Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain

Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain Chapter 18



It was another violent collides, but unlike the previous one, Lin Tian was forced back one or two steps by Bert.

But he didn’t expect that Bert had been hiding his power. Lin Tian had gradually adapted to Bert’s power.

But just when Lin Tian thought Bert was going to take a back step, Bert suddenly increased his strength, and Lin Tian didn’t watch out and got hit.

After tumbling a few times in midair, Lin Tian took control of his body. Before landing, Lin Tian resisted this huge force and stopped after only two steps back.

After such a year of fighting with Karp, Lin Tian has already devised a counter move to weaken his enemy.

Just now, he was caught off guard. If he were prepared, Lin Tian would take a few steps back. He felt that he would not suffer a significant loss like he is now.

Under the energy and blood pressure churning in his chest, Lin Tian looked at Bert ten paces away and said, “Unexpectedly, you actually hide your strength.”

Seeing his boss, the pirates next to Bert saw he blow away Lin Tian into the air, suddenly excited. I thought this kid was amazing, but he wasn’t even compatible with the boss’s opponent.

“You deserve to be our superior, lord Bert!”

“Yeah. Lord, fighting and kill this kid!”

Seeing his subordinates cheering him so hard, Bert could only smile helplessly, and he couldn’t tell what he was thinking now.

You guys only look that I was knocking this little devil into the air, but it was just that he was caught off guard, and depending on the situation, he was not injured at all.

Originally, Bert wanted to take advantage of that to wound Lin Tian ​​so that he could weaken him and take the opportunity to kill this kid. But he didn’t expect that Lin Tian would resist his blow.

It looked that Lin Tian also hides his strength, and Bert knew that Lin Tian more powerful than himself, but Lin Tian actually hid his strength now, and now Lin Tian was no longer his opponent.

But fortunately, the captain must already know what’s going on here. As long as he comes to backup me, this kid will be dead for sure, Bert thought secretly.

In fact, Bert thought too much. The reason Lin Tian was fine was that Lin Tian had adapted to this kind of battle.

Now Lin Tian had already been defeated if he was not using his real ability.

“Lord Bert, somehow, the transponder worm can’t reach the captain,” a pirate said in fear while holding the transponder worm in his hand.

Someone could block the transponder worm, and he has never heard of it. And now that such a thing happened before his own eyes, how could the pirate not feel fear.

“What?!” Bert exclaimed, “How is this possible? Have you tried with other transponder worms?!”.

The pirate cried and said, “I tried it! I tried all of them, but no one works.”

Seeing these pirates finally found out, Lin Tian finally showed a smile on his face. Now that these pirates have found out, Lin Tian a few steps in front of them.

“It’s you… it’s you… you do everything!”.

Seeing Lin Tian’s smile, Bert understood instantly. No wonder this kid was not in a hurry when he ordered his subordinates earlier because he had planned everything.

Lin Tian nodded and nodded, “If I start something, I’ll finish it in order to avoid a mistake. So before I am coming, I isolated this building from the outside.”

After the remaining pirates heard this, they were already speechless in fear.

He could seal the transponder worm and kill people silently. What kind of Devil Fruit did this kid eat?!

Only Bert realized the seriousness of the matter in an instant. Since this kid blocked the transponder worm, it means that this kid has the absolute certainty of taking down people like himself.

At this time, Bert figured out that Lin Tian was a talented person. Before Lin Tian had not used his real abilities, Bert was taking too paltry of him.

Now that he knew that the transponder worm is useless, Bert had a decision in his heart and shouted to his men.

“You guys, go run away from this building in different directions. No matter how powerful this kid is, it’s impossible to kill so many people at the same time in the far distance. After you run out, immediately contact the captain with transponder worm.”

Under Bert’s command, the pirates separated immediately and ran in different directions. Their speed broke the limit of the human body, just like a rabbit.

“Lord Bert, what do you do then?”

“I will hold him here. Without me, none of you can get out.” Bert stared at Lin Tian and said.

They were seeing their boss wanted to stay there and dealt with this kid alone. The pirates were so excited that the image of Bert in their hearts instantly rose.

“Lord Bert, be careful. We will notify the captain as soon as possible.”

Bert doesn’t want to run but can’t run. If he ran away, these men would be killed instantly by Lin Tian. After that, Lin Tian will be able to deal with him with all his strength

If Bert relied on his own speed, Lin Tian would be caught up if he didn’t run far enough.

That why I can’t go, I have to stay here and wait for my men to notify the captain, so I can still have a chance.

Lin Tian had estimated Bert’s plan. With a chuckle, “Do you think your men can run away?”

“What?” Bert suddenly had a bad premonition. Could it be that this kid could kill so many people at the same time? If this is the case, it would be bad.

He saw Lin Tian ​​gently raising his hand and aiming at the pirates who were running away.


Those pirates who were running stopped suddenly, motionless as if they had been held their own bodies.

Even Bert was not surprised. When Lin Tian raised his hand, Bert felt a force in the air, making him unable to move.

When these pirates were imprisoned, their eyes emerging the fear of death, the pirate who chased Charly’s sister also was killed by this method.

‘Twisted off,’ Lin Tian waved his hand.

As soon as Lin Tian’s voice fell, Bert felt a powerful force appearing on his neck and wanted to break his neck. Bert was quite strong and could hold that powerful force for a while, but the rest of the pirates do not have such strength like him.

He saw that his subordinate’s eyes whitened one by one, and a trace of blood flowed from the corner of his mouth. They were already dead. If an ordinary person saw this, they would be scared to death.

Seeing that, Burt suddenly burst into a powerful force, breaking through Lin Tian’s restraints.

At the same time, so many pirates were imprisoned, and each person’s resistance was also reduced a lot. Lin Tian was not surprised that Bert could break free. He just didn’t solve it, making Lin Tian feel a little uncomfortable.

Seeing that his subordinates were killed in an instant, Bert had already throw away the fear in his heart.

“You are the only one left,” Lin Tian said, pointing to the corpses all over the floor.

After seeing Lin Tian’s hand just now, Bert had no intention of running away. I also realized that I was afraid it would be difficult to survive this time. As the kid said before, he didn’t like keeping prisoners.

But the ants still wanted their lives, let alone humans. Bert wasn’t a person who was just sitting and waiting for death. Even if he has some hope, he has to fight for it.

Bert waved his swords in his hands and rushed towards Lin Tian unwillingly. Why is this kid able to get such a powerful Devil Fruit and become a Marine Captain at such a young age.

After being the swordsman that people feared for so long, he couldn’t beat a little brat like Lin Tian, and Bert was full of reluctance.

Under Lin Tian’s powerful strength, Bert’s state of mind has been chaotic, and there was absolutely no way to make moves, and he was not Lin Tian’s equal opponent.

Clang… clang…

How could Bert, who had no intention of fighting, be Lin Tian’s opponent, but holding Bert to death, it was more difficult to deal with than before. Now Bert’s fighting style was completely swapping injuries for injuries.

Lin Tian didn’t want to die with Bert, so he could only use ‘Shave’ to fight, and from time to time, he found the right opportunity to leave a wound on Bert.

After the two played dozens of moves, Bert lost so much blood, and his physical strength began to decline.

After a few moves, Lin Tian found an opportunity and kicked Bert’s face. After hitting Bert to the ground, Bert, who lost too much blood, had a much lower reaction power. Lin Tian seized this opportunity and cut his throat with a sword.

After that fierce fight, Lin Tian killed all the pirates in the town without disturbing the pirates in the forest, leaving no one alive.

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