Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain

Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain Chapter 160


On the calm sea, the rising sun from the east shone on the entire surface of the sea, thousands of miles of dark clouds, it was indeed a good weather, and a small boat was driving slowly on the surface of the sea.

Lin Tian has a pack on his head, looking angrily at Garp who is sitting in front with his eyes closed.

He kept swinging his oars with his hands, moving towards the east and the direction of the rising sun.

Lin Tian ran away again and Garp said nothing more, but it is really difficult to make Garp’s anger stop if he vent it, so Lin Tian was beaten.

Although Garp’s eyes are closed, he still thinks about Heavenly Gold in his mind. Although Lin Tian didn’t say much, Garp understands that there is be a group of people behind the stolen Heavenly Gold this time. How can Lin Tian’s strength alone win the heavenly gold?

It’s just that Lin Tian didn’t say anything, and Karp didn’t ask, but Karp was still very worried about this. No matter who those people are, they must be the people who oppose the world government. If Karp knows that Lin Tian is cooperating with his son, who knows what will happen?


Under inertia, Garp suddenly moved towards the front and fell down. Garp with opened eyes has not yet reflected what happened.

With another bang, Garp hit his head directly on a boulder. The whole boulder was as high as one person, and it broke apart. Countless rubble flew away from all directions, making several plops and splashing countless waves.

Lin Tian waved lightly with one hand, a shield came in front of him, no matter the waves or the broken stones were all blocked.

Lin Tian laughed lightly at Garp who fell on the beach.

A silhouette flashed by, with a bang, Lin Tian suddenly screamed, flew towards the sea, stepped a few steps into the air, Lin Tian stopped himself. It was Garp holding his head with an angry face.

Blowing the stain on his fist, Garp scolded: “Smelly brat, dare to plot against me. It seems that you are getting bolder and bolder. I must teach you a lesson.”

“Hey…” Seeing that Garp was about to do something, Lin Tian said quickly: “Smelly old man, you told me to go straight to the east. This is the east.”

“Really?” Garp whispered in doubt, looked up towards the sky, and glanced at the position of the sun.  As expected, this is indeed the east side. He scanned the surroundings quickly in his eyes and distinguished a lower position.

Pointing to a small cliff deriving from a small mountain a few hundred meters away, he said: “Climb the cliff next to it, and you will see a small village along the coast. That is the destination.”

After talking, Garp took a seat on the boat and didn’t speak much, he leaned on the side of the boat and closed his eyes to rest up.


Lin Tian deeply sighed and could only helplessly walk towards the boat. This was the end of insufficient strength.

Grabbing the oars, Lin Tian turned his back to this Garp, and rowed in the direction that Garp said. After thinking about it, Lin Tian asked: “Hey! Stinky old man, why are you taking me there?”

“Smelly brat, why do you care so much?” Garp said with his eyes closed. After a while, Garp said again: “This time I will take you to see someone, my grandson! Three years younger than you.”

While speaking that, a nostalgic smile appeared on his face. For his grandson, Garp loves him very much, and has always hoped to make him the strongest Marine soldier.

‘But I didn’t expect that the time I didn’t come back three years ago. He was spoiled by the bastard Shanks. He actually wanted to become Pirate. He still wants to be there. The brat’s thought should have changed by now, Garp thought to himself.’

Seeing that Lin Tian didn’t answer, sitting in front of him while paddling without saying a word, Garp flashed through his mind, eyes opened and asked: “Smelly brat, why don’t you react at all?”

Lin Tian turned his head, looked at Garp and said: “Do you want me to have any expression, shocked? Smelly old man, isn’t it normal for you to have grandchildren? It makes people feel abnormal if you don’t have at least one.”

“That’s right, smelly brat.” Garp put his chin on his clear comprehension, and then continued to lean on the ship’s edge and close his eyes to rest.

In fact, Lin Tian didn’t answer just now, but was thinking about what kind of scene will be when he and Luffy meet for the first time, and what will happen between the two of them. Thinking of this, Lin Tian couldn’t help but look forward to it.


Turning over the tens of meters high cliff, a shadow of a village gradually appeared in front of Lin Tian. At the sight was a plain, like an emerald, embedded in a forest.

This is Windmill Village, a great village. Perhaps it is not well-known right now, but one day it will be famous all over the world.

[*TL note: Foosha Village (literally meaning “Windmill Village”) is a little port village that is located on Dawn Island and is part of Goa Kingdom.]

Houses are scattered on the plain, and there are many huge windmills located on the plain. Driven by the wind, they are slowly turning.

At the seaside, there is a small pier. Near the sea, several fishing boats are fishing nearby, and a few silhouettes can still be seen, standing beside the boat with fishing nets.

Along the pier, it’s a small street, but in this small village, it’s already pretty good. It can be considered prosperous. There are still many people on the street, standing on the side of the street. On the stall, people are picking the items.

‘It seems that this village is still very peaceful, no pirates or Mountain Bandit attacks. Lin Tian looked at it and thought. But think about it, since Garp will put Luffy here to grow, it also indirectly shows that the village is safe and peaceful.’

The boat that Lin Tian took was neither big nor small. It was also several meters long. A several meters long boat suddenly appeared on the sea and moved towards the village.


Those inshore fishing people found out about them in a moment.

Tugging at a companion who was pulling a fishing net next to him, he said. “Hey, what is that? It seems that someone is coming to us.”

Hearing what his companion said, the village name quickly followed the direction of his companion’s finger, and a small boat was slowly approaching here.

Rubbing his eyes and taking a closer look, he can still vaguely see two figures on the boat, one of them is still paddling the oars.

The villager lowered his body, picked up the homemade trident on the side that was specially used to plug big fish, and said to his companion on the side: “Go up and see who is in the end.”

The same several fishing boats on the side also discovered this scene, made the same action, and also drove the fishing boat moved towards Lin Tian.

“Hey, everyone, we are not at all malicious. Just here to find someone.”

In the circle surrounded by several fishing boats, Lin Tian stood on the small boat, raised his hand, and explained with a wry smile to the villagers who were holding various fishing gear and staring at him with a tight face.

Seeing those fishing boats coming towards him earlier, Lin Tian still looked happy, thinking that they were here to welcome him, didn’t expect this to be the case. Lin Tian could only explain it to them with a wry smile.

If he really took action, Lin Tian could solve these villagers in an instant, but Lin Tian understood that these villagers were just being careful. After all, in this era of Great Pirate, there are many pirates.

Seeing that these village names are still unable to believe him, Lin Tian scanned his eyes to see if he was a good person, and immediately saw Garp who was still sleeping behind him.

Lin Tian hurriedly turned around. Seeing Lin Tian’s actions, these villagers thought that Lin Tian was going to do something, so they couldn’t help but grasp the weapon in their hands and looked wary.

“Hey, smelly old man wake up! We’re here!”

Lin Tian shouted into Garp’s ear, and Garp immediately awakened.

Drilling the buzzing ears, Garp yelled angrily, and at the same time his right hand shot straight towards Lin Tian, “Smelly brat, what do you want to do?!”

Lin Tian slipped his legs back and escaped Garp’s attack, and said quickly: “Smelly old man, we’re here, hurry up and explain this to them.”

Garp then looked up and found that they were surrounded by several fishing boats and pointed at by several fishing gears. The anger on his face quickly turned into a smile, and he said: “Everyone, I haven’t seen you for two years, are you all okay?”


Seeing this person clearly, these villagers couldn’t help but relax, put down their weapons, said with a smile: “It turned out to be Garp-sama. I haven’t seen you for two years. You have grown a lot older. Why do you have time to come back today?”

“Hey, I have been busy for the past two years, so I haven’t come back.” Garp touched his head and said sorry.

After speaking, he turned around and shouted at Lin Tian behind him: “Smelly boy, we’re not there yet.”  and everyone introduced Lin Tian as a direct student.

Then, Garp introduced Lin Tian as a direct student to everyone.

The villager said with a smile: “Sorry, I thought you were a pirate. Pirates often passes by in this sea recently. I didn’t expect you to be Garp-sama’s dísciple.”

Lin Tian waved his hand, and also replied with a smile: “That’s fine. This is actually due to me; I didn’t make it clear in time.”


“Hey, Garp-sama, you’re back, long time no see!”

“I will be back this time whenever I have the time. This is my student Lin Tian!”

“Hello, I am Lin Tian, Garp’s disciple.”

“Hey, Garp, you’re finally back. You owed me a drink last time, and you have to pay it back this time.”

“Okay, I will pay it back to you this time.”

“Hey, who is this?

“My new student Lin Tian.”

“Hello, I am Lin Tian, Garp’s disciple.”


Although he was a little tired answering so many people, Lin Tian liked this kind of warm atmosphere very much, and he was still very happy.

“Hey, Garp, you’re back!” An old man wearing a striped hat, wearing a pair of eyes, leaning on a cane, but very energetic, squeezed out of the crowd and knocked directly at Garp’s head with the cane in his hand.

Touching the bag on his head, Garp said with a bitter smile: “Village chief, what are you doing? I just came back.”

Hearing Garp’s words, Lin Tian couldn’t help but look at this old man. This man is the village head of Windmill Village.

In his previous life, there were a lot of discussions about this village head. Many people thought that he was a huge foreshadowing of One Piece. He is one of the few people who know Luffy’s life experience.

Angrily said: “Garp, you are ashamed to say that it has been two years, you only came back now. You don’t care about Luffy.”

“Luffy, what happened to Luffy?” Garp looked at the village chief and asked eagerly.

“Luffy hasn’t changed at all in the past two years. Every day, he was arguing with the guy named Ace to be a pirate.It’s totally a mistake that you give Luffy to those Mountain Bandit.”

Garp clenched his fist, and gnashing his teeth and said: “That stinky brat is still clamoring to be a pirate. Let’s see if I can teach him good this time.”

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