Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain

Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain Chapter 174


In the bar, Lin Tian suddenly thanked the pirate captain, who suddenly shot him. Although he also Awakened Conqueror’s Haki because of this, he shouldn’t thank him!

Shanks didn’t deliberately attack him. Otherwise, Lin Tian would have been done a long time ago. How could he increase his strength from killing Lin Tian? There wasn’t any murderous aura from Shanks, to begin with anyway.

As for why, Lin Tian doesn’t know exactly, but it should be related to Rayleigh.

“Dahahaha… Brat, yes, it seems that Uncle Rayleigh was right. You actually resisted my Haki, and awakened your own Conqueror’s Haki…” Shanks returned to his previous lazy appearance, laughed, and said with a smile.

If he hadn’t seen it with his own eyes, how could he connect the lazy man in front of him with the domineering and imposing Four Emperors Red Hair Shanks?

‘Sure enough, it is related to Uncle Rayleigh, and it seems that I did not guess wrong,’ 

“Fortunately it’s a fluke. If it wasn’t for the last moment of awakening, I wouldn’t be able to hold it. Four Emperors deserves to be called that.”

“Here.” For Lin Tian’s praise, Shanks just drew a bottle of wine and threw it to Lin Tian.

Lin Tian quickly reached out and caught it without hesitation. Just finish it in one sip.

Seeing Lin Tian’s actions, Shanks showed a hint of appreciation on his face and loudly said: “Okay! As expected of Marine’s strongest genius, alright!”

After saying ‘OK’ twice, Shanks did not hesitate and directly drank the wine in the bottle.

A strange color flashed in the eyes of those cadres beside them. —One is a Great Pirate, and Lin Tian is a Marine; this is definitely a hostile relationship.

Lin Tian didn’t hesitate, so he drank the wine that the captain handed over directly, which made many pirates feel better about Lin Tian.

“Hey, Lin Tian, come here, let Aunt Shakky see what you have become after three years of absence.” Aunt Shakky gently shakes the ashes and points to an empty spot in front of the bar to say with a smile.

Lin Tian, hearing this, showed a hint of helplessness, but for Aunt Shakky’s tone of concern, his heart became very warm. He walked over and sat directly in the position, among a lot of Great Pirates.

“Auntie Shakky, I’m alright. Ever since Sexon, I’ve been missing the food here”, Lin Tian put his hand on the platform and said to Auntie Shakky.

Taking a closer look, Aunt Shakky showed a faint smile on her face, “Looking closer, our little Lin Tian is much more handsome. I don’t know what will happen to Hancock when she sees you.”

When he heard Aunt Shakky’s words, Lin Tian was taken aback. The extremely beautiful, proud, and beautiful silhouette appeared in his mind. He hadn’t seen each other for three years, so he doesn’t know how she is.

“Hancock… Does Hancock come here often? How is her situation now?” Lin Tian was a little confused.

What happened back then was very harmful to Hancock and the others. Why did she come here? This is the World Nobles’ site.

Having experienced the same incident, of course, Aunt Shakky understood Lin Tian’s worry. She took a breath of smoke, looking at Lin Tian with a different vision, and spoke. “Hancock has a deep affection for someone. That person will come here once every two months, just to understand the situation. But he hasn’t been here for three years…”

Faced with Aunt Shakky’s scolding, Lin Tian showed a trace of embarrassment on his face. Aunt Shakky was really telling the truth, and it was precisely this way that she didn’t know how to say it.

‘At this point, I really can’t stand Hancock. At the same time, I am still moved. I can let the empress of world number one beauty do things for me. I can imagine how much I occupies Hancock’s heart.’

“Hancock- is it Hancock, the new Seven Warlord empress?” Shanks’ face flashed a little surprise, and the same was true for the cadres beside him.

Lin Tian turned his head and asked Shanks, who was still drinking with a wine bottle: “The Four Emperors also pays attention to this name?”

Putting the empty bottle on the table, Shanks nodded.

Even for the lazy Shanks, the Seven Warlords, who are also known as Three Great Influences with Marine headquarters and Four Emperors, must pay attention.

Especially in the past two years, she has become Seven Warlords’ female emperor Hancock and is also the only female pirate among Seven Warlords. At that time, the fact that Hancock became Seven Warlords shocked Grand Line.

Not only is there no other reputation for such a powerful female pirate who appeared in the world, but there is also a reason, which is the reputation of Hancock, the number one beauty in the world.

Many people want to see Boa Hancock to see if she is as beautiful as the rumors. The number one in the world, you will be fascinated by a glance and then turn into stone.

“Hahaha… didn’t expect that Hancock, the most beautiful woman in the world, actually likes the strongest genius of the Marine.” Shanks looked at Lin Tian said with a big smile and with undisguised surprise in his tone.

The cadres on the side were equally surprised. They didn’t expect to hear such big news. If this incident were to spread out, it would surely shock the world.

Ignoring Shanks, who laughed, Lin Tian looked towards Aunt Shakky and explained with an apologetic expression: “There is no other way. I’ve been staying with the smelly old man on the sea, even if I want to come back here, the smelly old man wouldn’t let it.”

Without much thought, Lin Tian directly put the black pot on Garp’s back. Anyway, the smelly old man was there, so who else could hold Lin Tian in place?

“Smelly old man? Who is this smelly old man…!” Shanks, who was listening to the conversation, whispered to himself in confusion.

Aunt Shakky explained in due course: “This smelly old man is the Hero of the Marines, Garp.”

“It’s actually him! Ack!

When the pirates on the scene heard this name, they looked shocked. This name was quite impressive to those present. —Whether in the marines or the pirates, it was a discoloration for those who heard it.

Their eyes could not help being placed on Lin Tian. Now they suddenly realized the Marine genius in front of them is the only one named disciple of Garp, the man who inherited the mantle.

Speaking of the people present, the person who impressed and understood Garp the most was Shanks.

Shanks was a trainee crew member of the Roger Pirates. —It was Captain Roger back then. The man who became Pirate King was not Garp’s opponent. He was often chased by Garp. The days when they were chased were thrilling and nostalgic.

Suddenly, Aunt Shakky’s conversation turned, and she looked at Lin Tian with a meaningful smile. Lin Tian immediately had a bad feeling.

“That’s not right, Lin Tian, I remember that Garp also replied the Marine headquarters two years ago, and you didn’t seem to be back then…”

When he heard Aunt Shakky’s words, he screamed for his own missteps. He forgot that Aunt Shakky turned the door for intelligence and sometimes intelligence communication. How can he deceive her in this regard?

Uncovered by Aunt Shakky, Lin Tian touched the back of the head sorry and said: “Didn’t expect that Aunt Shakky is still so good. You saw through my joke right away.”

Suddenly, Lin Tian patted his head fiercely. If Aunt Shakky hadn’t reminded him, he would have almost forgotten about it, and he would be in trouble again.

Lin Tian’s sudden action made everyone look forced and curious.

Without minding everyone’s gaze, Lin Tian smiled at Shanks instead.

Looking at Lin Tian’s smile, Shanks had a bad premonition in his heart. 

The dignified Four Emperors of New World was actually startled under the smile of a Marine. If it is spread, what kind of storms would be set off?

It’s not that Shanks is afraid, but Lin Tian’s smile showed wretchedness and deserves a beating. Not only Shanks feels like this, but it is the same for those cadres and Aunt Shakky present.

For this, everyone was very puzzled. What exactly does Lin Tian know, and why would he show that kind of smile to Shanks?

In that wretched smile, Lin Tian extended the hand groping for a long time in the clothes and finally touched something. The smile on his face became even worse.

They saw Lin Tian slowly withdrew his hand, and in the eyes of everyone’s expectation and curiosity, Lin Tian fumbled for a long time, and what he took out was indeed a purse.

The whole body is sewn with thin red thread, and a lot of things are rusted on it with some other silk threads. The purse is tightly closed by two thick golden threads, and you can’t see what’s inside.

Looking at this ordinary purse, everyone’s faces became more puzzled. There is nothing special about this purse, but why does Lin Tian have that expression?

He glanced around and took the expressions of everyone in the entire scene. Lin Tian smiled secretly in his heart, ‘if they know the meaning of this purse, who knows what kind of expression they will have?’

Lin Tian slowly turned over the back of the purse, because the real mystery was actually on the back, and everyone did not see that’s all.

But the mouth just said: “Like what Aunt Shakky said earlier, I actually left the smelly old man for a year, and for that one year I was thrown to East Blue by the smelly old man.”

Hearing the word East Blue, some Red Hair Pirates cadres showed a thoughtful look on their faces. They stayed in East Blue for a long time, and some of them were confused.

“And there, I stayed in a small peaceful village. The village is called Windmill Village. There is a banquet bar, and there is this Lady Boss in it.”

Hearing this, the Red Hair Pirates’ veterans have clear comprehension on their faces, but they are still puzzled. They have been there when they traveled and stayed there for a long time. That banquet bar is where they often go, and there is a very funny kid there, saying that he is going to be the Pirate King.

However, how come this Marine has been there and stayed there for a year? Is this a coincidence?

At this time, Lin Tian also turned the back of the purse, facing it to everyone!

Ah! What!”

A scream sounded, and there was also a sound of falling to the ground. Even the cadres were frightened and fell to the ground with their eyes staring at Lin Tian’s purse. They were all shocked.

Even facing these New World powerhouses, they will not be so scared, but they are frightened by the contents of the purse. —It’s not that they can’t stand it, but just this thing is too amazing, completely beyond their psychological tolerance limit.

Now, everyone finally knows why Lin Tian has that kind of expression. Who knew that this news and content have such a huge secret?

Next, those who understood the matter looked at Lin Tian with the same smile.

As the person involved, Shanks should be the most shocked because the content caught Four Emperors’ Red Hair Shanks completely by surprise.

There was chaos in his head, and he didn’t know what to do.

After a while, Shanks reacted and felt the harboring malicious intentions and gossiping gazes around him.

The New World’s Great Pirate, Four Emperors, Red Hair Shanks actually blushed.

What is behind the purse that caused such a big change to everyone in an instant?

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