Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain

Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain Chapter 210


On the calm sea, Luffy, Lin Tian, and Koby sat on the small boat and sailed slowly.

On the boat, Lin Tian and Luffy shared their experiences. —For Luffy’s experience, Lin Tian felt a little helpless and surprised, as if fate really existed.

Luffy patted his knees and said with a big smile: “Haha…, Lin Tian, you were right! As long as you are on the ocean, you can experience the real fun.”

At this time, Koby asked later: “Luffy, you have to go through the Grand Line to find the one piece treasure. That place is also called the Pirates’ Graveyard…”

Well,” Luffy responded, “So I want some strong partners, and now I have one.”

Koby moved his eyes to Lin Tian, and for Lin Tian, who hadn’t spoken much until now, coupled with the strength he showed before, made Koby a little scared.

Suddenly, Lin Tian glanced at Koby and said: “The Grand Line is the stage of the powerhouse. For the weak, it is a graveyard.”

“Luffy, he…”

From his tone of voice, Koby felt that Lin Tian seemed very familiar with the Grand Line and couldn’t help but ask.

“Lin Tian was born in the Grand Line and has been there since he was young, and he knows the Grand Line very well. Now he is my deputy captain. As long as we find a strong partner, we can set off to the Grand Line.” Luffy has a longing for the rumored Grand Line.


Koby looked at Lin Tian with a look of surprise.

It is indeed the news that Luffy said is so amazing. There are rumors throughout East Blue that the Grand Line is Pirates’ Graveyard. Those who enter it must die, but now a person who lives in the Grand Line sitting in front of him.

Following, a trace of puzzlement flashed through Koby’s mind. It stands to reason that the Grand Line can only be entered but not exited. This; everyone knows, but how did Lin Tian come out?

Koby took a few steps forward, came to Lin Tian, and asked excitedly: “That… Lin Tian, can you tell me what the Grand Line is like?”

Faced with Koby’s question, Lin Tian terrifyingly said: “Just like what I said, only the powerhouse can survive there. I think the weak will be killed as soon as they enter, and they will die miserably?”


Koby was directly on the ground with cold sweat on his forehead. He looked at Lin Tian with fear. Seeing that Koby was so timid and frightened at once, Luffy couldn’t help but slap his legs and laugh.


Lin Tian was smiling as well. Just now, he was just deliberately scaring Koby, and he didn’t expect Koby to be so timid. He spoke with a smile: “Relax, Koby, Grand Line are not terrifying as in the legend. Life there is the same as outside, but for some reason, people there rarely have a chance to come out.”

“Oh..” Koby touched the cold sweat on his head, immediately relaxed, and slowly got up, braving his head and saying, “It seems that I’m really timid.”

“No, Koby.” feeling the decadence in Koby’s heart, Lin Tian said seriously: You are not timid, but you are better than many people. The advantages and disadvantages are not terrible. If you don’t have that mindset, you would only be a fool.”

These words set off heaven overflowing giant wave in Koby’s mind. For many years, everyone said that he was timid, and he had never heard someone say something like that to him. “Lin Tian…!”

Luffy turned around and asked curiously: “By the way, Koby, who was that Pirate Hunter?”

“Are you asking about Zoro? Didn’t you hear that he has been captured at the Marine base now?” Koby replied.

“What? It turns out that he’s terrible.” Luffy immediately lost interest in this Pirate Hunter.

Koby rushed forward a few steps, came to Luffy, and said excitedly: “No, that guy is as scary as a monster.” Suddenly, Koby reacted and asked puzzledly: “By the way, Luffy, what are you asking him about?”

“If he is good, I want to make him my crew member.” Luffy replied with a smile, “Lin Tian, what do you think?”

“Yes, you can.”

“Okay, let’s set off for the Marine base.”

Hey! Luffy, Lin Tian, what are you talking nonsense again?! That guy is as terrifying as a demonic beast!”


The Marine base is located in a small town near the sea.

The three are walking on the street. Their destination is the Marine base in the center of the island. The greatsword hero Zoro they are looking for is there, and Koby will join the Marine here.

Koby followed Luffy, persuaded: “Hey! Luffy, stop making trouble. You actually want that kind of person as your partner?”

Luffy continued to move forward and said indifferently: “I haven’t decided yet. If he is a good person, I want him to be our partner.”

“Of course, he is a bad guy! He was caught!” Koby retorted excitedly.

In Koby’s mind, he always believed that the Marine was absolutely just.

Following Lin Tian, he overtook Koby, who stopped, “Koby, sometimes ears can deceive people’s hearts. Only seeing them with your own eyes is true.”

In front of a small stall, Lin Tian threw a gold coin casually and asked: “Excuse me, do you know where Zoro is?”


The pedestrian on the side street, or the small vendor in front of him, was so frightened that he quickly moved towards the side and avoided them, leaning against the wall.

Regarding this, Lin Tian flashed a little puzzled in his eyes and did not ask much and just thought about it while still walking ahead.

“It seems that the name Zoro cannot be mentioned here.”

Luffy glanced around and continued moving towards the front, “Forget it, let’s go to the Marine base first. Koby will join the Marine anyway.”

Koby said shyly: “Well, but I’m not ready yet! And I don’t know if the Marine will accept me, but I also heard that Captain Morgan is here…”

[*TL note: “Axe-Hand” Morgan is a former Marine captain, the father of Helmeppo and the first significant Marine officer to appear in the storyline. After his defeat by Monkey D. Luffy and Roronoa Zoro, he was stripped of his rank for his many abuses of power.]


The pedestrians on the street were once again frightened and avoided as if the name was like a scourge.

Only Lin Tian seemed to understand something, a smile appeared at the corner of his mouth, but he didn’t say anything.

Looking at the door with the Marine logo painted in front of him, Koby left tears of excitement on his face and touched his tears with his hand, “Luffy, Lin Tian.. we are going to part ways here. Even though it was only for a short time…”

Since he couldn’t hear Luffy’s voice, Koby looked up. Luffy was no longer next to him.

“No need to find him. He has already climbed up the fence.”

When Koby looked again, Lin Tian was already next to Luffy, moving towards to look inside.

Koby was shocked.

At this time, Lin Tian and Luffy have been attracted by the man who’s tied to the cross in the field.

Green hair, gray-white short cotton shirt, and black trousers. He got green belly rolls on the waist, black boots on the feet, three earrings representing Santoryu on the left ear, and a green turban on the upper left arm, of course, and that powerful aura.

“It seems that this person is Roronoa Zoro, the famous Pirate Hunter, and his aura is decent.” Lin Tian said softly.

The second male lead of One Piece. —A powerful Santoryu swordsman. Straw Hat Pirates’ strongest battle power is second only to Luffy and a swordsman with a powerful ambition.

As long as anyone who has seen One Piece, no one does not know this man. The man who will be the world’s number one swordsman in the future. Of course, Lin Tian is very familiar with him.

Hey! Lin Tian, do you think I can release him as long as I untie the rope and invite him to be our partner.” Luffy turned his head and asked.

Lin Tian nodded, “Yes, I have no opinion. Just such a proud person willing to join us would be a little troublesome.”

Koby also climbed up and quickly stopped them, “Hey, you two. Why do you want that kind of person to join?”

“Well, Lin Tian, since you also agree, then let’s make him our partner..” Luffy directly ignored Koby’s opinion.

“Hey! You guys! An eyesore! Get out!” Someone shouted.

Koby was almost frightened and fell off. Fortunately, Lin Tian quickly shot and grabbed Koby before letting him hit the ground.

At this time, an escalator appeared on the wall, and then a little girl climbed up. She first made a small gesture to the crowd and then pulled out a rope under the forced gaze of the three and climbed down flexibly. –Obviously, it is not her first time to do this kind of thing.

“Hey! Lin Tian, it’s a girl! Don’t let her die!”

“Be quiet, haven’t you seen him tied up? I want to stop her too, but let’s take a look first.”

Under Lin Tian’s restraint, Koby did not yell but watched the development quietly until the golden-headed playboy appeared. He trampled the little girl’s rice ball and ordered the Marine to throw the little girl out.

Luffy accurately caught the little girl and used his back to help the little girl block the heavy blow and held her tightly in his arms.

After Koby checked that the little girl was not injured, he quickly relaxed and looked back. Luffy and Lin Tian, who were standing behind him, were all gone.

“I heard that you are a badass.” Luffy looked at Zoro, who closed his eyes in front of him. “You are still tied here to be shown to the public. Are you really strong?”

When Luffy talked to Zoro, Lin Tian didn’t put a word in but just listened quietly.

Zoro asked Luffy to pick up the rice ball on the ground, and when he ate it, Lin Tian’s complexion changed slightly. He slowly spoke: “I should think you are a bad person, but what you did to the little girl just now is not like what a bad person would do. Say you are a good person. Why do the town residents get shocked when they hear your name?”

Zoro said: “This is none of your business. I’m just doing something that I think is right. Why should I care about their eyes?”

Lin Tian knew that Zoro had noticed them early in the morning, and now, he was very cautious. Because Zoro felt the same aura in Lin Tian, he could tell that Lin Tian is a swordsman and a very powerful swordsman at that. —As for why Lin Tian didn’t carry a sword, Zoro was a little surprised. The sword is considered a second life for swordsmen.

“Really?” Lin Tian shrugged slightly, helplessly said: “In this case, let’s go, Luffy.”

“Hmm.” Luffy nodded, following Lin Tian. Currently, Luffy has not made up his mind to make Zoro his partner.

“……Hey, brat, the world is not as big as you imagine. Your strength is not worthy of the word Strongest Swordsman, and you still lack something.”


Looking at the strands of green hair slowly falling in front of him, Zoro was shocked!

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