Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain

Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain Chapter 199



The wall full of cracks collapsed. Hundreds of guards appeared; they were shocked.

Known as the ‘World Nobles’, self-proclaimed god, possesses the noblest bloodline in the world, treats all races as slaves, and oversees the Holy Land Mary Geoise, the World Nobles who dominate the world loftily.

At this time, someone used a common lance to pierce through the head and died and was stepped on the head with his foot. Everyone’s eyes moved upward, and an immediate exclamation sounded.

“Vice Admiral Lin Tian, it’s Vice Admiral Lin Tian, this… how is this possible? Vice Admiral Lin Tian actually killed the World Nobles.”

As the escort of World Nobles, he is a very elite soldier. They are selected from various military forces. Most of them are Marines. After all, in this world, the greatest force in the hands of the World Government is the Marine. No government agency has the power of the Marine.

Of course, many of them know Lin Tian. Lin Tian has a very high reputation in the Marine, and some people even work under Lin Tian one or two times.

“What! This person is actually the strongest genius in the Marine. That is Vice Admiral Lin Tian! Isn’t he a Marine? How come-” In addition to shock, there was a deep confusion in his tone.

There are many members of the espionage agency directly under the leadership of the World Government. They are also spies under the leadership of the World Government. Who has never heard of Vice-Admiral Lin Tian, the Killing God?

The guards who came to know Lin Tian’s identity were filled with puzzlement. Why did the Marine’s strongest genius kill World Nobles? What happened here.

Although they were puzzled in their hearts, everyone still remembered their identity, knew their responsibilities, and immediately surrounded Lin Tian. But they didn’t take any action.

It’s not that these guards don’t want to, but besides the dead World Noble, there are three World Nobles beside Lin Tian. They were afraid that if they attacked, Lin Tian would kill the remaining World Nobles. Killing four World Nobles at once- whoever can afford this kind of responsibility, no one dares to shoot the first shot.

The only World Noble whose name is not in Lin Tian’s hands heard the guards’ words around him, and frowned, showing a thoughtful look.

Sweeping a circle around his guards, Lin Tian pulled out the lance covered with World Nobles’ brains and gently waved it away.

“Unexpectedly, there are some old subordinates here. Today, I’m actually surrounded by them.”

Hearing Lin Tian’s words, some guards’ complexion slightly changed. Lowered their heads slightly, dared not look directly at Lin Tian’s eyes.

Lin Tian just thrusted it to the back, and a scream sounded.


It was the thigh of the World Noble who had collapsed on the ground. This World Noble had already woken up in secret, and he wanted to sneak away.

The sharp lance had penetrated a skull directly. Not to mention the thigh, which was nailed to the ground by the spear and made him unable to move.

Seeing this scene, the surrounding guards held breaths of cold air without blinking their eyes. Lin Tian just directly stabbed a World Noble.

‘How much hatred is in him?’

The World Noble’s complexion was extremely ugly. This lance was theirs, but Lin Tian took it in his hand and killed a companion, and stabbed another person’s thigh.

“Asshole! You low-grade rubbish! You dare to stab me! Let me go quickly! I am a god! The highest bloodline! I must put you to death and treat all your close people as slaves and tortured them forever!”


A cold glow flashed through the eyes, and a thick murderous aura came out. Without waiting for the World Noble to speak, Lin Tian directly pulled out a lance. A scream sounded again.

Without stopping, he grabbed the World Noble. Lin Tian said solemnly; his words were full of murderous aura.

“I hate being threatened by using my relatives the most. Why are you so ignorant? I wanted to kill you later. But since you want to die so badly, I’ll fulfill it.”

“Stop, whatever you want to do- I don’t care whether you are the strongest Marine genius, kill us World Nobles, even if you are a Marine Fleet Admiral, you have to face the World Government’s chase!”

The threat of the World Noble was of no use to Lin Tian. He didn’t stop his hand, and he held the World Noble in his hand and threw him into the sky like a huge fat pig flying into the sky.

The lance shot forward with full strength in his hand and moved towards the World Noble in midair.

“Iron Wall”

“Tempest Kick”


In an instant, an iron wall rose from the ground out of thin air, blocking the World Noble’s body, and Tempest Kicks slashed towards the spear, trying to cut it off.

Who is Lin Tian? There are a few powerhouses in the world, and even the Marine Admiral is not Lin Tian’s opponent. Even if it is an ordinary iron spear, it has unimaginably terrible power.

These attacks and defenses have no effect at all, and they didn’t even change the direction. They shot accurately in the World Noble’s neck and straight to a big tree.

There was no scream, another World Nobles died, and it was still inserted into the tree by the same ordinary lance. The breeze blew over, and the corpse swayed slightly.


Hearing these three words, everyone felt like a gust of yin wind blowing in their hearts, shaking from the inside out.

These are two World Nobles, called gods, with the most noble bloodline in the world. Two of them died today, and everyone seems to have seen the world shake tomorrow.

“Okay! Okay! Okay!” The World Nobles said three times in succession. Imagined how angry he was, “You’re dead! You must die today! Even if you are the Marine’s strongest genius, you have to die for me! Here, no one in this world can save you!”

“Go on, kill this Marine for me. Even if he is a Marine Vice Admiral, kill him today too. And to think I just killed all Rear Admirals… I’m afraid I have to kill a Vice Admiral.”

But when the World Nobles’s voice fell, and even after a few seconds, the guards on the side were still motionless.

And hearing these words, Lin Tian couldn’t help clasping his hands tightly. His heart was furious, and the murderous aura on his body became heavier and heavier, “Today, you must die.”

“What! What are you doing?! A Marine is killing the World Nobles! Do you want to betray us? I’ll turn all of you into slaves,” the male World Nobles yelled.

“My lord, it’s not that we don’t want to move, but that we can’t move. We seem to be imprisoned by something.” a captain explained with a bitter face.

As soon as they wanted to move, they felt that something had locked them up. They were unable to move even a little bit and could only speak.

Oh, I did that.”

Only then did Lin Tian speak, but for the World Nobles, he was so ironic and disdainful. Like a clown, he jumped up and down.

Many years ago, Lin Tian was able to imprison more than ten pirates, and now, his battle strength has reached Admiral. Imprisoning hundreds of people is a trivial matter, even if they are all elite soldiers.

“By the way, there is one more thing I forgot to tell you. I am not a Marine anymore. In order to kill you, I’ve now betrayed Marines and stepped to the opposite of the World Government. As for the offending of the World Government you mentioned earlier, I’ll be chased down by the World Government anyway. So, sorry. I’ve already started it. That threat is useless to me.”

Lin Tian hit his face. And then, he hit his face fiercely again. The clattering of the slap made the World Nobles’ complexion more and more ugly.

“Don’t use this rubbish, I can kill you too!” the furious World Noble roared and shot towards Lin Tian.

Small black dots popping up from all directions, all gathered around them. It merged together and turned into a long black sword more than one meter long, with hundreds of long swords suspended around them.

“Although there is a little iron on this island, it is enough to deal with you.”

“Really, I’m so scared.” his tone seemed terrified, but his face was mocking and disdain, “I can do this too, much more than you.”

As soon as the voice fell, there were thousands of long black swords around Lin Tian in a blink of an eye.

The whole sky was covered with these long swords, enough to hide the sky and cover the earth.

Looking at this scene, World Noble’s triumphant face and the smile disappeared thoroughly, followed by panic and fear.

Just listen to Lin Tian saying again: “Actually, I have always understood that you World Nobles call yourself you gods, the creator of the world, and have a noble bloodline, but how come they are all weird and rubbish? Is it the gods themselves who have turned into rubbish?”

Lin Tian did not conceal the contempt and ridicule in his tone and completely ignored what World Noble said. Although this was a fact, they did not agree with him. He was extremely angry.

“Really? Since you don’t believe me, then I will let you see. Kneel down.”

With two bangs, as Lin Tian said, the two surviving World Nobles behind them knelt heavily on the ground.

“Get down.”

There were two more bangs. This time it was not feet, but hands and two World Nobles crawled on the ground as if they were on all fours.

“Tongues.” The two World Nobles spit out their tongues like a dog.

Next, every time Lin Tian says an order, these World Nobles will follow it, completely like an excellent dog trained by the owner.


After seeing enough, the World Noble was not angry anymore. He just snorted coldly and looked at the two accomplices who had been playing more like dogs in Lin Tian’s hands. Disdain and contempt appeared in his eyes.

“They are just forced. We are still the noblest bloodline in the world, the creator of the world, and we are the gods of the world. Without us, there would be the world now. And you are all inferior people, born to be our slaves.”

Hearing this, Lin Tian didn’t say much. His face was covered with disdain, and he spit out a word gently.


With a word, the sky full of swords trembled slightly, and the sound of the sword’s trembling swords echoed in the sky and the earth. In an instant, thousands of swords moved towards the World Nobles, and the scene was truly spectacular.

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