Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain

Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain Chapter 17


A blinding fire rushed out of the window, illuminating the forest below in red light.

Numerous glass and wall decorations were broken. This rubble could easily kill ordinary people.

Before they got close to Lin Tian, Lin Tian’s spatial barrier was blocked, which wraps him.

Seeing the ruined building, Lin Tian said to himself, “After this explosion, the pirates inside should be almost dead.” Lin Tian was very confident about the power of the Death Ball.

The Death Ball was prepared over a while, and its power was as terrifying as several cannonballs exploding together.

This kind of power was enough to kill most pirates. The first time Lin Tian created this technique, he thought it would be good to use it as an initial attack.

That powerful explosion caused more than twenty pirates have died, and the remaining pirates were running out from the building.

Bert was the most powerful, and he was the first one to rush out. Although Bert was closest to the ball of death,

Bert’s reaction was quick enough, and he dodged in time, so the injuries were not fatal.

But many of Burt’s men were not so lucky. When the black ball exploded, most of them focused on the ball that most of them couldn’t dodge the explosion and were killed or injured.

But after discovering that there were less than ten of his remaining men left, Bert’s heart was covered with blood.

This group of more than thirty men could easily take down the town, so this pirates group could be considered a great group.

But now, almost all of them died, the rest people who have survived also get seriously wounded, and all of this caused by a kid in front of him.

The first time Lin Tian saw it, he was surprised to see that the Death Ball had caused so much damage. It was beyond his expectation.

But Lin Tian didn’t know what was going on inside. He was very surprised to see that his Death Ball had caused such a large amount of damage, “Could this group of pirates be too weak?”

“Kid, did you do this?” Bert asked angrily.

Although Bert was extremely cruel, it didn’t mean that he is stupid. He could survive on the sea. It was proof that he was not just an ordinary person.

There were many strong people on the sea, and some of them have weird tempers. Sometimes if someone accidentally disturbed their sleep, they will be chased to death.

Seeing that Bert was so quiet, Lin Tian couldn’t help wondering if Bert’s swordsman was that powerful?

Lin Tian looked around, and he waved his hands and said, “Are there anyone besides me here?”.

Seeing what Lin Tian did just now, some of the pirates couldn’t help it at first, and stood up and shouted: “This little brat, dare to make a mess with us…”

Seeing one of his men got provoked by a kid, Bert didn’t stop him either. He wanted to see what Lin Tian would do.

If Lin Tian were only threatening, Bert would let him survive. If Lin Tian were powerful, he would hold him steady first, and then he would find a chance to kill him.

Bert never thought of letting Lin Tian go because he was sure that Lin Tian the one who killed so many of his subordinates and humiliated him.

“That’s so irritating. A fussy subordinate yelled out before the boss spoke,” Lin Tian said with a light smile.

As soon as Lin Tian’s words fell, he saw the pirate who stood up and going to bark, not knowing there was a Death Ball next to him.

The pirate didn’t even bark yet. He heard a click, his hands dropped weakly, and a trace of blood flowed from the corner of his mouth.

Lin Tian stunned all the pirates in an instant, and a few pirates took a few steps back slowly.

Lin Tian’s killing methods weren’t too terrifying, compared with Bert, who split a person in half.

Looking at one of them killed silently, the pirates did nothing. The unknown was the most terrible thing.

In the pirate’s eyes, Lin Tian is already a terrifying little devil.

If you disagree, kill the opponent is ten times better. Compared with him, the ferocious Lord Bert likes to kill his own men.

Bert discovered that this kid is so powerful and instantly suppressed the fear in his heart, “Who are you? We don’t seem to have any grudges?”

“I have no grudges on you, but unfortunately, I am a marine soldier, and you are a pirate. Now there are only two options, either you to be killed by me or I killed by you. But if you can survive, my comrades are still outside the island waiting for you.”

Seeing these pirates very scared, Lin Tian suddenly lost all interest. I don’t have time to waste here, so it’s better to solve it quickly.

Bert drew out the sword in his hand, “Little brat, you are overproud. We are not a rubbish pirates group.”

After speaking, he ordered the pirate behind: “You two, use the transponder worm to tell the captain that we need backup. And the others help me to give a lesson to this little brat.”

These pirates could survive from Lin Tian’s Death Ball. At Bert’s order, everyone immediately took action.

Except for two pirates holding the transponder worm, the remaining pirates held various peculiar weapons and stared at Lin Tian vigilantly.

Bert also understood that Lin Tian has a strong demon fruit ability. He planned to hold Lin Tian until the captain arrives.

Lin Tian drew out the sword on his back and said with a serious face: “Since you don’t make a move, then I will make a move first.”

This special sword in Lin Tian’s hand has a blade on one side and sharp thorns on the other.

One of the sword’s sides was engraved with insects, fish, birds, and the other side engraved with the beast, the sun, moon, and stars. It was engraved by Lin Tian himself based on the Xuanyuan sword’s myth in his previous life.


Lin Tian’s figure appeared in front of Bert instantly. Lin Tian held the sword with his two hands. A powerful vertical split would be caused by it.

Facing such a powerful attack, Bert reacted and quickly pulled out the two swords from his waist to block it.

Although Lin Tian used his full strength, and this technique was not strong enough, Lin Tian was still too young, and he didn’t have much power, so Bert was able to block Lin Tian’s vertical chopping quickly.

With a clanging sound, the three swords collided forcefully, and a powerful wave of air was blown from the middle to the surroundings. Under the powerful wave of air, countless dust was swept into the air.

Lin Tian was aware of his weakness, so Lin Tian was not too surprised that Bert can block his attack. But this didn’t mean that Lin Tian has no other moves.


Lin Tian’s figure appeared next to Bert, swaying his sword aside, but Bert blocked his attack again.

Just as Lin Tian was about to retreat, looking for an opportunity, the other sword in Bert’s hand had slashed towards Lin Tian.

Lin Tian hurriedly ducked sideways, and the sharp blade lightly slashed in front of Lin Tian’s eyes. He turned around and kicked from the side, directly hit Bert in the chest.

Bert stepped back several steps under Lin Tian’s foot. When Bert stopped and looked to the front, Lin Tian’s figure had already disappeared.

When Bert retreated, Lin Tian had already used ‘Shave’ to teleport behind Bert, but Lin Tian did not sneak attack.

Although he only used a few tricks against Bert, Lin Tian already knew that this swordsman wasn’t weak. Carly was right. This swordsman was indeed very powerful.

Both his reaction and power were powerful, especially his response. He could keep up with Lin Tian’s ‘Shave.’ And his strength was also extreme. After the sword collided twice, Lin Tian’s right hand is already a little numb.

Just when Lin Tian thought of these things, Bert had already discovered Lin Tian behind him.

After some moves, Bert has discovered that Lin Tian has the scary Devil Fruit abilities and mastered Six Marine Styles ‘Shave’.

This kid is actually not very strong in close combat.

Waving the sword in his hand, Burt said, “Boy, it seems that you are good at using your mouth. Your fighting skill is not bad.”

Regarding Burt’s remarks, Lin Tian said dismissively: “Really? It just a few small tricks.”

With Lin Tian’s powerful kick, the ground could split like broken glass. Lin Tian used a powerful kick to counterattack force.

Seeing Lin Tian rushed up in front of him, Bert was, of course, not reconciled. Bert has stayed here for six months, his whole body has been rusted, and finally, there was a chance to fight, Bert would not give up.

Clang, clang, clang…

When the three swords collide, they attacked quickly. The pirates saw two figures continually flashing in the field, and each collision produced a powerful wave of air.

Although every time he collides with Bert, Lin Tian will suffer. Bert, who calls Lin Tian is just a child is a powerful swordsman. This swordsman’s power was stronger than others, and Lin Tian wasn’t better than him in strength.

Fortunately, Lin Tian has mastered Six Marine Styles ‘Shave’, which was slightly better in speed. This was an equal match. One of them superior in strength, and the other superior in speed.

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