Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain

Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain Chapter 161


As soon as the village chief said that Luffy still wants to become a pirate, Garp became very angry, and the joy of seeing Luffy disappeared. He took Lin Tian directly to the huge mountain range behind the village.

Originally, the village chief was also going to go, and he kept saying that Lin Tian should be properly introduced, but something just happened, so he had to leave temporarily.


Along the way, Garp walked towards the depths of the mountain range with an angry face and moved towards the mountain range very quickly, while Lin Tian moved towards the mountain range with the same speed and holding his head.

Looking at the mountain range in front of him, his face showed expectation.

In the village chief’s words, Lin Tian knows that this mountain range is called Mt. Colubo, a dangerous mountain that was steep and wild beasts haunted the ordinary, but these were no problems for Lin Tian and Garp.

But this road is really difficult to walk. He followed Garp all the way. Turning around in this forest full of lush vegetation, the sun went down, the moon was in the sky, and they haven’t arrived yet.

Lin Tian said to Garp, who was leading the way: “Hey, smelly old man, how long will it be? Why do I feel like we’re just walking in a circle? Just let me fly you directly over.”

Garp didn’t turn his head back, still leading the way, and said: “Smelly brat, tired after such a short walk… your physical strength has dropped a lot recently.”

“This isn’t a question of enough physical strength, but a simpler method. So why are you walking over so wastefully?” Lin Tian retorted.

“Really?” Garp’s tone was full of unbelief, and he looked up and said: “But you don’t need to fly over now because we’re already here.”

Following Garp’s gaze, Lin Tian looked up.

Now they were at the foot of a small hill. A little light on the hill was so dazzling in the dark night jungle, and one can vaguely see the approximate shadow of a house. It seems that this is the Bandit house where Luffy and Ace grew up.

Following Garp, Lin Tian slowly moved towards the house.

Climbing up the hill, the Mountain Bandit’s house clearly appeared in front of Lin Tian. This is just an ordinary house. There are some exercise tools outside the house. There is also a hammock hanging between the two big trees in front of the gate.

The window emits faint light rays, and the door is closed, but some happy laughter and cheerful voices could be heard faintly from it. Obviously, something interesting was going on inside.

After Garp put his hands on his waist, he took a big step and moved towards the door of the room. He raised his hand to open the door, but when he heard the conversation inside, his face went black in an instant.


Under the shining of several lights, the whole cabin is extremely bright. A low wooden table a few meters long is placed in the middle, and it is filled with fine food. Although I don’t know how it tastes, I can tell from the appearance that it wouldn’t taste bad.

There are a large group of people sitting around the long table, vying for food on the table. Among them, there are two little demons on the table. These two are Luffy and Ace.

Luffy picked up a piece of grilled meat, took a bite, and said to the woman who was standing next to him quietly watching everyone eating their own food with a smile on her face, and said, “Makino, your food is so delicious, much better than the food these people make.”

Hearing Luffy’s words, the Mountain Bandits all stopped and looked at Luffy.

The first one was an obese, who looked like a fierce and violent woman, fiercely said. “Luffy! Since you said that, don’t ever eat with us! There won’t be a place for you in the future.”

Luffy stuck out his tongue and said, “That’s fine! Anyway, I can eat barbecue every day.”

Dark green with short hair, wearing a headscarf, and a gentle smile on her beautiful face, waving her hands to say with a smile: “It’s fine if you like it, and I will come here often when I have time.”

“But, Luffy, you can’t confront the village chief next time. This time, you angered the village chief again…” Makino bent over and pointed at Luffy with her finger and said solemnly.

Luffy said unconvinced: “But, every time the village chief comes, he tells us that we shouldn’t be a pirate, but I want to be the Pirate King.”

Ace, who was eating with his head down, lifted his head, raised his fork, and said to Luffy, “Hey! Luffy! Only I can become the Pirate King!”

With a cry, Luffy stood up directly and said to Ace condescendingly: “Ace! I said it first, I will become the Pirate King.”

With a snap, Ace puts the fork on the table and stands up, staring at Luffy. Then, he said without showing any weakness, “Is that right? The future Pirate King can’t even win against me. So I will become the Pirate King.”

“Who said I can’t beat you?! That was yesterday! I will definitely beat you today.”

“No matter if it was yesterday or in the future, you can’t beat me because I will become the Pirate King.”

“It’s only me who can!”

“It’s me!”


Seeing the two children quarreling again, Makino couldn’t help but show a wry smile. The two are usually fine, but as long as this issue is involved, they will start to quarrel.

The rest of Mountain Bandits are no stranger to this. But, regardless of the noise of these two kids, they keep their heads down and continue to fight against the delicious food on the table.

Suddenly, Makino, who was watching Luffy and Ace arguing with each other, covered her mouth with a shocked face. Then, she looked at Garp, who suddenly opened the curtain and appeared at the door. Makino did not expect Garp to appear here.

Makino’s reaction was immediately noticed by everyone. Seeing Macino’s shocked expression, everyone coincided with each other, looking puzzled at the door.

“What!” A burst of exclamation sounded.

Garp appeared at the door with a gloomy face, clenched fists, and his nostrils were exhaling. Many Mountain Bandits who looked at Garp fell back in shock. They backed quickly toward the corner.

Luffy, Ace, and Dadan, who watched this scene, two words came to their minds, “It’s over!”

With two muffled bangs, Luffy and Ace immediately dazedly fell to the ground with a big bulge on their heads.

Garp raised his fist, looked at Luffy and Ace, who fell on the ground, and said, “Ahhh! You two have been thinking about being a pirate after so long… I told you both that you have to become a Marine soldier… Dadan!”

Dadan quickly stood up, came to Garp, and said: “Yes! Garp-sama!”

Garp also punched her. Dadan also fell with a big bulge on her head.

“I gave you two years, but you haven’t educated these two little demons! They still want to become a pirate. It seems that you didn’t complete the task I taught you…”

Luffy and Ace, who reacted, looked at each other. One of them got up in the air before standing still. They moved towards the door from both sides of Garp, respectively.

After being beaten by Garp so many times, Luffy and Ace realized that Garp was too terrifying. They will definitely be beaten severely if they fight back. The best way is to run away immediately. Run into the forest!

All this happened in an instant.

Luffy and Ace rushed to the door, opened the curtain, and ran outside.

Garp didn’t panic when he saw them and didn’t even chase them. Instead, he turned back to the door and loudly said: “Smelly brat, bring them back!”

When Garp yelled at the door, everyone’s faces flashed with puzzlement. Garp didn’t come alone. He also brought someone else.

As soon as the voice fell, the door curtain, which had not stopped swinging, floated in towards the room. The two of them flew in from outside the door and fell heavily to the floor again.

“What’s going on?” Luffy rubbed his aching chest, stood up, wondering. But when he thought of his grandpa behind him, he didn’t think about it and just move towards the door again and ran outside.

Ace stood up quickly, his face filled with caution. Although he was not clear about the situation just now, at the moment he went out, he could see an afterimage appearing, and then he felt a wave from his chest. He flew back into the house.

Looking down at the faint footprints on his clothes, Ace understood that Garp brought an expert to stop them.

Seeing Luffy continue moving towards the door and rushing outside, Ace quickly stretched out his hand and said: “Luffy, danger. There are people outside, don’t go out.”

But Luffy didn’t hear him at all and still moved towards the outside, rushing away. Not long after, Luffy’s silhouette flew in from outside again.

When Ace saw this, he appeared and hugged Luffy. Then, the two fell directly to the floor, making loud noises.

The people in the house have long been stunned by this scene.

‘What is there outside? Luffy and Ace flew in as soon as they charged ahead outside.’

Luffy slowly got up puzzledly: “What the hell? Why did I fly in as soon as I went out? No- I can go and take a look. There must be something very interesting outside.”

When Luffy said that he was about to run outside, Ace leaped quickly and pressed Luffy to the floor, “Idiot, there is someone outside. Why are you running out instead?”


A sound of footsteps sounded from outside; one hand grabbed the door curtain and slowly lifted it. Lin Tian’s silhouette slowly appeared in front of everyone.

When everyone saw that there was also a little kid coming in, they couldn’t help but let out an exclamation. But, at the same time, they couldn’t help but wonder, ‘who is this kid?’

Lin Tian, who walked in, glanced immediately at everyone present.

On the right side of the door, the one covering her mouth with a shocked face, has dark green hair, wearing a headscarf, and is very beautiful looking, should be Makino.

On the top of the table, with a broad body, a rough face, and a bit fierce face, is this group of Mountain Bandit leader, Curly Dadan, who is also the foster mother of Luffy and Ace.

[TL note: Curly Dadan is a friend of Monkey D. Garp and the foster mother of Portgas D. Ace and Monkey D. Luffy. Garp entrusted her to take care of Ace shortly after the boy’s birth. Later, Garp also left Luffy in Dadan’s care. She took care of Sabo, too, when he moved in. Dadan lives on Mt. Colubo near Foosha Village. She is the mountain bandit boss of the Dadan Family and a wanted criminal.]

On the ground, the boy about his age who was bent over and pressed tightly against the other person had black hair, regular skin, and freckles on his cheeks. He looked at Lin Tian cautiously. —This should be Ace.

The one who was pressed by Ace, with a Straw Hat tied around his neck and kept struggling, he wore a pale blue T-shirt, and he was very cute. He kept shouting, “Ace, let go!” —This is Luffy, the future Pirate King.

In just a few seconds, Lin Tian clearly distinguished everyone.

In the incomprehensible and curious eyes of everyone, Lin Tian smiled and introduced himself: “Hello everyone, my name is Lin Tian. A student of Garp and also a Marine.”

“A Marine!” Luffy and Ace looked at Lin Tian with shocked expressions.

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