Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain

Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain Chapter 170


Just when Lin Tian was about to enter the bar!

With a “bang“, Lin Tian suddenly felt something hit him, and he immediately reacted.

“Sorry, I’m sorry, I ran too fast, so I didn’t see it.” an apologetic voice came.

Lin Tian realized that someone was hitting him. Following the source of the sound, Lin Tian looked down. It turned out that it was a ten-year-old little girl who hit him.

Then, just as Lin Tian was about to speak, a thick voice came over, “Little friend, sorry, the little girl ran too fast, so I was a little sorry for not seeing you.” 

Lin Tian tilted his head to see that it turned out to be a middle-aged man with black hair… And there are two guards behind.

Lin Tian felt a murderous aura that is not weak relative to ordinary people’s bloodlust. It’s not a problem for Lin Tian, but it still should not be weak even for him. With two guards like this, the identity of this middle-aged man with black hair is not simple.

“Daddy!” The little girl yelled happily, moved towards the man.

Seeing the little girl flying over to him, the man showed a petting smile on his face and hugged her.

Lin Tian smiled slightly, waved his hand, and said with a look of okay: “It’s okay, it’s also my fault. If I hadn’t been in a daze on the road suddenly, I wouldn’t have been hit.”

This is indeed his own fault for suddenly be in a daze on the street. Besides, it was just a little bump, and it didn’t matter to him.

Lin Tian didn’t think it was anything, but the man didn’t think so and said: “That’s good. Anyway, my little girl hit you; why don’t I treat you a dinner?”

Hearing that, Lin Tian waved his hand quickly and postponed: “No, this is not necessary, this is just a small matter, no need to eat, and I’ve already promised with my friends.”

The middle-aged man saw Lin Tian say this, immediately cut off the idea of inviting Lin Tian to dinner, said with a smile: “In that case, I won’t disturb the little friend.”

“Thanks.” Lin Tian whispered that it was okay, and he moved towards the bar directly.

For Lin Tian, they were just a passerby who met by chance. I’m afraid they won’t even be able to see them in the future.

Looking at the back of Lin Tian entering the bar, the man said with great interest: “This boy is very interesting.”

With the sound of opening the door, Lin Tian slowly opened the bar’s door and walked straight in. Looking around, the bar decoration is not much different from that on Sexon. Only some minor changes have been made, but the overall picture is still the same—kind of familiar feeling.

‘Compared to the first time I entered Aunt Shakky’s bar in Sexon, there was no one inside. Now there are quite a lot of people in this bar. Most of the seats are full. The bar has a strong smell of wine.’

There are a lot of wine bottles on the table. Most people have flushed faces and obviously drank a lot. When Lin Tian entered the bar, they just glanced slightly at him and then continue drinking again.

When they were observing Lin Tian, Lin Tian was also observing them. From their words, actions, and naming each other, these people are all pirates, and they all come from the same Pirate Ship.

At the bar, the seats there are already full. These guys should be the cadres of the Pirate Ship.

One of the red-haired men was talking with Aunt Shakky, who was wiping the glass, and he made a laugh or two from time to time. Obviously, this man and Aunt Shakky were old acquaintances.

Looking at the man’s so eye-catching red hair, Lin Tian couldn’t help flashing a person’s name in his heart, but then he pressed down from his heart. How could his luck be so good?

How come I meet him this fast?’

But then, looking at the cadres one by one, looking at the clothes from behind, that name unconsciously popped out of Lin Tian’s heart.

Aunt Shakky, who was wiping the cup, put down the wiping cup and felt that there was a visitor, so she picked up another cup to prepare for wiping—at the same time, lifting her head to see.

Although they haven’t seen each other in three years, Lin Tian’s appearance has changed a lot compared to how it was back then. After all, everyone at this age grows up quickly. —But Aunt Shakky recognized Lin Tian instantly because, in previous communications, Lin Tian had sent photos to Aunt Shakky.

When Aunt Shakky saw Lin Tian, a trace of shock could be seen on her face. Aunt Shakky didn’t expect or anticipate Lin Tian’s sudden appearance.

In a recent communication, she heard Lin Tian said that he was taking an adventure in West Blue. She didn’t expect him to appear here today. Her face turned into joy from such a sudden surprise.

“Lin Tian! Lin Tian, why did you come here suddenly?”

Seeing that Aunt Shakky found him, Lin Tian showed a happy smile on his face. He said: “Aunt Shakky, long time no see, you are still the same as you are, just as beautiful and young.”

Aha!” For Lin Tian’s flattery, and the smile on her face was even more, “But we haven’t seen you in a few years, our little Lin Tian has also begun to grow up to become a handsome guy.”

When he heard Aunt Shakky laugh, Lin Tian, not knowing what to do, touched the back of his head with a simple smile on his face.

Of course, the man who talked happily with Aunt Shakky had such a dramatic change in the expression on Aunt Shakky’s face.

In the man’s eyes, Aunt Shakky has always been a brilliant and very calm woman. Few things can affect the expression on her face, let alone make such a dramatic change.

The man couldn’t help being curious about the incoming person, put down the wine in his hand, and slowly turned around. His eyes were just the same as those of Lin Tian, who had been observing him.


Seeing Lin Tian’s appearance clearly, the red-haired man couldn’t help but make a surprised sound. Obviously, the red-haired man does know Lin Tian. But Lin Tian appearing here surprised him.

Lin Tian saw the man’s appearance; clearly, he was not surprised but helpless. He didn’t expect that as he was expected, this man is him.

—One of the strongest pirates in the world, and one of the many powerhouses in the world, an emperor in the New World, Red-Haired “Shanks”, one of the Four Emperors!

Facing such a character, Lin Tian has a heavy face. His whole body involuntarily tightened, and he looked at Shanks very vigilantly.

It is true that this man’s reputation is too prominent, and at the same time, he has his powerful strength, which cannot help but raise fear in people’s hearts.

But the name can make one tremble can only be done by a powerhouse like Shanks, who stands on the world peak and can change this world at will.

No one knows who is the most powerful in Four Emperors because they rarely fight each other, let alone fight between life and death. However, if such people fight, the entire world will change along.

Four Emperors in New World; Lin Tian has already planned to meet them. But Lin Tian knows his strength. In Four Emperors’ hands, I’m afraid he doesn’t even have the power to stand equal. I’m afraid that even Four Emperors’ men are stronger than him. So don’t talk about meeting Four Emperors.

In Four Emperors, the one that Lin Tian wants to see most is Red-Haired Shanks. Different from the other Four Emperors, which are the powerhouses in Roger’s era.

In Roger’s era, Shanks was just a weak man. At that time, he was just Captain Roger’s little trainee crew.

But after Roger’s death, he began to emerge suddenly. With his high strength and unique personality charm, he quickly gathered a large number of powerful crew members. In just a few years, he started from an ordinary little pirate to becoming the Four Emperors of New World.

At the same time, spending a year with Luffy in East Blue influenced Luffy’s life and led Luffy on the pirate’s road. But, unfortunately, he was also bitten by the hateful teeth of the stinky old man. As Red-Haired Shanks, who is Luffy’s idol, Lin Tian is curious.

Also, the gentle, kind, and beautiful bar Lady Boss Makino can fall in love with him and always worry about him from far away.

These all prompted Lin Tian to be curious about Red-Haired Shanks. So when Lin Tian was about to go to New World, he looked for Red-Haired Shanks to give him Makino’s gifts and brought Luffy’s words to him, but who knew he would meet him here.

These thoughts flashed through Lin Tian’s mind in just an instant. Thus, it can be seen how messy Lin Tian’s mind was when he saw Shanks.

Lin Tian is Marine’s strongest genius. The countless pirates talk about this murderous god, also great and famous, throughout the Grand Line. At the same time, he is also a man with strong ambitions and a person who hopes to truly stand on the world’s peak and achieve true freedom. How can he be so easily frightened?

It has only been a few seconds since seeing Shanks. Lin Tian has adjusted his mentality; the heaviness and tension on his face disappeared, replaced by a normal expression.

The tight body slowly relaxes, but the secret defense still hasn’t weakened. Facing this kind of powerhouse, Lin Tian wanted to relax completely but couldn’t fully do it.

Moreover, the two sides are still on opposite sides, one is Marine, and the other is pirate. Therefore, these two sides are born to fight when they meet.

None of the two people spoke, so they looked at each other closely. From the eyes of unknowing outsiders, these two are like old friends who haven’t seen each other for many years, watching deeply at each other.

But the two are engaged in a speechless confrontation. Lin Tian’s back is gradually soaked in sweat from being under pressure in secret when looking at Shanks.

Aunt Shakky looked at this scene with a smile on her face. Red Haired Shanks, one of the most powerful Four Emperors in Pirate, and Lin Tian, known as Marine’s strongest genius. In the future, one side will fight on their own side.

‘Today, in my small bar, these two met. I don’t know what will happen,’ so Aunt Shakky is looking forward to it.

Those cadres also looked expectantly at this scene. Then, just now, the captain’s lightly exclaimed, and everyone heard it. It surprised the captain, so the cadres who were drinking at the bar were also very curious and couldn’t help but turn around. They want to see who the newcomer is.

The two looked at each other for dozens of seconds. In the end, it was Lin Tian who withdrew his gaze first and whispered with a smile, “I didn’t expect Red Hair Shanks, one of the Four Emperors, to appear here.”

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