary physical attack, it is completely lacking due to the characteristics of the Logia fruit, but it is different with the Armament Haki attached, and Kuzan has to deal with it carefully.

Looking at Kuzan who was wrapped in ice and could not even see the silhouette, Doflamingo sneered, “Vice Admiral Kuzan, do you think that hiding in a turtle shell can avoid my attack? This trick is not so easy. Avoid it or die.”

The awakened Doflamingo has a sharp increase in battle strength, which is close to the Admiral battle strength, but Doflamingo knows that there is a world of difference between being close and owning it, especially facing someone with the Admiral battle strength.

Normal attacks are of no use to Kuzan, and will only consume one’s own energy. Therefore, Doflamingo used his strongest move.

Thousands of silk threads were glowing with dark glow and pierced towards the entire iceberg without any effective blocking. These silk threads directly cut the hard ice. Doflamingo’s strongest move was not a boast.

In an instant, this several hundred meters high iceberg shattered suddenly, and countless ice moved towards all directions flew away and hit the entire ice field.

The impact of the several tons and dozens of tons of ice falling from the sky can be imagined. Numerous cracks are distributed throughout the ice sheet, and the entire ice sheet collapses instantly.

“Is this the power of the Devil Fruit Ability Awakening? It is really powerful.” Looking at this scene, Lin Tian sighed, eyes full of yearning.

‘I have always heard how powerful Devil Fruit’s ability Awakening is. I saw Doflamingo use it today, and he didn’t even brag about it. Awakening’s Devil Fruit’s ability can improve one’s battle strength more than a little bit.’

Doflamingo had a cautious look, his eyes kept sweeping in all directions. Although he broke the entire iceberg, he did not force Kuzan out. Doflamingo knew that Kuzan must be hidden in the ice.

Suddenly, a sky-splitting sound moved towards came from behind. Doflamingo didn’t even think about it. He quickly turned back and saw that in a piece of ice behind him, Kuzan was holding an ice skate in one hand and cutting towards his back.

Doflamingo kicked out, and eight thin black threads came out towards the toes. The straight kicks released by the sharp and Armament Haki’s silk threads only kicked the piece of ice away without any cracks. Remember, this trick is enough to cut a building in half.

Doflamingo has a smile on his face, which proves that Kuzan is hidden in a block of ice, otherwise how could a block of ice be so hard.

With one kick, Doflamingo exploded and caught up with the ice very quickly. The countless white lines on the ground also moved in accordance with the direction of Doflamingo’s movement.

Tens of thousands of transparent white thin lines are arranged horizontally, forming a wave of raging attacks like ocean waves, surging up from below the opponent, gradually moving closer to the ice block in the middle, and finally forming a huge twist-shaped white line of waves. The ice cubes were trapped in the line, and finally smashed into pieces with a creaking sound.

Seeing this scene, Doflamingo complexion changed and quickly escaped, but it was too late to react at this time. Kuzan came out from behind Doflamingo, and he held an ice skate directly on Doflamingo’s arm.

The piercing air-conditioning immediately struck Doflamingo’s arm along the ice skates, and Doflamingo’s arm was immediately covered by ice.

Doflamingo shook hard, and the ice on his hand shattered. But in a blink of an eye, the whole arm was frozen again.

Kuzan said: “Don’t try to struggle, the air-conditioning has entered your arm. Unless you remove the air-conditioning from your arm, your arm will still be frozen.”

Doflamingo glanced at his frozen right arm and said sarcastically: “Didn’t expect that a Marine actually used a sneak attack. This seems to be inconsistent with the justice you said.”

With a cold breath, Kuzan raised his right arm to Doflamingo, “As a Pirate, you should understand better than me that there is no shameful means in battle. Besides, I didn’t use a sneak attack. Just now your observation power is too awful.”

The “Ice Block: Pheasant Beak” an ice bird flew out of his arm, and grew wildly like a bulging air. It instantly turned into a giant ice bird with its wings spread out over a hundred meters.

“It’s this move again. Do you think that the formidable power can be strengthened if you get bigger? It’s useless if you don’t hit me.” Doflamingo body flashed, standing on a rising high-density white line.

Kuzan didn’t say much, still expressionless, pressing with one hand, the ice bird spread its wings, rose into the air, opened his mouth and sprayed at Doflamingo below.

A huge storm of cold air emanated from the beak of the ice bird, swelling into the wind, carrying countless crushed ice particles moved towards Doflamingo below.

“Off White” several huge white lines emerged on the ice, holding Doflamingo among them.

[*TL note: Off White (Ofu Howaito, literally meaning “Shield White String”): Doflamingo creates two large masses of strings from the ground near him before swiping at an opponent with them.]

The huge ice storm, carrying a huge whistling sound and invincible momentum, is like a meteorite crashing into the earth, the peng sound is loud, and the storm and the white line begin to have intimate contact.

The violent cold wind blew from the battlefield far away, and many Marines and Pirates fell directly to the ground. They could only hold on to something to prevent themselves from being blown away by the wind.

The other people can only stand barely with their hands in front of their heads. After a few seconds, these people can’t stand it anymore. This storm is formed by cold air, after all.

The temperature in the air dropped sharply. Within a few seconds, the squally wind was mixed with heavy snowstorms, and there were heavy snow and storms everywhere. Everyone couldn’t see anything clearly. Everyone can only run quickly into the cabin to avoid the blizzard.

In such a cold temperature, if you stay outside, let alone whether it will blow off, it is inevitable that it will freeze into ice. For the sake of life, the outside war will not be watched.


On the other hand, Lin Tian and the others had no place to hide, and their shields couldn’t stop the temperature, and they couldn’t use the shields at this time, otherwise they would definitely be spotted by the fighting brother Doflamingo and Kuzan.

In the end, Dragon made its move. Without seeing any of Dragon’s movements, he stomped lightly with his right foot. A whirlwind expanded around it, like a wall of wind. The huge snowstorm outside had to stop before the wind wall.

In the battlefield, at this point, the two of them stood fighting to a fierce-heated place. The ice bird above was still spitting out the cold wind, and Doflamingo’s shield white line did not withdraw.

But the two have entered the most intense close combat. In the snowstorm, two streams of light are flying everywhere, sometimes in the air and sometimes underground.

Doflamingo swept back and hit Kuzan directly, but only a block of ice was hit. Doflamingo was not discouraged about this. If the Marines solve this problem so well, he would have awakened the Devil Fruit ability without fighting for a long time.

His figure flickered and escaped Kuzan’s counterattack. Kuzan flew to follow, and two ice arrows appeared in his hands. They threw them towards Doflamingo. Doflamingo couldn’t avoid it and was hit immediately.

But Kuzan quickly turned around, covered his fist with Armament Haki, and faced the black fist sneaking from behind.






The ice-bound cabin door on the Battleship was kicked open by a kick, and Tsuru’s silhouette walked out with a group of Marine female soldiers.

At the same time, the Pirate Ship, Marines and Pirates on the Battleship also came out, stepping on the fluffy snow, making a rustle.

Although the sight of the night is very small, everyone’s eyes are all white when they come out. Even the huge warships, pirate ships and transport ships are buried by the heavy snow. Everyone glances quickly, looking for the shadows of the two.

Not far away, there was the only place that was not covered by ice sheets and exposed to the sea. Many huge ice floes appeared on the sea, and Doflamingo and Kuzan were standing on the ice, looking at each other.

Although it’s too far apart, plus it’s night time, and the sight is very dark, but from the posture of the two, Doflamingo is bent over and his figure is a bit swaying, while Kuzan is standing there straight. Obviously Kuzan has the upper hand.

On the sea, many places on Kuzan’s white suit vest are broken, and there are a lot of blood stains on it. Under the white background, it looks more vivid, and only half of the justice cloak is left behind. Just now, even Kuzan was affected by the battle.

After wiping the blood off his mouth, Kuzan said calmly: “Now you shouldn’t have much power to fight anymore, don’t hold on here. Surrender obediently and honestly.” After he patted the blood stains on his clothes, Kuzan looked strange and continued, “I don’t know what you pirates think. It’s really troublesome. If you don’t win, you have to fight. If you lose, you don’t want to admit defeat.”

On the other side, Doflamingo was sweating profusely, was physically exhausted, and had blood stains on the corners of his mouth. Compared to Kuzan, Doflamingo did not have many wounds on his body, but there was ice everywhere on his body, and his mouth kept breathing cold. The whole person was shaking slightly.

In these icy places, his blood vessels inside have been frozen, so Doflamingo can only try so hard to keep himself standing now. If he wants to move freely again, he needs to melt the ice and let the blood vessels inside be unblocked.

When he heard Kuzan’s words, Doflamingo laughed: “I said Impel Down can’t shut me down, and the Marine can’t deal with me. I have a noble blood flowing through me. How can you mortals attack me? A God?”

Kuzan frowned, and Doflamingo Ge’s words made Kuzan feel unexplainably bad. Doflamingo Ge still said such things at this time, he must have a strong confidence.

Although he didn’t know where Doflamingo’s confidence came from, but to avoid extra-junctures, Kuzan decided to take action as soon as possible to solve Doflamingo, and let the Heavenly Gold return to the Marine’s hands.

As soon as Kuzan shot, there was a sound of “bru bru bru bru“, and he only carried the Marine headquarters Den Den Mushi . At this time, the Marine headquarters sent a message and Kuzan had to accept it.

Looking at Doflamingo, Kuzan took out Den Den Mushi and connected.

immediately, Kuzan’s face was shocked, but Doflamingo was smiling.

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