Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain

Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain Chapter 20


Although some wolves in sheep’s clothing were in the elite marine soldiers, the marine soldiers at the lower ranks were just.

The collusion between the scum Marine Commodore and the pirates that Carly said was something most marine soldiers had never thought of.

If Lin Tian had not confirmed this news, ​​many marine soldiers would not believe it.

It was precisely this way. After a long time joined the Marine, many marine soldiers are still angry and debating. They always commented quietly about this.

Hearing their comments, Garp frowned.

Garp was spending so many years in the Marine. He was very aware of the darkness in the Marine.

Although Garp was very unhappy with what the Marine sometimes do, some things are not changed by themselves. So Garp has always maintained a quiet attitude toward these things.

Now that the Marine Headquarters has been talking about this matter, the impact was not good.

If this kind of case were spread out, it would put dirt on the Marine’s face. And if that happens, these marine soldiers may get into serious trouble.

Garp pretended to be serious and interrupted the conversation, “Be quiet. What we have to do is to solve the immediate problem.”

“Yes,” everyone agreed with him.

The Commodore expressed his concerns, “But the pirates have many hostages in their hands. This will be a severe problem.”

First, we must rescue the hostages of the island so that we can deal with the pirates with confidence.

If the hostages are in their hands, it will complicate things, and we can’t take down the pirates.

“It’s okay. This problem has already been solved,” Garp said dismissively. Garp was very confident of his student’s strength, Lin Tian.

“Someone has solved it?” The Commodore was puzzled at first, but suddenly realized: “Oh, you mean Captain Lin Tian.”

“But, is he really can rescue the residents?” It was not that the Commodore doesn’t believe in Lin Tian.

In the Commodore’s point of view, Lin Tian was still twelve years old and didn’t have enough experience to handle the pirates and rescuing people.

Garp said confidently: “I’m sure he will. He is my disciple.”

Although Garp said it with confidence, the marine soldiers’ faces still dark. They also thought that Lin Tian indeed too young to handle this case. Some of these marine soldiers even have children who are older than Lin Tian.

Compared to the rest of the marine soldiers, Carly and her sister believed in him, although they knew that Lin Tian was not much older. But, Lin Tian was a disciple of Vice-Admiral.

Although Carly and her sister have never been to sea, they know that the Vice-Admiral was powerful in their hearts. As a student of the Vice-Admiral, Lin Tian must be very promising.

Thinking of Lin Tian, ​​Carly remembered what Lin Tian had ordered to herself and quickly said: “Lin Tian also asked me to convey some words.”

“What is that?” Garp asked incomprehensibly. At the same time, her words also took all the marine soldiers’ attention.

“The distress signal was neither sent by the pirates nor the residents of the island. This distress signal was deliberately guided you to come here.”

As soon as Carly finished speaking, everyone looked shocked. Everyone present here understood the implication of Lin Tian’s words.

Lin Tian discovered that behind this small island incident, a pair of black hands arranged from behind the scenes, and his Marine ship was also calculated.

“It’s getting more and more interesting now!” Garp felt interested.


Moved in the forest at night was very difficult, but  ​​this was not a problem for Lin Tian.

Lin Tian rapidly moved forward. While he avoided every branch which blocking the road, he also thought about the next plan.

Lin Tian didn’t kill all the pirates. One pirate just fainted.

After the pirate woke up, Lin Tian prepared a lot of torture to extract a confession, but the pirate told everything before he spoke.

Lin Tian had to listen to it carefully, and after receiving useful information, he let the pirate die quickly.

It turned out that this pirate group came here only because their captain had obtained a treasure map, which led them to this island.

Then the pirate’s captain brought all their crew here. After searching here for a few days, the pirates found a place where there is a possibility the treasure is hidden.

But the place was buried too deep, and it took all day to dig, but the pirates also got a lot of treasures.

Now the pirates were needed more energy, so they arrested all the men over ten years old from the town for forced labor.

But unexpectedly, a Commodore came suddenly. When the pirates thought they were going to run away, the pirate captain bribes the Commodore with treasure.

Since reaching cooperation with the Commodore, the pirates certainly would not give up the treasure.

But the place was too difficult to dig. The digging took half a year. The Commodore reported the fake information about the island, so they never found it here.

This treasure digging would end up in a few days. According to the Commodore’s request, all residents on the island will be killed at that time to hide this secret.

This information was not of much use to Lin Tian. Lin Tian wanted to know most about the black hand behind the scenes, but this pirate’s position was too low, and he told only the useless information.

It was now useless to think about these things because Lin Tian could already see the light not far away, and the real secret lies ahead.

With the help of the night darkness, Lin Tian has lurked near the open space among the grass. Even though it was night, it was lit by torches like the day. If he moved forward, Lin Tian would be spotted by the pirates who were watching everywhere.

With took advantage of the night darkness, Lin Tian looted the pirate’s clothes after solving a pirate and walked over openly.

Although there were torches everywhere here, the light was a bit dim. If Lin Tian didn’t watch it from a close distance, they couldn’t see his face clearly, so Lin Tian was not afraid of being spotted.

Lin Tian wandered around, and no one would be suspicious of him.

Although it was midnight, many people were working, and these people were the residents of the town.

In order to find all the treasures, these pirates just looked like digging a mine. They dug directly from the surface after determining the location.

After half a year, coupled with thousands of people’s efforts, a pit hundreds of meters deep has now been dug.

Through the torches and a few miner’s lamps on the side, Lin Tian could see the situation below.

The people below dug the soil and transported the soil to the top through the hanging basket. At the same time, there were many pirates below monitoring everything.

He promised Carly to rescue his father. But, when he saw this situation, Lin Tian found it extremely difficult. With so many people divided into top and bottom, how could Lin Tian find him?

After looking at the optimal situation, since these people weren’t life-threatening, Lin Tian should also do important things, so he walked towards the place where the pirates lived nearby.

Lin Tian went to the captain first to see if he could find any important information. That third-party black hand made Lin Tian suffocate. Unable to figure out what conspiracy was behind it, Lin Tian couldn’t do anything at all.

Since all the pirates were supervising the residents, Lin Tian never encountered a few pirates and did not say hello to Lin Tian along the way. In this way, Lin Tian entered it unimpeded all the way.

The pirate captain’s house was easy to find. The most extensive and most upscale of all the houses was definitely the one.

Lin Tian thought that this place was different from the outside, and there should be some people guarding it, but what he found is otherwise. There was no one outside the house to guard it.

There was only one light on in that house. Lin Tian cautiously walked over and looked through the gap between the doors. There were only two people in the room.

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