Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain

Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain Chapter 162


The appearance of Lin Tian, like a stone thrown into the lake, shocked the entire peaceful Mountain Bandit house immediately. Everyone did not expect that Garp would bring his students here at this time. Everyone was not shocked by Lin Tian’s Marine identity. Garp is a Marine; it is normal for him to bring a Marine student.

However, everyone was shocked by the age and strength of Lin Tian. Although they didn’t know how old Lin Tian is, they can see that there isn’t much age difference from Ace.

‘A Marine at such a young age…’

Among them, Dadan, who knows the identity of Ace, is not only shocked but also puzzled, ‘Why would Garp bring such a small Marine here? Ace is the son of Pirate King Roger.’

‘Why would he bring a Marine here? Although it is his student, it still may put Ace in a dangerous situation? How can Garp do this?’

Hearing Lin Tian’s introduction, Ace looked at Lin Tian nervously and cautiously. Not only because he was sensitive of his own identity but also because he dreamed of becoming a Pirate King. —Pirate and Marine is an irreconcilable hostile relationship.

Just after meeting, Ace realized that this person was very strong. How much stronger; he did not know. Lin Tian didn’t even show himself, yet he kicked Ace back so easily.

“What, you’re actually a Marine!” Someone cried out in surprise. It was Luffy who was unresponsive until now.


Ace immediately got a black line.

After finishing speaking, Luffy began to struggle and shouted: “Ace, let go! I want to fight him! Not counting the one before, I want to fight him fair and square.”

In response, Ace just increased his strength and held down Luffy.

They were beaten just now when they tried to go outside.

Garp said, “Smelly brat, a duel? After staying for so long, you still want to be a pirate… I told you that you can only become a Marine. And Ace, you still want to be a pirate…”

Ace just coldly snorted without answering. He lowered his head, his eyes flashed with a firm gaze. This matter must be done by himself, he just wants to show the whole world.

“Grandpa, I won’t just be a normal Marine. I want to be the Pirate King.” Luffy repeated.

A silhouette flashed, and an angry Garp appeared directly in front of the two of them, and his fists moved towards the two of them directly. Then, under Garp’s angry fist, the two flew again.

“I said that you two can only become Marine soldiers, not pirates! Let alone Pirate Kings.”

After finishing speaking, Garp glanced at the two of them and said in disdain, “Furthermore, with that strength, you still want to become a Pirate King? To become a Pirate King, you can’t just talk.”

Ace said: “Smelly old man, of course, I know that to become a Pirate King requires strength, so you don’t need to worry about it. Anyway, I won’t become a Marine. One day I will be better and stronger than that person!”

When talking about that person, Ace showed a hint of resentment on his face. The resentment towards that person is also the most important reason for Ace wanting to become a Pirate King.

Hearing ‘that person’, Garp couldn’t help but be startled. His anger gradually turned into helplessness. How could Garp not know the person mentioned in Ace’s mouth?

Luffy got up, raised his fist, and said: “Grandpa, I’m very strong now. I killed the giant tiger in the forest. One day I will become Pirate King.”

“Really?” Garp asked rhetorically.

“Of course,” Luffy replied firmly.

Garp asked with a smile on his face: “What am I going to do…?”

“What?” Luffy asked puzzledly.

Ace was also puzzled.

Normally, at this time, Garp would beat them severely. However, Garp turned around and walked outside the door and said: “This matter can let you know that you are not qualified to be Pirate Kings.”

Hearing these words, Lin Tian seemed to understand something, and showed a meaningful smile to Luffy and Ace, and followed Garp moved towards the door.

“Ace, what does Grandpa wants us to do?” Luffy asked Ace puzzledly.

Ace shook his head, “I don’t know. But I can see that he wants us to go out and see.”

As he walked toward the door, Luffy quickly followed, “No matter what grandpa does, I will definitely become a Pirate King.”

When Dadan, Makino, and the others saw this, they followed them. They moved towards the door and walked outside to see what Garp was going to do.

Lin Tian asked: “Smelly old man, you sure you want me to fight them just because they have no chance of winning at all…?”

“Obviously. If they have a chance of winning, what was I teaching you all those years? You must do your best to beat them fiercely. Don’t hold back. Make them realize that with their strength, they stand no chance to become a pirate as soon as possible.”

“Okay, I’ll do what you say…”


Outside the house, on the open space, the moonlight was shining down in the sky, making the earth look like a layer of the silver outfit was sprinkled. Everyone walked out and stood here.

Garp looked at Ace and Luffy in front of him and said, “You two want to be a pirate?”

“Yes, grandpa, I want to be Pirate King!” Luffy hastily replied.

Although Ace didn’t say much, his eyes already represented everything.

“Pirates have to meet the Marines. So if you want to become a Pirate King, then you must also pass a Marine. If you can’t even do that, then don’t be a Marine either.”

Ace seemed to understand something, “Old man, what do you want us to do, is it…”

“Yep.” Garp nodded said, pointing to Lin Tian next to him, “He is my student and a Marine, and today he is your opponent. He is the same age as Ace. If you can’t even beat him, then don’t talk about becoming a pirate.”

Luffy said with a smile of joy. “Is it possible that if I defeat this Marine, I can become a Pirate King?”

Garp thought for a while, said with a smile: “Of course, if you really can beat him, the Marine alone can’t stop you in the future.”

Lin Tian was hailed as the strongest genius of Marine. If nothing unexpected happens in the future, he will be sitting as a peak expert.

“Really? Just watch, grandpa, I will defeat him and become Pirate King.” Luffy said confidently with his fist raised.

Ace grabbed the excited Luffy and said cautiously: “Luffy be careful, this person called Lin Tian is very powerful. Wait for a sec, Luffy.”

In Luffy’s puzzled gaze, Ace suddenly moved towards the house and ran away. Not long after, a long object flew out of the house. Luffy caught it. It was an old scrap water pipe. Ace also rushed out with the same old water pipe.

Coming to Luffy’s side, Ace, fighting intent, exclaimed: “Luffy, let’s go together.”

“Good.” Luffy complied, and Ace took the waste water pipe and rushed directly towards Lin Tian.

Looking at Luffy and Ace rushing over, Lin Tian just smiled slightly, still standing there quietly without any movement.

The two rushed to Lin Tian a few steps at a very fast speed, and at the same time, leaped high, holding the waste water pipe smashing it towards Lin Tian. Seeing that Lin Tian didn’t move, everyone on the side couldn’t help but exclaim.

‘If they managed to hit, I’m afraid that Garp’s students will be seriously injured.’

Lin Tian’s footsteps slid gently, and he dodged Luffy and Ace’s attack accurately. Then, he looked towards Luffy and Ace with a little smile.

Ace knew that Lin Tian was very strong from before, but he didn’t expect Lin Tian to escape their attack so easily. So he lifted the fallen water pipe and then moved towards Lin Tian’s waist. And on the other side, Luffy also jumped high again.

Lin Tian didn’t rush. He stretched out his hand and grabbed the water pipe sweeping to his waist.

Ace immediately felt a huge force coming. He looked up. The water pipe was being held firmly in his hand by Lin Tian. Ace hurriedly tried to withdraw the water pipe from Lin Tian’s hand, but how could Ace’s strength be comparable to Lin Tian’s?

Lin Tian raised it to block Luffy’s attack.

With a sound file, the two water pipes trembled violently under the tremendous strength of the two of them. The air vibrated in the water pipes, constantly making a humming sound.

Luffy felt a huge force spread from the pipe to his arms. Not only his hands, but his whole body was shaking. He flew out in a second.

Lin Tian clenched a fist with his left hand and directly met Ace’s flying kick. A fist directly knocked Ace out and fell to the ground.

All this seems to have happened for a long time, but in fact, it only happened in just a few seconds. Lin Tian has easily cracked the attacks of Luffy and Ace and solved both of them at the same time.

It was Lin Tian who didn’t use his full strength. Otherwise, Lin Tian could kill the two of them in an instant, instead of them falling to the ground without incident.

The current Luffy and Ace are not as strong as they will be in the future. At this time, they are only facing some common beasts and rogues or sparring with each other. It is difficult to improve their strength at this moment.

Just a simple match, Lin Tian has a general understanding of the strength of Luffy and Ace. Simply put, their current strength is much worse than that of Sabo. The current Luffy and Ace were both low in strength. —Only when they go out to sea can they meet true experts and experience the real Life and Death Battle. At that time, their strength will increase sharply, and they will become famous experts of the Grand Line in just a few years.

“How about it, brats? Know how big the world is! Don’t even think to be a pirate based on your two’s strength, or even Pirate King.” Garp laughed at the side at the right time to say with a smile.

At the same time, he secretly said in his own heart: ‘Lin Tian smelly brat, this time you did good. Just abuse them like this, so that the two of them will break their minds from becoming a pirate. Pirate life is not suitable for them.’

Ace coldly snorted. He picked up Luffy’s old water pipe because his old water pipe was snatched by Lin Tian.

He was trying to attack Lin Tian again.

“Luffy, use your power to attack him!” Ace shouted loudly.

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