Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain

Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain Chapter 205


The next morning, when people walked out of their homes, rubbed their sleepy eyes, and picked up the newspaper under their feet, they were all suddenly wide awake. Their faces were shocked and stunned.

Yesterday, Lin Tian rebelled against the Marine, and he slaughtered some World Nobles and battled the Marine Admirals. The movement was so loud, and there were so many viewers on the side that it could not be concealed.

Not long after the event ended, the world’s major forces, the Underground World, and many powerhouses in the world had already passed through their respective channels. When they learned about what happened, there were bursts of exclamation.


Last night,

The lights were brightly lit in the massive Conference Hall at Marine Headquarters, and Fleet Admiral Sengoku seated high. On the right, there were bandaged Akainu and Admiral Kizaru, as well as the unharmed Kuzan Admiral.

On the left was expressionless Vice Admiral Garp. Garp, performing a mission outside, heard Lin Tian betrayed Marine and slaughtered the World Nobles.

The angry Garp sank an island at the time and tried his best to reach Marine headquarters tonight, just in time for this meeting, mainly to figure out what happened.

Under Garp was Marine General Staff Tsuru. Sengoku was specially called for her from Sabaody Archipelago. If such a big thing happened, even the general staff, Tsuru, must have figured something out from that. However, Tsuru was still expressionless and silent at this time.

Below are the Marine Vice Admiral, both their hands crossed near their chests. They have heard about Lin Tian betraying Marine before coming.

This meeting involves a lot of things. However, the real decision-makers are still the top ones. They just came to make soy sauce. It’s better to be silent and listen quietly.

So, the Conference Hall was caught in a weird atmosphere, and everyone had their own selfish calculations.

In the end, Sengoku spoke, “This Vice Admiral Lin Tian’s betrayal of the Marine will surely alarm the entire world tomorrow. The Marine did not handle this incident well, which is a huge challenge to Marine’s justice and image of the world. I don’t know if anyone has any opinion about this.”

When Sengoku asked, the Marine Vice Admirals at the scene remained unmoved and remained silent. Although they think Vice Admiral Lin Tian did the right thing, they kept it to themselves and did not say it.

The three Admirals did not speak for some reason, and they just stayed silent. Sengoku immediately felt embarrassed, and he crossed his hands and rested his chin.

Seeing this, Tsuru criticized mercilessly: “Sengoku, now we are not here discussing the impact of Lin Tian’s betrayal. Things have already happened. Presumably the newspapers have also acted. The Marine cannot suppress it.” she paused and continued: “Compared to this, should you tell us what happened?”

“Yes.” the silent Garp echoed: “Tsuru-chan is right, Sengoku. You have to explain to me why my student betrayed the Marine. What did you do?”

Speaking of this, the silent Marine Vice Admirals can’t help but listen carefully. Most Marine Vice Admirals are outsiders, and they only know what happened, but they don’t know the details.


Sengoku hammered the table hard, shook the cup on the table, and yelled: “Garp, what are you talking about? What do you mean by me? It’s too late for me to help Lin Tian, but Lin Tian doesn’t listen. I don’t want this to happen too.”

Faced with Sengoku’s scolding, Garp didn’t care. He propped up and looked directly at Sengoku. Garp also knew that Sengoku wouldn’t do that kind of thing, and he was just being a little bit unreasonable.

–Whether it is the Admirals or Vice Admirals below, they both pretended not to see them and remained silent. Both of them are veteran-level existence in the Marine, and no one can interfere.

“As I said, this is not the time to talk about. The most important thing in this matter is that Lin Tian killed five World Nobles! Whether it is within the World Government or the World Nobles, for this matter, they were all furious! A common voice came out, and Lin Tian must be caught.”

Even Garp couldn’t help but frown. Lin Tian’s actions this time are too bad. The number of abnormal deaths of the World Nobles in the past 100 years had been the same.

Also, for using the method of sucking the blood out, the World Nobles will definitely not give up. It will not only put pressure on the World Government but will also take action against Lin Tian on its own to maintain World Noble’s status.

Akainu, with a lot of bandages all over his body, said solemnly: “No matter what, Lin Tian has betrayed Marine. Standing on the opposite side of justice is evil, and we Marines have an obligation to eradicate evil.”

When Akainu spoke, Garp and Tsuru were immediately unhappy, but they didn’t say much to Akainu’s remark. Akainu told the truth.

Today’s events not only humiliated Marine but also angered the senior leaders of the World Government and World Nobles. Marines must act to give them an explanation.

Kuzan glanced at Akainu sideways and said: “‘Eradicate’? What shall we do to eradicate? Three Admirals –two are severely injured, and he ran away.”

“Now he has also escaped from the Grand Line, the world is so big, who can find him with Lin Tian’s strength? To capture him, at least three Marine Admirals are required to take action.”

“This….” Akainu immediately lost his words after being told by Kuzan.

After listening, Vice Admiral Tsuru curiously asked: “Lin Tian’s battle strength is so strong…?”

Sengoku nodded, “He is indeed very strong. His battle strength has surpassed Admiral, but it is a bit exaggerated to be more than three Admirals. Today’s fight, you three will give me a review. I thought it was one-on-three, but I relaxed my vigilance. There was no sense of cooperation at all. It was completely one-on-one, and the two others were completely audience-like, and it didn’t take all the effort to shoot.” Sengoku Looking at Kuzan, the meaning is very clear. “Finally, I was seized by others to counterattack. If the three of you cooperated, it would have been solved long ago. In short, Lin Tian’s battle strength surpassed Admiral, but the two Admiral did their ‘best’.”

Sengoku screamed throughout the Conference Hall.

Kuzan and the others did not speak. This time, they did have a great responsibility.

Lin Tian’s betrayal impacts the pressure exerted by the World Government and the handling of Lin Tian, a series of things that give Sengoku a headache.

As the general staff, he continued, “Now, let’s discuss how to deal with Lin Tian. With his strength, I think it is difficult to take the initiative to catch him. Let’s make a bounty first.” Pressing the painful brain, Sengoku said: “For bounty gold, the World Nobles are ready. For Lin Tian’s bounty gold, it will be 1 billion Berry. This money will be paid out by the World Nobles, including capturing costs used.”

Sh… 1 billion Berry.”

In the Conference Hall, there was the sound of a cold breath.


The next day, countless newspapers sandwiched the latest bounty list, which was passed on the carrier pigeon, and yesterday’s news moved towards the world was passed on.

The New World, a country ruled by the Revolutionary Army.

A group of Revolutionary Army cadres discussed the latest combat plan on a map, preparing to take down a neighboring country and include it as the Revolutionary Army territory.

In a chair next to him, Monkey D. Dragon, the leader of the Revolutionary Army, stood firmly in it. He was looking at the world map on the wall and where the small yellow flags were inserted.

A Revolutionary Army soldier, holding a newspaper in his hand, stumbled in from the door and almost fell to the ground. Fortunately, Dragon helped him in time. This soldier looked up and saw that the commander had taken action.

This Revolutionary Army soldier quickly passed the newspaper in his hand and said quickly. “Commander, the latest news: Marine’s strongest genius Vice Admiral Lin Tian, betrayed the Marine. At the same time, he killed five World Nobles, truly embarked on the opposite of World Government.”


Everyone on the side heard the news immediately and exclaimed. They haven’t come back to their senses from the shocking news.

Dragon’s face also moved, and he quickly took the newspaper.

A figure rushed out and asked urgently: “Lin Tian killed some World Nobles. What about Lin Tian now?”

After a sigh of relief, he saw that it was the general staff member Sabo who asked, Dragon replied:” ‘After Vice Admiral Lin Tian killed the World Nobles, he fought against three Admirals and wounded two of them.'”

A burst of laughter rang out from the Revolutionary Army, and everyone praised with joy: “Lin Tian is amazing!! He owns three Marine Admirals, and he can win. It’s not a loss…”

Sabo asked again: “Lin Tian- what about Lin Tian?”

“The newspaper said that Vice Admiral Lin Tian seemed to have been seriously injured and escaped. He did not know his life or death, and now his bounty is 1 billion Berry.”




In Sabaody Archipelago,

In Aunt Shakky’s bar, Hancock, Rayleigh, Aunt Shakky, and Roberts’s wife are all here. –This is what Lin Tian ordered. Only Uncle Rayleigh is trustworthy nearby, and there are many things that need to be explained to Uncle Rayleigh.

“It’s no loss that the man I like actually killed the World Nobles. Now, Lin Tian is not very dangerous to be with, and I’m going to help him. Lin Tian, I am here~.” saying this, Hancock was about to walk out of the bar.

Rayleigh’s voice sounded, “Stop, Hancock. You stay here for me.”

Hancock turned her head back suddenly and said with an unhappy expression: “Rayleigh, what do you want to do? I am going to help Lin Tian. What is stopping me from doing that?”

Picking up the clothes on the table, Rayleigh looked at Hancock: “Hancock, don’t you remember what Lin Tian said in the letter? You are to be obedient and stay at Maiden Island. If you want to harm Lin Tian, then go to Mary Holy Land.”

After that, Rayleigh didn’t care about Hancock’s expression and walked outside with his clothes.


New World, on the Moby Dick!

Ace looked at the newspaper in his hand with a heavy expression. He moved the newspaper to the side of Marco, moving towards the boat.

“Ace, what are you going to do?” asked the Whitebeard who was sitting on the deck on the bow.

Ace stopped, turned around, and said, “Dad, I’m not worried. But, I think I still have to go out and take a look.”

“Ace…” Whitebeard sighed, “That brat has that kind of weird ability. With his battle strength, only a few people in the world can catch him, and the world is so big, where will you go to find him?”


New World, in the Palace of Dressrosa!

“The bastard Lin Tian has rebelled against the Marines and will never come to us again. From aloof and remote genius to Marine’s most wanted criminal. This bastard’s bounty is really terrifying. Actually 1 billion Berry!”

Compared with his happy men, Doflamingo has a heavy face.

Lin Tian, who lost his Marine identity, is the most dangerous. There are countless restrictions in the Marine. But, now, Lin Tian is a giant tiger out of the cage!

Compared to what these people think, apart from being shocked by Lin Tian’s bounty, people all over the world are left with the joy of Lin Tian killing the World Nobles.

On this day, all parts of the world seemed to be in a rare joy. Many places were singing and dancing, the sound of firecrackers rang through the sky, and people smiled with joy.

‘Finally, someone dared to kill those rubbish!’

‘Five World Nobles died!’

Who knows how many people were spared from blame and The Marine traitor became a hero among the people.

But the question is…

Where is Lin Tian right now?

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