Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain

Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain Chapter 196



A huge dragon head emerged from Lin Tian’s hands, looking up to the sky a long whistle, a sound wave was emitted, an explosion sounded around, and houses collapsed.

“What is this giant dragon?!”

The humming sound in the ears was forced under pressure, and many admirals were shocked.

Straightening up its huge body, looking at the giant flame dog rushing below. The giant dragon is spiritual. Swinging a huge dragon claw, unexpectedly showing a trace of disdain.

The huge head is lowered down, directly moved towards the giant magma dog below, swooping down extremely fast. 

A group of fire suddenly appeared with a bang, and then a mushroom cloud slowly rose up. The visible shock wave to the naked eyes moved towards all directions to vent.

The rows of houses are like pieces of paper. Under the shock wave, they collapsed instantly and turned into ruins. The earth trembled. One after another, a few meters long cracks appeared on the ground, spreading out.

The shock wave carries countless smoke and dust and countless rubble and debris, watching the battle silently on the side, not at all attacking Marine Generals.


Kuzan shot waved with one hand and exhaled a white breath. Those smoke and dust, as well as the debris in the air, were all sealed in ice.

An ice wall more than ten meters high, but not sure how thick, appeared in front of everyone, and those shock waves were also blocked by the thick ice wall.

But such powerful energy, trapped in such a small place, burst out stronger formidable power. The ice wall persisted only for a few seconds, and one after another crack appeared.

In the blink of an eye, the ice wall is covered with cracks, which will collapse at any time. But Kuzan didn’t mean to make any move to reinforce the ice wall. He just breathed out a breath of cold air slowly and stared at the ice wall.

Finally, the energy storm inside the ice wall stopped raging and gradually dissipated between Heaven and Earth, while the ice wall not at all collapsed and still stood. But looking at the countless cracks on it, there is no doubt that, with just a light bump, this ice wall will collapse.

The energy storm is raging, but the movement inside has not disappeared. A loud noise came from the inside, and the earth vibrated from time to time. The entire town was in ruins when the two were fighting under the waves.

Although there is an ice wall blocking, who knows what happened inside? The vibration from under their feet can feel the fierce fighting inside.

After a while, the one silhouette flew out from inside and smashed the ice wall directly out of a big hole. The speed did not decrease. It still flew out dozens of meters away, crashing dozens of buildings along the way, and only after the loud sound of peng, it stopped.

As soon as Akainu collided, the ice wall couldn’t support itself and collapsed suddenly. A stream of light rushed out of the falling ice.

In the stream, Lin Tian took Roberts’ wife and Ward out of the battlefield, and the silhouette that flew out was Akainu.

Obviously, Akainu was defeated in the battle just now.

Akainu’s battle strength is very strong, and Lin Tian did pay the price. Many places on the clothes were destroyed, showing traces of scorched burns and a lot of hair burned. Still, fortunately, it was just a superficial wound.


A few meters away from Marine, Lin Tian took the mother and the son and quickly explained some things, not only about the future life of the mother and son but also some things about himself.

After Lin Tian finished explaining, Sengoku sent Vice-Admiral Momonga to bring the mother and son. Lin Tian has betrayed the Marine and is already Marine’s enemy.


When Vice-Admiral Momonga saw Lin Tian, he reminded in a low voice: “Lin Tian, be careful.”

For the reason of Lin Tian’s betrayal of the Marine, most Marine generals understand. It’s not only because many of them are friends with Lin Tian, but also because this incident really hurt everyone’s hearts.

“Fleet Admiral Sengoku, I disagree. The mother and child, we can’t let them go. If one day they become strong, it will definitely affect Marines, and I don’t think such evil should exist.”

Akainu came out of the smoke and still disagreed. Looking at the mother and son next to Sengoku, he didn’t care about Sengoku’s opinion at all. He made no secret of his killing intent.

Sengoku angrily said: “Well, Akainu, stop talking. I will order you as Marine Fleet AdmiraI not to touch them. I have already decided.”

Hearing Sengoku, Akainu only opened his mouth, not knowing what to say. However, the murderous aura in his eyes still did not disappear.

“Akainu, for the sake of my colleagues, I have been patient, but you have been aggressive. If this is the case, then I will have to act.” Lin Tian said.

“Hmph!” Akainu coldly snorted with a face full of murderous aura and said: “Colleagues! That’s just the past. Now you have betrayed Marine and stood opposite justice. Don’t worry, I won’t let you leave Marineford.”

Akainu will kill all the seeds of evil and has extremely harsh and strong beliefs. Since the beginning of the Great Age of Pirates, the pure Marine, who has lived as an elite Marine unit, is ruthless and completely eliminates evil. Therefore, many Marines fear him and respect him.

But his extremely cold personality and behavior to carry out justice by fair means or foul is a major shortcoming of Akainu. However, as a Marine, few people can do it better than him.

Looking at Lin Tian and Akainu, who were facing each other, Sengoku whispered, “Vice Admiral Momonga and the rest of the Vice-Admiral, escort the mother and child away first, give them a boat and let them leave by themselves. No one can follow.”


Most Marine Vice Admirals in Marine have fought or cooperated with Lin Tian, and they are also friends. It can be seen from their faces that they don’t want to join this battle, it is better to let them leave, and against Lin Tian, Vice Admiral battle strength is not enough.

At the same time, the next is also the time for the real fight. No matter what anyone says, Lin Tian has now betrayed Marine and stepped onto the opposite of Marine.

Lin Tian’s innate talent and battle strength are so high that even Sengoku is shocked. Therefore, Lin Tian must not escape from Marineford today. Otherwise, it will be big trouble for Marines, and they will lose face.

Of course, Sengoku will not execute Lin Tian, and he can only shut him in Impel Down.

‘Let him calm down, and wait for when his heart calms down.’

Seeing that Sengoku wants all Vice Admiral to leave, Lin Tian understands that Sengoku has made a decision in his heart and that he was determined to keep himself today, and immediately stretched out his palm and shouted.

“Chasing Wind”


Out of thin air, there was the sound of an eagle, and everyone’s eyes flashed a little bit of puzzlement. There was no cloud in the sky, let alone the eagle.

‘There was no cloud. Where could the eagle come from?’


There was another eagle cry. This time, everyone heard that the sound actually originated from the place where Lin Tian and Akainu were fighting. It was now covered by countless ice blocks.

Sengoku seemed to think of something, and a bad expression flashed across his face, “Not good, is it that thing, this is a bit troublesome…”



The huge ice block on the side vibrated violently, and it kept being arched as if something was suppressing under the ice block. Now it was about to break through these ice blocks.


Several ice cubes several meters high were lifted out, and then a creature flew out of the ice cube at a breakneck speed and appeared high in the sky in the blink of an eye.

The three Marine Admirals below, seeing this scene, also showed surprise on their faces, “This… this is Chasing Wind.”

In the sky, a giant eagle was flapping its wings and flying in circles, with a sharp chirp from time to time.

The whole body of the giant eagle is white, and the white feathers reflect the light like metal under the sunlight, which is very strange.

The wings stretched out, at least more than 20 meters long, and the body was up to 30 meters long, showing a huge shadow on the ground. Lin Tian and others below were all deep in it, showing how big this eagle is.

The most powerful part of an eagle is its claws. Those sharp claws are golden yellow, like metal, hard and sharp.

Suddenly, the giant eagle raised to the sky with a long cry, and its wings slapped like a sharp arrow swooping down, exploding around the giant eagle with a bang, forming a white cloud.

This is a sonic boom phenomenon that is fast enough to exceed the speed of sound.

The direction of rushing down is exactly the direction of Akainu. Obviously, the giant eagle that suddenly appeared from the ice was rushing to Admiral Akainu.

Seeing this eagle actually attacking him alone, Akainu immediately became furious and shouted: “Evil creature, dare to attack me! See if I don’t put you in the magma and ruin it today, and turn it into a piece of scrap iron again!”

“Hound Crimson Lotus”

Stretching out the magmaized right hand, it was a shot at the giant eagle flying above. A pillar of magma instantly slammed into the giant eagle, and the back magma hit. Even the steel has to melt.

With a slap of his wings, the giant eagle, which was originally extremely fast, stopped in an instant. Completely contrary to common sense, his eyes moved slightly, and his wings slapped again.

Two light azures appeared unexpectedly, visible to the naked eye. And a huge air blade several meters long, suspended in midair, slightly shaking, sweeping towards the magma column below.

The crimson magma column and the light azure air blade, the two sides are like meteorites, they collide with each other, making a loud noise of heaven-shaking, earth-shattering, and a mushroom cloud rises in the sky.

The magma column and the wind blade dispersed at the same time. The giant eagle flew upside down, flapped its wings a few times before regaining control of the body. Akainu did not move a bit.

A giant eagle actually blocked the Marine Admiral attack!

Countless magmas are like rain, falling from high school unconsciously. Fortunately, they stay here. Sengoku and the others are very strong in battle strength, and he can deal with this magma rain with a little hand.

A heavy color appeared on Sengoku’s face.

‘The Chasing Wind has become so powerful that even Akainu’s dog can’t stop it.’

‘It hasn’t even been a year… What kind of change has it changed, and how powerful it is now?’

Lin Tian casually beckoned and looked towards the giant eagle above with a smile, “Chasing Wind, come back.”

Hearing Lin Tian’s call, the giant eagle screamed and rushed towards Lin Tian. Just when he was about to hit Lin Tian, the giant eagle changed his body and fell firmly in Lin Tian’s hands.

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