Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain

Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain Chapter 209


East Blue, on a calm sea, a large wooden barrel is slowly floating above the sea surface.

In the sky, a tired seagull swooped straight down and landed on a wooden barrel. The peng sound vibrated from the inside of the tunnel, and the seagull flew up immediately.


The wooden barrel exploded, countless fragments went out, floating on the sea, one silhouette jumped out of the wooden barrel, it was Lin Tian!

The toes barely touched the surface of the water. Wavy small ripples and the toes turned, jumped into the air, and landed steadily on a large broken wooden board.

He looked around, surrounded by endless water, not even a small island or even a reef.

Lin Tian patted his head and said distressedly: “There is nothing here, and I don’t even know where we are. There is no wooden barrel on the side, and I have lost contact with Luffy. It’s awful.”

For Luffy’s safety, Lin Tian is not worried. Inside the idiot’s barrel, there was his own space shield outside, so long as Luffy didn’t open the barrel, it’s impossible to break it when floating on the surface of the sea like this.

However, the East Blue is too big, so it is a bit troublesome to find him.

“I lost the captain as soon as I went to sea. This is sad.” Looking at the sea in front of him, Lin Tian helplessly whispered.

According to the sun high in the sky, Lin Tian distinguished the position. According to the approximate map position in his mind, he controlled the wood block under his feet. He walked towards the east, where there is a busy town and also a Marine base.

Under the impetus of Devil Fruit’s ability, Lin Tian’s speed is extremely fast. A white wave is drawn on the board under his feet, which is several times faster than the previous boat.

Lin Tian didn’t know how far he went, and he still didn’t see a small island. When he uses his abilities like this, Lin Tian feels his body, and the immersive Void Power seems to be revived. His eyes shrank slightly, and a small black dot appeared in his field of vision.

As the two sides approached, it was a small island, but it was also several hundred meters long, and there were many trees on it. Enough to make a small boat by yourself.

After thinking about it, Lin Tian’s speed suddenly accelerated, and it didn’t take long before he reached the island and reef and landed on the beach with a light leap.

On this kind of island, except for some birds, it is difficult for creatures to survive. Because it is too small, it is really difficult for creatures to survive.

As soon as he walked a few steps, Lin Tian realized that something was wrong. There was a smell of food in the air, very fragrant, and the smell of wine.

Observation Haki!

After some induction, Lin Tian heard no less than dozens of people on the other side of the island, as well as the fluttering of flags. He secretly thought: ‘It seems that there is a group of people passing by. But I don’t know if it is the Marine or pirates or ordinary passing ships.’

Thinking about it, Lin Tian still can’t decide. Whether it’s the Marine or Pirate on the opposite side, they are all enemies. It’s better to build a small boat and leave quickly and find a place to find news about Luffy.

Walking slowly, he came to a cliff tens of meters high and made a slight leap. Lin Tian directly raised more than ten meters high, leaped several times in the air, and arrived at the top with ease.

There is only one reef in the surrounding sea, all of which are calm seas. Standing here is the island and reef.

On the other side of the island reef, a group of pirates was repairing. They gathered in two rooms with various barbecues in the middle. This ordinary pirate ship was docked on the beach.

Only after seeing this pirate ship, Lin Tian was not interested in this group of pirates. One pirate ship was painted pink, the bow was still a swan head, and many red hearts were painted.

—Obviously, it was a group of female pirates, this kind of pirate ship robbed it, and there was a lot of meaning to go out. The pirates below don’t know yet that because they pirate the ship, they all escaped death.

“Now, let’s take care of this bird. I haven’t eaten for two days.” After looking at the seabird in his hand, Lin Tian’s saliva flowed out.

When this bird was just on the cliff, he grabbed it from the bird’s nest above and got a few eggs, enough for a full meal.


In half an hour!

Lin Tian sits beside the fire, roasting the bird. Under the flame barbecue, the moisture in the meat fully evaporates, and the fat inside melts, slowly presenting a kind of golden-yellow.

He tore off a piece gently and put it in the middle grade to taste it, “Well, yes, I didn’t expect this bird’s meat to be so good. I have never eaten it before.”

Lin Tian ate the roasted bird thoroughly in a couple of mouthfuls, and anyone hungry for two days will be like this.


Leaning on the tree trunk, Lin Tian burped lightly, patted his stomach, “I was hungry for two days, and finally, I was full.”



Hearing these several sounds, Lin Tian’s face suddenly became serious.

After spending so long in the Marine, Lin Tian was very familiar with this kind of thing. He quickly got up, walked to the top of the cliff, and looked to the side. Who knows when a passenger ship passed by here, and it happened to hit the pirate ship’s hand. Now the pirate ship passing by had already approached.

“Whatever I want, they will really come, huh? With this passenger ship, I don’t need to build any boats, and I just follow them directly to the next town.”

After a short acceleration, Lin Tian directly moved towards the sea and jumped down. When he was about to collide with the sea, his speed dropped rapidly, landed firmly on the sea, and moved straight towards the passenger ship.


At this time, on the pirate ship, when all Pirates ran to the passenger ship, there was a short silhouette with orange, red hair, a black turban on his head, and an ordinary costume.

Carrying a large package on his/her back, s/he cautiously walked out of the cabin, watching from time to time whether there were other people around.


Putting the package on the small boat prepared on the side, the figure breathed a sigh of relief and wiped the sweat from his/her head. When s/he looked forward, s/he was immediately shocked, so scared that s/he couldn’t even close his/her mouth.

“How is it possible that someone is running on the sea…!”

Lin Tian felt that someone was watching him and when he looked up, he saw the pirate ship next to him. A female pirate was dumbstruck, standing still. In habit, a faint smile appeared on his face.

Looking at the passenger ship more than ten meters high in front, Lin Tian made a light leap and flew to the deck. Before Lin Tian could stand still, a few figures smashed towards him.

Under instinct, Lin Tian quickly took a shot, and these silhouettes flew out in the opposite direction, disappearing into the sky. They turned into a bright light.


On the deck, everyone saw Lin Tian suddenly flying up, and with a random wave, he knocked out several pirates.

“Hey! Lin Tian, you are actually here.”

A familiar silhouette came.

Lin Tian quickly turned around and saw that Luffy was behind him with a happy smile on his face. Standing beside him was a little fat guy with short stature, a puffy physique, pink hair, and round eyes.

Looking at the scene in front of him, Lin Tian couldn’t understand where he was, and he couldn’t help but mutter: “No way… that’s such a coincidence. Luffy still met him. Is there destiny in this world?” Then, Lin Tian was frightened and couldn’t help but said, “Fuck me! Who is this old and ugly fat woman?”


The pirates and Koby on the side were frightened again.

Alvida immediately felt that her chest was about to explode with anger. She swung her iron mace in her hand towards Lin Tian.

[*TL note: He was formerly an involuntary pirate ship caretaker for the Alvida Pirates until he was liberated by Luffy, and he was the first person Luffy befriended on his travels.] [*TL note: “Iron Mace” Alvida is the former captain of the Alvida Pirates and the first antagonist encountered by Luffy on his journey after going to sea. By eating a Devil Fruit, Alvida has transformed by shedding the excess weight from her body. The Sube Sube no Mi makes Alvida very slippery and, aside from the cowboy hat she wears, Alvida looks totally different from her original form, being slim, well-endowed, with dark-green eyes (before is brown), while maintaining her original hair.]

Bang… Bang…

All pirates looking at the hammers on the ground, broken into pieces, have been scared speechless. This situation has surpassed their understanding.

Using a pair of ordinary palms to crush such a big hammer, this kind of power has exceeded the imagination of these ordinary people.

“Luffy, is he your friend?” Koby gently pulled Luffy’s clothes and asked with a trembling voice.

Luffy smiled and introduced: “He is my brother and my deputy captain. He is very powerful, and of course, I am also very strong.”

Looking at the broken mace on the ground, Alvida was so scared that she couldn’t control her fear. She slowly moved towards and retreated, “Could it be that you…you are also a Devil Fruit Ability User.”

Lin Tian laughed but did not answer. Instead, he asked: “Did you say something?”

Suddenly, Alvida turned around and grabbed the unguarded side of Koby. She was holding up the mace with only the handle in her hand, “Don’t come here. You two will step back for me, or I will kill this little demon.”

Seeing this scene, Lin Tian’s eyes suddenly changed, and a chill flashed in his eyes. Did this kind of pirate also dare to hijack people and threaten them?

Lin Tian was about to make a move when Luffy took a few steps forward, saying solemnly: “I advise you, let him go quickly.”

“Haha….” Alvida laughed a few times and said disdainfully: “Little devil, do you think I will give up on the life-saving charm? Koby, who do you think is the most beautiful person on the sea?”

Faced with the iron mace that was about to drop off his head at any time, Koby was trembling with fright. When he was about to come out, he couldn’t help but recall what Luffy had said to him before.

Koby gritted his teeth and resisted the fear in his heart, “You are the oldest and ugliest fat woman in this sea. I want to join the Marines, and after joining, I will catch the hateful pirates and catch your ass..”

“Hahaha…” Hearing Koby’s declaration, Luffy couldn’t help laughing.

There was also a slight smile on Lin Tian’s face, and he was also a child with useful justice in his heart. Although he was a little timid, he overcame his weaknesses, and this alone was very valuable.

“Koby, do you know what you’re talking about?”

“I know! I will do what I want to do, join the Marines, and catch pirates like you.”

“Don’t worry. You won’t have a chance from now on. Die, Koby,” Alvida scolded, and the iron mace in her hand moved towards Koby fiercely and smashed it down.

“Rubber Rubber Pistol.”

Under Luffy’s timely and decisive blow, Alvida flew towards the sky until she was nowhere to be seen.

Lin Tian walked over and said calmly: “Okay, Luffy, we are leaving, but the trouble is coming.”

“Yeah.” Luffy gently nodded and turned around and said to the pirates on the side: “Give Koby a boat. He is going to join the Marine, and let him go immediately.”

Seeing that Luffy is powerful, these pirates were already too scared and quickly responded: “Yes… Yes….”


There was a burst of explosions, and the passenger ship immediately shook. Luffy and Koby almost fell on the deck, but fortunately, they quickly grabbed something nearby.

“That’s… the Marine,” Koby said excitedly, looking at the three Marine Battleships ahead.

Lin Tian hurriedly moved towards the small boat on the side, ran, turned it over, and said to Luffy: “The Marine is here. We are leaving, Luffy.”

“This is just right. You go quickly. Now it’s time for you to join the Marine. I’m a pirate, and I have to go first.”

After saying that, Luffy jumped directly into the boat and was about to leave.

“Now’s not the right time! In this case, he doesn’t wanna be caught by the Marine as a pirate.”

At the bottom of the boat, some stranger was on the boat. After checking the package on the boat, she was preparing to leave when the Marine arrived.

Koby, Lin Tian, and Luffy fell on the boat and kicked the gal out.

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