Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain

Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain Chapter 167


The Makino Bar was destroyed, so Lin Tian paid the money and invited everyone in the village to a grand banquet. The stubborn village chief still disagreed, but how could everyone miss this rare carnival opportunity? No one listened to the village chief. Everyone joined in.


The next day, there was a banquet full of joy and anger over the entire Windmill Village.

On the small pier of the village, Ace, Luffy, Makino, the village chief, and some villagers were coming to send Lin Tian off.

“Luffy, Ace, you two need to cheer up. So hurry up to the Grand Line. I will be waiting for your news on the Grand Line.” Lin Tian said with a smile.

Luffy quickly replied: “Of course! I will become the Pirate King. Then, I will go to the Grand Line and defeat you.”

For Luffy’s confident words, Ace was the first to disagree, “Hey, Luffy, I will be the first to go to sea, I will become Pirate King and defeat Lin Tian.”

“You would just go out three years earlier than me. I can still beat you. So the Pirate King must be mine.”

“Hey, you two, don’t get me involved! You all want to become Pirate Kings; what does this have to do with defeating me?!” Lin Tian protested.

Ace laughed and said in a confident tone: “Of course it does matter. You are the strongest genius in Marine. We are going to be Pirate King. Of course, we must defeat you, Marine Genius.”

Hearing this reason, Lin Tian immediately surrendered. There is nothing to say, but Lin Tian is also very much looking forward to it. By then, it will be the same as Luffy and Ace, who have become stronger on the Grand Line.

He couldn’t wait for that time to come.

Lin Tian went silent for a while. There’s something on his mind that he had thought about for a long time, and now, finally, he decided to ask Ace.

“Ace, do you want to know what kind of person your father is?”

When Lin Tian asked, Ace immediately became silent. After thinking for a while, he asked Lin Tian, “Do you know what kind of person my father is?”

“No,” Lin Tian shook his head gently and handed out a small white folded note, “Although I don’t know, I know that there is someone who knows your father very well. He is your father’s deputy captain; this is his address.”

Looking at this little note, Ace became nervous but did not dare to turn it down. However, Ace has always wanted to know what kind of person his father is. He could never make up his mind.

Finally, clenched his teeth, Ace directly took the small note, held it tightly in his hand, and said sincerely: “Thank you, Lin Tian.”

Lin Tian smiled slightly and said: “No ‘thanks’, we are brothers!”

“Yes, we are brothers!”

“Lin Tian, you have to be careful on the sea and take care of yourself,” Makino said concernedly. Her face was still gentle as ever.

Lin Tian jumped gently and landed on the boat steadily, “Don’t worry, Makino, I will pay attention, and I will hand over the things from last night to Shanks intact.”

Hearing Lin Tian’s words, Makino’s white face instantly turned red.

Under everyone’s puzzled eyes, Makino directly covered both faces with shame and could not help but scold Lin Tian in her heart. ‘Why did you tell this thing in front of so many people?’

Seeing Makino embarrassed like this, everyone could probably guess what happened and could not help showing belching eyes.

The village chief on one side was so angry that he kept knocking on the cane in his hand, “Makino… how can you make Makino like this…”

The village chief didn’t like Shanks at first glance. In addition to his identity as a pirate, he also had this habit of drinking frequently and always had a hangover.

Luffy, who only has a rough nerve and an emotional idiot, touched his head and looked puzzled, thinking that he still has things to explain, and quickly reminded: “Lin Tian, remember to say hello to Shanks for me.”

“Well, don’t worry, I will tell Shanks.”

Luffy waved his hands to say goodbye, “Goodbye. Goodbye, Lin Tian. We will miss you”.

The boats rowed farther and farther. The dock gradually disappeared… the silhouette of Luffy and the others was also blurred.

Lin Tian looked at the distant sea. “Grand Line, Lin Tian is back again.”


After some travel, Lin Tian crossed over the first half of the Grand Line and finally returned to the Marine headquarters.

After four years, Lin Tian set off from the Marine headquarters, crossed over the first half of the Grand Line twice, East Blue, West Blue, and finally returned to the starting point.

From Captain Marine when he left, Lin Tian has experienced various battles in four years. He killed countless pirates and sent countless pirates to Impel Down. And now, he is a Marine Rear Admiral. —The fastest promotion speed in the history of the Marine.

Looking at Sabaody Archipelago in front of him, Lin Tian showed a smile on his face, “I haven’t seen Sabaody Archipelago in three years… It is still so beautiful. There is no change…”

Lin Tian’s eyes set on one after another huge mangrove trees.

This is the island closest to Marine Headquarters, Sabaody Archipelago. There are 79 “Yarukiman Mangrove”, the world’s largest mangrove tree. Because the roots of the trees are always exposed to the water, Sabaody Archipelago is formed.

The biggest feature of the Sabaody Archipelago is that the roots of Yarukiman Mangrove secrete a special natural resin due to respiration. The resin expands with air to form bubbles and then fly into the sky.

“Of course, these mangroves have existed for thousands of years… How could there be any huge changes in just a few years?” Ander came over and spoke.

Compared with a year ago, Ander has not changed much, except a scar on his face. His rank is also Marine Rear Admiral like Lin Tian. Obviously, for more than a year, Ander has experienced countless dangerous battles.

While stretching, Lin Tian said in a relaxed tone: “That’s right. Time is nothing for these mangroves. Oh, right.” Lin Tian turned around and asked: “This time, how long will we stay in Sabaody Archipelago?”

Ander held his chin, “It should be a day or so… This time, the Marine headquarters did not issue an order, so we should be able to stay longer.”

“…One day should be enough.” Lin Tian thought about it and whispered.

Seeing Lin Tian’s appearance, Ander immediately understood that Lin Tian had to go to Sabaody Archipelago by himself again…

‘But this person is Lin Tian.’

Ander then reminded himself loudly that every time Lin Tian went to an island, he would make a lot of fuss.

Hey, Lin Tian, this time you can only stroll around in Sabaody Archipelago. Please don’t make any big fuss. Otherwise, it will be difficult for us to explain things. You must know that this is the site of World Nobles.”

The place they visited this time is Sabaody Archipelago, where the ruler is World Nobles. This is also the place that must be visited to enter the New World. Who knows how much pirates and evil are hidden in it?

Based on Lin Tian’s general habit, if he causes trouble, it will certainly not be small. Ander doesn’t want to give the Marine headquarters such a big gift as soon as they returned to the Marine headquarters.

“Don’t worry, Admiral. I’m just going to meet some old friends this time… So I won’t cause trouble. Besides, am I the kind of person who will actively seek and cause trouble?”

After finishing speaking, Lin Tian gave Ander a look as if to say, ‘You can rest assured, there will be no disturbance’.

With a look of disbelief, Ander thought to himself: ‘If I’m not worried and trust you, why would I remind you?’

After thinking about it, Ander decided that it was necessary to remind him, “Hey, Lin Tian. You have to keep a low profile this time. The World Noble here is…”

When Ander was still nagging, Lin Tian bent over and pleaded, “Hey, don’t worry. I promise that I will not cause trouble this time.” 

“Well, I won’t say much, but you still have to remember…”

“Okay, okay. I’ll go first.”

Without waiting for Ander to respond, Lin Tian stood at the ship’s bow, jumped down, and disappeared.

Upon seeing this, Ander ran forward a few steps to the side of the ship quickly.

Seeing the Lin Tian silhouette suddenly pulled out, leaping into the Sabaody Archipelago, disappearing in front of him, Ander helplessly shook his head. “He is still a fourteen-year-old child, after all. He has been on the Grand Line for so long, and he is still frizzy.”


“Hey, where did Lin Tian smelly brat go?”

Garp, who just woke up, swept his eyes at will as usual and found that Lin Tian’s stinky brat was gone again, and then asked Ander out loud.

“Vice-Admiral Garp, Rear Admiral Lin Tian has just got off the boat and entered the Sabaody Archipelago.”


Garp immediately said angrily: “Lin Tian, this stinky brat, actually went alone again by himself…”

After speaking, Garp’s tone became helpless. No matter how many times he said it, Lin Tian brat can’t always fix the bad ailments of acting alone.

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