Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain

Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain Chapter 207



In the calm Colubo Mountain, where Luffy often exercises, Lin Tian silhouette flashed, and a long sword screamed, leaving behind a sword light.

The long sword in his right hand pulled up the sword flower, and the backhand clenched it on the back arm. A crack was revealed in the huge boulder that was several meters high.

With a bang, the boulder above fell to the ground, causing countless smoke and dust.

Oh, Lin Tian! So amazing.”

Luffy was aside, seeing Lin Tian take a shot, and exclaimed.

There was also a slight trace of decadence in the eyes. Such a big stone, even if he wanted to destroy it, he would have to punch it twice, but Lin Tian cut it into two with a single slash. He was still much different from him.

Seeing the huge boulder that was divided into two under a sword, there was a hint of joy on his face. With a wave of his backhand, he held the long sword horizontally in front of his chest and rubbed it lightly.

Compared with the space sword of the past, this one in Lin Tian’s hand has undergone a slight change, which is different from all black swords in the past.

The black of this space sword is now lighter than before. The biggest change is that at the tip of the sword. There is a silver-white stripe on the sword blade in the middle; from the sword hilt to the tip of the sword.

After more than a month of training in Windmill Village, Lin Tian’s injuries were mostly healed. During the half month of lying on the bed, Lin Tian didn’t lie in vain, secretly studying this powerful force of the void in his body.

For a month to study day and night, Lin Tian is now able to control some of this power slightly, and he has paid a lot of prices, that is, he has vomited a lot of blood every day for a month. Fortunately, he has enough physical fitness to stay alive.

The benefits obtained are also beyond Lin Tian’s imagination. Still, with a slight fusion of power, Lin Tian once again uses Devil Fruit’s ability to increase both attack power and defensive power.

Lin Tian only used a slight force like the sword just now, completely relying on the space sword’s edge to chop the boulder to pieces.

Just mastering a little Void Power, he can improve his battle strength a lot. If Lin Tian can complete this power, Lin Tian can’t imagine how strong he will be.

Feeling this powerful force, Lin Tian had the illusion that his own space control through the Devil Fruit ability was just a pseudo-space force, and this was the real…

‘Even at that time, I could go to that place.’

Of course, this was just Lin Tian’s guess, but it was not without basis.

I was able to rebirth into the two-dimensional(comic) world, indicating that the parallel world remarks circulating in the time are likely to be correct.’

Whether the world or the parallel universe is composed of space, this is indispensable. If he can control the space, Lin Tian feels that he might be able to travel through the dimensional universe.

Thinking a little too much, Lin Tian shook his head and expelled the extra thoughts in his mind. After looking back, it happened to be a slight blow in Luffy’s eyes.

“Hey! Luffy.” Lin Tian said: “Do you know? I ran into Ace on the Grand Line.”

Luffy’s eyes lit up, and he asked excitedly: “Really! How is he now?”

En! Ace is now very strong, much stronger than in the past. In the Grand Line, he is a Great Pirate now, a very famous one too.” Lin Tian nodded with a smile, said briefly.

“Great Pirate.” Luffy clenched his fists with a look of anticipation, “Ace has become Great Pirate, and I have to go to sea soon! I must catch up with Ace! I want to become the Pirate King!”

Hearing Luffy’s declaration, Lin Tian smiled and shook his head. Perhaps others had only laughed at him before, but he had been with Luffy for so long. Lin Tian can feel something special about Luffy. Others can trust him, and they will help him willingly. This may be the reason why Luffy can become the Pirate King.

Oh, right.” suddenly remembering something, Lin Tian asked: “Luffy, count the time. It should not be long before you go out to sea and truly become a pirate.”

Luffy responded, “Well, yes, I agreed with Ace to go to sea when we were seventeen. In three days, I will be seventeen, and I will go to the sea that day.”

Lin Tian leaned back, leaning on the huge boulder that was cut in half, a little surprised: “So, you will go out to sea in three days? Would you like me to help you prepare some sailing things?”


Hearing Lin Tian’s words, Luffy rushed to Lin Tian like a cat whose tail was stepped on, with a look of surprise, “Lin Tian, you have been staying here; you want to go out to sea with me?”

Lin Tian, who was rubbing his ears, was immediately astonished when he heard this and said in confusion: “Luffy, when did I say I was going to sea with you? I didn’t say that. Besides, I’m staying here to recover from injuries.”

Holding his chin, Luffy thought for a while as if Lin Tian hadn’t said it before.

Just when Lin Tian was relaxed, Luffy spoke calmly, “Well, you didn’t say it before, but I decided it anyway. Lin Tian, you will be my deputy captain from now on, and I will be the captain.”

Lin Tian grabbed Luffy’s collar and said angrily: “Luffy! I haven’t agreed yet. Why are you so sure about it?”

Faced with the angry Lin Tian, Luffy didn’t care. He still calmly said: “I am the captain, and you are the deputy captain. Of course, you must listen to the captain, that is, my order.”

“As I said: I never promised to be your deputy captain.”

“No need! I have already agreed for you. You will be my deputy captain from now on.”

“Impossible. Even if I agree, my strength should be equal to a captain. How can I be a deputy captain? I want to be the captain.”

No, the captain is me. If you become a captain, then what do I do? I don’t want to be a deputy captain.” Luffy shook his head quickly, disagreeing 100%.

Lin Tian grabbed Luffy’s collar tightly and threw it forward.

After staying for a year, Lin Tian understood one thing: don’t argue with Luffy, or you will be crazy.

There was a loud sound, and Luffy fell straight into the pile of rubble, smashing countless rubble and thick smoke and dust, moving towards the edge and flying away.


All the rubble was caught in the sky and fell to the ground with a dull sound.

Cough cough!

Several coughs sounded, and the smoke slowly dissipated.

Luffy sat on the pile of rubble, holding a Straw Hat in his hand, and fanning the smoke away. For Luffy, obviously, there was no harm at all.

Looking at Luffy in front of him, Lin Tian calmed down. He sighed deeply and said in a low voice: “Luffy, after so many years staying in the Grand Line, I don’t know how many people I’ve offended. Those might be enemies of life and death. Most of them are famous powerhouses… I will not even be able to take care of myself. If I join you, it will only cause more trouble. Luffy, you have great potential, but you also need time to grow. I have already offended the World Government and the World Nobles miserably. Presumably, once I appear in the New World, they will use all their power to catch me. This vortex is too big. You are not qualified to get involved now. Maybe after you have been in the Grand Line for a few years, and you are strong enough to participate in this matter… only then would I consider it.”

Although Lin Tian said something bad, it is a fact.

If he shows up on the Grand Line, whether it is the Marines, the pirates, the World Government, or the power secretly controlled by the World Nobles will come to deal with him.

The person they can send out is at least Marine Vice Admiral, or above that battle strength. Otherwise, they won’t stand a chance. Luffy’s current strength does not have the slightest backhand strength when he encounters any of them.

There is one more thing Lin Tian didn’t say. His Void Power conflicts with the ability of Devil Fruit. By controlling the Void Power, Lin Tian can only use some simple abilities. And if he overuses it, there will be backlash.

It can be said that Lin Tian’s ability is almost useless currently!

But, as long as he can slowly control within the body Void Power, Lin Tian’s strength will definitely grow rapidly, and he will truly stand at the peak. Still, he can’t do it now… not now, at least.

“I was looking for ten partners, but now Lin Tian has joined me… should I continue to find ten partners or nine partners? but I have already thought about it, a musician, a chef, and a navigator…”


Who knows when, perhaps when Lin Tian was telling him, he had put the straw hat on his head again and counted his fingers one by one, looking very distressed.

Is Lin Tian included in that ten partners or not? Luffy had difficulty choosing.

Lin Tian’s heart was tumbling at this time. He thought that he could make Luffy cut off his mind to make Lin Tian join if he was so serious. But he didn’t expect Luffy to not care about it. Instead, he was distressed to choose nine or ten partners. Is he foolish or just ignorant?

“Okay, I have decided! I still want to find ten partners.” Luffy exclaimed and finally decided to find ten partners. Now, Luffy was thinking about the position of each partner. He looked towards Lin Tian, smiled, and asked: “Lin Tian, how about it? Be my deputy captain, and then we will find one piece together.”

When Luffy asked again, Lin Tian suddenly wanted to laugh for some reason. In the end, he lowered his head, shook his head, not at all laughing. He looked at the ground and said nothing.

The silence between the two makes this jungle plunge into a strange atmosphere as if something is brewing in this jungle.

After a while, Lin Tian slowly raised his head. He looked at Luffy with a serious face, and the two of them stared at each other like this.

“Luffy, let me ask you this, are you sure you want to invite me to join you and become your deputy captain?”

Luffy smiled, put his hand on the hat, clutching the top of the hat, and said seriously, “I want to be the man of Pirate King.”

“Alright, Pirate King!”

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