Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain

Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain Chapter 166


Time flew. Spring, summer, autumn, and winter. One season after another.

In a blink of an eye, a year had passed already.

This year, Lin Tian’s figure had been running around in Mt. Colubo, Bandit House, Windmill Village, and Makino’s banquet bar. Although there is no adventure and wonderful experience like in the Grand Line, this is a rare peace in this world.

This year, the bond between Lin Tian, Luffy, and Ace has gradually deepened over time. Although the three are not brothers, the bonds between them are something more than what brothers could have.

This year is very important for Lin Tian, not only in terms of emotions but also in his mentality.

After three years of his rebirth, Lin Tian has always been on the Grand Line. Fighting and hanging on the edge of death… Having to experience the stability here calmed Lin Tian’s heart. This one year had made Lin Tian think a lot.

As a reincarnated person, Lin Tian didn’t have the kind of nostalgia for his previous life. Lin Tian, who was familiar with the general trajectory of this world, always thought that he was just a passerby… But in tgis one year, it has made Lin Tian understand and realize many things.

In general, this year has been a massive change for Lin Tian.


At the highest peak of Mt. Colubo, the initially sharp peak, at some point, has been flattened and turned into a flat platform.

On the mountain peak, Lin Tian, Luffy, and Ace were standing. They were looking at a high platform made of cyan stones.

Huh… This thing is heavy,” Luffy bent over and panted loudly, then, finally, he said with a sad expression: “Hey, Lin Tian, Ace, you two want me to carry this alone?”

Lin Tian looked at him and said, “I told you to move together. It’s not like you have any say as the person who lost the guessing game… In the end, you lose. I can’t help it.”

It took them more than ten days to make the huge platform in front of them. Then, from the foot of a mountain of several thousand meters, these stones were moved up and stacked.

“Lin Tian, why do we have to make this? Does it have any special effect?”

After more than a year of getting along, there is one thing that Ace learned about Lin Tian. Lin Tian is not the kind of person who does useless work. On the contrary, he must use certain purposes when doing things.

Lin Tian nodded lightly.

‘This does have some use, but I’m not sure if it works. But, after thinking about it, I’d better make one just in case.’

With a light leap, Lin Tian stood on the high platform, he whispered, “Hey! Luffy, move that rock down, be careful.”

“I didn’t expect this thing to be so heavy,” Luffy murmured, but his hands still kept moving. Then, finally, he picked up the stone under his feet and walked towards the top of the high platform in small steps.

Even Luffy had to be so slow. One can imagine how heavy this stone is.


Lin Tian took the stone in one hand and walked towards the middle of the high platform.

He gently inserted the stone there…

Before Lin Tian could breathe, the whole high platform suddenly vibrated… All the stones on the ground were trembling, and the dust slowly splashed, and the entire mountain was filled with choking smoke.

Luffy and Ace were blinded. They looked at Lin Tian with puzzled faces.

‘What’s Lin Tian doing? What’s with the stone that he had just inserted?’

In fact, Lin Tian was also overwhelmed. It was the first time that Lin Tian did this kind of thing. Of course, Lin Tian didn’t know what would happen, but Lin Tian could feel that this situation should be in a good direction.

Lin Tian didn’t know exactly what was going on, so he could only wait quietly. The vibrations came and went quickly. Then, after a few seconds, they disappeared completely.

“What’s the matter, Lin Tian?” Ace came over and asked, concerned.

Luffy also asked, “Right, Lin Tian, you inserted something, and it made a loud noise.”

Lin Tian shook his head and said with a smile: “It’s nothing, it’s all right now. Let’s go down.”

Hearing that Lin Tian was better, the raspy Luffy wouldn’t care so much. He put his head on the straw hat and walked directly down. Although Ace was a little puzzled, he didn’t ask much and just walked down together.

Lin Tian at the back spread out his palms and glanced at the stone with silver light radiating from his hands, with a happy smile on his face.

Walking off the high platform, Luffy asked: “Hey, Lin Tian, where are we going now? Barbecue?

As long as he thought of barbecue, Luffy would drool excitedly.

After thinking about it, Lin Tian said in a dull tone: “The smelly old man called, and he will come over at night. I will leave tomorrow. Let’s go to the village today and go to Makino.

Hearing Lin Tian’s words, Luffy, who was intoxicated in the sea of meat, woke up and exclaimed: “WHAT, YOU’RE LEAVING?!?!”

Lin Tian nodded silently. Lin Tian felt a lot of feelings, but in fact, everyone was uncomfortable. The atmosphere in the air was a little bit dull, and everyone didn’t know what to say.

In the end, Luffy happily shouted: “For parting, we have a banquet tonight.”

Lin Tian also smiled and hurriedly followed Luffy in front of him, “Yes, there is a banquet tonight. I will pay the bill and just leave.”

Ace also smiled and nodded and stepped forward, chasing after Lin Tian in front, and the three’s laughter echoed in the forest.

The three figures were in the towering forest, avoiding branches flexibly, jumping in the forest extremely fast.

Ace suddenly remembered something and asked Lin Tian on the side: “By the way, Lin Tian, have you said goodbye to Dadan?”

“Well, I told her earlier, and she kept crying.”

After getting along with Dadan for a long time, he understood that Dadan is a typical knife-mouthed tofu heart. However, regardless of how rough she talks to people, she is very kind.

Before saying goodbye to her, she kept waving her hands to drive him out, saying that she had trouble with Luffy, Ace, and others all day long already, wishing for Lin Tian to go away already. But when Lin Tian was finally about to get out of her feet, then the cry came.


The setting sun slowly began to fall, and the three of them also returned to the quiet Windmill Village.

Walking on the familiar road, the three trotted to the banquet bar opened by Makino. This is a bar where pirates and bandits gather, but under Makino’s management, the whole bar has been open quietly.

When Lin Tian and the three rushed to the bar, many people gathered outside the bar.

A hint of doubt flashed in the eyes of the three of them, and they immediately speeded up their pace to push away the crowd and rushed in.

When they entered the bar, it turned out that it was a group of bandits making trouble in the bar, smashing the contents of the bar, and the village chief was confronting a group of people.

With a bang, the bandit leader kicked over a table, and the bottle on the table broke to the ground.

“What did you say?! Clearly, there is so much wine, and you’re telling us that there is no wine. Are you looking down on us?”

The bandit from behind quickly echoed: “Yes, do you look down on us…”

Makino folded her arms and said without showing any weakness: “I have already said that this batch of wine has already been ordered, and this is not for sale.”

“Hahaha…” The bandit laughed and said, “Someone has booked it? Why don’t I see them?”

“Here. We ordered these wines.” Lin Tian said in a deep voice as they opened the door and looked at the bar.

The bandit leader pointed his finger and said with a look of disdain: “Just you three little kids ordering wine? This uncle is in a bad mood today.”

Hearing the words of the thief on the opposite side, Lin Tian also dismissed it with a smile, “As always, the one who has the most is the one who wins. And whoever grabs them first is the one who deserves it.”

“Okay, I must win this time,” Luffy said confidently and slowly.

Ace smiled and said, “Luffy, you have lost ninety-nine times. If you still lose this time, this will be the hundredth.”


Lin Tian took the lead; his figure flashed. He appeared in front of the leading bandit instantly, with an ordinary straight punch, directly smashing the bandit’s entire head into the ground.

Fortunately, Lin Tian’s mentality has become much more stable. Otherwise, according to his character, Lin Tian would have killed him with one move a year ago.

When Luffy and Ace saw this, they hurriedly speeded up and headed out towards the bandits behind.

The bandits behind saw that their boss was punched into the ground with a punch by this kid. With a look of horror, their bodies retreated instinctively.

After Lin Tian solved the boss, he rushed towards the crowd behind him. The three were like wolves into the flock, and all the bandits were their one-punched enemy.

Seeing his companion being resolved by these three little kids in a blink of an eye, the rest became even more terrified.

A timid bandit could not hold it and dropped his weapon and ran outside.

Fear is like a plague. It is contagious. If one person runs away, there will be two people, and finally a large group of people.

But it was no use. These bandits were caught up by Lin Tian and the others before they could even run a few steps.

Suddenly, a scream sounded, accompanied by several falling to the ground. Before more than a minute, these bandits were all resolved. Most of them have fainted…



“I’m just six.”

“Luffy, it seems that with this time, you’ve already lost a hundred times.” Lin Tian said with a smile.

Dealing with these pirates is just a trivial matter.They didn’t even need to warm up. These pirates have all been wiped out.

“Excuse me, Makino, I didn’t know this kind of thing will happen, then I will ask someone to fix the bar.”

Seeing that the bar is destroyed because of his actions, Lin Tian suddenly felt regretful. His voice was full of apologetic.

Makino smiled slightly and said in a loud voice: “Since Lin Tian wants to compensate me, then I will not reject it.”

Regarding Lin Tian’s wealth, Makino also understood that repairing the bar was just a small amount of money for Lin Tian, so Makino did not postpone too much. That would be bad.

The villagers who were confronting each other saw that Lin Tian and the others had solved these bandits in an instant and couldn’t help but praise: “Lin Tian, Luffy, Ace! I didn’t expect you three to be so powerful!”


The village chief knocked the ground several times with the cane and shouted: “Okay! What a good thing! Knowing to fight all day long, what a good thing…”

In front of the village chief, the three of them did not speak out because everyone knows that if you contradicted loudly, there might be more words that will come out.

Huh! What happened?”

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