Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain

Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain Chapter 21


Lin Tian looked inside and saw a small man wearing a Commodore cloak that wrote justice. And in front of the Commodore stood a tall pirate.

Looking at that situation, Lin Tian recognized immediately that these two people were the pirate captain and the scum Marine Commodore.

At this time, the two of them were silent and stared at each other for some reason, and the whole room was quiet and unusual.

Seeing these two big bosses get together behind the scenes, Lin Tian was, of course, very happy.

Now that the two of them have gathered together, only a third party is behind the scenes.

As long as they can solve these two people, they will take the initiative, and then they will be converted from prey to hunter.

However, Lin Tian chose to observe the situation first. He didn’t want to deal with these two people at the same time.

Both of them have the same strength as a Commodore from Marine Headquarters. If facing one of them, Lin Tian was still confident, but to face them together, Lin Tian was not sure that he would beat them.

What Lin Tian had to do now was wait for a chance.

“Spatial Isolation.”

These two people in the room were not simple to defeat by him, just in case, he did some preparations to arrest them.

After using Spatial Isolation to isolate himself, Lin Tian breathed a sigh of relief. As long as he doesn’t run into someone with High-Class of Observation Haki, his Spatial Isolation would not be discovered.

Now that he was sure everything was safe, Lin Tian looked at them intently.

“Deika, you asked me to call out all my subordinates. It’s not to watch you drink tea!” Fandi asked with a puzzled face, a trace of contempt in his eyes, but it disappeared in a blink of an eye.

Fandi always looked down on this Marine scum. When this bastard discovered that the pirates had dug up the treasure, he reported the fake information about this island as an excuse to force the pirate captain to give him half of the treasure. If not for this agreement, Fandi would have wanted to kill him. 

This bastard didn’t even do anything to this treasure digging, but he wanted to take half of the treasure that Fandi tried hard to find.

This was what Fandi thought about that Marine scum. This bastard was a complete villain.

His appearance was a Marine Commodore, but he was secretly doing many dark things below Marine’s name. He was the man who has the idea to capture the men in the town to forced labor.

With Fandi’s presumption to Deika at this time, Fandi understood one thing. In the others’ eyes, he was a demon. But in front of Deika, he could be regarded as a good moneymaker.

“Clank,” Deika gently put the teacup on the table and said: “I came here this time is to tell you that we are in big trouble.”

“Hahahahaha!” Fandi laughed hard and replied: “Deika, are you joking? This is your defense zone. Besides, according to your method, no one of the island residents dares to report to the Marine Headquarters. How can there be any big trouble?”

Fandi’s naivety chuckled Deika. But Deika was a villain and can bear it.

“The Marine Headquarters just called me, and they said that some Marine soldier found something wrong here. Because this is my defense zone, so I have to cooperate fully,” Deika said in a deep voice.

From Deika’s words, Fandi also understood that this time there was a big problem. The Marine Headquarters actually sent someone here. Deika was afraid that he would be discovered by Marine Headquarters not long.

Considering he’s been working hard for half a year, the most important part of the treasure would be unearthed. That made Fandi very unwilling to leaving this island.

“Is there any way you can postpone it for a few days? It is now in the final stage. It’s only one more day, so all the treasures can be unearthed.”

‘Knock knock,’ Deika knocked on the table, thought about it, then shook his head and said, “No, the person who came this time is not an ordinary person. He is a Vice-Admiral of the headquarters.”

“Vice Admiral, you said?!” Fandi stood up in shock and looked at Deika with an incredulous expression.

Fandi has also heard rumors about the combat power of the Vice-Admiral.

Vice-Admiral was the third-highest rank in the Marine after Admiral, and each Vice-Admiral was so powerful.

Although Fandi was an arrogant person, he didn’t dare to make trouble with a Vice-Admiral.

Fandi knew well about his own strength. When he met a Vice-Admiral, his defeat was confirmed, and there no way to escape.

Deika had long expected Fandi’s expression, and with Fandi’s strength, a pirate with such strength would surely die when meeting a Vice-Admiral.

After a while, Fandi, who had calmed down, thought about it carefully and found something was wrong, so he said: “Why they sent people like the Vice-Admiral to come to arrest us?”

Deika waved his hand in confusion, “I don’t even know about that. I’m just a Commodore, and I am not qualified to know about the Marine Headquarters’ thought.”

Hearing Deika’s explanation, Fandi sat down in his seat decadently. The partner in front of him was just a Commodore, and there was really no way to face a Vice-Admiral who is several levels higher than him.

It seems that I have to run away this time, but I still have to do a very important thing before I run, and I still have to get back some of my own things. When Fandi thought about this, his eyes flashed with killing intent.

Lin Tian, ​​who was listening outside, also flashed a hint of puzzlement on his face. What I said in the letter was very clear. Don’t notify the Marine Headquarters yet. The smelly old man definitely follows my advice.

In this case, how did the Marine headquarters know that there is also a Marine warship near this island? But this is impossible! Carly informed me that no naval ship had been here recently.

There was only one reason, Deika deliberately sent that false distress signal, but Lin Tian didn’t get his motive.

It could have been completely hidden here, and it didn’t take a long time again to get a huge wealth, but at the last moment, why did Deika expose the secrets of this island and revealed that Deika is a Marine scum?

Deika was able to off the responsibility for all this at the last minute. It meant that Deika could get something more important than these.

Lin Tian suddenly became curious about making Deika give up everything he has done for so many years.

Deika took a sip of tea, calmly, “We have to leave this island as soon as possible. Anyway, we have got most of the treasure. There is nothing to lose, even if we leave now.”

Fandi nodded in agreement, but this did not mean that Fandi would give up the most important part of this treasure. Fandi would leave this island as soon as possible, but after the last treasure was unearthed.

“Don’t worry, everything will be done tomorrow,” Fandi said.

Seeing that his goal was achieved, Deika didn’t want to stay any longer and stood up and said: “I have a lot of things to deal with, I won’t stay longer.”

After Deika finished speaking, he walked directly outside the door. Seeing Deika leaving, Fandi was about to get up with a fierce look in his eyes.

“Oh! There’s one more thing.” Deika seemed to think of something, and turned around and said: “Remember not to divulge the news about me. All traces about me must be erased.”

Seeing Deika turning around, Fandi quickly stopped his ascending figure. A trace of panic flashed across his face but was immediately suppressed, pretending to be calm in reply.

“Don’t worry; I prepared everything a long time ago. The explosives are all set up. As soon as the time comes, the explosives will be detonated. Then all the people who dig will be killed. And when we leave this island, the rest of the residents will also be cleaned up, and my subordinates have taken over the town for a long time.”

“This Marine scum is fucking cruel,” Lin Tian thought secretly.

Although he estimated the pirates would do this, Lin Tian was still very angry when he heard it. There were thousands of lives on this island, and these two bastards have decided so easily.

“Yeah. Now that everything was ready!” Deika didn’t have much to talk about. Then he walked out.

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