Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain

Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain Chapter 208


Three days aren’t enough for those who want to go to the sea because many things are needed.

But in the three days, Lin Tian was actually busy, while Luffy just sat quietly next to him. Although Luffy clamored all day that he wanted to go out to sea and become the Pirate King, Luffy doesn’t know anything about sailing. Let alone sailing technology, even the most basic things about sailing are not clear to him, so only Lin Tian can do it.

Lin Tian has already regretted agreeing in his heart.

Under Lin Tian’s three-day preparations, Luffy and Lin Tian finally went to sea under this situation!

Makino asked worriedly: “Hey, Luffy. Is it really okay for you and Lin Tian to build such a small boat?”

Luffy opened his hands and looked at the boat at his feet, and said: “It’s okay! This is it! Let’s start like this. I’m going from here on the road to becoming the Pirate King.”

Seeing what Luffy said, the villagers on the pier laughed: “Luffy, this kind of boat is too small for you and Lin Tian. Just take the ship back.”

Lin Tian took back the rope, stood up, said with a smile: “Don’t worry, I’m here. A small boat like this is enough. We won’t know what to do with a big ship with just the two of us. And that ship- I will give it to the village. Please take care of it for me.”

On the other side of the pier, there is a medium-sized three-masted sailing ship docked there.

The hull is 60 meters, and the spacious deck is more than ten meters. There are six floors from the bottom to the top, enough to pay more than 10 people to live at sea. –The main surface of this ship is a civilian ship. In fact, it was built with warship specifications. It is much stronger than ordinary ships and is equipped with more than 20 cannons.

For a pirate group with only two people, this kind of ship is already luxurious. It can even be said to be a miracle in exaggeration.

Lin Tian bought this ship through Underground World. Due to time constraints, Lin Tian bought it at twice the price.

However, this bastard Luffy gave it to the villagers in one sentence, Lin Tian’s heart was bleeding, but he had to hide his tears and laugh.

Looking at the small boat at his feet that was only enough for one person to lie down, Lin Tian immediately felt that the future was dark.

Luffy turned around, raised his hands, and shouted to the sea in front of him: “Sabo, look at me! I’m going out to sea too. Sabo is the first one, and Ace is the second one, I and Lin Tian; although the third one, I will not lose to you! Wait for me, Ace.”

Hearing Luffy’s declaration of confidence, Lin Tian couldn’t help but look towards the sea ahead, “Grand Line, Lin Tian is coming back again. But this time, not as a Marine. Becoming a pirate, I would surprise many people! The Grand Line is waiting for my arrival.”


The village chief clasped his chest with his hands, stomped his legs hard, and said angrily: “You two are shameful to the village. You actually become pirates! Especially you, Lin Tian! You’re not doing this, right?! There’s Garp!”

For the village chief’s words, Lin Tian and Luffy automatically ignored them. Both of them have heard the village chief say that countless times in the three days of preparation.

“Everyone, the two of us are off.”


On the boat, Luffy paddled the oars. Lin Tian stood behind the boat, waving his hands to say goodbye to everyone.

“Lin Tian, why am I rowing the boat when I am the captain? And you, the deputy captain, are not doing anything.” Luffy said with a grumble mouth.

Turning around, Lin Tian looking down at Luffy and said angrily: “Did you forget? If you didn’t give the boat away, would we go boating right now? It’s all your fault, so of course, the paddling must be placed on you.”

Luffy lowered his head, knowing he was wrong and whispered: “Don’t you still have a happy face in front of you and say it’s okay? Why did you suddenly change your face?”


Lin Tian directly punched him.

It’s okay if Luffy doesn’t say anything. Lin Tian obviously has blood in his heart, but he forced a smile and said it’s okay. He just has to find a better boat to go to sea, isn’t it easy?

With both hands supported, Luffy got up from the bottom of the boat, “Lin Tian, you actually ruined my barbecue. I want to beat you down.”

“Rubber Rubber. Bullet”

Lin Tian dodged sideways, dodged Luffy’s fist dangerously, and slapped Luffy’s chest with his right hand into a palm, pushing him back.

No trick, Luffy turned to whip his legs. With the ability of the rubber fruit, his legs stretched rapidly, moving towards Lin Tian’s waist.


On the dock, Makino looked at the small boat in the distance.

Lin Tian and Luffy were fighting fiercely.

Under the strength of the two, the two-meter-long boat shook violently, as if it was turning over at any time.

“For such a small boat, the two of them are still fighting on it. Aren’t they afraid that the boat will overturn? Both of them are Devil Fruit Ability Users, but…” Makino asked worriedly with her hands on her hips. There is still a hint of helplessness in the tone.

The village chief did not speak, but there was still a trace of worry in his eyes, staring at the two of Luffy and Lin Tian.


Lin Tian’s right hand was like an eagle’s claw and quickly grasped Luffy’s hands and wrists, pressed tightly, and clasped Luffy’s hands in front of Lin Tian’s chest so that he could not move.

Just when Luffy was struggling, Lin Tian suddenly became serious and said in a low voice: “Luffy, don’t move. Something is coming from below.”

“Something? Below?” Luffy stopped struggling, looking at the calm sea, puzzled.


The calm sea began to shake, waves of waves slapped on the boat. The boat was shaking violently, the sea bulged, and a huge monster appeared on the way of the boat.

A more ferocious wave hits, and the boat beats against the wave as if to roll over at any time. It was a huge Sea Beast that was tens of meters long and resembled a snake, and the huge body covered the sun.

“Hey! Luffy, you do it or me?” At this time, Lin Tian had already released Luffy, said in a calm voice.

Luffy took a step forward: “I’ll do it. I’ve to do things back then, but today it’s a good opportunity.”

Pressing the Straw Hat on his head, Luffy couldn’t help but recall the scene where Shanks saved him, “Lord of the Sea, you found the wrong opponent. I’ll let you try the style I’ve been training for the past ten years.”

“Rubber rubber. Pistol”

The arms stretched backward quickly retracted, greatly improving the strength and punching degree of the fist and increasing the attack power.

The Sea Beast, seeing the tiny ant below dared to shoot at him, let out a low growl, opening his blood basin and his mouth.


The huge body flew out with a punch of Luffy, fiercely hitting the sea, and set off waves several meters high.

Looking at the huge corpse floating on the sea, Lin Tian smiled lightly on his face. Compared with the previous year, Luffy’s move had increased both the degree and the strength exponentially.

“HAHAHA! A dead fish!” Luffy raised his fist, the corners of his mouth jerked slightly.

Behind, Lin Tian lay halfway on the boat, waved his hand, and said, “Hey! Luffy, ignore that fish. Get going quickly. Time can’t be wasted here.”

Aye...” Luffy replied in a low voice, turned around, and shouted: “Pirate King; I’m determined.”

On the calm sea, a small boat sails slowly with its small sail.

“Lin Tian! I’m so hungry.”

On the boat, Luffy leaned against the boat’s tail, lowered his head, and said weakly.

At the bottom of the boat, Lin Tian covered his head with a cowboy hat to block the sunlight above and said weakly, “If you haven’t finished all the barbecue on the first day, would we be so hungry?”

With lightning flashed in his mind, Luffy suggested: “Or we can find a place with a village, go to a restaurant there for the barbecue. Quick! See where the nearest village is..”

Lin Tian took the map on the side and said: “No need to read it. I have read it countless times. The nearest town here will have to sail for three days. I’m afraid before we arrive, we’ll starve to death on this boat.”

Today is the 3rd day of sailing… and since Luffy ate all the food on the first day, the two of them have been hungry for two days. Now Lin Tian feels that going to sea with Luffy is the biggest error.

After a while, without hearing Luffy’s voice, Lin Tian took the hat at the beginning and got up, only to see Luffy leaning against the ship wall, staring down at sea below.

Lin Tian can’t help but ask: “Luffy, what are you looking at? What’s in the sea?”

Luffy still lowered his head and replied, “It’s nothing… Lin Tian, don’t you think our boat speeds up a lot?”

Is it! Lin Tian turned his head, looked around, and said in a puzzled way: “Why do I feel that the speed of this boat has not only increased, but the sea seems to be decreasing.”

Yeah, Lin Tian, why do I feel as if you have become shorter?” Luffy turned around and said puzzledly.

Luffy hadn’t finished yet, and Lin Tian quickly picked up the oars fixed on the side of the ship wall, held them with both hands, and started rowing.

“Being shorter means we fell into a big vortex. Get rowing!! If we get stuck, we’re done!”

Both of them are Devil Fruit users, but if they fall into the vortex, they will definitely die.

Luffy reacted quickly, took a step forward, grabbed another oar, sat on the bottom of the boat, and started rowing.

Both of them are much stronger than ordinary people. Under the full stroke of the two, the whole boat seems to be equipped with two electric motors.

Stopping the retreat, they surpassed the vortex’s gravitational force, slowly moved towards the vortex, and rushed away.

With this speed, the two are likely to escape the attraction of the vortex.

Crack… Crack…

But the small boat under the buttocks is made of ordinary wood and cannot withstand the huge tearing force. The wooden boards on the side began to break, and even the boat’s bottom was strong. Also slowly appeared in the cracks.

Luffy turned his head, and his two-handed mission paddled the oars, “Lin Tian! The boat is about to be destroyed. What should we do?!”

“I know! Wait for me to think about it.” Lin Tian replied anxiously.

These situations have already been noticed at first, but there is nothing on the side of a small boat like this. Lin Tian didn’t think of it before. In the past, Lin Tian would directly use the fruit ability to fly out with Luffy, or he would use Chasing Wind to carry them both out, but now they are all useless.

“There is no other way. It can only be like this. It’s life and death.” Lin Tian looked at the two big wooden barrels on the boat, whispered.

“Lin Tian, what do you think…”

Before Luffy finished speaking, Lin Tian grabbed Luffy directly, opened the wooden barrel lid, and stuffed Luffy directly in it.

In order to guard against the unexpected, a layer of space cover was also illuminated at the seal.

At this time, the boat has reached its limit, the bottom is already covered with countless cracks, and the body shape has gone. Lin Tian hastily got into another big wooden barrel.


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