Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain

Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain Chapter 203



Feeling the sharp cold glow on the neck, the sky-splitting sound of murderous aura, Akainu trembled with cold light, his face changed in shock, without much thought, he hurried to avoid it.

As a Logia Devil Fruit Ability User, he is immune to physical attacks. Of course, he has to look at what kind of enemy he faces. — For a master like Lin Tian, he is already powerful in his Haki control and opening.

However, this advantage is not very useful when it comes to real killer moves, and the sword light can make oneself tremble. It must not be that simple.

Although Akainu tried his best to avoid it, the speed was very fast. This is Lin Tian’s angry blow; the speed is faster than that. How could it be easy to avoid?


A dark, cold glow was flashing past.

Watching Akainu burst back, Lin Tian not at all continued to chase. He slowly retracted the Black Sword that had been split from his hand, staggered, spit out blood again, and almost fell to the ground.

Stopping his figure, Akainu turned around and retreated to his rocky state, “Lin Tian, you were not slightly injured before, and you used your own abilities to act. Now you should not be able to support it. Three Admirals; no one can escape, even the Four Emperors have to drink hate here.”

Although his ability is difficult to use for some reason, Lin Tian understands in his heart that it must be related to Sengoku, who is next to him.

However, it doesn’t mean that Lin Tian has lost his ability. It’s just that the strange fluctuations come from the void, making it difficult for him to sense the void, and only Vegapunk can create this thing.

As long as Lin Tian is willing to pay the price, Lin Tian can continue to use it. But.. there are too many restrictions, and there will be backlash every time it is used. The most serious thing is that he can no longer use teleport. With Chasing Wind and himself being injured, it is difficult to escape.

Lin Tian wiped off the remaining blood on his mouth, smiled indifferently, and said, “Akainu, I won’t spare you worry, don’t pretend. I felt it clearly.”

Behind Akainu, the Marine cloak was cut through a huge opening, revealing a wound. Flesh and blood turned out, blood was constantly flowing out, and blood dyed red was flowing out all around.

Hmph!” Akainu coldly snorted. Being known by Lin Tian was a bit embarrassing, but it was true, and he didn’t say too much.

At this time, Kizaru and Kuzan also rushed over and surrounded Lin Tian.

Akainu said in a threatening tone, “Lin Tian, you should surrender. The three of us will take action. With Fleet Admiral Sengoku on the side, you won’t be able to escape.”

Lin Tian smiled contemptuously. With a wave of the black sword in his hand, he shook off the extremely bright blood on it. He pointed to Akainu and said: “Akainu, when did you become such a mother-in-law? I killed five World Nobles. Do you think the World Government will let me go? In this case, I might as well die dignified on the battlefield, better than being tortured by that rubbish.”

After saying this, Lin Tian was extremely calm, as if he had already saved life and death.

“Good!” Even if he’s an enemy now, Akainu praises Lin Tian’s words that soldiers should die on the battlefield instead of standing. Kneeling to live, this is what a soldier should have.

“Do it!”

“Hey, although some do not want to do it, as Admirals, we still have to maintain justice.”

Kuzan leaped vigorously and stood up from the ground. Five icicles were suddenly shot out of his palm.

Lin Tian, who was about to attack, was frozen in the ice at once.

“Ice Block: Partisan”

Kuzan did not at all stop this degree of ice. Knowing Lin Tian’s strength, it won’t take long to break open, and four three-pronged ice spears quickly emerge around him.

“Hound Crimson Lotus.” His right hand quickly rocked, forming a palm, and quickly patted a crimson magma pillar, surrounded by raging flames, and the ice began to melt.

“Laser Cannon”

Kizaru put his hands on his chest, accumulating a mirror-like light, and then a laser beam flies out of it. The formidable power is dozens of times stronger than ordinary laser beams.

Three powerful attacks came into the middle ice block instantly, and there was a loud noise, and the hard ice now shattered.

Immediately after a huge explosion sounded, the crimson fireball rose. Accompanied by a fiery heatwave, the ice sheet melted rapidly. It turned into cyan seawater, which was instantly evaporated by a cloud of white gas.

The huge energy was vented on the ice surface. A series of clicks sounded. One after another, a huge crack appeared on the ice surface, countless pieces of ice rose into the sky, and the ice sheet began to shake violently.

When Kuzan and the others who launched the attack saw it, they looked at each other and quickly backed away. The explosion was too violent, and the vision was completely blocked, making it difficult to see what was inside. Being in the center of the explosion is also very harmful to them.

Presumably, Lin Tian can hardly survive this situation.


On the small island beach, all the World Noble guards gather here. —For these elites, their Conqueror’s Haki’s resistance is still stronger than ordinary people.

Seeing the battle in front of them, they were shocked. This kind of battle was utterly ruined, and they were so far apart that the aftermath made them feel a lot of pressure.

The sound of violent explosions was endless, the huge ice sheet continued to crack, and the whole island violently shook.

Kuzan and the others, although far away from the center of the explosion, did not rest assured and stood not far away in a triangle shape to prevent Lin Tian from escaping.

“Dark Blade Storm”

Without letting many people wait, a hurricane rose from the explosion. The thick ice fog quickly dispersed, clearly revealing the situation inside.

The original ice sheet has disappeared, and it has changed back to the sea. The blue sea is in front of them, and on that sea, an unusual tornado rises.

Why is it unusual? Because it is different from the usual tornado color, it is black, it is a kind of black that cannot be described in words, and it is inspiring. This is only for the ordinary guards.

Kuzan and the others can see that this tornado is only made up of a black knife. But, there are too many of these knives, and they don’t know what’s going on inside.


In the black tornado, Lin Tian clutched the massive scar on his chest, half-kneeled in the sky, panting loudly. The corners of his mouth had been torn, the blood flow continued, mixed with saliva, dripping into the sea.

At this time, Lin Tian was scorched and burned all over his body, but his right arm was abnormally covered by ice. Wisps of cold air appeared, leaving many wounds on his body.

In general, his injuries were severe.

For so many years on the Grand Line, only on Korod Island, the ambush by the Donquixote Pirates cadres was so severe.

Secretly exerted force, his right hand shook slightly, and the ice on his arm shattered immediately, but it was still braving. The cold air had penetrated the body, and it was difficult to clean it without spending time.


Seeing this black tornado, the three Admirals were sure to pay attention. After all, they had never fought with Lin Tian. Seeing that its momentum is not simple, it must be one of Lin Tian’s cards, and otherwise, Lin Tian would not use it in this case.

“Big Spitfire”

Akainu made a trial not to give him time to breathe. When he shot, it was a powerful rock-forming giant fist rushing towards the tornado.

With a bang, the giant magma fist hit the tornado fiercely. Before it lasted a few breaths, it was cut into countless fist-sized pieces of magma by the dense knife, which fell into the sea and turned into ordinary rocks.

The trio’s expressions were extremely heavy. They didn’t expect this tornado to be so strong, and Akainu’s fire breathing was solved in one go, but there was no response.

“Troublesome. Let me do it.” Kuzan stood up and said, the one among the three who played a role in this is the ability to freeze fruits.

Hu~~” he let out a breath of cold air, and his hands slowly transformed into ice cubes. Together, a cold air burst out of the palms of the hands. In the sky immediately, there were countless ice crystals, and even the air was frozen. “Ice Age.”

The extremely icy cold air instantly sealed Lin Tian’s dark blade storm with ice. –This is the strongest style of Kuzan. With one move, even a sea area can be frozen for several weeks, let alone Lin Tian

crack crack.

Before everyone could breathe a sigh of relief, a few hundred meters high ice tornado, cracks appeared one after another, and huge ice cubes continued to fall from the heavens.

The ice tornado was shattered with a bang, and countless hill-like ice cubes fell, and several powerful slashes flew out and rowed towards the sky.

Kuzan and the others made successive shots before smashing these ice cubes. They didn’t know since when Lin Tian had returned. His eyes were closed, and both hands held the Chasing Wind again, the sword Stand up with the tip on your chest.

Every time he uttered a word, Lin Tian’s aura became stronger. When he finished reciting the five words (de xīng bào liúguāng zhǎn), Lin Tian’s aura had gathered to the peak.


As soon as the voice fell, Lin Tian had disappeared and reappeared in front of Akainu. His closed eyes opened at an unknown time. His right hand was holding the Chasing Wind tightly, moving towards Akainu and attacking.

Seeing this, Akainu’s complexion greatly changed. He clearly felt that Lin Tian didn’t use the weird ability, but with his own explosive power to reach such a degree, only a few meters away from him.


A few meters away, Lin Tian slashed him close, and Chasing Wind made a cross-cut with his right hand.

He turned around and cut horizontally!

A small step over Akainu, let go and hold the Chasing Wind again, turn around quickly, and turn around with one blow.

Spin back!

One Black Sword appeared on his left hand, and two Black Swords were held in his hand. With his toes pinched, his hands opened, his body rotated rapidly, and he chopped on Akainu’s back.

Slash with both blades!

After the rotation, Lin Tian leaped into the air, the two swords merged, and suddenly cut down!

Cross down!

The double swords crossed, and another horizontal split, the sharp blade directly cut through Akainu’s body, revealing the magma inside.

Cross and cut!

Clamp the backhand firmly. He crossed the two swords and cut towards the top.

Lin Tian leaped into the air, avoiding Akainu and desperately making a counterattack. He stepped on Akainu’s shoulder, stepped down, turned the direction, moved towards Kizaru, and slammed close.

Lin Tian’s series of sword techniques only happened in an instant. When Kizaru and Kuzan on the side also realized that they were buried deeply, Akainu was stepped on by Lin Tian.

When Kizaru burst back, Lin Tian had already rushed behind him, and the two swords joined together, which was a powerful slash.

Cut down after a stab!

With a loud bang, Lin Tian’s slash was knocked down by Kizaru’s Kusanagi, and with a strong turn, he opened Lin Tian’s long sword with one blow and slashed straight towards Lin Tian’s long sword.


He held the Chasing Wind backhand to block Kizaru and cut down.


Holding the sword of Black Space firmly in his left hand, he stood up and stabbed Kizaru’s back.

“Seven consecutive cuts”

The combination of two swords is seven fierce cuts. Kizaru shook his hands, and his figure constantly retreated. With a click, he slashed at Lin Tian… Kusanagi in Kizaru’s hand finally broke.

“Forward stab”

Seizing the opportunity, Lin Tian steps forward with his right foot, loosens the broken space sword, and holds the long sword with both hands, which is a stab.

“Cross-cut forward”

Withdrawing his backhand, a space sword was once again revealed, cross-cutting Kizaru’s chest.


A stab moved towards Kuzan but unfortunately was avoided by Kuzan, who had prepared.

Without preparing for the next move, Lin Tian’s badly injured body can no longer be supported, a staggering figure stopped. Still, it is better to use the Chasing Wind to hold himself up… otherwise, he will fall to the ground.

There was a puff, puff, puff…

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