Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain

Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain Chapter 193


In the port, Lin Tian’s eyes were unconsciously attracted by the stretcher surrounded by the crowd.

Seeing this stretcher passing by, many Marine soldiers did not consciously salute him, even the Marine Rear Admiral next to him.

From the eyes of these Marine soldiers, there is a trace of grief, helplessness, desolation, confusion…and so on countless kinds of feelings fuse together, as if there is a shocking secret behind this person’s death.

It stands to reason that as one of the world’s high-risk professions, there will be no shortage of Marine soldiers passing through this port every day. Still, it has never caused such a situation.

Lin Tian was attracted by it, but it was not the secret behind it. Seeing this stretcher, Lin Tian had a bad premonition that was instantly intense.

At the same time, a feeling of heartache arose in my heart inexplicably. The feeling he couldn’t describe in words. It was as if his heart had been dug away, that kind of pain.

For a few seconds, Lin Tian’s forehead was filled with cold sweat, the clothes on his back were also soaked in sweat, the pain in his chest was unbearable, and a trace of blood flowed from the corner of his mouth. His body bends unnaturally as if severely injured, but this kind of pain is several times more serious than that. Lin Tian can hardly bear it.

“Vice Admiral Lin Tian, what’s wrong with you? I will call a military doctor immediately.”

Lin Tian made such a big move. How could Rear Admiral not notice it? When he lowered his head, he saw that Lin Tian’s straight back was bent at this time, and a trace of blood was exposed at the corner of his mouth.

Upon seeing this, Rear Admiral’s heart was shocked, “Vice Admiral Lin Tian asked how could this happen?”

“No need, I’m okay.” Lin Tian waved his hand to stop Rear Admiral’s movement, pointed at the stretcher, and asked in an anxious tone: “The one lying on the stretcher… Who is that person?”

Looking at Lin Tian’s situation, Rear Admiral didn’t believe it. Still, Vice Admiral Lin Tian said so and could only obey the order.

Rear Admiral immediately replied: “The one on the stretcher is the headquarters Rear Admiral. Today is the day to send him back, and many Marine soldiers come here to welcome him.”

Speaking, this Marine Rear Admiral’s face was angry, but his tone revealed a sadness, “He didn’t die in pirate’s hands, but he died from World Nobles’s hands. He…”

Suddenly, the Rear Admiral realized something. He glanced at Vice Admiral Lin Tian, his face showed a panic, and a cold sweat broke out on his forehead. 

“Vice Admiral Lin Tian, Fleet Admiral Sengoku, and the three Admiral must all be in the Conference Hall in a moderate hurry. Let’s go first.”

Quickly changed his words, pretending to be calm, but Lin Tian could still feel the panic in his tone.

‘What is this Rear Admiral hiding? It is still related to me and I don’t want to let myself know.’

At this time, the first thought came to mind. Without looking towards that Rear Admiral, Lin Tian’s silhouette flashed, immediately caught up with the escort Marine, and shouted directly.


Lin Tian shouted out with all his strength. The sound was deafening and could be heard throughout the port. Countless Marines turned around and looked at Vice Admiral Lin Tian, especially the bloodstain at the corner of the mouth that was shocked and whispered.

There was no time to deal with this. Lin Tian directly moved towards the stretcher and walked and asked: “Let’s talk about it. Who is the person lying on the stretcher?”

Hearing Lin Tian’s inquiry, there are countless Marines on the side. The expression on his face is exactly the same as that of Marine Rear Admiral. The Marine next to the stretcher quickly approached and blocked the stretcher from Lin Tian.

“Get out of the way.”

This time Lin Tian did not speak loudly but said calmly, but as long as people familiar with Lin Tian know, the calmer the Lin Tian means, the angrier Lin Tian is. Lin Tian was extremely angry earlier.

Don’t look at Lin Tian’s usual smiles. No one can bear his anger, and countless people can’t. Even close people like Ain, Hancock, or Ace can’t stop the angry Lin Tian.

Seeing that everyone is still not letting go, Lin Tian whispered again, “Let…open…”

At the same time, a murderous aura burst out from Lin Tian, and the entire sky seemed to become bright scarlet-like blood, and everyone’s eyes showed a world of dead mountains and blood.

Many Marine soldiers were frightened and fainted by this murderous aura, and their faces were full of horror. Under Lin Tian’s eyes like wild beasts, the Marines moved away involuntarily.

When everyone was panicking, they accidentally shook the stretcher, and one arm fell out. Although it was quickly covered, Lin Tian still saw clearly.

It is a right-hand arm with a red thread tied on it. The red thread wears a golden-yellow-style special bell.

Lin Tian walked in step by step, and the scene of seeing this bell that day slowly emerged in his mind.

“Lin Tian, how about it, my bell is not bad, ding ding dong dong……

Haha, Roberts, are you kidding me? A man actually wears a bell that a child would have. Haha...”

“Smelly brat, what do you know? This is a birthday gift from someone else, very precious.”

“Sister-in-law; she is very powerful. She gave you such a unique gift.”

Hmph… this is my most precious gift. I will always wear it and never take it off.”

“Unexpectedly, Roberts, you are so sullen in your heart.”


Walking to the stretcher, Lin Tian tremblingly stretched out his right hand, carefully uncovered the white cloth on it. That familiar face appeared before his eyes, pale and somewhat calm, eyes still tightly open.

This is a dead-end.

But the guess in his heart has been confirmed. Lin Tian immediately trembled, and after peng sound, Lin Tian directly knelt down on the floor, and the ground made of bluestone shattered.

The Marines on the side, watching this scene, quietly lowered their heads. All Marines know that Vice Admiral Lin Tian and Rear Admiral Roberts are good friends. But they are better than good friends, just like brothers.

Rear Admiral Roberts is usually well-known in the Marine, but such a Rear Admiral is not dead on the battlefield. He died in the hands of World Nobles… because he stopped a World Noble.

This is why, even if everyone offends Vice Admiral Lin Tian, they must keep the news of Roberts’ death as a secret, and they just don’t want Vice Admiral Lin Tian to know.

Ah, Roberts!”

Suddenly, Lin Tian yelled at the sky, an unwilling roar, like the roar of God’s inquiries.

A grieving roar.




The explosion sounded from the ground, again and again, moved towards the outside.

The entire island of Marineford trembles violently as if experiencing an earthquake. The ground cracked. One after another crack appeared. Countless Marines were unstable and fell to the ground.

The roar stopped, between Heaven and Earth calmed down again, and many Marine soldiers had been shocked earlier. Is this the strength of Vice-Admiral Lin Tian?

Lowering his head, Lin Tian said softly beside Roberts: “Roberts, rest assured, I will take good care of my sister-in-law and my nephew. I will definitely not let anything happen to them.”

After finishing speaking, Lin Tian extended the hand palm and gently brushed Roberts’s face. The opened eyes finally closed.

Without a care about the gazes of the rest of Marine, Lin Tian lifted hard, lifted the white cloth, lifted Roberts on his back, and moved towards the town.

“Let’s go home!”


Marineford, as Marine Headquarters, is also home to many Marine elites. Of course, there will be towns, which is an extremely prosperous town.

On the street, countless people are still talking about the scene just now, a person carrying a dead person, walking down the street regardless of their feelings.

At this time, in a prosperous cabin, as a Marine Rear Admiral, Roberts’ environment is, of course, much better than that of an ordinary Marine.

A beautiful woman is crying while possessing Roberts. This is Roberts’ wife, a virtuous teacher.

And Lin Tian is sitting on the side chair, watching all this quietly, holding a three-year-old child in his arms, who is still Roberts’ son and Lin Tian’s nephew.

The child is only three years old and doesn’t know what death is. He just watched the mother leaning over and crying on his father, and he also couldn’t help crying.

To straighten the nephew in his arms, Lin Tian gently touched his tears and said in a low voice: “Ward, your father just went to a very far place. It may be difficult for him to see you. That’s why your mother is crying like this.”

Thinking about it, Lin Tian still feels that he can’t tell him this. Revenge should be left to his brother to do. As a child, he can’t grow up with hatred.

Yes, after thinking for so long, Lin Tian has decided that Roberts can’t just die like this. Since Marine Headquarters submitted to humiliation, he can only seek justice for Roberts himself.

Ward stopped crying, touched the tears on his face, and said with a grinning voice, “Uncle Tian, one day I will become stronger. I will get my father back and stop my mother from crying.”

Lin Tian smiled slightly, said solemnly: “Ward, remember, you have to become stronger, and only by becoming stronger can you protect your mother.”

Ward is still young and doesn’t understand what Lin Tian said about these meanings. However, after hearing about protecting his mother, Ward still nodded hard.

Standing up, Lin Tian hugged Ward and walked towards the woman, and said in a low voice: “Sister-in-law, the sorrow and change, after Roberts died, you and Ward are the most at ease. Ward is still young and needs someone to take care of him. So, you still have to pay attention to your body.

Under Lin Tian’s persuasion, the woman slowly got up, took Ward from Lin Tian’s hand, hugged him tightly. Her cheeks were close to Ward’s face, and she couldn’t stop the tears.

“Sister-in-law, I promised Roberts to take care of you two, and you two can’t stay at Marine headquarters any longer. I will send you to a safe place.” Lin Tian whispered.

The woman is a teacher, extremely intelligent, instantly understands Lin Tian’s unspoken implication, and quickly said: “Lin Tian, what do you want to do? That’s World Nobles. Roberts is like this; just forget it.”

The tone is full of resentment and helplessness, but the opponent is World Nobles, the ruler of the world. If Lin Tian really did it, but it is an enemy of the whole world.

“As Roberts’ best brother, this justice must be recovered for him.” Lin Tian glanced and said firmly in his tone.

The woman knows what kind of person Lin Tian is, and it’s useless to say more, so she nodded and said: “…Well then, Lin Tian, you have to be careful.”

Touching Ward’s head, Lin Tian took out a Devil Fruit and placed it in the woman’s hand, “This is the gift I was going to give Ward. Let him eat it and be there for him. Whenever you have the strength, tell him what happened today.”

Now, the woman did not postpone, and she took it directly. In this chaotic era, the mother and the child are left to live with each other. Both the future and the present are good for Ward.

Immediately afterward, Lin Tian took out a few letters again and explained some things.

‘After all, I don’t know how much trouble it would cause if I did that. Some things must be explained.’

After finishing speaking, Lin Tian took the mother and the son to leave. It is better to leave early, and otherwise, it will change later.

Opening the door, Lin Tian had not yet stepped forward, looking at the white marine clothing outside with a smile on his face.

“Fleet Admiral Sengoku really thinks highly of me.”

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