Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain

Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain Chapter 171


Oh, I am also very surprised to see Marine’s strongest genius here!”

Looking at Lin Tian, Shanks changed from his usual optimism. His face was rarely serious.

Shanks also valued this Marine known as the strongest genius of the Marine. It must not be easy for this young man to be called that by the Marine. Shanks came from the powerhouse era of Roger. Back then, Marine powerhouses came out in large numbers, like Sengoku, Garp, Sora… But no one is called Lin Tian.

Marine powerhouse, which can still come from that era, unanimously named him this way, which is enough to explain the enchantment of this young man’s innate talent.

The crew of the Red Hair Pirates, hearing the captain’s words, their faces flushed from drunkenness to surprise. The alcohol on their faces disappeared instantly, their eyes fixed on Lin Tian.

As a crew member of Four Emperors, even an ordinary crew member here, I am afraid they can have a good reputation in the four oceans. They are not mediocre, don’t look at their drunk faces. Most of them are sober in their hearts.

“Didn’t expect that this is the Marine genius who was hyped up by the Marine looks like just an ordinary teenager.”

“I don’t know if his strength is really prominent. But if it is just a vase promoted by Marine, that’d be boring.”

“It should be a problem to beat him. This Marine genius has gained a reputation on the Grand Line in recent years. There are many pirates that have bounty hundreds of millions under his belt.”

“Yes, I heard that there are very few pirates who survived in the hands of this young man. There are even rumors among the pirates that it is still difficult to fall into his hands and die. I don’t know if it is true.”


Hearing these pirates talked about himself, Lin Tian smiled slightly, looked at Shanks calmly, and said: “Didn’t expect that the famous Four Emperors to know my name. I’m surprised.”

Shanks fell backward and lean directly behind on the platform, “Of course, your name is like thunder piercing the ear for most pirates, and I want to see the truth.”

When Lin Tian’s fame spread to the world, a storm was also set off for the pirates. Many people were very interested in this Marine genius and wanted to see how this Marine genius could be called so by the Marine headquarters.

In addition to the huge bounty that who knows who released it in Underground World, I don’t know how many people are interested in Lin Tian’s head on the entire world. It is not exactly his head, but his fame.

Oh, then I don’t know if the other Four Emperors are really interested in my true face.” Lin Tian curiously asked.

Shanks picked up the wine glass placed on the table and was about to take a sip. He suddenly heard Lin Tian’s inquiry and stopped, “Of course, as a pirate, of course we are interested in Marine’s strongest genius. Now, although I’ve seen your photos, I’m still interested in the real person.”

In Lin Tian’s heart, he immediately criticized the Marine headquarters and the World Government.

Those bastards also said that they are very confidential. What an ass.’

His information has been widely circulated in pirates.

Raising the bottle, Shanks drank a few sips, said solemnly: “I thought the place we met would be on the battlefield, but didn’t expect it would be in such a normal bar.”

“Really? It seems that our thoughts are a bit the same. We thought that the place where we met the Four Emperors was the battlefield.”

Oh!” Shanks said with a hint of surprise and put the bottle on the bar again. “You, as a Marine, we are now here as pirates. I don’t know what your Marine will do~~”

Hearing the captain’s words, the pirates couldn’t help but put their eyes on Lin Tian with a faint smile on their faces and see how Lin Tian would choose. —Notify Marine headquarters and catch them, or pretend that he doesn’t know them, as if they haven’t found them.

With a squeak, the wine bottle on the bar flew towards Lin Tian. Lin Tian stretched out his hand to hold it and drank it in one gulp without hesitation.

Ah… It’s not what I do, but what you do. The right to inform the Marine is not in my hands, but in your hands.”

Hearing Lin Tian’s answer, the pirates couldn’t help showing a trace of incomprehension on their faces at the scene, and they didn’t understand why the Marine would suddenly say such things. What connection is in his words?

In the second seat to the right of Shanks, an obese cadre wearing small colored sunglasses, green hat, green, white striped shirt, yellow coat, blue belt, beige pants, and red sneakers. He took a bite of the roasted meat in his hand, “Marine, are you scared? You even said the wrong thing. What do you mean by telling the Marine headquarters that the decision is in our hands?”

Lucky Roux, one of the main cadres of the Red Hair Pirates group. Regardless of his obesity, his battle strength is extremely terrifying. His bounty gold reached 250 million Berry.

 [*TL note: Lucky Roux is an officer and combatant of the Red Hair Pirates. He is also the one who found the Gomu Gomu no Mi which was eaten by Monkey D. Luffy.]

In recent years, there has not been any major event. No one knows his specific strength, but it only became higher than in the past.

“Hey, Beckman, what does this little demon mean?” Shanks asked quietly and quietly.

[*TL note: Benn Beckman is the first mate and an officer of the Red Hair Pirates.]

On the right of Shanks, there is a long face with a pointed chin, a straight nose, and clear facial lines. He is sturdy, with scars on his arms and a cadre with a rifle in his waist.

Taking a deep cigarette, exhaling the smoke, his face smiled slightly and said: “This boy is nice and interesting.”

Then he smoked again.

‘You’re saying something meaningful while in fact not saying anything at all, Shanks felt a little helpless.’

They just listen to Lin Tian’s explanation: “With the strength of Four Emperors Shanks, if you don’t want me to inform the Marine headquarters, you will definitely not let me do it.”

After a pause, Lin Tian faintly smiled at Shanks, “What do you think? Are you going to fight a Marine, or just let a teenager who is definitely not a Marine loitering here?”

Hearing Lin Tian’s explanation, Shanks was taken aback at first and then burst into laughter. “Dahahahaha!”

Didn’t expect General’s himself, was turned against the general, and the change was indeed a bit quick.

“Forget it, I still like to live a leisurely life. As for the battle with a Marine here, I might destroy the bar here.”

Aunt Xia answered at the right time: “This is true. This bar is my painstaking effort. If you destroy this place, I will not be able to spare you. Although I am not your opponent, I think I should be able to ask someone who can take action to teach you a lesson.”

“Then there is no need to trouble him.” Shanks said with a wry smile on his face waving his hand.

How could Shanks not understand what Aunt Xia said? Besides Dark King Rayleigh, who else could she mention? Shanks knew who Aunt Xia was talking about.

Suddenly, Shanks turned around and looked at Lin Tian seriously, “Since you know you don’t have a slightest chance in front of me, then what kind of confidence is there to stand in front of me? You must know that you are Marine, and I am a pirate. It should be normal for a pirate to deal with the Marines.”

Before Lin Tian could speak, Shanks sat upright. His entire imposing manner changed; the previous lazy aura disappeared thoroughly and was replaced by an imposing manner unique to a true powerhouse.

If you say that Shanks is just an ordinary lazy drunk in any eyes, no one will compare him to Four Emperors in that rumor. His imposing manner is completely different. Now, Shanks is a sober prairie lion with an amazing imposing manner all over his body. This is the imposing manner that Four Emperors should have.

Like the emperor of aloof and remote, from above the Nine Heavens Palace, looking down at the underground ants for life, this is the Haki that a Sovereign should have. The imposing manner alone allows people to acknowledge allegiance at their feet.

At the moment when Shanks imposing manner changed, Lin Tian felt as if a big mountain appeared on his body, pressing tightly on him, trying to overwhelm him.

This is still a huge pressure. The greater pressure comes from the heart. One after another, a huge imposing manner is like a continuous wave slapped towards me.

This is Conqueror’s Haki.

Lin Tian, who has felt the oppression of Conqueror’s Haki once, instantly recognizes this as Conqueror’s Haki, and only Conqueror’s Haki has this kind of pressure.

The first time he felt Conqueror’s Haki, Lin Tian was still on Sexon Island three years ago. He felt it from Rayleigh. That time was an unforgettable experience for Lin Tian. That time Lin Tian faced the oppression of Rayleigh Conqueror’s Haki and felt it directly. —It was also that time when Lin Tian touched Conqueror’s Haki for the first time, Lin Tian also almost Awakened the Conqueror’s Haki, but it was a pity that he finally gave up.

He didn’t expect that he would face Conqueror’s Haki again today, and it was by Four Emperors Shanks.

Lin Tian wondered why Shanks looked relaxed just now, and in an instant, such a big change occurred, without any signs, he shot directly and forced him with the Conqueror’s Haki.

Under the pressure of Shanks imposing manner, it didn’t take long for Lin Tian to sweat cold sweats on his forehead, his back was already soaked in sweat, and his body trembled uncontrollably.

Lin Tian had to release his own imposing manner to fight against Shanks’ imposing manner, which gave Lin Tian a moment of breathing time.

Compared with Shanks’ imposing manner like the sea, Lin Tian’s own imposing manner is like a small river, not worth mentioning in front of it.

Shanks increased the imposing manner a little bit, Lin Tian’s whole body imposing manner was instantly defeated, the whole person as if was struck by lightning, trembled much more as if he would fall down at any time of.

This is the Four Emperors who dominate the New World. He is deep and unmeasurable. Lin Tian can’t bear it just by relying on the powerful, imposing manner.

Looking at this man who didn’t do anything in front of him, just stared at his man quietly, a trace of unwillingness flashed across Lin Tian’s face.

‘I have been in this world for five years. Is there such a big difference in the strength between myself and these powerhouses?!’


Lin Tian let out an unwilling growl from deep in one’s heart, and a more powerful imposing manner erupted from Lin Tian within the body.

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