Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain

Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain Chapter 159


“Hey, is this Kuzan Vice Admiral?”

A calm voice came from Den Den Mushi.

Kuzan immediately heard who made the sound, and he replied in a hurry: “Yes! Fleet Admiral Sengoku, this is Kuzan. Now the plan is completed very smoothly, only…”

But before he finished speaking, he was interrupted by Sengoku, “Vice Admiral Kuzan, I don’t want to ask what the plan is. I want to ask, the secret mastermind, Doflamingo, have you fight against each other?”

When he heard Sengoku’s inquiry, he glanced at Doflamingo who was smiling on the side. Kuzan’s face became more puzzled. Why did Fleet Admiral Sengoku suddenly ask about this Pirate’s situation? Remembering what Doflamingo just said, Kuzan seemed to realize something.

“Yes, Fleet Admiral Sengoku, Doflamingo saw through our plan and tried to snatch the real heavenly gold, but now he has been defeated by me. I am about to capture him and return the Heavenly Gold.”

“No, retreat now. We can’t deal with Doflamingo. All Marines retreat immediately.”

Kuzan was shocked in an instant. He managed to defeat Doflamingo, and he was just one last step away from sending this infamous Pirate into Impel Down to never see the daylight again.

But now, the Admiral gave such a message to tell the Marines to retreat and don’t deal with Doflamingo. At this time, even Kuzan, who has been lazy and calm, couldn’t calm down anymore and couldn’t help but ask angrily. “The entire Grand Line was thrown into turmoil, countless Marine soldiers and ordinary people sacrificed their lives. But at the last moment of this arrest, you want us retreat? Does Fleet Admiral Sengoku know the consequences of this order?” After a pause Kuzan said again: “Fleet Admiral Sengoku, if there is no reasonable reason, I will not abide by this order.”

It can make Kuzan, who is famous for slacking in the navy, angry, and say such things as not complying with the order, you can imagine how angry and puzzled Kuzan is at this time.

But for this, Sengoku was also helpless. It was not that Sengoku didn’t want to do it, but the identity of Doflamingo; the Marine, even the world government, did not have the right to do it.

Sengoku said solemnly: “Doflamingo is a World Noble!”


Kuzan cry out in surprise, his tone is full of disbelief, how could a World Noble be a Pirate, they are World Nobles, wealth is just a number for them.

‘Furthermore, the Heavenly Gold was originally a tribute to World Noble. As a World Noble, why he would grab things that belonged to him. How could this be possible? Since the Marine headquarters knew he was World Noble, why did they send reinforcements and let us make such a plan?’

In an instant, Kuzan was full of why’s!

Although he is not by Kuzan’s side, Sengoku can appreciate Kuzan’s feelings and confusion, because he also has this expression when he hears the news.

Kuzan asked again: “Fleet Admiral Sengoku, are you sure this news is true?”

“Yes, this is true, confirmed by Holy Land Mari Geoise.” Sengoku’s affirmative tone came, “Doflamingo’s identity is a bit tortuous, but his identity as a World Noble is certain. As for the specific reason, return to Marine headquarters, you can come and ask me.”

Kuzan said in a low tone, “Yes! But what should we do after we withdraw?”

“Next, there will be nothing for us next. Doflamingo’s identity is not for the Marine to intervene. There will be World Government specialists and World Noble representatives talking to him. Our mission is now complete.” The voice of Sengoku came.

“Yes!” Kuzan hung up Den Den Mushi and stared back at Doflamingo.

Doflamingo said with a smile: “How about it, Kuzan Vice Admiral? I’m right! Impel Down is not qualified to shut me down, oh, no. No one in the entire world is qualified to shut me down.”

His fists were clenched. A trace of struggle appeared on Kuzan’s face, and finally he loosened his fist and said in a deep voice. “Didn’t expect, you actually have such an identity. That must be why you’re confidence.”

After that, Kuzan didn’t say much, and a few leaps moved towards Marine Battleship and rushed forward.

As for all the people present, watching Kuzan give up dealing with Doflamingo and then come to Marine Battleship, they all looked puzzled, including Lin Tian and the others secretly.

Everyone only saw that Kuzan answered a phone call, and then Kuzan gave up on arresting Doflamingo. They couldn’t help but became curious about the call. Whose call could make Kuzan give up?

Those Pirate immediately cheered, while the Marines looked puzzled and angry. So many companions died under Doflamingo, but Vice Admiral Kuzan released the Pirate at the last moment. How can everyone calm down?

Kuzan stood on the deck and looked at the expressions on everyone’s faces. There was a hint of helplessness on Kuzan’s face, said solemnly: “This matter will be handled by the World Government, and it will not be handled by us, the Marine, now. The whole army, retreat.”

In the face of everyone’s confusion, Kuzan had to use this reason to explain it, and he can only use this kind of reason, all for the face of the Marine.

When all Marines heard the news, their expressions improved, and they were reluctant to go to their posts.


On the bow of the ship, this reason was immediately seen through in front of Tsuru, but there must be a reason for Kuzan to do this. Although she also wanted to understand the reason, this situation was obviously not suitable now, and she could only bury the puzzle in her heart.

The huge sails swelled, and under the Kuzan road, a road without ice appeared, and the two Marine Battleships moved towards the distance.

Lin Tian and the others also left. The Marines were gone. It didn’t make much difference to stay, but this last scene made the four of them puzzled.


Doflamingo saw Marine leave, opened his mouth to spit a mouthful of blood, but the ice on his body slowly began to fall off. Doflamingo’s Devil Fruit can not only attack but also heal.

Just when Doflamingo used thread to heal his injuries in secret, Donquixote Pirates officials rushed over. When they arrived, Doflamingo’s injury was much better.

With a light leap, before leaping under his hand, seeing their silent and bad expressions, Doflamingo frowned, and a lot of premonition flashed in his heart.

He asked, “Everyone has this expression. What happened? Did you find the gold?”

But no one answered Doflamingo’s question.

After a while, Trebol bit his head and replied: “There is something wrong with the heavenly gold, and the four transport ships are empty, and there is no heavenly gold at all.”

“What, what the hell is going on?” Doflamingo asked with restraint of anger, the blue veins on his forehead bulged.

Diamante moved two steps forward and whispered: “Doffy, when we rushed on to the other transport ships, we searched them all. There was nothing, not even a single one.”

The Heavenly Gold was taken away by Lin Tian and the others. Lin Tian worried that if the angry Doflamingo knew, he would kill them all.

Dragon also took a fancy to those Marines. Those who were sent by Tsuru to protect the heavenly gold were all marine elites. If these people get closer to the Revolutionary Army, it would be a big benefit to the Revolutionary Army. Transport those people away, and go to Revolutionary Army education.

Doflamingo frowned in his nostrils, his brows were frowned into a word Sichuan, staring at Trebol, “So, we are all deceived by Marine, and the real heavenly gold is still at the Marine base and has never come out.”

About this, Doflamingo didn’t believe it in his heart.

‘If the gold isn’t here, how could Vice Admiral Tsuru desperately guarding it, and Vice Admiral Kuzan rushed over in such a hurry?’

‘There should be gold!’

“No, the Marine protected real heavenly gold, but someone right before, under the Marine’s eyes, secretly transported all heavenly gold away.” Trebol explained in a low voice.

In fact, Trebol didn’t want to believe this explanation, but the fact is that there are discarded boxes everywhere in the cabin, broken safes, footprints all over the floor, and some gold coins falling in the corners. These are all explanations. The group smuggled away the heavenly gold.

So everyone had a bad face, and they didn’t know how to tell Doffy, Trebol knows how much Doflamingo has paid for this plan. Apart from Kaido, he had offended that many Pirates at the same time…….

Now all of this is in vain. Paying such a price, but making a wedding dress for others, the most important thing is the subsequent plan, the ring of grabbing the heavenly gold has failed, and the subsequent plan has also been abandoned.


Doflamingo screamed, and the entire ice surface immediately became an ocean of turbulent waves formed by lines. The tumbling line waves swept toward the transport ships that were frozen on the side.

There was a creaking sound, and under the wave of the white line, these sturdy transport ships instantly broke into countless small pieces, not even a large wreck.

After Doflamingo finished venting, Trebol whispered and asked: “Young Master, what should we do now?”

Doflamingo thought for a while, said solemnly: “According to the original plan, using heavenly gold as a bargaining chip and forcing the World Government to let us join the Seven Warlords.”

[*TL note: The Seven Warlords of the Sea, also referred to as just the Seven Warlords, were a group of seven powerful and notorious pirates allied to the World Government. As a group, they were one of the Three Great Powers that kept the world in balance.]

“But, we…”.

Trebol was going to say that now that we have snatched the heavenly gold, and there is no bargaining chip in hand, how could the world government talk to us about cooperation? But was interrupted by Doflamingo.

Doflamingo was unwilling to say: “That group of rats who sneaked away the heavenly gold; they will definitely not say that the heavenly gold is in their hands, so the World Government will think that the heavenly gold is still in our hands. We still have a bargaining chip.”

Now that the heavenly gold is robbed, Doflamingo can only come up with this method, otherwise he will pay such a high price and get nothing. But once they do this, then the heavenly gold is in their hands, and the whole world will think that they have taken the heavenly gold.

Even if they said that the Heavenly Gold was not in their hands and was stolen by others, no one would believe it. It was equivalent to saying that Doflamingo had carried a big black pot for Lin Tian and the others.

What made Doflamingo most embarrassed was that this black pot had to be reckoned. If they told the world that Heavenly Gold was not in their hands, let alone whether the world believed it or not, the Seven Warlords qualification would definitely be gone.

In front of a Marine Vice Admiral and thousands of Marines, the wealth of two ships was taken away. No one has discovered it yet. Who will believe them?

So, Doflamingo knows that this gangster himself is going to be stubborn.

“And, Doffy, we also found a note!”

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