Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain

Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain Chapter 172


In the bar, Shanks’ sudden shot made everyone surprised. No one expected things to change so quickly. Even the cadres of the Red Hair Pirates regiment are also puzzled by this scene.

‘Even if the captain really wants to deal with this Marine, why only rely on Conqueror’s Haki to do it?’

However, everyone believes in the captain.

‘Captain must have a purpose in doing this.’

Lucky Roux took a bite of the barbecue in his hand and asked with a puzzled look: “Beckman, you know the captain best. Do you know what the captain thinks?”

Hearing Lucky Roux’s question, the cadres on the side could not help but prick their ears.

Beckman could become a deputy captain not only because of his super strength but also his extremely high wisdom. Among everyone, the one who understands the captain’s mind best is the deputy captain Beckman, so everyone can’t help but listen to Beckman’s thoughts.

Beckman was lost in thought.

After thinking for a while, Beckman finally popped out three words, “I don’t know!”

Everyone’s faces were full of black lines.

‘you pretended to be think about it for so long, aren’t you cute?’

And just as these cadres asked, suddenly… a powerful, imposing manner came out… —no! Rather it is a murderous aura.

A strong murderous aura burst out of Lin Tian’s body. This murderous aura is very powerful. Even the experts present felt this murderous aura; their faces changed drastically.

The cadres of the Red Hair Pirates regiment present have strong strength. Murderous intent was something that everyone possessed, nothing unusual… But with such a strong murderous aura, even their complexion can’t help changing. Especially this kind of murderous aura coming from a teenage boy, it shocked them even more.

‘With such a strong murderous aura, how many people did this young man kill?’

The word “killing god” popped up in everyone’s mind.

‘No wonder this young man would have such a title. With such murderous aura, he really deserves this title.’

At this time, Lin Tian’s body seemed to be wrapped in light rays, bright like blood. The very strong murderous aura with Lin Tian as the center flooded the bar.

Under the strong murderous aura, Lin Tian is like a killing god who came out of the sea of corpses and corpses—exuding a terrifying imposing manner.

Ordinary people couldn’t even take a look at Lin Tian. Even under Lin Tian’s murderous aura, they felt they would faint immediately.

Looking at Lin Tian is like being in a scarlet world. The sky and even the earth are red. There are all kinds of bones everywhere, the wind whistling, red flashing thunder resounding through the sky. The scarlet rays of light illuminate the entire land, and countless things on the ground are composed of bones. On the high mountain composed of countless bones, the bloody Lin Tian stands high on it.

These only happened in an instant, and the powerful cadres walked out of these illusions induced by a strong murderous in an instant.

There was a shocking color on his face. This murderous aura could actually make them enter the illusion. Although it was only a moment, it was also extremely good, especially since this kind of thing was done by a 15-year-old boy.

Shanks’ complexion slightly changed. He didn’t expect that Lin Tian, who looks honest and sunny, that there is such a thick murderous aura hidden in his heart.

‘This boy has a strong control over himself, but this won’t be enough.’

The eyes were slightly tightened, without holding hands, the whole body came out in an imposing manner, and moved towards Lin Tian pounced. Under Shanks’s control, his own Haki didn’t leak a bit.

When Shanks released his imposing manner, Lin Tian had already felt it, and the whole body pressure suddenly increased. Under the Shanks’ aura, that strong murderous aura was instantly crushed without any obstacle.

At the moment the murderous aura was blown away, Lin Tian’s legs wavered under the sudden surge of pressure.

Just when everyone thought Lin Tian was about to kneel, Lin Tian, with perseverance, deeply stopped this falling posture.

Under the pressure of hegemonic pressure, Lin Tian’s skin bears this huge force every moment, not from one side but from all over the body.

Physical compression is not the most important thing. Haki, an intangible thing, is difficult to cause damage to tangible objects.

Whether Lin Tian is suppressed by Shanks and Rayleigh’s Haki, he feels as if his body has been carrying a lot of weight. This is because both of them are among the best in the world, and their control of Haki has reached a very high level.

Haki really attacks the human spirit. Haki directly oppresses human nature, relying on the aura and pressure that greatly impact the human mind and shock the spirit.

Those who are not determined, facing Conqueror’s Haki’s deterrence, will instantly be unable to withstand it and will faint and lose their battle strength.

And Haki is a large-scale attack. As long as one is within the attack range, even if tens of thousands of people are under Conqueror’s Haki, the group may be destroyed instantly.

Therefore, Lin Tian now has a fierce battle going on in his mind. Shanks’ imposing manner is like the ocean, surging forward with great momentum, continuous. Lin Tian could only barely resist Shanks’ attack by relying on his own far-reaching will.

However, this situation is very burdensome for Lin Tian. The confrontation between wills is not so simple. It is even more dangerous than fighting physically and consumes more energy.

Beckman took a mouthful of smoke and spat out the smoke. Watching Lin Tian trembling at this time, as if he was about to fall at any time, his tone was full of affirmation. “This Marine genius can’t support himself anymore. Boss’ Haki can be called the strongest in the world. This Marine genius has persisted to now and is already quite rare. After all…”

Just when Beckman was about to take a cigarette and then spoke again, Beckman was shocked by the scene. The cigarette stretched out to his mouth stopped, his mouth opened slightly, and he looked at Lin Tian with a stupid expression, not only Beckman but even the cadres beside him.

They saw Lin Tian stood up slowly, straightened his body, stared at Shanks closely, lips kept moving, no sound was made, but he was saying something.

It’s not that Lin Tian doesn’t want to speak; he really can’t speak. Just standing up has already consumed all of Lin Tian’s strength.

Although there was no sound from Lin Tian’s wavy lips, everyone read out what Lin Tian wanted to say. As soon as they understood, everyone was shocked.

‘That’s not enough! Does Four Emperors only have this power? It’s really disappointing.’

In just over twenty words, it represents this message.

Under this situation, Lin Tian did not faint as everyone expected, nor did he whisper for mercy. He chose a path that everyone did not expect.

In the face of one of Four Emperors, even if Lin Tian is the Marine’s strongest genius, Lin Tian does not have a winning percentage. If there is no chance of winning, why would you even declare war?

In the eyes of everyone, how can any sane person choose this? Not only is this not a wise choice, but it will drive oneself to ruin. But Lin Tian chose it.

For this, Shanks’s face was not at all annoyed, but admiration appeared in his eyes, but it disappeared from his eyes in an instant. His eyes became calm again.

Beckman discovered this slight change, and he couldn’t help but ponder. ‘It seems that the boss did all this intentionally, but what is the meaning behind it?’

Shanks suddenly shot Lin Tian. He just wanted to test how this Marine’s strongest genius is because he had interacted with Uncle Rayleigh.

Both parties have talked about Lin Tian, this Marine genius; Uncle Rayleigh admires Lin Tian very much and appreciates him very much, saying that the Marine has got a really good seed this time.

At that time, Shanks had joked that Raleigh didn’t think much about how he compares to this genius and directly said that he was not his opponent in terms of talent or mentality.

He still remembered at that time, Rayleigh once felt it and said, “From it, I saw a different thing, which is not clear, but a thing I only saw in the captain.”

For Uncle Rayleigh’s words, Shanks still believes very much, so from then on, Shanks began to pay attention to Lin Tian and looked forward to meeting with him to see if it was exactly what Uncle Rayleigh said.

Now, Shanks has got his own answer. Uncle Rayleigh made no mistake. From Lin Tian, Shanks saw the pressure aura of the captain. No matter how much danger is in front of him, he is not afraid.

But Shanks did not take back his Haki but increased it instead because Shanks wanted to know where the limits of this Marine genius were.

Scratch, squeeze…

There was a sound of cracking of wooden boards.

Under the weight of an invisible force, those wooden floors could no longer bear it and began to slowly break apart, little by little, spreading in the direction that moved towards Lin Tian extremely quickly.

Before Lin Tian could react to what was born, a huge force suddenly appeared in the void and struck Lin Tian in the chest.

With a “pu slam,” his chest seemed to be hit with a certain heavy hammer, Lin Tian spurt a mouthful of blood in an instant, the blood in his chest surged, and his face was pale.

Immediately after in the sky, a huge force appeared from different directions, oppressing Lin Tian. Even the tables and chairs on the side were under this huge force. They broke apart with a bang, exploding countless small wooden blocks, making it fly in all directions.

Although Lin Tian did not fell, all the planks on the ground under him had been broken. Revealing the bluestone below. Even the bluestone had already appeared many cracks, but Lin Tian still stands.

“This Marine genius can’t stand it anymore.”

I don’t know who said it, but everyone nodded in agreement.

“Arghhhh!” Lin Tian roared, and an imposing manner that was not weak at all burst out of his body, directly resisting Shanks’ Haki… No! It broke Shanks’ Haki and spread out to the surroundings with great speed.

“This is- Conqueror’s Haki Awakening!”

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