Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain

Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain Chapter 19


And now on the other side.

Under Lin Tian’s instructions, Carly and her sister went all the way through the forest. At night, the forest was tranquil.

Under the dense foliage cover, only a little bit of moonlight shines in the forest, bringing light.

They walked in the forest, stepped on the fallen leaves on the ground. Carly held her sister’s hand tightly and walked cautiously.

Even though the forest at night was tranquil, people who have stayed in the forest can understand that the forest at night is the most dangerous.

Because there were many powerful beasts at night, they come out to find food. So in this quiet, many life-and-death battles took place.

Some predators were content to capture their prey, while some of them turned from predators into food.

From a predator being prey often happened in an instant. This was the cruel survival rule in the jungle.

How could Carly not know she just entered the wild battlefield. So Carly has been holding onto her sister’s hand tightly, paid attention to the movement in all directions. With her own strength, it was very dangerous to move forward in the forest at night.

“Ah!” Carly, who didn’t pay attention to her step, suddenly tripped and fell to the ground with a scream.

Her sister saw she suddenly fell in front of her, her sister hurried forward to help, and helped: “Sister, are you all right?!”.

There were dead leaves covered the ground, so Carly fell on it without much injury, then she got up from the ground, “It’s okay, I just tripped over something.”

Carly got up, turned around, and looked behind her, wondering what she tripped over. When Carly saw what was behind, she covered her mouth with an incredulous face and exclaimed: “Oh my god! How is this possible?”

And her little sister’s expression after seeing the corpse was even more shocked than Carly’s. Her mouth opened for a long time, and she didn’t even say a word.

They saw a tiger corpse lying where Carly was standing just now, and this tiger was huge, seven or eight meters long. This tiger was the forest’s overlord, but its head had been chopped off, and it only a corpse now.

After a while, Carly reacted and instantly understood who did it. The road she walked was the one that Lin Tian had just walked. This giant tiger corpse was lying here, and as long as she thought about it, she could guess that Lin Tian has beaten it.

Only then did Carly understand. She was afraid of danger in the forest and didn’t want to take my sister with me.

But Lin Tian said at the time that it was okay. The dangerous beast on the way had been beaten.

It turned out that the dangerous beast that Lin Tian means was this tiger. At that time, she didn’t understand what Lin Tian said. Now seeing this situation, she figured everything out instantly.

Lin Tian thought about everything a long time ago. It was precisely knowing that he had already solved the beasts on that road so that he has no anxiety to Carly and her sister, who had no power to through this road.

Even such a huge beast was not Lin Tian’s opponent. After discovered Lin Tian’s mighty power, Carly’s expectations for Lin Tian immediately rose a lot.

Knowing that Lin Tian has beaten the beasts along the way, Carly and her sister’s speed immediately accelerated.

Along the way, Carly and her sister ran into a lot of beast’s corpses, some of them were turned by Lin Tian into the mud, ​​and Carly and her sister couldn’t identity what creatures are they.

Looking at many giant beasts were killed, the little girl asked carefully: “Sister, did that marine big brother kill these all?”

“Yeah,” Carly nodded, looking at this corpse. It was hard to imagine that these creatures would die on Lin Tian’s hand, ​​a child who looked like a teenager.

They then arrived at the place where Lin Tian landed and found the small boat hidden in the bushes. They struggled to push the small boat onto the coast.

Carly and her sister climbed into the small boat and rowed towards the north of the island because the marine ship was anchored there, and there was also a Vice-Admiral there. As long as the Marine was found there, their father would be rescued.

The place where the warship was anchored is not far from the island. Carly could already see the appearance of the warship after a few miles.

Afraid of being spotted by the pirates on the island, the warship lights were all turned off, so when Carly arrived, no one noticed their arrival, except for Garp.

Before Carly arrived at the warship, Garp had spotted her. It because Garp has mastered Observation Haki, but he couldn’t specify who the person is coming.


According to the signal given by Lin Tian, ​​Carly knocked on the ship three times. After three knocks, footsteps came from above immediately, and two ropes with hooks were dropped.

This code was discussed by Lin Tian in front of him with the Commodore. Only after heard this code, they would know the person below was Lin Tian.

If this code was not used, then the person below was not Lin Tian. Since it was not Lin Tian, ​​then the person who came will be caught.

After she tied the rope tightly to the small boat, Carly shook the rope vigorously to indicate that it was tied.

Then she hugged her sister on the boat. After hearing the signal, the marine soldiers immediately pulled the boat up.

When the boat was pulled aboard, the Commodore was already waiting for Lin Tian. But who knew it was not Lin Tian, ​​but two little girls.

The person who saw it was not Lin Tian. The marine soldiers immediately raised the gun in his hand and pointed at Carly and her sister’s forehead.

Her sister felt danger, then she was frightened and hugged Carly tightly. Carly suppressed the fear in her heart and raised the flare that Lin Tian gave her.

“We are the residents of the island, and a marine soldier named Lin Tian asked us to come over.”

Seeing the flare in Carly’s hand, the Commodore immediately recognized it. Obviously, he gave it to Lin Tian and ordered: “Put down the gun, they are not a pirate.”

“Are you really sent by Lin Tian? Why didn’t he come back himself,” the Commodore confirmed again.

Seeing that these marine soldiers were not aiming the guns at her anymore, Carly heaved a sigh of relief and explained: “Lin Tian going to take down the pirates in the town, so he ordered us to bring a letter, and by the way, we should make things clear.”

Hearing Carly’s explanation, the Commodore was already convinced. Only by getting the letter and believing that Lin Tian wrote it could the Commodore completely trust these two girls.

“Take out the letter. I have to confirm it first,” the Commodore reached out and asked.

Carly held the letter on her chest and said nervously: “Lin Tian said she should hand this letter to Vice Admiral Garp. Only when I see him, I will hand over this letter.”

Just as the Commodore was about to speak, Garp came out from the crowd and said with a smile: “Little girl, I am Vice Admiral Garp, now you can give me the letter.”

In fact, when Carly got on the ship, Garp was watching them. And when he heard Lin Tian wrote a letter to himself, Garp had to come out.

“Vice Admiral Garp!” When the marine soldiers saw Garp stepped out, they saluted immediately.

Carly saw that the surrounding marine soldiers called him Vice-Admiral Garp, knowing that she had found the right person, and quickly took out the letter Lin Tian handed to her and gave it to Garp respectfully.

The man in front of her was a Vice-Admiral, a man with great power. This was the first time Carly has seen such a high-rank marine soldier, and she has to face him carefully.

Looking at Garp in front of him, Carly thought strangely: “Isn’t Lin Tian saying that Garp is a smelly old man? It doesn’t look like what Lin Tian said.”

Garp accepted the letter and opened it immediately. Garp was still very interested in what Lin Tian wrote.

Commodore asked Carly, “Little girl, since you are from the island, can you tell me what happened on the island?”

Then Carly once again explained in detail what happened on the island in the past six months.


After listening to Carly’s narration, all the marine soldiers were furious, especially the Commodore, who directly punched the wall.

“Why is there such scum in the Marine? This is really a shame for Marine.” The Commodore said with a dark face.

“That’s right! That Commodore must be arrested!”

“This kind of person is not worthy of being a marine soldier at all.”

“This kind of marine soldier, damn it, we must not let them exist.”


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