Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain

Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain Chapter 204


Behind them, standing Akainu and Kizaru trembled, several wounds appeared on the chest and back, one after another blood splashed out.

With one move, he killed the two Marine Admirals in seconds!

But How strong are the two of them?

Bending their bodies, breathing heavily in their mouths, they brought out wisps of congestion in their chests. Their whole body shook slightly as if they were about to fall at any time. They were staring at Lin Tian in front of them.

Kizaru lowered his head and glanced at the crisscross scars on his chest, which appeared to flow out continuously. As a Logia Fruit Ability User, it has been a long time since he suffered such injuries.

Kizaru said in a deep voice, such a high combat power, even he did not expect: “Unexpectedly, Vice Admiral Lin Tian, that your strength is so strong… Marine Headquarters’ evaluation of you has always been low, and your battle strength has surpassed a Marine Admiral.”

Gritting his teeth to resist the pain in his back, Akainu was the most injured of the three. Lin Tian had previously cut a wound on his back, and Lin Tian slashed him in the back. He opened his mouth and said, the tone was not so serious, “What about the evaluation error? You are already seriously injured, and you are using such a strong move forcibly. You are killing eight hundred enemies and losing one thousand yourself. Now you have reached the limit. I am afraid that there is no more power to fight back.”

Hearing the words coming from behind, Lin Tian did not answer. It was not that he didn’t want to answer, but what Akainu said was right. His body has indeed reached its limit, and speaking will take a lot of effort.

The Starburst Stream just now is the strongest combination of Lin Tian’s current style, physical skills, and sword technique. –The Starburst Stream is divided into 19 styles. Previously, only 18 styles were used, but his body can’t support it anymore. The strongest style has no chance to be used.

Like the literal meaning, each type of “Starburst” possesses tremendous power, powerful enough to chop up the stars.

‘Starburst Stream’. The incomparable attack speed is as fast as the speed of light, extremely fast, 18 styles are used, and it takes more than a second. Even Akainu and Kizaru, who owns Pika Pika no Mi can’t keep up.

The powerful strength and incomparable speed are hefty on the body. And when used with a seriously injured body… Now Lin Tian’s body is at its limit.

Don’t talk about fighting. It’s already extremely difficult to stand up in the easiest way, and he can only rely on Chasing Wind to prop himself up.

Now Lin Tian is exhausted. There is tingling and soreness all over the body. He really wanted to lie down and don’t care about anything else. But, Lin Tian understands that If he lies down, that’s the end of it.

He took out a vial from his arms, pulled the lid off with a flick of his thumb, and drank it directly against his mouth. The liquid is mixed with the blood in the mouth and swallowed into the abdomen.

A piece of light rays emerged from the body—the rays of light irradiated Lin Tian’s wound. At speed visible to the naked eye, the blood stopped, and the wound slowly became scarred.

The whole body burns and also slowly recovers completely. The charred old meat fell off and was quickly occupied by the new tender meat. In just an instant, the azure light dissipated, and on the surface, Lin Tian’s wounds have been mostly healed.

Seeing that azure light suddenly appeared on Lin Tian, Kizaru and Akainu had a bad feeling. Lin Tian slowly stood up, turned around, and the wound on his body had healed.

Even Akainu, who was fully grasped before, was shocked at this time, “How is it possible- What the hell is that piece of rays of light, that serious injuries healed in a short time.”

Although Kizaru and Kuzan did not speak, they knew from their faces that their hearts were equally uneasy. The three Marine Headquarters joined hands; two suffered severe injuries, and one suffered minor injuries. Lin Tian Tian was seriously injured and had no backhand strength.

But in an instant, he recovered.

Looking at the stunned Akainu and the others, Lin Tian gently smiled and said proudly: “How about it, three Admirals? Didn’t expect I will have this kind of back hand?”

With a scream, one silhouette appeared in front of the trio.

It was Sengoku.

Seeing Lin Tian’s recovery, Sengoku immediately realized that he had to take action.

Sweeping his eyes around Lin Tian, Sengoku muttered: “We didn’t expect. We made a mistake again. There is this method, and it seems that things are not so easy today.”

“Oh.” feeling Sengoku’s unspoken implication, Lin Tian asked curiously: “Fleet Admiral Sengoku, in this situation, you think you can stop me, do you have any other plays?”

Sengoku nodded, stepped slightly forward, shaking his hands, “Of course, facing Marine’s strongest genius, which is superior in battle strength and resourcefulness. How can I come here without any preparation.”

When he heard Sengoku’s words, not only Lin Tian but also Kuzan and the others were also suspicious. They came here with Sengoku, and they didn’t bring anything except that thing.

“In order to prevent you, the strongest marine genius of the past, from escaping, I have to do it myself.” Sengoku said mockingly, “For so many years, I don’t know if there is any rust, but I am sure to deal with you at this time.”

When the voice fell, Sengoku’s body grew rapidly. In a flash, Sengoku had become hundreds of meters high, showing golden-yellow rays of light all over, like a big Buddha.

Therefore, the world also calls it “Sengoku the Buddha.”

From the height of hundreds of meters, one can imagine the strength of Sengoku. I am afraid that a normal punch can smash a house.

Sengoku is a person who competes with legendary characters such as Roger and Whitebeard. His strength is conceivable. Lin Tian also had to stop his surprise and confusion and carefully looked at him for hundreds of meters. The tall Buddha.

“Today, let me try… how strong is the marine’s strongest genius.”

With his right hand into a palm, he shot from top to bottom and moved towards Lin Tian.

It’s like covering the sky and the earth. There is a piece of gold in front of Lin Tian. The golden represents nobility, justice, and kindness. It is necessary to slap the evil on the ground with one palm.

“Well then. Fleet Admiral Sengoku, let me try the highest battle strength of the World Government back then.”

The sole suddenly stomped, the huge power came out, the ground vibrated, and one after another crack spread out like a spider web-centered on the sole of Lin Tian.

With the help of a strong reaction force, Lin Tian jumped up violently. His right fist was tightly placed under him, fiercely accumulating. When he was about to approach, Lin Tian slammed a punch suddenly.

Sengoku’s slightly bent right arm also stretched out straight and slapped a palm with all his strength. A golden-yellow shock wave was shot from the palm.

There was a loud bang.

In the sky, powerful forces collide, and violent shock waves are continuously moved towards all directions, like a fierce hurricane, wherever it passes, a miserable image.

The thick ground was lifted by the shock wave, one after another big sloth broke off, and the ground was covered with grass flying all over the sky. The whole island was a doomsday scene.

“Lin Tian, it seems that you are just holding on. In fact, your injury is not good at all. This palm is my full effort. Lin Tian, surrender. Now you are not my opponent.”

Lin Tian opened his mouth to spit a mouthful of blood. Fleet Admiral Sengoku was so old and good. Lin Tian was strong in appearance but weak in reality, and Sengoku could see it at a glance.

The liquid Lin Tian drank is the same as last time on Korod Island. The medicine’s efficacy is very strong, but with Lin Tian’s injury now, even Devil Fruit Ability may not be able to recover completely instantly.

“Fleet Admiral Sengoku, who wins and who loses is still unknown, you think you will be able to take me down, but you want me to admit defeat with a single palm.”

Hearing Lin Tian’s arrogant language, Sengoku’s complexion slightly changed, said solemnly: “Young people, really strong, yes, but there is a lot of arrogance. The world is far bigger than you think.”

The strength in his hand increased again. Lin Tian immediately couldn’t support it and was hit by the shock wave of Sengoku’s palm flying down. Like a meteorite falling heavily to the ground.


Lin Tian directly smashed into a deep pit.

The earth shook, the ground collapsed. Countless broken stones rose into the sky, and cracks spread out from under the ground. Thick smoke covered the sky and the ground like a sandstorm, covering the entire island.

Sengoku, who was hundreds of meters away, took a few steps to remove the powerful reaction force. Seeing the smoke reaching his chest, the complexion slightly changed. If Lin Tian escaped here, he could be just a bit too short.

Two giant hands, with a full-wave, set off a hurricane out of thin air, blowing the dense fog directly, revealing the true face of the island, and Lin Tian in the underground pit was also revealed.

Kuzan and others have also rushed over, surrounding the deep pit. They all looked at Lin Tian in the pit and couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief.

Lin Tian lay quietly in the deep pit, under the palm of Sengoku, the wound in his body that was temporarily suppressed by the effect of the medicine burst out. With that powerful palm, he was not far from death. There is no more strength.

Looking around, looking at Sengoku and the others above, deep in the deep pit, Lin Tian, who has nowhere to escape, showed a smile on his face.

It was a happy smile.

Just as everyone was puzzled, Lin Tian raised a crimson stone, said with a smile: “Fleet Admiral Sengoku, thank you for the palm. I didn’t know how to leave. Now your back hand is useless.”

Hearing Lin Tian’s words, Sengoku’s complexion changed drastically. Without even thinking about it, he hurriedly said: “Hurry up! Lin Tian is going to escape.”

Without Sengoku’s order, Kuzan and the others also realized that it was not good and hurriedly shot Lin Tian, who was lying in the deep pit.

“It’s too late. Just wait for me. It won’t take long for me to re-enter the Grand Line. Next time I come back, I will realize my ambition.”

The crimson stone broke apart… A black ray of light irradiated Lin Tian.

The rays of light passed away, and Lin Tian also disappeared.

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