Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain

Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain Chapter 201


More than ten seconds ago.

In the sky around the island, there is a small black ball several meters in diameter. It was like a black streamer flying through the air, but it was not a ball but a giant shell.

Yes, it was a giant bomb researched by Vegapunk.

On the bomb, four silhouettes are standing. Fleet Admiral Sengoku and the three Admirals; Kuzan, Akainu, Kizaru. —-The four are the strongest. They are standing on a flying cannon shell.

This is not the weirdest thing.

What’s even weirder is that Sengoku is holding a giant black cuboid more than one meter long, wide and high.

Fleet Admiral Sengoku and Admirals who were originally in Marineford had to come to the island where the World Nobles are located in such a coercive and weird way right after Lin Tian left.

The Marine Fleet Admiral, Sengoku, had known Lin Tian for years and how Lin Tian handles certain pirates. So, when Lin Tian left, Sengoku immediately understood Lin Tian’s meaning and plan and realized that Lin Tian should have reached the island where the World Nobles is now.

With his understanding of Lin Tian, Sengoku understands that Lin Tian will definitely not let go of those five World Nobles, and those five World Nobles must also die miserably. 

Lin Tian can reach there instantly through his own ability, but they can’t. With their Devil Fruit Ability, they can only use a boat to face this vast sea. However, they are afraid that there would be nothing left of the Five World Nobles if they’re taking a boat. If all of them are dead, what a disturbance will that be.

Suddenly, Sengoku thought of someone, that is, Vegapunk. Vegapunk has recently developed a machine that can fly. —If it is used to fly, the speed will be much faster.

Unfortunately, when they arrived at Vegapunk’s laboratory, they heard bad news. Because of the experiment, Vegapunk built only a prototype.

Now that the data has been obtained, the prototype has been disassembled, and it would be too late to assemble. In desperation, they have to use a giant cannon to launch a cannonball and then stand on it and fly over.

When flying to the island, the cannonball reached its limit and fell on the sea. —It is a cannonball that is several meters in size, and the formidable power can be imagined. The energy generated by the explosion set off a tsunami that was hundreds of meters high, but with Kuzan’s ice age, it was instantly frozen and became a spectacle.

The four silhouettes fell on the ice without saying much and immediately moved towards the huge building complex in front of them. There was not that much time for them.

Although they flew over through artillery shells, it has been a long time since they disappeared. At this point, Lin Tian’s strength is enough to slaughter the entire island several times.


In the courtyard, all the guards who had recovered their freedom surrounded Lin Tian again, but the strength that had just appeared made them understand that they are not necessarily the opponents of the giant eagle next to them, even more so with the Vice-Admiral Lin Tian.

After Lin Tian killed a World Noble, he also released all the guards. He has no grudges with them, and the goal has been achieved, so why bother with them?

Besides, Kuzan had already arrived.

The attack had arrived before the person appeared… A small laser shot from a distance. Lin Tian lifted his right fist and smashed it with one punch.


The four silhouettes appeared in the courtyard.

Seeing the people from the Marine, everyone shouted with joy: “That is Marine Fleet Admiral Sengoku, the highest battle strength in the World Government. Three Admirals came at once.”

As soon as they entered the courtyard, they were stunned by the scene in front of them. It was not that Sengoku and the others could not exert their strength, but the scene in front of them was beyond their imagination.

A World Noble was plunged into the ground, with a hole in his head, and his brain was flowing everywhere. On a big tree next to him, a strange spear stuck in his neck.

Beside Lin Tian, two Marines were floating like this, but they could feel that they were dead, and there was still a drop of blood in the wound on the wrist.

Counting and counting, Sengoku and the others found that there were only four World Nobles here, not five World Nobles, and wondered where the last one was.

‘With the strength of Lin Tian, how could it be possible for them to run away?’

‘He already killed four World Nobles. How could he lose one under the burden?’

At this time, a powerful smell of blood came, and several people looked at the source, and a white skeleton appeared on the torn wall beside it, with a trace of blood on it.

On the skeleton, there is a pile of meat under it and the dirty meat inside the body.

They once heard that Lin Tian would cut some Pirate into pieces of meat, but after seeing it today, everyone’s stomachs were tumbling, and it was extremely uncomfortable.

“Lin Tian- Ah! Lin Tian! You actually killed all these World Nobles. Now you can’t look back. The World Government won’t let you go. There is no place for you in the whole world.” Sengoku sighed.

Originally, Sengoku was just planning to capture Lin Tian and imprison him in Impel Down, let him stay quiet, wait for the incident to subside, and then find a chance to let him come back.

But now that he actually killed five World Nobles…

To maintain their majesty, World Noble will not stand by and will do something. Some big moves.

Haha…” Lin Tian shook his head with a smile and said: “Fleet Admiral Sengoku, perhaps the World Government has a strong control on land, but in this endless sea, the World Government cannot do so. Furthermore, with my strength, even the Four Emperors won’t necessarily be able to catch me, even more so the Marine. If you and Sensei shoot together, it’s possible, but with my ability, are you sure I can’t escape?”

Hearing Lin Tian’s words, even Fleet Admiral Sengoku had to admit Lin Tian’s strength and ability. If he wanted to escape, it would be difficult to stop him.

So, today, they have gathered all the highest battle strengths in Marine except Garp.

This may be the only chance, and it will be difficult to have it next time.

Sengoku instructed: “According to the plan, the three of you will try your best to make a move. I will revoke it. Even Kuzan. This time you not only have to make a move, but you can’t hold back. Understand?”

“Well, in front of justice, I will do the right thing.” Kuzan nodded and said softly.

The three of them took a light step forward, and three powerful, imposing manners came out, covering the entire island. Lin Tian also released a powerful, imposing manner.

Even if Lin Tian didn’t fall short in an imposing manner, but facing the three Admirals’ imposing manner, he still had to lean on Chasing Wind.

Lin Tian stomped on one foot, and countless cracks appeared on the ground, and his figure moved towards the island and shot away, “There are too many people here, let’s go to those ice fields outside.”

The three Admiral took the shot together.

Under their precautions, it was not so easy for them to want to go today, and it would be better to fight a game and prepare secretly.

Kuzan and the others had a confrontation, followed Lin Tian, moved towards the ice field, and Kizaru was the fastest, turning into light-speed particles, and instantly caught up with Lin Tian.

Fingers flicked continuously, dozens of laser beams passed out, and shot towards Lin Tian’s back. At a distance of more than ten meters, there was no time for the light on his face. The golden light flashed and appeared on Lin Tian’s back.

‘Observation Haki!’

Lin Tian held the sword in his backhand, still moved towards the front, and flew towards the front, his hand was holding Chasing Wind and swayed quickly, and the radiant light behind him was chopped off in a few seconds.

Kizaru was not surprised at this. The previous battles made him understand that Lin Tian’s battle strength was a line higher than his. How could he be hit so easily?


As Lin Tian landed on the ice sheet, the other three Marine Admirals also arrived, standing triangle to Lin Tian, tightly surrounding Lin Tian.

Lin Tian said with a smile: “Didn’t expect, I can also make the Marine Admirals take action together. I am extremely proud of it.”

The three of them couldn’t hear the ridicule inside, but they were able to get to this point. How could they be affected by the trifling language?

Akainu said, “Lin Tian, don’t be stupid. Five World Nobles died in your hands, and now you are the number one enemy of the World Government and the enemy of the World Nobles. As a Marine commander, to do such a sinful thing, this bit of evil must be eradicated.”

In contrast, Kuzan’s speech was not so intense, and he shook his head with little pity: “Lin Tian, as the most potential person in the Marine, you were almost promoted to Admiral this time. But in just half a day, such a big change occurred.”

Kizaru didn’t talk; he was just staring at Lin Tian closely on the side.

Three Admirals teamed up, with something like that, Lin Tian will die today. It’s useless to talk.

“In this case, let’s fight.”

The powerful fighting intent came out through the body, the fighting intent was monstrous, a hurricane was set off out of thin air, and the cloak blared behind Kuzan.


Lin Tian flashed, there was a sonic boom, the speed was abnormal. Facing the three admirals, Lin Tian didn’t hold back.

In an instant, Lin Tian had appeared in front of Kizaru, the pitch-black fist, driven by the powerful force, the air was twisted. His fists sent fierce fist winds around it.


Kizaru didn’t expect that Lin Tian had such a fast speed when he burst out with all his strength. When he reacted, he had already appeared in front of him, and he couldn’t avoid it.

Lin Tian punched him with all his strength.

The whole person flew upside down immediately, and he rolled out, rolling dozens of meters on the ground before stopping.

Kizaru has the worst physical skills among the three Admirals and mainly depends on his Devil Fruit ability. This is also why Lin Tian first targeted Kizaru as his opponent.

When two on the side reacted, Kizaru had been knocked out, and a look of shock flashed in their eyes.

That is the Marine Admiral, the highest battle strength of the World Government, yet he got knocked out as soon as they met. Although there was a sneak attack, it was undeniable that Lin Tian was powerful.

“Frozen Time Capsule”

“Big Spitfire”

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