Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain

Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain Chapter 173


In the bar, everyone was shocked. Even if they opened their mouths to their maximum, they could not express their shock more.

Since their captain has made all-out efforts, even if this young man is a Marine genius, he wouldn’t be able to resist it. Being a genius does not mean he is an expert.

Even if you are a genius, in the eyes of the true powerhouse, as long as you don’t have the strength, you are always an ant to them. You may die halfway at any time.

Unexpectedly, at this last moment, Lin Tian exploded with a mighty aura and instantly broke through their captain’s Haki.

Without the slightest sign, this aura was centered on Lin Tian and vented in all directions. Surpassing the speed of time and space and instantly covering the entire Sabaody Archipelago.

In the entire Sabaody Archipelago, this imposing manner permeates it; whether in the house or walking on the street, you can feel this invisible force. Even if it is a few meters thick, there is no stopping power in the face of this invisible force.


On the island, those countless ordinary people immediately felt a big mountain pressing from the sky under Lin Tian Conqueror’s Haki.

Under this huge force, their heart beats quickly uncontrollably, with strong blood pressure, following the blood vessels, under the strong power of the heart beating, directly gushing towards the head, and fainting in an instant.

As the only and must-visit island to go to New World, countless great potentials are gathered here. Great Pirates who wanted to go to New World to make a reputation has extraordinary strength.

They also felt this imposing manner. Many pirates under Li Tian’s Haki, like ordinary people, fainted directly without even the slightest reaction.

In the entire Sabaody Archipelago, whether on busy streets, hot restaurants, high-end auctions, or shops, there is a continuous sound of falling to the ground.

Many people were just eating delicious food. Some people were walking on the road and fell to the ground without warning, and some vendors were selling sales and fell directly to the side.

This scene happened everywhere in Sabaody Archipelago. Countless people fell to the ground in various poses.

Now at lunch, there is a lot of noise in the kitchens of many restaurants, and countless chefs are busy. Now, these chefs have fainted, the fire on the stove will not disappear, the fire will leak, and many places will be on fire.

Some people even walked by the river and plunged straight into it. Some appeared out of the window and fell directly—some people who were arguing and fainted instantly.

Some strong Great Pirates that managed to stay awake were full of fear, especially watching people nearby fell to the ground without any signs.

The whole street or the whole room, standing alone, surrounded by silhouettes lying on the ground. If you could not hear the breathing of these people, one would think that everyone has died.

The whole body tensed up involuntarily, always paying attention to the surroundings. This is a person’s instinct when facing unknown things. 

The comfortable sea breeze blowing from the sea, under this weird situation, made people feel goosebumps on their bodies, like a gust of gloomy wind, which made people feel chills and panic from their hearts.

“What kind of power is this…? There is no movement, countless people could not even react at all and just fainted. Who in the world have this kind of power?”

In the first half of the Grand Line, the power of Conqueror’s Haki rarely exists, and many people have not heard of it because the masters with this power have entered the New World.

In short, the entire Sabaody Archipelago was in chaos, with smoke billowing in many places and wild beasts in many amusement parks ran out openly on the street like this.

This island has no vitality at this time. Countless people fainted, knowing nothing about what happened outside, and fell into a coma.

Sabaody Archipelago was plunged into a weird atmosphere, and people flowed into the river. There were people everywhere, and it was full of prosperity everywhere. Sin, trade, happiness, laughter, all kinds of things are born on this island, where light and darkness coexist and enter a strange balance. But now, all of this thoroughly disappeared in an instant, leaving only silence and fear. This is Lin Tian’s Conqueror’s Haki formidable power.


At this time, in the bar, within a few seconds, earthshaking changes have taken place outside, and the same is true in the bar.

Being at Lin Tian’s side, the strength of Haki was even stronger. Even the crew of Red Hair, under Lin Tian’s powerful Haki, had no resistance and fell directly to the ground.

“Conqueror’s Haki! -Only Conqueror’s Haki has this formidable power!”

This Marine genius actually broke out within the body potential at this last moment, Conqueror’s Haki Awakening, this power that is worshipped by the world.

People with the power of Awakening are called the “king’s aptitude” that has millions of people, and it is difficult to own one person. Such people have the aptitude to become kings, and most of these people can Become a side powerhouse.

There are few people of this kind, even in the New World.

And now, this Marine is the one with it. Why would it not shock everyone?

But after another thought, it was normal.

Known as Marine’s strongest genius, it is extremely normal to have this Conqueror’s Haki.

What shocked this group of powerful New World Great Pirates is another point. Lin Tian’s Conqueror’s Haki Awakening can break through the captain’s Haki. Although the captain was not prepared, it is still not simple anymore.

If you know Conqueror’s Haki’s accomplishments, even the Four Emperors, who also owns Conqueror’s Haki, is not the captain’s opponent in terms of Conqueror’s Haki.

In this regard, the rest of the Four Emperors are willing to be inferior in that matter. Conqueror’s Haki of Shanks is the only one in the Four Emperors that can cause damage to an entity, which other people the Four Emperors cannot do.

It can be said that Shanks is the strongest in the world in terms of Haki. In the Four Emperors, Shanks is the only one who has no Devil Fruit ability and has broken an arm.

As a swordsman, what kind of effect can a broken arm have on his own battle strength? But Shanks is still standing in the position of the Four Emperors. From these, we can see how high his Haki attainments are.

In this regard, Shanks’ calm face couldn’t help but change. Obviously, Shanks’ heart was not calm either. Lin Tian’s Haki could actually break through his own Haki. How could there be such a massive might in Awakening?

Conqueror’s Haki cannot be cultivated. —It is the courage of the user. Only when one becomes stronger will the attack power of Conqueror’s Haki become stronger.

“And Lin Tian was able to have such offensive power as soon as he was Awakened? How strong is this young man? Is his innate talent so powerful?” Shanks couldn’t help asking himself.

The standing Lin Tian was intoxicated with this powerful force. Three years ago, he had already experienced it slightly. Three years later, under the same strong pressure, he finally Awakened the power.

Feeling the power flowing in the body from the inside out… Conqueror’s Haki Awakening not only means that Lin Tian will have powerful attack methods but recognition of his potential in the future.

At the same time as his Awakening, it also opened up the treasure house in Lin Tian’s body and stimulated Lin Tian’s potential hidden in his body. In an instant, Lin Tian could feel that his strength had improved by several points, and powerful power was flowing everywhere in his body.

Feeling the powerful strength in his body, Lin Tian couldn’t help but want to rise to the sky with a long roar, but Lin Tian knew that the Four Emperor Red Hair Shanks was still next to him. He can’t do this kind of thing safely yet.

Only just now that Lin Tian had just Awakened. He has not studied Conqueror’s Haki too much yet, and it is difficult to control it in a short time, and he couldn’t take it back for a while.

Just when Lin Tian didn’t know what to do, the same power came from in the sky and blocked Lin Tian’s Haki from continuing to move towards all around the spread while slowly compressing Lin Tian Haki.

Only Shanks can do this step. With the help of Shanks, Lin Tian finally slowly recovered his Haki.

As a person who has Conqueror’s Haki Awakening, Shanks knows a lot about Conqueror’s Haki Awakening. When Awakening started, it is generally difficult for Awakening people to control Conqueror’s Haki effectively.

Another point for Shanks to do it; as a person who had just awakened, Lin Tian was too domineering; he must have made a mess outside as well.

As one of the intersections of two of the seven lines of the Grand Line, Sabaody Archipelago will not be short of strong people. Many powerhouses have already noticed.

If Lin Tian continues to do this, many powerhouses will definitely be attracted, and their whereabouts will be exposed.

Marine headquarters will also know that there are thousands of elite permanent residents in Sabaody Archipelago Marine, and they will have to run away at that time. This is not what Shanks hoped.

It wasn’t that Shanks was afraid of the Marine headquarters, but that he fought the navy for no reason. In the eyes of the idle Shanks, it was very troublesome. After all, there were many strong men in the Marine headquarters, making it troublesome for him to leave.

Retracting his Haki, Lin Tian opened his eyes, and his eyes flashed with a gleam of light. The imposing manner surrounds him, and the Haki was undoubtedly revealed.

Shanks’ face moved slightly, secretly said in one’s heart: ‘Worthy of Marine’s strongest genius and praised by Uncle Rayleigh. A strong innate talent. In such a situation to have a breakthrough Conqueror’s Haki Awakening, his strength must have instantly increased a lot.’

There was a smile on Lin Tian’s face; whoever received such benefits would be pleased with his fighting strength and diligence. After that, Lin Tian turned his gaze to the calm and still Shanks, who was sitting still. If there were no pressure from Shanks just now, it would take him, who knows how long to have Conqueror’s Haki Awakening.

“Thank you, Red Hair!”

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