Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain

Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain Chapter 202


A huge magma fist with raging flames burned on it. Monstrous heat waves were all over the void. The temperature rose rapidly. The ice sheet below melted quickly and turned into a pool of water.

On the side, with a wave of Kuzan’s right hand, the same huge air-conditioning projectile moved towards Lin Tian. The temperature of the place it passed by dropped rapidly.

A weird situation has formed.

The huge ice bullet and the magma fist of no small size collide one after another, white mist rises.

This is a contest between ice and fire, which is rare to see. However, Lin Tian did not have the time and energy to appreciate this beauty now.

The attacks of the two Admirals are so vast that they invisibly change the surrounding environment.

Lin Tian’s right foot retreated gently, he took a deep breath, and the left foot took a small step suddenly, crack sounded, numerous cracks appeared on the ice surface, the entire plain shook.

Through the cracks, you can clearly see below the sea water.

“Rising Dragon Fist”

The right fist that gathered the whole body’s strength suddenly punched out, and a giant blue dragon flew out with a long roar to the sky. It was standing upright with a massive body of tens of meters, looking down.

Compared with Lin Tian’s play of the dragon, it was like a red and blue ball.

The dragon’s tail swung, and the wind was like a knife, cutting out traces of the ice sheet below.

With the power of ice and fire, Lin Tian punched the dragon with all his strength.

Like two meteorites falling from the horizon, slamming into each other, with a bang, a huge explosion sounded.

The swift shock wave carries powerful energy and is extremely powerful as if nothing can stop them. Everything they pass by is scattered ashes and dispersed smoke.

The shock wave is like a hurricane, but it is more violent than a hurricane… The hard, light blue ice cubes are blown up in blocks and dance in the sky.

The ice is mixed with molten slag, crimson magma. It’s all melted rocks, with flames on them. –The fusion of ice and magma is so perfect that the shock wave moves in all directions.

Rising Dragon Fist –but using all the strength of the whole body.

A fist technique that must win with one stroke is compelling and also has side effects. This type of punch can’t be used much, his arms can’t withstand such a strong force, and after the punch, he would have a period of weakness.

If the shock wave in front of him is normal, Lin Tian can easily prevent it, but now there is no way. Without thinking about it, Lin Tian turned around and ran towards the back, as far as he could go.

One silhouette quietly appeared behind him. If it wasn’t Kizaru, who else? But at this time, Kizaru did not have the general demeanor he had before.

A big hole appeared on the clothes on the abdomen, clearly revealing a fist mark. The Marine cloak behind was also covered with ice slag, and there was still blood on the corner of his mouth, which had not been wiped clean.

Previously in Marineford, Lin Tian had cut off the weapon in his hand. He flew with a punch, plus Lin Tian calculated it, which made Kizaru feel angry.

Just now, he was punched and flown by Lin Tian again, and he was knocked before he even shot. –This didn’t happen even when facing the Four Emperors.

“Lin Tian, after fighting on the battlefield for so long, how could you relax your vigilance on the battlefield? This is very serious, especially under the current circumstances.”

While talking, Kizaru did not stop his attack. Countless photons gathered on his leg, and his right leg kicked Lin Tian’s back at the speed of light.

The leg kicked out at the speed of light, and you can imagine how powerful it is. Even the huge Marine battleship can’t hold it.

Feeling Kizaru coming behind him, Lin Tian’s complexion greatly changed. —After tasting Kizaru’s light kick, he couldn’t be shocked by the powerful force.

Lin Tian immediately used the Devil Fruit ability. Although he was still in a period of weakness from punching out by the Dragon Fist, it did not prevent Lin Tian from using his ability.




Kizaru kicked on Lin Tian’s back.

Being suddenly hit hard on his back, Lin Tian’s chest surged with blood, and a mouthful of blood came out uncontrollably. His face was ashen.

At the same time, Lin Tian still looked shocked and puzzled because, when he used the Devil Fruit ability, how could Kizaru kick him?

Contrary to the emptiness, Lin Tian has opened up the Devil Fruit to a certain extent in recent years before using it to integrate himself into the void.

Although it was only a few seconds, at one moment, he would exist in this space, fusing with the void. —Any attack could not hit Lin Tian at this time. He would be invincible, enough to escape any fatal attack. It consumes a lot of physical strength, but it’s worth it.

However, just now, Lin Tian suddenly couldn’t blend in the void, as if the void was repelling him. It’s as if he had unlearned about Devil Fruit’s ability back several years ago.

It is conceivable what shock Lin Tian feels. Devil Fruit ability is very useful to Lin Tian. If there is no Devil Fruit ability, Lin Tian’s battle strength will drop a lot.

But now, Lin Tian has no time to think so much. The shock wave is about to hit head-on, followed by Kizaru’s laser beam. If he is hit, he would be almost finished.

“Chasing Wind”

The Chasing Wind, high in the sky, heard Lin Tian. With a flap of wings, he instantly surpassed the speed of sound, reaching a distance of thousands of meters in two seconds, appearing on Lin Tian’s head.

Lin Tian grabbed the eagle claws of the Chasing Wind but was still hit by the laser beam from behind, turned over and fell on the Chasing Wind’s back, opened his mouth, spit a mouthful of blood, and his face paled again.


With a chirp and spreading its wings, it carried Lin Tian to the sky.

However, just when the Chasing Wind was about to escape the shock wave range…

In the shock wave, a fiery-red giant dog a few meters from the surface of the ice flew out of flames. The inside was indeed composed of flowing magma. Under the giant dog, one silhouette appeared.

It is Akainu.

To deal with the weak Lin Tian and seize this good opportunity, Akainu asked Kuzan to use the ice age to seal a tunnel made of ice and let himself pass through.

Akainu hadn’t finished walking and saw the Chasing Wind carrying Lin Tian about to escape. Without much thought, Akainu broke the passage and broke into the storm alone, braving mortal danger, moving towards Lin Tian and chasing.

“Hound Crimson lotus”

The giant molten dog opened its mouth, and a crimson heatwave spurted out, broke away from Akainu’s fist, and pounced directly towards the Chasing Wind.

In a blink of an eye, Akainu caught up with the Chasing Wind.

Seeing the giant dog attacking, the Chasing Wind stopped his figure quickly. Light azure rays of light covered his wings. The feathers of tens of centimeters stood up, glowing with a hint of cold glow.

“Feather Blade”

The wings suddenly unfolded, and the densely packed light azure rays of light flew out.

If you look closely, you can see that these are actually feathers, exquisite and dazzling, like gems, but possessing extremely powerful power.

The giant lava dog that leaped was trying to cut through the countless feathers but was cut into countless small pieces in an instant and fell from that height. And the densely packed feather blades are also less than half, and only some of them slowly disappear between Heaven and Earth.

But before Lin Tian can breathe a sigh of relief, a magma column soars into the sky; Akainu’s dog.

Akainu did not fall, but with the help of the sky ice and magma, he did not know when he had rushed to Lin Tian’s side and then made a fatal blow.

At this point, as an enemy, Lin Tian has to admire Akainu. —To do so is to take a risk on the cliff. If one is not careful, they will fall. Only a few people in the Marine can match Akainu.

Akainu braved mortal danger and broke out a full-strength attack. —Even if it can be used to reverse the virtual, Lin Tian can’t escape it. The time was too short, Lin Tian just reacted, and the magma column was already in front of his eyes.


The violent magma column directly submerged the Chasing Wind and Lin Tian, a miserable scream sounded. Then, a black shadow fell out of the magma column.

It was the Chasing Wind.

It’s just that the white feathers turned black, and the smart eyes were closed tightly, curled into a ball. There was no slight movement, just like dying, moved towards the ground and fell heavily.

The Chasing Wind, in the form of a giant eagle, has been seriously injured and unconscious. You must know that it is a magma column, and the temperature inside is at least tens of thousands of degrees. Even the steel will instantly melt into molten iron.

Fortunately, Chasing Wind is made by smelting many exotic metals. Even Vegapunk has spent a lot of effort. Otherwise, Chasing Wind will hardly survive this time.

The rays of light flashed, and the Chasing Wind changed from a giant eagle shape to a sword. Still, the whole long sword was covered by a layer of pitch-black material, just like a piece of iron that had just been formed, losing its previous luster.

To save Lin Tian, Chasing Wind surrounded Lin Tian with wings to avoid injury. Otherwise, Lin Tian would be unscathed.


Off the court, Sengoku watched this scene without any smile on his face but was deeply sighing.

A genius who shocked the world may disappear today, and he was almost promoted to an Admiral just now. I didn’t expect it now… Hah…’

When he rushed over, Sengoku had already thought of Lin Tian’s weird and incomparable ability. If they didn’t want to restrain that weird ability, the four of them could beat him, but it would be difficult to catch him.

For this, Sengoku had to bring out this huge black box ordered by the headquarters to deal with Lin Tian.

It was initially to guard against the unexpected.

Lin Tian’s talent and length were so scary that the Marine Headquarters felt terrified.

… And, that’s why Vegapunk has studied this thing to deal with Lin Tian’s strange abilities.

Only Vegapunk knows the devil fruit best in the world. And it didn’t disappoint. It was just kept in the laboratory, so the power is still good if you use it now.


On the battlefield, Lin Tian stood in the sky, watching the Chasing Wind in his hand without saying a word. He was silent for a few seconds and finally gently put the Chasing Wind on his back.


The monstrous aura mixed with an astonishing murderous aura soaring into the sky.

The dense fog in the sky was washed away, and the sun’s rays once again shone on this shattered ice sheet.


Lin Tian suddenly disappeared into the sky. Akainu, Kizaru, and the previous Kuzan, who were about to seize the opportunity to attack, stopped and watched the void vigilantly, staring at the surroundings, their faces thick and puzzled.

“You played well. Now, die for me, Akainu.”

Lin Tian appeared behind Akainu with a Black Sword in his hand and chopped off Akainu’s neck.

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