Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain

Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain Chapter 2 The Marine Hero Garp


“Boom,” the pirate ship shook again.

Lin Tian hugged the wooden pillar on the side tightly. When he encountered this wave of shaking, the excitement in Lin Tian’s eyes has disappeared, leaving only his eyes full of emptiness

Because Lin Tian understood that the most important thing for him now was to escape from this pirate ship. Otherwise, he would be killed by these pirates sooner or later.

If I die, I can’t reach my dreams.

Although he didn’t see what happened on the deck, Lin Tian determined that the pirate ship was fighting other ships from the hull’s constant shaking and loud noise. After figuring it out, Lin Tian showed a trace of worry on his face.

He didn’t know if it the marine or the other pirates fighting this ship.

Whether it is a marine or a pirate, I am afraid that they will regard me as this pirate crew and kill me.

So the best way is to find a small boat while the pirates are fighting and escape. Both sides would not pay attention to a small boat that is irrelevant.

After thinking about that plan, Lin Tian dragged his thin body, got up from the ground, and walked slowly toward the door.

This pirate ship seemed hit by multiple cannonballs. The ship’s bottom part was already leaking, and it won’t take long for the ship to sink.

Lin Tian wouldn’t survive with his current body, so he had to get on the deck as soon as possible.

Lin Tian stepped out of that room, and there was no pirate in the corridor outside the door.

Some pirates on the corner of the ship and the rest of the pirates fired in the cabin. All the pirates have been concentrated in the fight on the deck.

“These pirates ran to the deck, it seems that the next step is to meet in the side, and I must speed up,” Lin Tian thought.

Lin Tian quickened his pace. After he stopped his step, he came to the deck through the stairs, and Lin Tian squinted his eyes quickly.

This pirate ship was a standard three-mast galleon, with a length of more than 100 meters and a width of nearly 30 meters.

In his previous life, ​​Lin Tian had even seen a giant cargo ship measuring three to four hundred meters long but saw such a ship over a hundred meters long made of wood, and Lin Tian was still shocked.

Although he was shocked, Lin Tian had no intention of forgetting himself. At this time, these pirates were all on the right side of the ship, stared at the naval battleship not far away from this ship, they prepared to fight, and now was a good time to escape.

Lin Tian carefully moved, with the wine barrels and wooden boxes to covers his body, he sneaked behind them towards the small boat.

But sometimes, the reality was not according to plan, and the pirates who fired below also crawled out and prepared to fight. Unfortunately, they found out Lin Tian there. At this moment, Lin Tian thought of more than ten reasons, but each reason was not suitable in this situation.

In front of these pirates who were about to be wiped out by the marines, they might kill everyone if they are unhappy for any reason, and now Lin Tian could only resign himself to his fate.

The pirates got closer and closer to him, just when Lin Tian thought he was about to die. These pirates ran past him without even looking at him as if he didn’t exist at all.

Lin Tian lowered his head a little bit and clenched his fists tightly because Lin Tian saw deep contempt in the eyes of these pirates.

After these pirates ran past, Lin Tian’s eyes revealed his desire for strength. If I don’t have power in this world, I will look like an ant in others’ eyes. Like just now, Lin Tian was like an ant among these pirates. They didn’t even bother to look at him.

But in a blink of an eye, Lin Tian laughed at himself, and now he realized that he was really just a weak hopeless kid. Even the weakest person in this pirate group could easily kill him.

When he saw that all the pirates didn’t care about him, Lin Tian didn’t hide anymore, and he just walked toward the boat openly.

But when Lin Tian walked to the side of the boat, Lin Tian could only helplessly shake his head because the small boats in front of him had a big hole caused by cannon.

Lin Tian realized that these pirates knew that they couldn’t win and why they were so afraid of death to prepare for a fight against the marine soldiers. It turned out that the boat had been destroyed, and these pirates had no way to survive except defeat all the marine soldiers in front of them.

This time the pirates were ready to fight to the death, and their spirit was worth learning, but they also cut off his escape route. Lin Tian leaned weakly on the plank. Now he had no way to escape. He could only pray that he would survive from this fight, so that he might be saved by the marine and stay alive.

The distance between the two ships was not far away. The marine ship sailed downwind, now the marine ship was three hundred meters away, and Lin Tian afraid that it would not be long before they can hit it.


“Who is the leader of that marine ship? Why is their fighting strength so strong?”

A pirate looked not far away and shouted in fear, but his face scared.

Like the pirates, Lin Tian looked towards the sky and instantly understood why these pirates had such an expression.

At this time, the sky above the pirate ship was covered with a dark shadow of many cannonballs, at least several hundred.

There was such a powerful Vice-Admiral on the marine’s side; no wonder these pirates couldn’t escape.

As if thinking of something, Lin Tian’s face was instantly filled with hope. This was the way of someone fighting in the One Piece, and only one person was the Marine Hero-Garp.

Suppose the warship on the marine’s side was Garp. With the strength of these pirates, they were not Garp’s match at all. Lin Tian’s hope of being rescued was much greater, and he would find a way to take Garp as his teacher so that the probability of his survival in this world was also a lot bigger.

But now, the most important thing was to survive this cannonball rain. Lin Tian, ​​who has hope, immediately has the will to fight. Lin Tian ran to the top of the boat. There was only one place in the strongest place on the boat, and that was the captain’s bedroom.

The captain of this pirate ship was named Ayim. In this sea area, Ayim was also a mighty pirate. His bounty was as high as 125 million Baileys.

Ayim’s bounty was so high because Ayim had an ability of the demon fruit. He could transform into a giant black bear, with strong attack and defense power, so Ayim was a mighty pirate, but his existence was only like an ant in front of Garp.

Ayim was also a grumpy person and liked to shoot things at all times. Therefore, Ayim’s bedroom was built very sturdy, and steel inlays were used in many parts.

Now the pirates ran to the deck to fight the marine soldiers. There was no one in that bedroom. It was just an excellent empty room for Lin Tian to hide.

After enduring the pain, Lin Tian limped, heading the Ayim’s room. Finally, before the cannonballs fell, he entered the bedroom and closed the door.

“Boom bang bang…”

Many cannonballs exploded. He could only hear the sound of the cannonballs exploding continuously. After a few minutes, the noise stopped.

Three cannonballs have also hit this bedroom, but this bedroom was so sturdy. The central part of the bedroom has not been damaged much, but most of the things on the roof were shaken off.

Lin Tian was hiding under a table. He had escaped and was not hit by anything from the roof. Otherwise, with his tiny body, he would have died easily.

After the whole ship calmed down, Lin Tian crawled out from under the table.

Slowly opened the room door, Lin Tian looked along the gap between the doors. Most of the buildings on the Pirate Ship were destroyed, and there was heavy smoke everywhere.

However, no pirates on the deck were injured because they were hiding behind their captain. Ayim transformed into a giant black bear and stood in front of his crew. He blocked the cannonballs.

At this time, the marine battleship not far away finally came closer and closer.

On the marine battleship, a Vice-Admiral wore a dog’s head hat that stood at the forefront. And he was the Marine Hero Garp.

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