Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain

Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain Chapter 190


On the calm sea, something suddenly appeared. A huge Pirate Ship slowly appeared and approached.

“Moby Dick!”

The main ship of Whitebeard Pirates, the bow is decorated with a huge whale. It is a legendary Pirate Ship that has gone through a whole era.

The entire Pirate Ship is incomparably gigantic, and more than 1,600 people are living on it. This is the main group of Whitebeard Pirates, and it is no less than the giant battleships in the previous life.

On the bow of the ship, on the head of the huge whale, a large group of people in various costumes stood on it. There were thirteen of these people, and these are the Captains of all the teams under Whitebeard.

Now, the Whitebeard Pirates are all here.

The three Marine Battleships were immediately caught in the front and back. The Marines ran on the deck and quickly ran to their posts. A battle was about to start.

Throwing out the cigarette in her mouth, Hina moved towards Lin Tian and approached, staring at the Pirate Ship front and back with a vigilant face, and asked: “What about it, Lin Tian? The Whitebeard Pirates are not good, and now we are being attacked from the front and back. Do we break out or negotiate with Whitebeard?”

Ain didn’t say much but stood quietly behind Lin Tian. No matter what Lin Tian did, she would always stand beside Lin Tian and support him.


Without any hesitation, Lin Tian directly replied. With the entire Whitebeard Pirates dispatched, they would not have the slightest backhand strength, let alone breakthrough.

On the other side, there is Whitebeard, this legendary man. He alone is enough to destroy them, not to mention that several Captains and battle strengths under Whitebeard are comparable to Marine Admirals.

As for Lin Tian and the others, apart from Lin Tian, the high-end combat power is poor, and there is no other way to go except for negotiation.

At the same time, Lin Tian secretly guessed that Whitebeard didn’t want to take action against them. Otherwise, how could they be able to stand here against them?

After taking a few steps forward, Lin Tian’s silhouette was completely exposed, and the Marine justice cloak on his back was fluttering in the wind, staring at the entire Whitebeard Pirates with little fear.

Even if it was the pirate on the opposite side, they had to be impressed by Lin Tian’s Haki. Facing them alone, one of the world’s strongest pirate groups without the slightest fear.

“No loss is Marine’s strongest genius, but with just this imposing manner, he is worthy of holding this title.” One of the captains of Whitebeard Pirates exclaimed.

This person is Captain of the fifth division, Flower Sword Vista, a steady swordsman of two swords, one of the very best swordsmen in the world. His strength is equally powerful.

On the side, another Captain said: “I really want to fight this genius. It is said that he has a trick to cut off any matter in the world, and I don’t know if it can break my body.”

Diamond Jozu, the third team Captain, can turn his whole body into diamonds, possessing the world’s strongest physical defense body.



Taking a deep breath, Lin Tian shouted: “Whitebeard, I didn’t expect that one day, I would meet with the world’s strongest man on the battlefield under such circumstances.”

“Goo la la la la la…” Whitebeard smiled boldly, “The strongest genius of Marine, and the name that shocks the world. I have always wanted to see what kind of discipline Garp had cultivated.”

Suddenly, with his gaze sinking, Whitebeard appeared a murderous aura and said: “However, today you are the strongest genius in the Marine, but you finally fell into my hands. You have said what I should do.”

Quiet! There was silence, and everyone didn’t expect Whitebeard to change so quickly. Just now, he had a bold face, and his murderous aura was immediately exposed.

“Dad, Lin Tian is…”

But before Ace finished speaking, Whitebeard stopped Ace with a wave of his hand. Although Lin Tian is strong, Ace doesn’t think he can beat Dad. Dad is really strong.

When Ace wanted to continue speaking, Marco grabbed Ace and signaled Ace to stop talking with his eyes. Dad wouldn’t care about it.

Even Lin Tian did not expect that Whitebeard would change so fast, but it is the powerhouse that came from that era. No one is simple.

“Whitebeard, do you think you will take us down?” Lin Tian asked calmly.

Whitebeard did not speak but looked at Lin Tian with a faint smile. Saying, is there any way you can lead all Marines to charge ahead?


Before everyone understood why Lin Tian was laughing, his face suddenly changed, “Whitebeard, although I am not your opponent, are you not afraid of either the fish dies or the net splits?”

[*TL note: yú sǐ wǎng pò= literally either the fish dies or the net splits=a life and death struggle]

Everyone was startled, and laughter broke out immediately. That laughter was full of disdain and contempt; even those Captains who thought Lin Tian was good couldn’t help but shake their heads in their hearts.

Although Lin Tian is worthy of the name of Marine’s strongest genius, he is still far behind the people of the same generation in the world. Even many old people are still at the peak in the world.

Dad was one of the three legendary pirates that year, known as The Strongest Man in the World, and his name resounded all over the world. Even the ballads sung by young children around the world described him as “terrifying than monsters”.

How can Lin Tian say that he is equal to the old man? Either the fish dies, or the net splits, and it is a bit too arrogant.

Ignoring the pirate’s ridicule, Lin Tian said calmly: “Whitebeard, I am indeed not your opponent. And as for Marines in our G1 branch, we are not even your Whitebeard Pirates’ opponent.”

Hearing Vice Admiral Lin Tian’s words, many Marines felt embarrassed on their faces. Still, the fact is that no one can refute them, and their faces are gradually being replaced by unwillingness.

“But on this ship are my companions and the people I like. Whitebeard, you must also understand in your heart, do you think you can stop me?” After a pause, Lin Tian showed an extremely strong murderous aura, and the sky seemed to be dyed red by the murderous aura, “Whitebeard, do you think you can block my unrelenting revenge?”


Heaven and Earth fell silent again.

Who knows if it was because of Lin Tian’s terrifying murderous aura, or Lin Tian’s amazing words, or both.

But only one point, now no one dares to laugh at it anymore, because what Lin Tian tells is a fact, an undeniable fact, and there is no doubt that Lin Tian’s battle strength can do this.

Just now, Lin Tian was able to retreat Whitebeard in an imposing manner. There is no need to think about the battle strength, and even Ace said Lin Tian is extremely strong. –Lin Tian can do space teleportation, Lin Tian wants to leave, and Whitebeard can’t stop it.

“Really?” Whitebeard asked back, stomping his right foot, and a gust of wind rose out of thin air, “Are you so sure that you can escape from my hands?”

How could a trifling few words threaten a powerhouse like Whitebeard?

Of course, Lin Tian knew this, but nowadays, Lin Tian has no other way apart from threatening Whitebeard to the negotiation table.

“I think-“

As soon as the words were finished, Lin Tian disappeared without warning.

Seeing this scene, Ace narrowed his eyes. Lin Tian had used this trick in the battle just now. It was so terrifying that he didn’t even realize that he appeared behind him.

“-This should be fine.”

As the voice fell, Lin Tian appeared again in front of Whitebeard without warning. Lin Tian looked up at Whitebeard. The two of them faced each other like this.

In the dark, Whitebeard was also surprised. Although Whitebeard had discovered the moment Lin Tian appeared, he didn’t even find Lin Tian moved over by any means.

Marco instantly turned into a flame bird with a puff, and the flames’ wings shook like a stream of light, which was forced towards Lin Tian. Wherever it went, the air was distorted, and it seemed that Marco’s blue flame had a fairly high temperature.


Lin Tian disappeared again, and when he appeared, he returned to the Marine battleship. Marco threw himself into the air, looking at Lin Tian in the distance with an anxious expression.

Just when Marco wanted to rush to Lin Tian, Whitebeard hurriedly stopped, “Marco, stop. You are not his opponent.”

Lin Tian stared at Whitebeard and asked again: “How about it, Whitebeard? Do you think I can’t escape?”

Goo la la la…, I didn’t expect it. I, Whitebeard, have been on the Grand Line for so long, and a little kid threatened me for the first time.” Whitebeard said with a smile, but Lin Tian felt slight loneliness in his tone.

No matter how strong a master is, he also has a human heart, and one day he will not escape death. At that time, he will probably do the same and eventually become a wave of loss.

“Dad, we have the absolute advantage. How can we…” Marco said, unconvinced.

‘Dad is the strongest man, how can we acknowledge allegiance und. Howreats like this despicable means.’

Some Captains on the side also said so, persuading: “Yes, Dad!”

“Don’t say anything,” Whitebeard said firmly.

Whether it is for Ace’s face or Garp’s face, Whitebeard would not have kept them, just to test what the Marine genius is.

As a result, Whitebeard was startled and didn’t expect himself to be threatened.

Slightly stepping on, Whitebeard said boldly: “Marine, although I can let you go, you must also agree to a condition.”

Lin Tian thought for a while, replied: “Good! As long as the conditions are not too embarrassing, I agree with all.”

Goo la la la….” Whitebeard said with a big smile: “Rest assured, I won’t ask you to do anything to kill people or arson. Your teacher is Garp, and Garp’s greatest strength is the pair of Iron Fist. As his student, for so many years, you must have learned a lot.”

Lin Tian asked a little unsurely: “Could it be that you want to…”

“Yes, how is it?! Marine genius, try to survive from my one punch. Regardless of victory or defeat, I will let you go!”


Without hesitation, Lin Tian directly nodded in agreement. He ran to the legendary man Whitebeard.

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