Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain

Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain Chapter 206


In East Blue, in the Goa Kingdom, in the peaceful Pirate House!

Lin Tian was lying tightly on the mattress, covered with a white quilt. Makino was taking care of the seriously injured Lin Tian, but Makino only understood a little medicine.

Only the serious superficial wound of Lin Tian can be dealt with so that the injury will not continue to deteriorate, and there is no way to deal with the internal injuries of the body.

Before the coma, Lin Tian had specifically explained that he could not go to other doctors. Only them could know what happened to him here, and no one could know.

Everyone didn’t understand why yesterday, but everything was clear to heart after seeing the latest newspaper today.

So, Makino stayed here, not at all back to the bar. She just took care of Lin Tian.

Curly and the others are rude in doing everything. How could they take care of the seriously injured and dying Lin Tian here? Only the gentle Makino can do this kind of thing.

Carefully changing Lin Tian’s body medicine again, Makino relaxed and touched the cold sweat on his forehead because of tension. She glanced at the door and thought to herself: “Why hasn’t Luffy come back? He had been here for so long, so he shouldn’t have encountered any danger.”



Lin Tian deliberately greeted Sengoku’s palm. In fact, he secretly had a purpose. Sengoku used means to form a kind of interference in the sky, making it difficult for him to perform space teleportation.

As a person who has died once, Lin Tian had a plain attitude towards death. But, Lin Tian is also afraid of death outside, especially in such an illogical comic world.

Maybe there was a contradiction, but when he thought about it carefully, it was normal. He finally lived a lifetime again and also got what he hoped to have. And… Lin Tian was afraid of losing it.

The punch between Lin Tian and Sengoku, the powerful force, shattered the space, allowing Lin Tian to sense the back hand he left behind. As for the black stone that was crushed, there was a powerful spatial force in it. Once it broke out, enough to allow himself to move fixed and super long distances.

The other end of the long-distance movement in Goa Kingdom’s Mt. Colubo. Before Lin Tian left that year, an octagonal round table was specially built. That is the other end of the space imprint, which is Lin Tian’s backhand.

If there is no time, Lin Tian will be planted 100%, and the result will be death or be tortured to death.

“Makino! I’m back.”

A shout came from outside, and as soon as the voice fell, Luffy ran in.

Luffy has grown a lot now compared with the past, both in terms of face and body. The Straw Hat is still tied around his neck, and he is still frizzy and innocent.

Makino quickly raised her fingers and made a hissing motion, and motioned to Luffy to speak quietly, “Lin Tian is still sleeping. Speak quietly, don’t wake him up.”

Luffy nodded, cautiously walked to Makino, fearing to disturb Lin Tian. He escaped a small glass bottle from his pocket and handed it to Makino.

“I found the thing, but how do I use this thing?”

She took the glass bottle that Luffy handed over, placed it in front of her eyes, gently shook the liquid in it, and said in a puzzled way: “I don’t know. Lin Tian fainted before saying what this thing is.”

“Come on, Makino, give me this thing.”

A soft voice sounded, and the two hurriedly looked down. They don’t know when Lin Tian had already woken up from the drowsiness and was looking at them with his eyes slightly open.

Luffy shouted happily: “Lin Tian, you’re awake! I thought you would be unconscious for a long time.”

Pursing his dry lips, Lin Tian smiled slightly on his face and said softly: “Luffy! It’s been a long time since I last saw you! You still haven’t changed much from before, and doing things the same way… You waked me up at once.”

Heh...” Luffy smiled but couldn’t see any apology.

At this time, Lin Tian was seriously injured, and he didn’t even have the strength to lift himself even a little bit. With the help of Makino, he got up from the mattress and leaned on the back pillow.

gu lu gu lu …!”

He took the glass bottle that Makino handed over without hesitation, and he drank it in one gulp and swallowed it gently. Immediately, Lin Tian felt that a clear stream slipped from his throat, turning into a wisp of coolness at his chest, then moved towards all directions and the whole body.

This kind of feeling is like drinking a sip of cold water on a hot summer day.

The soreness of the whole body slowly diminished and finally disappeared. It feels like being wrapped in a refreshing sensation, which makes people obsessed with it.


Lightly shaking his head, Lin Tian took a deep breath and walked out of that feeling as if it was just an illusion. Although the efficacy of this liquid medicine is strong, it is not to that point. In fact, the trauma within the body is very serious.

“How does Lin Tian feel…!” Makino asked in a low voice.

“Well, it’s better now, pu….”

Lin Tian just said that he was okay. Before a second, he vomited blood in an instant, and the expressions that had originally replied paled again.

“What’s the matter, Lin Tian? Why are you vomiting blood again? Is there a problem with this medicine?” Makino asked eagerly, with puzzlement in her tone.

Just now, there was an improvement. Why did he suddenly vomit blood?’

Luffy touched his head, looking confused.

Lin Tian waved his hand and said absently: “It’s okay, it’s not a problem! It’s just that my body seems to…”

The medicine is not the problem. The medicine is still very effective, and in a short time, Lin Tian can feel that the soreness in his heart has been reduced a lot.

Why did Lin Tian vomit blood? It’s because Lin Tian tried to use his abilities, and then he felt a tingling sensation in his body.

This was the scene just now.


It was another spit, a mouthful of blood.

Makino was shocked, and even the rough Luffy realized that something was wrong.

Lin Tian waved his hand hurriedly, stopping Makino’s support. He wiped off the remaining blood on his mouth and said with a smile to Makino, “Don’t worry, I’m fine. It’s all under my control, and there will be no mortal danger.”

Hearing Lin Tian say this, Makino’s eyes flashed a slight suspicion. She knew that Lin Tian was hiding something. But Makino didn’t ask at all. Since Lin Tian is hiding it, it seems that this matter is not suitable for them to know, and there is no need to ask more.

Getting up gently, Makino said softly: “You are in a coma one day and one night. You must be starving. Then I will prepare some meals first, and you can take a good rest.”

As soon as he heard about it, Luffy immediately became energetic, his eyes glistened, and the saliva in his mouth came out, “Okay! Makino’s cooking is the best. I want to eat barbecue.”

Luffy also got up and wanted to follow Makino, but Lin Tian suddenly stopped Luffy.

Holding the hat on his head, Luffy asked in a puzzled face: “Lin Tian, why are you calling me? I’m going to eat delicious barbecue made by Makino.”

Lin Tian moved a little bit, approached Luffy, and asked in a low voice: “Hey! Luffy, when I got here yesterday, did anything strange happen at that time?”

“Strange things?…”


Last night, Luffy was in the forest, as usual, looking for some beasts to practice his ability. Step up time to improve strength. With the ability of the rubber fruit and after so many years of hard training, Luffy is already very strong. Mt. Colubo has not been able to fight against Luffy.

Just as Luffy was worrying about what to do, the originally bright sky gradually darkened, countless black clouds gathered here, and there was thunderous thunder in Heaven and Earth.

Black clouds covered the sky.

Not long after, heavy rain fell from the sky, accompanied by thunder, one after another shining lightning, like a silver snake, wandering in the dark clouds, leaning out from time to time.

Feeling the violent rainstorm, Luffy was about to find a place to hide from the rain. Suddenly, with a bang, thunder rang out across Heaven and Earth.

Then a thunderbolt illuminates the sky, and a bolt of long lightning strikes from the sky like a sword, as if to split the sky in half.

With thunder, thunder resounded throughout Heaven and Earth.

Wow, what happened? That’s so interesting.”

The lightning struck accurately on the highest mountain peak.

The front part did not hide in the earth but turned into a terrifying silver-white spark and quickly dissipated in the void. The flashing silver light seemed to cover the mountain peak like a shield.

Luffy suddenly remembered what Lin Tian had told him when he left. He stretched out his arms, grabbed the two big trees, and retreated quickly. His steps were loose, and he flew towards the mountain.

But when Luffy reached the peak, the high platform built on top had been all split up, and in pieces, Lin Tian was lying on the high platform, surrounded by a wave of silver light.


“-Then, after telling me something, you fainted.” Luffy waved his hands as he explained.

“I see!” Lin Tian looked up, looked towards Luffy, and confessed: “Luffy, don’t tell anyone what happened that day. That’s all. You go to Makino to eat barbecue.”

Luffy was still puzzled by Lin Tian’s words before. But when he heard the word barbecue, he immediately threw the puzzle out of his mind. He walked outside with his eyes braving the barbecue.

After Luffy left, Lin Tian showed an extremely excited smile on his face. It seems that this serious injury is worthwhile.

If you survive a catastrophe, you will be blessed.

However, he didn’t expect to incorporate the power of the void into his body without realizing it.

The silver-white radiance that Luffy saw was not lightning, but a kind of power hidden in the sky, which Lin Tian had discovered before.

That was when he teleported for the first time.

Lin Tian was attacked by this kind of power and almost died in the sky. This kind of power is also a kind of space power, and Lin Tian can feel it. The breath of the same origin.

But this kind of power is too powerful, more advanced than Lin Tian’s control. Lin Tian has thought of a way to get it, but it is difficult to touch every time. This thing needs a certain opportunity.

Occasionally encountered several times, Lin Tian did not succeed either. This kind of power conflicted with the Devil Fruit ability that he got within the body, but it was more advanced, just like not belonging to this world.

But this power may be too strong to accommodate Devil Fruit’s ability. Once you use the ability by yourself, this power is a riot, and even Lin Tian cannot bear the backlash.

The possibility of obtaining this kind of power is a big opportunity for Lin Tian. As long as he can control this power, Lin Tian’s battle strength will definitely increase again.

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