Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain

Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain Chapter 192


The Grand Line Center, Marine Headquarters, World Government, and Holy Land Mary Geoise, all located here, can be called the world power center.

Besides the senior officials of the World Government and the elite of Marine Headquarters, World Nobles live here. It can be said that this is the person who controls the world.

At this time, Marine Headquarters Marineford, in that huge port, were all naval ships coming and going. Some are returning to their lives, some are going to other places to suppress after accepting orders, and there is a busy scene everywhere.

The Marines here are all headquartered elites, where countless Marines aspire to, where all Marine high-end battle strengths gather.

So the world also calls it, Marineford is the safest port in the world. In the eyes of most pirates, this is also one of the few restricted areas in the world. Even the Four Emperors in the New World don’t dare to break into Marine Headquarters at will.


On the sea near Marine Headquarters, a Marine battleship that belongs to the first division of Marine is slowly moving towards Marine Headquarters.

Lin Tian looked at Marine Headquarters getting closer and closer on the deck, with sighs and nostalgia on his face. This is a place where he grows and exercises, and it is also a place where he becomes a Marine.

However, he spent very little time on his own. Except for the first year of exercise, the rest was spent on the Grand Line or active in the four oceans.

After being promoted to Marine Vice Admiral, Lin Tian immediately took the post of commander of the first branch. Although he had been here many times due to mission problems, the stay time was always very short.

This time, for some reason, Lin Tian was suddenly caught by Marine headquarters’ summon. Still, he expected it to be related to his fight with Whitebeard two days ago.

Based on his contacts at the Marine headquarters, this news was obtained in secret, as if fighting with Whitebeard has made the Marine headquarters and the World Government realize his strength. Lin Tian didn’t know the details for the summon, as if everyone was hiding from him on purpose.

A few days ago, he punched Whitebeard. At that time, there were thousands of people around. Under so many eyes, the incident was swift and violent.

It was secretly learned from those journalists who had great abilities and dedicated their jobs. That night, many newspapers changed their editions overnight, copied countless newspapers, and spread them all over the world.

When something spreads across the world, one can imagine how powerful shocks and storms it caused like a stone fell into a pool of water, and the world made waves.

Whitebeard is known as the strongest man in the world. The legendary pirate was one of the few who could compete with Pirate King Roger in the ocean.

In that era, he was already famous in the world, and he was later called Four Emperors by the world. The emperor in pirate was extremely powerful. Even young children in the world knew that Whitebeard was terrifying more than a monster.

Just such a legendary man was actually threatened and flinched by the Marine Vice-Admiral Lin Tian. In an instant, Lin Tian’s name shocked the world again.

Especially for the appointment with Whitebeard’s punch, Vice Admiral Lin Tian stubbornly resisted Whitebeard’s punch. Although he suffered a lot of injuries, Whitebeard was also injured by that punch. It can be seen what kind of battle strength Admiral Lin Tian already possesses.

Causing injury to the legendary Whitebeard, only several people in this world can do it. Lin Tian can do it, and it is enough to prove what kind of battle strength he has.

In contrast, the battle between the strongest genius of the Marine and the new star Fire Fist Ace to destroy an island is somewhat low.

On the Battleship, only Lin Tian came to the Marine headquarters. Ain originally wanted to accompany him, but Lin Tian had a bad feeling about coming to the headquarters this time. Finally, after thinking about it, he decided to make Ain stay in the G1 branch so that he could rest assured.

And Hina, who also stayed in the G1 branch for a while, is one of the most potential Marine soldiers in Marine.

Hina’s coming to the G1 branch is actually just a kind of exercise. It is better for them to grow up from the Marine headquarters by teaching the Marine soldiers who have potential in Marine under the same Marine’s strongest genius.

Now that the training time is over, Hina should also leave. Next, they should lead the Marine soldiers alone, oversee some sea territory, and grow slowly, eventually becoming the mainstay of Marine.


The headquarters of Marineford, as the Marine headquarters, is, of course, very strict. It is difficult for ordinary people to get into it, let alone such a huge Marine Battleship.

There is a tall lookout on the platform by the port, several Marine soldiers on duty, holding a telescope in their hands, observing the surrounding Sea Territory. Although this is the Marine headquarters, which pirates would dare to break into this place, attention is still needed.

Looking at the Battleship close to the G1 branch, a Marine soldier’s mind flashed a little bit of puzzlement, ‘shouldn’t the G1 branch oversee the New World? Why did it suddenly appear here?’

Adjusting the telescope, look at the magnification, and you can see that on the deck, countless Marine soldiers are in charge. In the front, a Marine Vice Admiral is standing on it, wearing Marine Vice-Admiral uniforms. The white cloak behind him is so dazzling.

“Lin… Lin… Vice Admiral Lin Tian, Marine’s strongest genius, Vice Admiral Lin Tian.”

This Marine soldier trembled all over, watching the Battleship approaching from a distance, and said with excitement.


The surrounding Marine soldiers cried out in shock.

They quickly grabbed the telescope and wanted to see what Vice Admiral Lin Tian, who is an undefeated War God in Marine, has repeatedly performed miracles and is known as Marine’s strongest genius, is like.

But there is only one telescope, and everyone wants to see it first. Immediately, no one is allowed to fight.

And that person, the Marine soldier who watched earlier, quickly dialed Den Den Mushi next to him and notified the headquarters that Vice Admiral Lin Tian was coming.

Huge hull, driving on the sea, marking one after another track, waves of tens of centimeters, moved towards both sides, although it is a wooden boat, it is not slow at all when driven by the sea breeze.

The news of Lin Tian’s arrival spread throughout Marineford before long. Many Marines gathered at the port to look. They all wanted to see the true face of the legendary Vice-Admiral Lin Tian.


On the Battleship, Lin Tian flashed a hint of surprise to the crowds at the port and the many female Marine soldiers. He touched his nose and thought with pride, “Didn’t know that I’m so charming and everyone is surrendering to my charm.”


The sails were tens of meters high, slowly retracted only after dozens of Marine soldiers worked together. For a battleship of several hundred meters long, it takes a while to stop.


Lin Tian slowly walked down the stairs, accompanied by several Marine Rear Admirals. With a handsome face and extremely calm eyes, and an imposing manner exuded all over his body.

Some female Marine soldiers immediately hugged their hands and said: “It’s no loss for Vice Admiral Lin Tian. Not only is he powerful, but also very handsome. If only I can be assigned to the G1 branch.”

A Marine female soldier on the side ruthlessly attacked: “Big sister, don’t daydream. Not only the G1 branch is very difficult to enter, even if you did enter, but you also will not be able to get Lin Tian. Lin Tian has his fiancée on board, and you have no chance.”

“Mary, you stinky girl, I will die if you don’t hit me. I don’t know. I can’t think about it alone.”

Two beautiful girls clamored together, sucking all the eyes of the men.

A Marine Rear Admiral stood upright and saw Vice-Admiral Lin Tian come down, walked up quickly, and gave a solemn military salute, “Vice Admiral Lin Tian, Fleet Admiral Sengoku, and three others Admiral already waiting for you at the headquarters meeting.”

Lin Tian returned a military salute and said calmly: “Okay, then I will trouble you.”

Turning back, Lin Tian said with a smile to the Marine generals who belonged to the G1 branch behind: “I will go to the Marine headquarters for a meeting first, so you can do your own activities and do whatever you want. Have a day off.”

Several people glanced at each other, surprises flashed in their eyes, and said happily: “Thank you, Vice Admiral Lin Tian.”

As Marine generals, they are often very busy at the Marine base. Except for certain holidays, they rarely have holidays, let alone play around.

Seeing the joyful expressions of several people, Lin Tian warned a little seriously: “You play, but there is one thing to pay attention to. Don’t go too far. If something happens, I can’t help you.”


He turned around and apologized smilingly to the Marine soldier, “Sorry to let you wait a long time. Now we can go.”

He thought Vice Admiral Lin Tian was a serious person, but when he saw him today, he realized that there was no airiness and approachability. The Marine Rear Admiral was a little flattered and surprised: “It’s alright Vice Admiral Lin Tian.”

Speaking, Rear Admiral turned around and took Vice Admiral Lin Tian and moved towards the Conference Hall. Marineford is so big, of course, there are many Conference Halls, so it is necessary to send someone to bring Lin Tian to go.

Seeing Rear Admiral leading the way, Lin Tian followed slowly and started talking with Rear Admiral. Rear Admiral saw Lin Tian, hailed as the navy’s strongest genius, talked to him, and he knew everything.

But the Rear Admiral’s authority is a bit small. Many things are unknown. As for why Marine headquarters suddenly summoned him back, of course, he doesn’t understand.

“However, Vice Admiral Lin Tian, there seems to be a rush of news from Marineford recently, as if the headquarters is going to let you be promoted.”

Rear Admiral looked all around and whispered, looking at Lin Tian with a look of admiration. If Vice Admiral Lin Tian goes one step further, he will be Marine Admiral. 19 years old Marine Admiral, which is a first in Marine history.

Hearing this news, Lin Tian didn’t have any excitement on his face but moved slightly. Lin Tian also got some news about the promotion of Marine Headquarters.

In his heart, Lin Tian is a little bit cold about this. In this respect, Lin Tian is a bit like Vice Admiral Garp. Although Admiral’s status, power, and reputation can be improved, the Marine is a complicated place. After being in Marine Headquarters, you will inevitably be trapped in some rules, and Admiral’s promotion is not necessarily a good thing.

‘Forget it. I’m not sure yet, and it’s useless to think so much. After I get to Fleet Admiral Sengoku and check the situation, I will talk about it.’

Lin Tian shook his head, secretly thinking.

Suddenly, Lin Tian’s eyes flashed. He saw a large group of Marine soldiers on the side surrounded by a stretcher.

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