Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain

Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain Chapter 195


“Starting today, I, Lin Tian, rebelled against the Marine, and had nothing to do with Marine, and formally walked the opposite of the World Government.”

This statement is no less than a blockbuster bomb, thrown into the Marines, shaking the tens of thousands of Marine soldiers on the side.

Immediately, tens of thousands of Marines were all shocked. After reacting, they still couldn’t believe the news was true.

“How is it possible?”

“How could this be?”

“Vice Admiral Lin Tian quit the Marine?”

“What happened?”

“Why did Vice Admiral Lin Tian do this?!”

A Marine soldier whispered to himself, his tone full of incredibility, and he had not yet recovered from the shock.

“The headquarters is not going to promote Vice Admiral Lin Tian to a Marine Admiral, but now Vice Admiral Lin Tian has rebelled against the Marine. What’s hidden behind this?”

After speaking, his eyes unconsciously looked towards Fleet Admiral Sengoku in front of him. From the dialogue just now, he heard that it was obviously what Marine headquarters did that made Vice Admiral Lin Tian like this.

The wise and well-informed Marine immediately thought of what happened in the square just now, “Could it be that Vice Admiral Lin Tian did this for the dead Rear Admiral Roberts?”

“By the way, Rear Admiral Roberts and Vice Admiral Lin Tian are best friends, there must be something hidden behind the death of Rear Admiral Roberts that will induce Vice Admiral Lin Tian to do that.”

Only a few headquarter executives knew about Roberts being killed by World Nobles. Most Marine soldiers only knew that Rear Admiral Roberts was dead, but they didn’t know why.

Although the voice of this Marine was extremely small, it was still heard by the Marine soldiers nearby. In a short time, the whole Marines were talking about it.

Seeing the elite, well-trained headquarters, under Lin Tian’s words, instantly became a mess, where there are elite shadows, many Marine generals in the front are a bit ugly, but they have to admire Vice Admiral Lin Tian’s influence in Marine. Even Fleet Admiral Sengoku can’t compare with them.

For Roberts’s death, many Marine generals who knew about it also felt like if the rabbit dies, the fox grieves. A Rear Admiral of great military exploits was killed in this way to prevent the World Nobles massacre. The reason for this makes many Marines wonder whether they insist on whether their justice is right or wrong.


Fleet Admiral Sengoku gave a low growl, and many noisy Marines immediately calmed down. After all, Sengoku has been a Fleet Admiral for so many years. He is still very majestic amongst Marines.

Seeing that everyone was quiet, Sengoku glanced, only to see all the Marine’s underground heads. Just now their actions did lose the dignity of the navy.

After a while, Sengoku said: “All Marine Rear Admiral, leading the other Marine soldiers will evacuate from here. No matter what happens, you do not need to participate.” paused, Sengoku continued: “From today, Lin Tian is no longer a Marine Vice Admiral, but a Marine traitor. It is the enemy of the entire Marine and the World Government. Any Marine has the obligation to capture Lin Tian.”


Lin Tian’s betrayal of the Marine shocked all Marine soldiers. They now have no fighting intents. It is useless to stay here and talk about it. Their strength is useless in the next battle.

In his heart, Fleet Admiral Sengoku also wants to save the Marine’s face at last. As a Marine Fleet Admiral, these things must be done. Although Marine’s face will be lost almost later no matter what.

Under the command of many Marine Rear Admirals, thousands of Marines on the side retreated from the side quickly and orderly, and in a blink of an eye, there was nothing here.

All Marine soldiers retreated, and only left were Fleet Admiral Sengoku, The Three Admirals Kuzan, Akainu, Kizaru, Vice Admiral Momonga, Vice Admiral Darsimel(?), Vice Admiral Jonathan, Vice Admiral Onigumo, Vice Admiral Yamakaji, Vice Admiral Dalmatian, Vice Admiral Bastille, Vice Admiral Maynard.

The rest of Marine Vice Admirals are not in Marine Headquarters. Some guard their own territory, some go out to perform tasks, so Garp and Vice Admiral Tsuru were not here either, otherwise Lin Tian really wouldn’t know what to do.

Sengoku returned to the topic. A little unbearable and spoke: “Lin Tian! Can’t you just bear it? Even if you want revenge, you can just do it in secret. Why do you want to be so well known? Do you really want to leave the Marine that way?”

Hearing Sengoku’s words, many Marine generals who stayed behind were immediately blinded. Is this still Fleet Admiral Sengoku? When he said this, he also implied to just secretly kill the World Nobles.

Afterwards, the Marine generals present, some looked at the sky, some stared at the underground, and some even closed their eyes… Their behavior was different, but everyone was very clear; they didn’t hear them.

Actually, Sengoku really hates these World Nobles to death. Who knows how many Marine generals are chilled by that incident. This kind of influence in the hearts of Marines; I am afraid it will be difficult to eliminate.

“Haha… Fleet Admiral Sengoku, I don’t need to say more about the situation in the Marine. You know it better than me. Don’t look at the elites. Don’t look at those elite branches that still insist on justice. In the four seas, there are some remote places on the Grand Line where the Marine is squeezing ordinary people, and even colluding with the pirates.” Stopping, Lin Tian looked towards those Marine generals with ugly expressions, and shouted: “Moreover, what kind of justice is the justice that Marine maintains?”

Next, Lin Tian didn’t say much, and it was enough. If they continue to talk, it would be a waste of time, and there are more important things to do.

At this time, the silent Akainu suddenly spoke, “Lin Tian, no matter what you want to say, today you betray the Marine. It means that you are on the opposite side of justice, and you are the existence of evil. It is still an extremely evil existence. As the Marine, it is our responsibility to eliminate evil.”

As soon as the voice fell, Akainu stomped the soles of his feet, body flashed, disappeared. When he appeared, he was already in the sky above Lin Tian, and there was a rush of heat all over his body. The temperature between Heaven and Earth seemed to rise a lot.

Seeing Akainu’s move without warning, Lin Tian’s calm face showed a cautious look. It is true that the three Admirals who are known as the highest battle strength of the World Government are all very powerful, and they can indeed afford that reputation.

The title of “World Government’s highest battle strength” is not given to them by themselves, but by relying on their decisive strength and step by step. They may be worse than Four Emperors, but that gap does not differ much.

“Great Eruption!”

TL note: Dai Funka (Dai Funka, literally meaning “Great/Major Eruption”): Sakazuki’s signature attack. He transforms his (usually right) fist into pure magma before expanding and throwing it forward akin to an oversized rocket, burning whatever lies in its path. The giant fist may further be made to explode, bursting apart into igneous rock fragments that hit the ground akin to small meteors. According to spectators, the below battlefield resembled an apocalypse after this one attack. In the Viz Manga and FUNimation subs and dub, the move is called Great Eruption.

Akainu right hand turned into a ball of molten slurry and swung out suddenly. In the blink of an eye, the molten arm had become a few meters. A huge fist made up of fiery-red flowing magma, possessing extremely powerful lethality.

Seeing Akainu taking action without saying anything. Sengoku came to his face with a hint of anger. Before he could speak, Akainu attacked whether he caught Fleet Admiral in his eyes.

Armament Haki. The rays of light flashed, Lin Tian’s fists turned into pitch black, glowing with metallic light, stomped with one foot, the body shot out, moved towards the fiery-red above Fists rushed away.

“Profound Truth. Iron Fist”

Compared with Akainu, the giant molten fist a few meters in size, Lin Tian’s fist is small and cool, but it has incomparable Attack power.

Peng sound, a naked eye can be seen as the shock wave dissipates, and the dust is flying below it. It has no effect on the people watching the battle below. They are all headquarter high-end battle strength.

High in the sky, Lin Tian directly blocked Akainu’s huge molten fist with a fist. The heat and pain from the face of the fist caused Lin Tian to take a few breaths of cold air.

“Back off!”

Shouted in a low voice, Lin Tian’s right hand increased in strength and knocked Akainu out like a cannonball. Akainu fiercely moved towards the ground and hit a building more than ten meters high.

A loud bang sounded, the ground trembles, and the building collapsed under the impact of Akainu, stirring up countless smoke and dust, covering the scene inside.

Armament Haki dissipated. Lin Tian looked towards his right hand. It was burnt and black, and there was a bit of heat, and there was a severe pain.

That is a fist made of molten molten metal. Even if it is protected by Armament Haki, it is still difficult to isolate the high temperature. You must know that even if the steel falls into the molten molten metal, it will instantly melt into molten iron.


There was a sound of footsteps, and a figure came out in the smoke. The red suit was not damaged at all, and even the marine cloak at the back was not damaged, but there was still a trace of blood on the corner of his mouth.

Akainu is a Marine Admiral after all, and the highest battle strength in the World Government. His battle strength is extremely strong. After just one move, both of them hurt each other a little.

Erasing the blood from the mouth, Akainu said solemnly: “No loss is Marine’s strongest genius. Vice Admiral Garp’s strength and fighting skills have been perfectly inherited. In this way, I can’t spare you even more.”

“If you are a genius like you, if you give it back to you for a few years, you don’t know how far you will grow, then it must be Marine scourge, and you must stay here today.”

Just when Akainu was about to continue to shoot, Lin Tian suddenly stopped, “Wait!”

Without care about Akainu, Lin Tian turned around, brought out Roberts’ wife and his nephew, looked at Fleet Admiral Sengoku and said.

“Fleet Admiral Sengoku, I have one thing I still need to ask you. Now they are the mother and the son. The two of them are innocent. I hope you can let them go. Let them find a peaceful place to live. The Marine headquarters is no longer suitable for them.”

Thinking about it, Sengoku finally nodded and agreed. The Roberts thing; he did not handle it well. Now it is his own responsibility to protect his wife and child, so let’s treat them as the last compensation.

Akainu, who came by, saw Sengoku agree quickly objected: “I don’t agree. He is Roberts’ son. When he grows up, and he knows what happened today, he will definitely come to Marine for revenge. Although this child is extremely small, it is also evil. As long as it is evil, he must not be allowed to exist”

Ignoring the faces of the other Marine generals, Akainu, who pursues absolute justice, does not allow a trace of evil. Akainu shot the two mothers and sons.

“Hound Crimson Lotus”

TL note: Inugami Guren (Inugami Guren?, literally meaning “Dog Biting Crimson Lotus”): An attack where Akainu creates a wave of magma shaped like a fanged doghead and launches it against his opponent. The name of the technique plays on inugami (inugami, literally meaning “dog god/spirit”), which in Japanese mythology describes the possession of humans by the spirits of dogs (similar to kitsunetsuki). Although it remained unnamed in the manga, the technique has its name introduced in the anime. In the video game Gigant Battle, the technique is instead called Gansho Kenga (Ganshō Kenga, literally meaning “Magma Dog Fang”). However, it is still unknown if either of the names are officially given by Oda or not. In the FUNimation subs and dub, the name is Hound Blaze. In the English localization of One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3 and in J-Stars Victory Vs., it is called Hound Crimson Lotus.

On the lavaged arm, a giant magma appeared, turning into a huge red dog, glowing with flames and exuding high temperature.

The opened mouth; one can clearly see the magma flowing like a liquid, and with extreme speed, it moved towards the front, the terrified mother and son.

“Akainu, you didn’t even let them go.”

With a slip of his right foot, Lin Tian stood in front of the mother and the son, with an anger on his face. Didn’t expect Akainu, as an Admiral, to actually attack the mother and son who are ordinary people.

Without much thought, he gathered his whole body strength and punched it out.

“Dragon Fist! “Lin Tian shouted angrily.

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