Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain

Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain Chapter 168


In Sabaody Archipelago

‘This is Mangrove No. 44!’

Although Island No. 44 is the entrance for civilians to enter the Sabaody Archipelago, most pirates and criminals also enter through it… and Lin Tian was also strolling through it.

I don’t know if it’s good luck. Lin Tian randomly chose the number 44 because this is the place of entry and exit. People are coming and going everywhere.

After Lin Tian stayed here for a few minutes, he saw a fight caused by a trivial matter of giving way. —It was caused by two groups of pirates.

Pirates who come to Sabaody Archipelago are all with the purpose of entering the New World. —These pirates are not weak, and arrogance is inevitable… But, unfortunately, these people are also the most prone to make trouble.

It looks like an aimless walk in the street, but Lin Tian’s eyes were looking at the surroundings very energetically, observing the crowds and stalls on the side. After a short walk of tens of meters, Lin Tian found several pirates, but they were all tiny pirates, not powerful enough.

In Lin Tian’s eyes, pirates with a bounty of less than 100 million Belly are all tiny pirates. For this kind of pirates, Lin Tian can hardly be interested.

However, just when Lin Tian was about to leave the No. 44 Islands. The crowd in front immediately became noisy. Lin Tian became curious at once and wanted to step forward to see what happened.

The crowd of people suddenly started to act together, moved towards both sides, retreating to the edge of the road, leaving the entire road free.

Just like the great character in front, it makes these people unnaturally think about retreating to the side. However, through the expressions of disdain, fear, hatred… on their faces, it seems that the people in front are really not simple.

And Lin Tian, under this huge crowd movement, was tightly squeezed into the crowd in an instant….

After a long time of exhaustion, he came out from the crowd, turned over, and jumped to a tall building.

“There are too many people here, but who is this person who has such a big show to make everyone give way?”

Lin Tian leaned over to take a look. The curiosity on his face immediately turned into an unhappy face. He could not help but curse in a low voice, “Fuck, I was wondering who it was, didn’t expect it to be them.”

On the street, the person who made everyone let go is the “World Nobles”.

Only the World Nobles have this kind of power.

In the road, a large group of people walked slowly. Headed by three people were the World Nobles, wearing well-made clothes and a white cloak at the back, with bubble hoods on their heads.

Behind is a large group of guards directly belonging to World Nobles. There are dozens of people who are dedicated to protecting the safety of World Nobles. There are also some slaves connected together by their toes.

World Nobles, who lives in Holy Land Mary Geoise, is the descendant of the 20 kings. They established the World Government 800 years ago. They call themselves “Descendants of the Creator”, such arrogant and overbearing.

They treat other races as slaves and enjoy all the privileges. Once offended, Admiral of the Marine Headquarters must devote all the military power to it. They are a group of guys who consider themselves great. They are called the biggest garbage.

In Lin Tian’s opinion, these kinds of people are not even as good as garbage. Compared with officials in his previous life, they are worse than garbage. However, this kind of rubbish has always ruled the world, and the World Government is under their control.

In the whole world, Lin Tian was most unhappy with the World Nobles. But, after spending a year in Marine headquarters, Lin Tian has a certain understanding of those people…

In World Nobles’s own cognition, they think of themselves as gods, they are creators, and they own the world. They are the most noble bloodline in the world, and the rest of the people are rubbish. They were born as slaves for them. Their purpose in life is to set off them and exist. In short, World Nobles don’t treat anyone as a human being.

In order to highlight their nobility, they even felt disdainful when they breathed the same air as ordinary people and finally made some sort of spacesuit especially.

Let Lin Tian use one sentence to describe this approach. This is a typical example of a **** and establishing a chastity memorial, wearing a suit but not breathing the same air.

Apart from being arrogant and thinking of themselves as gods, World Nobles are also good with strange things.


The middle-aged World Noble with white hair in the middle is holding a crutch studded with precious stones.

At this time, he is sitting on the back of a slave wearing toe-cuffs. Look at the clothes on this slave. He should be a pirate but somehow fell into the hands of a World Noble. With injuries on his face, it seems that the captain has also suffered inhuman torture, and he became like this.

Another World Noble is standing next to a man and a woman. Depending on the situation, they should be the children of the World Noble in the middle. They should be a family.

With snot on his face, the male World Noble was very disgusting, holding an iron chain in his hand, and at the other end of the chain was a group of female slaves tied together by toes.

And the female World Noble on the side doesn’t seem weird on the surface, but already living in such a family is probably not a good thing.

The female World Noble complained: “I tell you father, big brother, you two, what are you doing here? If you want the captain slave, just go to the Marine headquarters and ask for one. They have a lot of pirate captains there!!”

Looking down at his daughter, he shouted: “It’s because of you! If you haven’t played with my slave to death, why would I come here to find a slave? Furthermore, I don’t know the captains in the Marine headquarters. Moreover, there are more pirates in Sabaody Archipelago. There are some unruly pirate captains. Only by grasping these pirate captains and then tame them myself can it be so tasteful.” The World Noble laughed, then kicked at the captain under his feet in a blink of an eye, cursing: “Hurry up. You’re walking so slowly. When I find a better one, I will throw you at my daughter.

The male World Noble tugged the iron chain in his hand and made the clang dong clang dong steel collision sound.

His eyes showed a shitty gaze, and he said to himself: “I hope there are some beautiful female slaves so that I can add one to my collection.”

After finishing speaking, he glanced at the female slaves behind, with a disgusting smile on his face, and yanked the iron chain on his hand, and a scream of sorrow sounded.

Hearing her father’s words, the female World Noble smiled. She watched the captain slave for a long time, but her father never let it go.

The captain slave showed a trace of sorrow on his face. If he fell into the hands of this woman, he would be already not far from death. He would never expect that he would die in this way.

The pirates hiding in the crowd beside them heard their conversation. Their faces could not help showing anger, their fists clenched. But no one dared to do anything. Not to mention whether they could break through the blockade of these guards. Even if they did, they would face the pursuit of the Marine Headquarters.

Suddenly, several bangs sounded, everyone on the side was immediately shocked. Many girls covered their mouths and let out a cry of exclamation.

In the middle of the road, the three World Nobles all fell to the ground, and the captain also fell. The four entangled with each other and fell together.

The middle-aged World Noble sitting on the back of the pirate captain was not injured. There was a meat shield under his fall. The other two World Nobles were not so lucky, though.

The male World Noble fell on the iron chain. The transparent hood on his head hit the iron chain directly. There were cracks on the hood, and his nose was bleeding.

The female World Noble was even more miserable. She hit her head against a rock. —Fortunately, she was protected by a hood. She didn’t suffer any injuries, but the whole hood was broken because of it. The stone had blood marks from her face. The whole person is disorganized.

The guards at the back reacted immediately and hurriedly gathered around, looking at the crowd in front of them vigilantly. Then, several of them quickly helped the World Nobles up.

Feeling the pain on her face, the female World Noble quickly reached out her hands towards her face. A warm feeling came from her fingers, and a mournful scream sounded.


The World Noble, who stood up on the side, quickly moved towards the female World Noble, who was on the side with her head down and asked: “Younger sister, daughter, are you okay?”

Looking up at the two of them, they almost frightened them half to death, only to see a few blood stains on their faces, and the blood flowed out of the wound. It was very horrible. It was a bit ugly at first, but now it has become horrible.

The female World Noble snatched the gun from the guard on the side and then directly squeezed the trigger at the guard. There was a gunshot, a bang, and the figure fell.

Immediately afterward, the female World Noble, who was furious with her disfigurement, raised the gun in her hand and pulled the trigger at the crowd in front, regardless of whether it was ordinary people or pirates, in the eyes of World Nobles, everyone else is not human.

With every gunshot, a figure fell.

The crowd on the side, even though just now they were so eager to see the world Noble, but now that the World Noble suddenly went mad. The crowd that was originally crowded suddenly disappeared thoroughly.

For some reason, the female World Noble, who went crazy, fell to the ground again. Her muzzle was pointed at the World Noble behind.


There was a gunshot, and the gun fired a bullet.

Seeing this scene, the guards were shocked with their mouths open. If it is true, the world will be shaken again tomorrow. A World Noble tragically killed by his own biological younger sister.

Pu pah!” The male World Noble sat on the ground in fright, breathing heavily in his mouth, looking at the hole in the hood with a look of fear.

The breeze blew, and the lower part of the body was cold. The male World Noble had been scared and incontinent with that shot just now.


The guards on the side sighed in relief. If one World Noble dies, they will not be able to escape responsibility. 

“Younger sister, what are you doing?! Do you want to kill your own big brother?! It wasn’t even me who caused us to fall, and you almost killed me!” the male World Noble was outraged.

The female World Noble was already irritable because of her disfigurement. After such a scolding, she replied, “What is your name? You got hit and was scared like this…”

“What did you say?! You actually said that! I am still your big brother no matter what!”

“I don’t have such a disgusting big brother…”


Just as the three of them were arguing, one silhouette slowly slipped from the top of the building.

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