Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain

Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain Chapter 16


According to Carly’s location, Lin Tian carried his claymore on his back and ran toward the pirate’s hideout.

In Carly’s information, the pirates held everyone’s lifeblood on the island, and there were twenty pirates in town. But the person who commanded the pirates in the town was a very powerful swordsman.

As far as Carly knew, the swordsman was a swordsman who used a dual-blade flow. He was very cruel, and he would cut his men in half if they didn’t do a good job, so not much pirate crew wanted to work under his command.

However, this swordsman’s strength was so strong that no one was his opponent in the whole pirate group except for the captain. That’s why the captain has stationed him in the town due to the entire pirate crew’s safety in his hands. From this, everyone could see how powerful this swordsman was.

But the stronger the enemy was, the more excited Lin Tian became. He joined this voyage is to improve his strength, but Lin Tian was only looking to the powerful swordsman, so he quickly enhance his power.

“This swordsman, I hope he’s really that strong, don’t let me beat you easily.”

After knowing that the pirates usually patrol didn’t come out at night, Lin Tian didn’t have so many worries. He quickly leaped on the roof of the building; he was more agile than a wildcat.

Lin Tian came to the town center again, but this time, he took less time than before.

The last time he came to the town center, Lin Tian did not observe it carefully, so he missed some things. In fact, the pirates’ hideout had been right near to him all along, but Lin Tian was too focused on the distress signal, and he met the little girl, so he didn’t suspect it.

According to Carly’s location, Lin Tian found the pirates’ hideout right away, in a building directly opposite the square. This building used to be the official center of the entire island. But since the pirates came, the building has been occupied by the pirates.

In fact, without Carly’s guidance, Lin Tian could also find this building. Because most of the people in the whole town had turned off their lights and gone to sleep, only this building was still brightly lit. If Lin Tian were more carefully, he would have discovered the building’s true colors.

After making sure he was in the right place, Lin Tian leaped down and walked straight to the building.

Lin Tian didn’t sneaking in first to find out what was going on, but he even was walking openly to the building. In Lin Tian’s opinion, only the weak would use such a method.

No matter how good you are at scheming, it’s useless in front of the powerful enemy. Someone else can kill you with just one punch.

Lin Tian walked towards the building step by step, but he suddenly squatted down when he was ten meters away from the building. With one hand on the ground, he secretly shouted in his heart: “Spatial Isolation.”

As soon as Lin Tian said this, he saw that the entire space centered around the building was like flowing water, creating layers of waves. After the waves disappeared, the whole building disappeared from the outside world, leaving only a gray foundation where the building was located.

This was Lin Tian’s ‘Spatial Isolation.’ Lin Tian used his devil fruit ability to surround the building with a layer of spatial force invisible to the naked eye. The biggest effect of this layer of Spatial Isolation was that it could isolate everything.

After being wrapped by Lin Tian’s spatial force, the building inside was actually in another space. Therefore, the whole building seemed to have suddenly been unseen from the outside, but they could not see or hear anything inside.

To put it simply, under Lin Tian’s Spatial Isolation, no matter what was happening in the building, no one would know about it. But those who were inside Lin Tian’s Spatial Isolation can see clearly what is happening outside.

Lin Tian’s Spatial Isolation ‘ couldn’t actually outwit anyone, and it couldn’t prevent people from outside from coming in either. But in front of the people who have the observation haki, it was useless because they could sense the existence of this Spatial Isolation.

Lin Tian’s Spatial Isolation was actually very easy to detect. But if Lin Tian’s ability improved, people who were still superficial in their use of the observation haki will not be able to see it.

Lin Tian discovered in this year’s battle with Garp that in this world, no matter how strong the Devil Fruit ability was, it would definitely be restrained by the mastered Haki user, and that was the rule of this world. No matter how powerful your abilities were, they would be within this limit.

Just like Lin Tian’s Spatial Isolation that could be seen with Observation Haki, and the Spatial Blade that can cut through space, it can be blocked by Garp with Armament Haki.

When Lin Tian first used the Spatial Blade, he thought he would accidentally kill Garp, but Garp’s final result almost punched Lin Tian to death.

However, this technique was useful for keeping secrets, like today, with this Spatial Isolation layer. As long as the people inside were not allowed to escape from this range, they would not warn the pirates in the forest no matter what they did.

This was also the key to why Lin Tian promised Carly that Lin Tian would not dare to take on this risky work without his devil fruit ability. Because of this Spatial Isolation, Lin Tian is not afraid to encounter the pirates in the town because they couldn’t communicate with the pirates in the forest to kill the residents there.

As long as you have great strength, you don’t have to worry about anything, and in front of absolute power, everything is just dust.

After the Spatial Isolation was set up, Lin Tian finally dared to let go of his hand and started his next plan. A marble-sized death ball instantly formed with one palm, and Lin Tian gently flicked it through the window.

There were more than five tables filled with wine and food in the hall on the second floor of the building. About twenty pirates were sitting together in groups, bragging, drinking, and eating meat.

In the hall, a man with a turban and two swords hanging from his waist was on a high seat. He was just quietly looking down at his men, constantly drinking wine, not knowing what he was thinking about.

“Why aren’t those two losers back yet?” the man asked with an unhappy look on his face.

At the man’s question, the pirates in the hall instantly quieted down. Everyone knows that this ferocious lord is bad-tempered.

If they were in bad luck, they would be split in half. This was the best move to send people to die.

When the rest of the pirates didn’t reply, a pirate of high status stood up and said, “Lord Burt, I think those two bastards may have run into some trouble.”

Burt’s eyes stared at the pirates, making the pirates below feel shocked, “Trouble? Now that the whole island is under our control, where is the trouble?”.

“I don’t know about that, but I’ll send someone to bring them back…”

Bert waved his hand and interrupted him, saying unconcernedly, “Don’t look for them, just kill them both when they come back.”

This sentence made the rest of the pirates involuntarily suck in cold air, although these pirates were very sympathetic to these two guys.

But none of them dared to plead for mercy because there are many examples of people who have pleaded for others’ mercy and were killed by Bert.

So when they faced this kind of thing, they could only mentally sigh for others’ bad luck, as for the plea, but no one dares to do, even if the front was his own friend.

At that moment, a Death Ball flew out from outside and landed on the table in front of Bert.

Everyone’s eyes were immediately attracted by the Death Ball, just as the pirates wondered what it was.

Bert saw the Death Ball emitting a violent light, followed by a loud bang.


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