Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain

Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain Chapter 191


Whitebeard’s promise of a punch; both the Marines and pirates were very surprised. Lin Tian and Whitebeard were not on the same rank.

Whitebeard is known as the strongest man in the world, especially his Gura Gura no Mi, known as the strongest Paramecia, who possesses the power to destroy the world. How could Lin Tian be his opponent?

“Lin Tian, why did you suddenly agree?! Whitebeard’s power is known to the whole world! The power that can crash an island with a single punch!” Ain said with blame from the side.

In addition to blaming him, there is also worry and unhappiness in the tone. As a person close to Lin Tian, Ain also knows Lin Tian’s strengths the best, and there is a gap compared with Whitebeard.

After all, that is the most powerful man, and he is still competing for power. Whitebeard has the power to destroy the world. In the Marine, most likely that only Vice Admiral Garp can compete with Whitebeard.

Hina also quickly persuaded her from the side: “That’s right, Lin Tian, I think you still want to make it clear. This punch agreement is somewhat…”

Gently patted Ai Yin’s extremely smooth little hand, smiled lightly on her face, and said indifferently: “You have been with me for so long, don’t you know what kind of person I am? If I’m not sure about things, I won’t do it. Moreover, if I’m threatening this kind of powerhouse, I can’t do it without paying the price.”

The strong have the dignity and bottom line that belongs to the strong, and threats are very disdainful and hateful in the eyes of any strong, just like Lin Tian is the same, let alone the top strong like the Whitebeard.

However, under the circumstances, Lin Tian had no other method besides threatening Whitebeard. In the face of absolute strength, any strategy is useless.


At the Pirate Ship, Ace thought for a while, gritted his teeth, and pleaded with Whitebeard. The relationship between him and Lin Tian is truly brotherly. In this case, how could Ace do nothing?

“Dad, by that time… I beg you to show mercy. Lin Tian is my brother.”

Whitebeard boldly smiled and said: “Don’t worry, Ace, you don’t need to remind me. This old man also knows in his heart, and I will not hurt your brother.”

When he heard the old man say this, Ace smiled. He couldn’t help but relax. The old man is a man who does what he says.

With a light movement, Whitebeard looked at Lin Tian on the opposite side, and a trace of caution flashed in his eyes.

Actually, Ace didn’t need to say that. Whitebeard was unsure if he could solve Lin Tian with a single punch, even if Lin Tian were already seriously injured.

The confrontation between the two in an imposing manner just now, although he had the upper hand, Lin Tian did push him back. From this point, Lin Tian’s strength can be seen in general.

Even the terrifying Whitebeard is not sure about Lin Tian.


“Whitebeard, are we here directly or looking for a small island as the battlefield.” Lin Tian shouted on the bow.

“No need, just stay here. If you want to come and continue to be surrounded by us, you won’t stop being worried about it.” Whitebeard replied loudly.

Without disguising, Lin Tian bluntly admitted: “Yes, as a Marine, surrounded by Four Emperors’ Whitebeard, no one can rest assured.”

Whitebeard’s answer was indeed what Lin Tian hoped. After all, he was not facing an ordinary pirate. Although the world knew that Whitebeard was a promised person, Lin Tian still couldn’t rest assured.

“In this case, let’s not talk nonsense. Marine genius, Lin Tian, let me see how much essence you learned from your teacher Garp.”

Whitebeard boldly smiled. With his legs slightly bent, his hands clenched into fists, crossing his abdomen, a powerful, imposing manner burst out from his body, flooding between Heaven and Earth.

In the windless, extremely calm sea, a gust of wind rose out of thin air. Whitebeard’s cloak was blown loudly by the wind, and the beard on his face was shaking slightly.

Feeling this powerful, imposing manner, Lin Tian couldn’t help but boil. His whole body did not show any weakness but also burst out in a powerful, imposing way, mixed with thick fighting intent.

Since he first came to the New World that year, he fought bloody battles with those New Worlds; his strength has grown.

“I haven’t experienced this kind of taste for a long time. It is said that every Four Emperors is a monster. Today, let me try what kind of power a monster has.” Lin Tian loudly laughed.

Out of the entire New World, only those Four Emperors and some hidden powerhouses can make Lin Tian unsure.

Because of his Marine identity, he can’t just challenge the Four Emperors at will. He has the freedom of friendship with Red Hair Shanks, but who knows where he goes and who could find him every day?

Lin Tian has already seen Kaido of the Beast of Four Emperors. But since that time, Lin Tian never wants to see him anymore. He was strange, and even Lin Tian could not help it.

Being able to fight against the legendary The Strongest Man in the World, Whitebeard, Lin Tian expects that only by fighting against this powerhouse can he be one step closer on the road of powerhouse.

“Good! Good!…” Whitebeard said several times, complimenting him: “For decades, there has never been a teenager who has said so much to me. It’s not so easy to talk big. Sometimes it can cost you.”

After that, Whitebeard stamped his right foot and directly slammed the Pirate Ship’s bow hundreds of meters away. Stepping on for a few meters, the huge oars at the stern of the ship were all raised.

Lin Tian stomped with one foot and rose to the sky, and the tall bow of the Battleship also sank.

A lot of unprepared soldiers didn’t react in time and fell directly on the deck, falling on all fours.

“Of course, there is a price to talk about big words, but it depends on who. If you don’t talk big, why pay the price, to begin with?”

Hearing Lin Tian’s words, both sides have their own opinions. Of course, the pirate feels that Lin Tian is extremely arrogant. His innate talent is high, but genius still needs time to grow.

Their dad is known as The Strongest Man in the World. How could he be so easily surpassed? Otherwise, why does dad still have this title?

The Marine soldiers certainly think Lin Tian’s Haki is incomparable. Four years ago, Vice Admiral Lin Tian was able to resist the legendary Dark King Rayleigh. Now his strength must be deep and unmeasurable.


Over the sky, the two have begun to meet!

Whitebeard does not have a fancy boxing technique, just a normal straight punch. Still, it has terrifying power, enough to destroy an island easily. —This is the Whitebeard boxing method, just relying on the incomparable ability to destroy the world, the best interpretation is to drop ten guilds with one force.

Lin Tian also did not use formidable power like Dragon Fist and Lushan Shenglongba. Although these two punches are extremely powerful, they still have the advantage of the unique punching method, which will still waste a lot of power in the process.

In the face of a man like Whitebeard, any power must be gathered at one point, and one point of the explosion has more powerful lethality.


The two fists, carrying invincible momentum like a meteorite, collided fiercely, making a heaven-shaking, earth-shattering sound.

The people below, under the strong sound wave, their ears buzzed straight, and many people directly shook their ears with blood, and they quickly covered their ears to block the sound wave, and they felt a little better by then.

Then a bright light flashed, under the dazzling rays of light, countless people had to close their eyes even if they wanted to watch the two fightings, they were not strong enough.

Suddenly, the strong rays of light disappeared thoroughly. Everyone didn’t have time to think about why, and they quickly moved towards the sky.

The two of them had already hit their fists, but they were surrounded by darkness. With a hole in the middle, and the hole sucked in the dazzling light.


Gazi Gazi.

The items on the deck started to move without being pushed by anyone, and they all moved towards the bow.

Just when everyone was puzzled, somebody screamed, “It’s not that the bow has moved, but our Battleship is tilting forward! The stern has already been lifted!”

On the surface of the sea, the calm sea suddenly dented a piece downward, forming a huge vortex.

Now, the entire Marine battleship is planted in the middle of moving towards the vortex.

“Back! Get back! Quickly take out the oars! All crew members return to their positions! Don’t let the Battleship turn over!” Hina grabbed a rope on the side and ordered loudly.

Seeing the vortex in front, Hina’s face was shocked. They didn’t expect that the two of them would cause such destructive power. Even if they were in the high air and so far away, the marines were still affected by them.


Above, the five-meter-high Whitebeard can imagine how big his fist is. Compared with Lin Tian, his fist is like the gap between a watermelon and an apple.

“Little demon, didn’t expect that you are so strong. But you are the only one named disciple of that bastard Garp. From Garp’s Iron Fist, you have learned a lot.” Whitebeard still has plenty of energy to smile and praise.

Gritting his teeth, Lin Tian forcibly raised his breath and said: “Of course, as the only student, I will not lose my teacher’s face.”

“Really? At this age, to have such battle strength and ranks is a first in the modern age. But now, your battle strength is still short of fire. It’s not enough.”

As soon as the voice fell, Whitebeard’s strength surged, Lin Tian, who could have been able to contend, was instantly suppressed.


Lin Tian let out a roar. But in front of Whitebeard’s powerful battle strength, he was still knocked out. He fell heavily on the deck, directly penetrated, and kept falling to the bottom of the Battleship. It was Lin Tian’s shot that offset a lot of impacts. Otherwise, the entire Marine Battleship would be penetrated at once.


Lin Tian lying below, forcibly took a sigh of relief and jumped to the deck with force. Spit out a mouthful of blood one after another. His face was deathly pale. There was no blood- he obviously resisted the punch of the Whitebeard, but his body was not lightly injured.

When the figure was leaning and about to fall, Ain rushed over to support Lin Tian, and Lin Tian kept standing with the help of Ain’s strength.

After coughing several times and spitting out the blood foam in the throat cavity, he ordered: “Quickly, all retreat. It is not suitable to stay in this place and evacuate quickly…”

“Yes!” Marine took the order and quickly moved towards the two ships on the side to issue an order.


After several consecutive steps, each step caused the entire huge Mogan Moby Dick to shake. Whitebeard took off the huge force from his body, and there was a trace of blood on the corner of his mouth.

“Don’t stop them. Let them go.”

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